Here's 11 Reasons Why 'Cloud Atlas' is Not the Worst Movie of 2012

December 5, 2012
Source: TIME

Cloud Atlas

It's getting to be the end of the year, so lists of the best and worst films, performances and everything from 2012 are going to be trickling onto the internet. Yesterday, TIME magazine was the first to publish their list of the Worst Films of 2012 (here's their Best of 2012, too). And yes, it included some worthy terrible films from this year. But then I saw the top two films on Mary Pols' worst list, and my mouth hung wide open. John Carter was at #2 (that's a whole separate conversation that needs to be had), but Tom Tykwer and Andy & Lana Wachowski's ambitious and provoking film Cloud Atlas took the top spot. Obviously this just screams evidence of a magazine in a dying industry desperate for any attention, but still, what the hell?

And so, because I so vehemently disagree with this choice (and a glance at the list of Worst Films of 2012 at Flickchart doesn't even have Cloud Atlas show up until the 116th film on the list), here are 11 reasons that Cloud Atlas is probably not the worst film of the year, even if you didn't like it much yourself. A few of these appeared on Mary Pols' list as well, but below Cloud Atlas, and that's just not acceptable. So here we go:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

No matter how much fun the action and blood might have made this adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel seem in the trailers, the film did not deliver. Terrible performances, make-up and writing made this an abysmal horror action film that taints American history. Maybe the book is more interesting, but the way the story of our 16th president as a vampire hunter unfolds is sloppy, boring, one of the worst of the year.


How could an adaptation of a board game that doesn't have aliens, but somehow has a film story that brings aliens into the mix work? Not that well apparently. Trying to fit the gameplay of Battleship itself into the film is one thing, but then the film goes and wastes Liam Neeson and doesn't even use the "You sunk my battleship!" line once? That's a failure on all counts. And as a sidenote, this is Taylor Kitsch's worst film of the year, despite John Carter flopping at the box office.

Wrath of the Titans

Let's make a sequel to the Clash of the Titans remake, up the number of video game monsters and give Sam Worthington curly hair. That will turn out amazing! This sequel is like watching my little cousin play Xbox for a couple hours (however long this movie was, it felt even longer). Watching this movie was as maddening as being stuck in the maze that Perseus finds himself navigating. Also, let's try to get some more practical effects on movies like this next time.

The Raven

John Cusack decided he wanted to play detective in a period drama, but Lloyd Dobler is no Edgar Allen Poe and Edgar Allen Poe is not a detective. This was like watching a parody of a British soap opera, but it was even more dry and less thrilling. Remember when John Cusack used to make decent films? After making this and Ninja Assassin, I think director James McTeigue is going to be in movie jail for awhile.

This Means War

One might think that an action comedy pairing of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy would be fun, but then McG had to go and ruin it. The chemistry of the two actors is great, but the Spy vs. Spy tone and terrible comedy just make for a derivative and complete uninteresting film, which is almost a staple of McG's filmography. Plus, Pine tries to pick up Reese Witherspoon in video store. Who the hell goes to a video store anymore?

That's My Boy

Honestly, you could take almost any Adam Sandler comedy from the past decade and it's worse than Cloud Atlas, but That's My Boy was insulting. If the movie came out Happy Gilmore, it might have been mildly amusing, but the stupid voice Sandler's character puts on and the complete waste of Andy Samberg just infuriates me. Also, can we please get Nick Swardson away from Sandler? The guy is funny, but he needs to get some new friends. Speaking of which, Adam Sandler needs to get some new friends, too.

A Thousand Words

I refused to pay to see this film in theaters, but gave it a shot on HBO. It really tested my patience even as I sat on the couch with a comfortable blanket and delicious homemade meal. Eddie Murphy just recently got named as the most overpaid actor in Hollywood as he only makes $2.30 at the box office for every single dollar he was paid. This vague imitation of Liar Liar is evidence enough that Eddie Murphy needs to start paying us to see his movies, or he really, really needs to get back to his comedic glory from the 80s.

Red Tails

After more than 20 years in the making, this is the best producer George Lucas could come up with? This movie has no heart and almost seems disrespectful to the real life heroes who died fighting for America in the sky. It's riddled with cliches, endless "inspirational" monologues, and sorely underdeveloped characters. There are some talented actors at work here, but it's just too bad they didn't have a good script to help them.

The Three Stooges

In the age of Jackass, slapstick comedy does not work by the truckload if it's artificial. While brothers Bobby & Peter Farrelly did their best to capture the spirit of the original Three Stooges (and comedians like Larry David and Jane Lynch joined Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos to pay them tribute), this comedy is dated and should've have stayed in development hell in the 90s. It doesn't help that terrible pop culture figures like the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" figure prominently either. If you're a fan of the stooges, you would have been better served to watch any of the classic shorts on DVD instead.

Mirror Mirror

Yes, I understand this movie was made for kids. But films can be made for kids who like good stories (like the ones that come from Pixar and occasionally DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Animation), and not be completely insufferable. The film tries to be candy sweet, but it just gives my brain a cavity. Not even the reliable Nathan Lane could bring any fun to this picture, and I don't know why half the cast has British accents and the others have American dialects or vague remnants of attempting to have a different accent. One poster for this film stated "One Bad Apple" and that's a perfect description for this movie.

Piranha 3DD

First of all, this horror-comedy only runs 83 minutes. Second of all, the last 10 minutes of it are the credits which include what are likely deleted scenes that couldn't fit into the already choppy story. Basically, the movie was an excuse to put more boobs on the big screen and have piranha kill people in the most vulgar ways. However, Alexandre Aja already did this much better with Piranha 3D, which was a genuine horror parody with tongue in cheek elements like the original film, but just added a boatload of sexuality. This time it didn't feel like it was done for comedy though, just to get teenage boys to pay attention. It's garbage.

So there you have it. Eleven reason that Cloud Atlas is not the worst film of the year. In fact, in addition to the few films that this list and the list at TIME magazine have in common, all of the films with the exception of John Carter are worse that Cloud Atlas. There's even a couple that I haven't seen like What to Expect When You're Expecting and One for the Money that are almost guaranteed to be worse than Cloud Atlas. Sure, this is all subjective, but I'm almost certain that all of these films I've pointed out are objectively worse than Cloud Atlas, if only for their lack of intellectual stimulation and filmmaking effort. Your thoughts?

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Cloud Atlas was the most ambitious garbage I've ever seen.

lol on Dec 5, 2012


for me that would the The Tree of Life, that's Americans pretending to do European kind of Art Movies... Cloud Arlas instead its Americans doing their being craft: sci fi. this will be a classic and as most classic people take time to get it...

Curanto Mariscal on May 11, 2013


Except "Thousand Words" and "That's my Boy" I was more entertained by any of the above listed films than by "Cloud Atlas". I wouldn't put the Tykwer/Wachowski film on #1 of my worst films of 2012, but it have defintely a very high spot.

Guest on Dec 5, 2012


This is crazy, sure it was unique and experimental, but to me it was by far my favorite film of the year. I think this is a text book example of people complaining about reboots and sequels and than getting upset when something genuinely unique comes along. This is why we get films like Battleship and 3 Stooges...

Matt Peloquin on Dec 5, 2012


Being "unique and experimental" is not a free pass to not be entertaining, enlightening, or anything more than a pop-psych pap smear...

Devil's Advocate on Dec 6, 2012


This is why I love the Wachowski's though, you either love or hate their films (I love Speed Racer as well) and it incites some of the best debate the film industry has ever seen. I found Cloud Atlas to be insightful, entertaining, and very enlightening. I laughed, I cried, I sat in suspense, and I connected to each character in a special way. I definitely realize it's not the type of film for everyone though, so just to get a baseline for what you enjoy could you please tell me your top 3 films of 2012?

Matt Peloquin on Dec 6, 2012


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MXR4MCuA0o Start about 18 minutes in it delves more into the Wachowskis Psyche and reasoning. I personally loved cloud atlas to call it the worst film of the year is to be close minded and critical of everything it presents from the beginning.

Steven Morgan on Dec 8, 2012


I, too, enjoyed the hell out of it!? Its hard to believe that some people that thought it was that bad. (to each his own of course) You bring up a great point though; people ask for original and then they don't know what to do with it. I will say that 20 mins into the film I knew that a lot of people (especially Americans) were going to take issue with its format. It just asks too much of an American audience. (one has to pay close attention). The through line isn't at all linear like most stories we've grown up watching/hearing. Instead, its circular and unlike anything that's every really been attempted. I personally think it was just too much for most people...not to sound pompous. But most folks simply aren't ready for it. Just my opinion.

NatedoggSaidit on Dec 6, 2012


Really you have to bad mouth Americans where are you from that is so much better then America, have to forgotten we are one of the youngest country's in the world. But still we have made some of the most ground breaking leaps in every aspect of life, since the world and far beyond the milky way soler system and for me I was in the army and traveled the world and fought for the rights of many in different country's and and people of all walks of life so I take severe weather offense of what you have said

Corey on Dec 6, 2012


I think you take it too personally, I don't think it was meant as an offense as who's better than who. It's a more general observation. Have you actually considered why in America there's barely any movies with subtitles. I got to tell you I've been to movies and I've seen people walk out the minute the subs start rolling. That should tell you something. Also the movies that come out every week aren't particularly bright, but they're oriented toward the majority. If you look at European movies, even Asian they're themes are much more darker, life oriented, taboo, hard to watch, to be honest. So a movie like Cloud Atlas is right up their alley as it is more thought provoking than say, Breaking Dawn, or even the terrible book done to movie, Hunger Games. That is not to say that those movies will do bad overseas, it's just pointing out that Cloud Atlas will be better accepted there than here.

mimi on Dec 7, 2012


and isn't it interesting that these foreign films are then taken and remade for american audiences? why not just show the original foreign film???? i agree with matt and nate in that we as americans are dumbed down when it comes to cinema (and many other things). i take issue with the fact that award shows like the grammys have thrown away showing awards for anything but pop music. i used to get such an education seeing everything from classical music to country, but now? forget it. i think our take on films (and music and the other arts, for that matter) say something about our society and culture.

guestOregon on Dec 28, 2012


As an American, i thought this movie was amazing, yes i don't personally know anyone who appreciated this movie as much as i did, but its getting a little annoying finding little "Generalizations" about not just the American people but any culture or people. Don't be so shallow.

Matthew on Dec 24, 2012


It's not so much that the film was bad as it is an utter disappointment to those who have read the book. The film completely misses the point of the book and would have been better as a miniseries.

HilaryV on Jan 1, 2013


Being the Worst Film should be an honor for CLOUD ATLAS. Others "Worst Films" were Moulin Rouge and ETERNAL SUNSHINE, that's right, the film that was considered by many the best of the decade Time called it 'The Worst'.

Yss on Dec 5, 2012


I like being the only person ever to have enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Tabor Brown on Dec 5, 2012


You're not alone.

Anthony Bertalotto on Dec 5, 2012


The worst movie i saw this year (cloud atlas being one of the best) is Why Stop Now? with jesse isenwhatever and Tracy Morgan, man that movie was such fucking garbage, and the worst part is it was an indie film with a decent premise so had no reason to be worse than thats my boy and some others on your list

Hazedmind on Dec 5, 2012


Fun fact about the video store in THIS MEANS WAR: That was a large HMV store during it's final days. Look closely and you can see their price tags. I miss that location.

acharlie on Dec 5, 2012


Cloud atlas was amazing and is in my top ten best of the year for sure.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 5, 2012


It's obviously not the worst film of the year, but Cloud Atlas is no where near as good of quality as First Showings 10/10 review would suggest.

Alex on Dec 5, 2012


"Obviously this just screams evidence of a magazine in a dying industry desperate for any attention..." How is this ANY more respectful, professional, or objective than calling Cloud Atlas the worst movie of the year in the first place? Isn't it possible that they are one of the mannnnny who considered CT a convoluted, pretentious, self-absorbed, monotonous, boring piece of trash? I haven't seen it, so I can't offer an opinion. While i doubt that CT was really that bad, some of the movies you listed are cheap shots. Vampire Hunter, for example, was always intended to be a silly snuff film, and was perfectly fine for what it was, with good action and more than its share of moments to laugh at. Make your own list if you want, but don't bash an extremely popular publication just because you disagree with it on one article.

Wafffles on Dec 5, 2012


I'm shocked that people have different opinions on the quality of movies. When did this start?

David Balderdash on Dec 5, 2012


Okay. No. Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was brilliant. I'm sure not everyone creatively involved in making it thought it was a piss take, but someone definitely did. I laughed like hell through the whole film and it is hands down the most fun I've had at the cinema this year. This film has a scene where a vampire throws a horse at Abe Lincoln in the middle of a stampede, the horse rolls over the president and when the smoke clears he is riding the damn horse and wielding an axe. This isn't even the most ridiculous thing in the movie. The truly worst films of the year won't ever make these lists because they are completely forgettable. Abe Lincoln was not. It was a blast. A blast with terrible acting and make up sure, but- oh my god I just remembered the horse and cart drifting.

Nope. on Dec 5, 2012


Lol when the train was chugging up the burning bridge as there on top like 'whoaoaoao!" had me fucking rollin.

Cody W on Dec 5, 2012


What about John Carter. Am I the only one who enjoyed that movie?

Derrick on Dec 5, 2012


While I didn't like it too much, I have to say it surpassed my initial expectations. Not by much though. The very last 3-4 minutes saved it, in my opinion. Definitely not the worst of the year.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 5, 2012


The last 3-4 minutes of a movie, really can't save a movie. Just can't. Yes, I did not like "John Carter" at all. It had a bland story, boring and forgettable action sequences and terrible dialogue. Cloud Atlas is getting worst movie of the year by Time magazine I think because it WAS very ambitious and when it hit the silver screen people were like oh......this is very disjointed and I really don't care about Berry, Hanks, or even Sturgess. Plus these story lines are waaaay to hard to follow and get wrapped up in. Probably a better book since three of the story lines turn up MID-WAY through, rather than asking the audience to run with it from the start. Although Broadbent was excellent in his performance. Possibly the best of all the performances in the flick.

conradthegreat on Dec 5, 2012


bland? it was what started it all!

Xerxexx on Dec 5, 2012


Let me disagree with you. Of course the ending can make or break a movie. It's really common. Near the end of the movie I was thinking it was bad, but not terrible, and that ending just pushed it above the average. Don't get me wrong, I think John Carter is a mediocre film, didn't hate it but didn't love it either. That cool ending saved it from being just a waste of time.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 6, 2012


I enjoyed it

hawk99 on Dec 5, 2012


Def underrated, not fantastic or anything but if the marketing had been better it wouldnt of been such a flop. It definitely surpassed my expectations a lot though.

Cody W on Dec 5, 2012


I notice my comment is gone. Why was it removed?

Foucault on Dec 5, 2012


Yaaaay! Cloud Atlas is easily worst movie of the year! Yea all these other movies sucked, but are still way more entertaining and better than Cloud. Who wants to watch 3 hours of an old man in a old folks home. Every story was so boring. Would gladly watch any adam sandler garbage over this. After this, V for Vendetta and speed racer, the chowskis are done. Till they bring back the Matrix.

chris h on Dec 5, 2012


Plenty of bad movies this year, still haven't watched Cloud Atlas but I reckon it'll be better than quite a lot of movies that have came out. Didn't Christian Slater make about 3 films this year?

Carpola on Dec 5, 2012


Never seen a more blatant cry for attention. Time magazine has now turned to trolling

clayton on Dec 5, 2012


What was up with Mirror Mirror's ending .. WTFFFF .. All these movies really did suck on the above list.. This Means War was kind of funny ( romantic comedy / chick flickish .) But I really enjoyed Cloud Atlas after the second time ..lolol It was truly ambitious and the first of its kind. A bit confusing but very very cool. Azariaspikedcoffee.blogspot.com

Azaria on Dec 5, 2012


whatever. see, this is what happens when people try to quantify something that's inherently subjective. you loved cloud atlas but someone else didn't. big deal. stop throwing a tantrum and get over it.

xtheory on Dec 5, 2012


I hope this doesn't sound offending, but I thought there would be actual arguments in this article for why Cloud Atlas is not the worst movie of the year, instead of a list of movies generally considered to be worse.

Davide Coppola on Dec 5, 2012


If someone is an actual lover of film I don't see how they can honestly say its the worst movie of the year. Maybe a bit long in parts but innovative and beautiful too. It seems to be easier for people to speak out negatively than positively, and hey, it gains more attention. So well done Time, for royally sucking.

AbbyNormal on Dec 5, 2012


am i the only one who like Vampire Hunter?!

Michael Baldwin on Dec 5, 2012


I'd like to post this link/quote from TIME Magazine's site. While looking for other 'Worst 10' Lists of the past years, I have only been able to find the 'Top 10' lists. While a different writer, I stumbled upon this from TIME's Top 10 movies of 2008: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1855948_1863826_1863835,00.html 9. Speed Racer By Richard Corliss Monday, Nov. 03, 2008 "Opening the week after Iron Man, the Wachowski brothers' race-car movie flopped at the box office. What can we say? Not every avant-garde FX masterpiece receives instant audience validation. This tale of a family of racers — Racer is the family name — exists simultaneously in the 1950s and today, in a live-action world and its own complementary alternate cyber-universe. Operating a pitch of delirious precision, the movie is a rich, cartoonish dream: non-stop Op art, and a triumph of virtual virtuosity. Maybe a lot of civilians didn't go see the picture, but you can bet it attracted the smart boys in Hollywood. They will pilfer its effects and, by next summer, produce a domesticated, more palatable version. My advice: Don't wait for the rip-offs; accept no substitutes. Speed Raceris the future of movies, on DVD now." I myself was a huge fan of the movie and saw it multiple times. I won't drag on about why I loved it so much and why it should be seen. However, I will say that this quote can be applied to Cloud Atlas, TIME's WORST movie of this year, made by the same creative team. Dumb ass list. In time, people will catch up to this movie and it will withstand the test of time. No doubt

David on Dec 5, 2012


I loved 'Sped Racer' too and I even bought the Blu-Ray. I felt the Wachowski's did the franchise justice (well, turning it Hollywood i.e.). The reason why it flopped was because it was a tough movie to market. I grew up watching the original anime but that anime wasn't the most popular of animes that stood the test of time and pop culture. For those who didn't get, I don't blame them for hating the movie.

Mithun Divakaran on Dec 7, 2012


I agree, It seems like the critics haven't been looking far enough because I can name at least 30 more worse to the list. We keep wondering at work why they keep making sequels, remakes, dumb ass comedies, hell even teen books. Well the answer is simple, that's what the majority of the public wants, it's a proven formula for cash. This movie is not for American audiences, because lets face it, they have a hard time using their brains. They'd rather just sit in the theater snacking on popcorn or hotdogs with lots of cheese streaming from the screen. I think the haters just didn't get Cloud Atlas as existential questions confuse them, which will leave it in the list of most unappreciated movies of all time. Also on a side note, I haven't read the Time magazine article, but I have a feeling the reason why Cloud Atlas ended up there was not because it was terrible, but most likely because of how much gross it got at the box office in comparison to the budget, which again goes to the preference of the public to watch non-challenging topics. I guess what we get from this as a lesson is lets make more sequels, more remakes, more teen books.

mimi on Dec 5, 2012


Well said. Americans just don't want to think that hard. It is what it is

NatedoggSaidit on Dec 6, 2012


Your getting offended by what TIME magazine said....TIME magazine! Do I really need to explain here? Cloud Atlas reminded of the situation with southland tales.....yes I loved southland tales! I SAID IT THATS RIGHT WHAT?!?

Cody W on Dec 5, 2012


I go to hastings all the time to rent movies...so ME!

Xerxexx on Dec 5, 2012


I thought Cloud Atlas was sweeping and grand, emotional and thought provoking. I was thoroughly entertained. It's one of my Top 5 of the year! I honestly don't understand why it did so poorly at the box office and why critics SH$#t on it.

JJ King on Dec 5, 2012


The only problem with this article is that Cloud Atlas actually IS the worst movie of the year.

nightgoat72 on Dec 5, 2012


I think a lot of these opinions and comments are slightly naive to the fact that films exist in a state of time. Our culture today influences the films we both make and appreciate. Our culture today is obsessed with the past, and this is normal for a culture that is longing for a better time, financially unstable, and in the middle of a generational shift. Think about it a new generation always turns back to the things they appreciated as children because they think what they grew up with was the best and should be shared with the new generation that they incorrectly assume is living in a lesser culture of childhood. In a culture that is financially unstable what is more predictable than creating films based on ideas that have already proven themselves in another medium? Remakes may not appear to be the most creative films, but they're smart because they allow Hollywood to make money and keep producing films. I think people forget that films like The Dark Knight are technically remakes, and even the Cloud Atlas is based on a book that only came out in 2004 so its not like its based on classic literature (It's only a year older than Twilight). A culture that has been so confident for so long that suddenly stands on shaky ground isn't looking for deep introspection....because it intensifies personal insecurity. The culture is looking for simplicity and escapism because life is suddenly more complicated and requiring more contemplative energy. It's not that we can't appreciate a film like Cloud Atlas, it's that if this film were released in the mid 90's it would have been more well received because as the culture as a whole would be more open to it. As far as it being the worst of the year...it may just be because Cloud Atlas was timed poorly, whereas the Twilight films are timed perfectly. Cloud Atlas is the superior film, and as time goes on and "worst film of the year" accolades disintegrate ironically into exactly what many of you decry as the reason films like Cloud Atlas get overlooked (instant gratification entertainment for people who don't want to think) it will become apparent in time which films were truly the worst of a given year based on their merit, and not cultural acceptance based on a narrow frame of mind in a given time in history. Cloud Atlas is a ground breaking story. It's not a perfect 10 of a film, but in an era when films rarely strive to be anything other than safe and ordinary it does stand out as something unique, as well as something difficult to watch in comparison to the mind numbing films in the rest of the auditoriums in the theater. But it is this thought provoking process that will save the film later and raise its status as a film to be remembered because it lends itself to repeated private viewings when the real beauty and specter of the film can be appreciated for what it is. Elevated Escapism.

Aero027 on Dec 5, 2012


Beautiful ! I totally agree. Loved your analysis !

Ari on Jan 11, 2013


TIME Magazine wants to get attention and again, they are just thinking about money. This is sad and a sign of our idiocracy and de evolution

Anonymous on Dec 5, 2012


Jack and Jill? that was this year, so bad

Andrew Reynolds on Dec 5, 2012


Saw Cloud Atlas and I have to say it was the worst film of 2012 in addition to being the most offensive to Asians with their yellow face.

Bruce Lee on Dec 6, 2012


worse than TDKR? come on...:D

David Darida on Dec 6, 2012


I'm Vietnamese and I didn't find it offensive. I can tell the difference between trying to mock a race and failing at emulating a race with bad makeup.

cookie on Dec 21, 2012


Time calling Cloud Atlas the worst movie of the year is so ridiculously hyperbolic that it HAS to be a pathetic stunt for readership. it's average at worst.

squaredog on Dec 6, 2012


Monetary performance of a movie should have no baring on whether it is deemed best or worst. When I was getting up out of Cloud atlas, there were multiple people sobbing, throughout there were multiple people laughing out load especially during the Cavendish sequences. The mainstream critics are very much out of touch and their news organizations that hire them need to learn a thing or two from sites like this.

Jamil Wamubu on Dec 6, 2012


Wait, wasn't Piranha 3DD bad on purpose?

garfieldhatesmondays on Dec 6, 2012


This is probably the most dumb ass list I have ever seen to date, but then again everyone's entitled to their dumb ass opinion.

nem on Dec 6, 2012


C'mon man Ninja Assassin was awesome.

Adversary on Dec 6, 2012


Ah...Mary Pols didn't see the movies on your list, no doubt, yet she calls herself a movie critic, unfortunately, one seeking lots of attention. I agree with your list and your assessment. The critics are all using all their quota of praise for the underwhelming and meh "Skyfall".

erictan on Dec 7, 2012


And here I thought I was the only one who didn't like Skyfall. Didn't hate it but didn't love it either. The critics praise it too much, and I agree with your point that they haven't watched all the movies this year. If they had, the list would be different.

mimi on Dec 7, 2012


I had no idea anyone thought it was bad, I loved this movie. I have never had an answer to questions like whats your favorite movie, song, whatever fills the blank. But this movie put an end to that. This was like a film festival, it had everything...almost literally everything, suspense, comedy, romance, period piece, drama, fantasy/sci-fi, futuristic, thriller (depending on how you view certain scenes)...how is it unlikable. Best of all it connected in the end. I much prefer these sorts of movies

Barbara Ruiz on Dec 9, 2012


Cloud Atlas as a movie is cool. But the book changed my life. Very different than the book though still beautiful in its way.

Sarah Danielle Höfer on Dec 19, 2012


looper was much more better movie then this 3 hourly crap! my head hurts from it...

XZizeR on Dec 21, 2012


Three Stooges was far superior to Cloud Atlas.

Dave Nullstein on Dec 22, 2012


Andy and Larry have a sister?

SoYouHaveASister on Dec 23, 2012


Larry is now "Lana." Larry transitioned to female!

Ashlei Louise on Jan 13, 2013


i haven't seen the film yet but the person obviously has some sort of personal problem with the settings or the actors or maybe he/she would prefer to watch twilight..... which reminds me, does anyone else think "The Hunger Games" was the most boring predictable pile of poop this year?

Eoghan Dwyer on Dec 27, 2012


Cloud atlas is the best sci-fi that I've seen all year.

burnie on Dec 28, 2012


Cloud Atlas is very much one of the best movies of the year.

Red on Dec 29, 2012


I loved Cloud Atlas. I read the book prior to seeing the movie. I feel like people didn't take the time to understand the true beauty behind the film. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

Nick on Dec 30, 2012


Best film of the year. Touched my soul. It had everything, emotional drama, thrilling action, mystery, comedic moments, great acting. And as well as its philosophical themes, its emotional storyline's also painted a human, phenomenological picture. Admitedly it required some attention and intelligence to follow. I look forward to reading the book.

James Lee on Jan 2, 2013


you forgot the insufferable failure that was Project X

Alfredo Alex Soto on Jan 4, 2013


I think Cloud Atlas deserves best film of the year. Just because you don't understand the concept doesnt mean it's bad. Far from it. It did something no movie had ever done for me. It changed my life.

John Jurchfield on Jan 4, 2013


It was a fabulous and thought provoking movie! Perhaps many people only crave mindless movie watching and don't want to take them time to actually think!

Revcarly on Jan 7, 2013


For me, Cloud Atlas is one of the BEST movies of 2012 (besides i saw it this year because the terrible movie distribution in my country). Best than the bunch of crappy movies having it in mainstream. People doesn't like to see movies they can't understand, and with the critics is the same, this movie is underated right now. but we'll see in a years...

Jonathan Herrera on Jan 10, 2013


I do see where the author was going with this article but I have an issue at the point he took on his argument; it is incomplete. You can' say "this isnt bad because theese things are far worse." Its kind of like saying "eat here, you won't get as sick as you would next door." You can't turn an negative attribute into a positive by comparing it to other negatives. What would have been a better way of going about this would have been to discuss the movie's merits.

Constantine on Jan 25, 2013


While out of these movies Cloud Atlas may not have earned top spot, it really wasnt that great of a movie on just about every level there is.

WolfKiller on May 3, 2013


I personally thought that Cloud Atlas deserved to be in top 10 films. It was a film that made you think. It wasn't just mindless action and I liked how the stories interwove with each other. It is what a film should be: a projection of a good story. Sadly, I don't believe that most people don't feel that way.

MovieViewer105 on Aug 9, 2013


Cloud Atlas is by far my FAVORITE movie of all time. Perhaps SOME Americans are just too stupid for Cloud Atlas.

Fernando Herrera on Aug 20, 2014

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