'Hit Somebody' Now a Miniseries, Kevin Smith's Last Film is 'Clerks 3'

December 7, 2012
Source: Twitter


Well, that came out of nowhere. While Kevin Smith has been saying that his last film as a director would be the two-part hockey saga Hit Somebody, recently the film went back to being a single entity. But then shortly thereafter, since Smith was bummed that he was having to cut down his story, his on-screen counterpart and hetero-life-mate Jason Mewes (Jay to his Silent Bob) gave him the idea to set it up as a miniseries. Smith says it's set up at a network, but they're waiting for them to officially announce it. So does that mean his last film was Red State? No, because the filmmaker has just announced on Twitter that his last effort as a director is Clerks 3, another sequel to the indie film that launched his career back in 1994.

As a huge Star Wars fan and someone who has also followed Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy closely over the years, I'm sure Smith is pretty excited to be finishing his film with a trilogy that spawned from his first directing effort. It only seems appropriate. While the end of Clerks 2 seemed like a nice wrap up for characters Dante (Brian O'Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson), it sounds like Smith has figured out more of their story to tell. On Twitter, Kevin Smith said, "Since HIT SOMEBODY is now gonna be a mini-series, yes - that leaves room for a new final flick before I retire from directing feature films." He continued:

Kevin Smith has gotten on a few people's nerves as of late as he's been quite vocal about his distaste for film criticism, going so far as to launch his own sort of film hype web series called "Spoilers" on Hulu with real audiences "reviewing" films. In addition, he's been talking a lot on the various podcasts on his Smodcast banner. And finally, he's essentially gone and made a Clerks TV show (in addition to the canceled animated series from years ago) in the form of "Comic Book Men" on AMC (which might be where Hit Somebody ends up as a mini-series). That's a lot of Kevin Smith right now.

However, no matter how much Smith talks, the guy is very charismatic, funny and a nerd just like the rest of us. Smith's films turned me on to a different kind of comedy and writing rife with pop culture references to things I loved like Star Wars while also turning me on to new films that I might otherwise have never seen. In a way, I've outgrown some of Smith's antics, but I'm quite excited to see that his final film will indeed be Clerks 3. It's unlikely Jeff Anderson will hesitate to sign on for the sequel, and it'll be interesting to see how Randall and Dante finish their time at Quick Stop.

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Say what you will about his business decisions, but Kevin Smith is a great man and one of my biggest role models. I'm glad he's focusing more on podcasting now because even he thinks he's outgrown his own antics and now he can pass on his years of experience and inspire the younger generation.

Matt Peloquin on Dec 7, 2012


I think if he is your role model, then you should pick better role models. Trying to be like Kevin Smith, is aiming super low if you're someone who wants a real shot at success in Hollywood or even life. Noone aims to be like Leif Garrent, when they can be like Michael Jackson, and in terms of great comics/comic writers, that is basically what you are aiming at there. I mean the guy had one movie, Clerks, which was perfect for the time, and a gem that will last, but he's basiclaly made the same movie over and over again. And when he tries to make something different, it always is average and sucky.

Tyler Tesla on Sep 27, 2013


if you think he makes the same movie over and over again...even if you don't like are an idiot. red state? copout? how are those clerks?

john stephens on Nov 7, 2013


Yikes, you're taking that a bit personally. I said that he made the same movie over and over again, with not so good results when he made any movie that was different. And then you brig up Red State and Copout, the first being a movie that received mostly bad reviews, and Copout which received all bad reviews. You're not really helping your "argument". It would be one thing if either of them did good box office, but they didn't and Red State made almost as much as Mallrats, meaning almost no money. Come on, give a better arguement for the guy. You're basically arguing my point for me.

Tyler Tesla on Nov 9, 2013


Wont be sad to see him go. I think more directors should retire, give way for new blood.

happy camper on Dec 7, 2012


He's kinda young to give up. I don't fully understand why KS retires. Although could be that no major studio is interested in his work anymore. Cop Out was terrible, Zack And Miri wasn't great. Now we get Clerks III...

Manuel on Dec 8, 2012


I dunno if Anderson will sign on that easy. He almost killed Clerks II. Had no interest in being a part of it.

michaelscottmurphy on Dec 7, 2012



Guy who comments on things on Dec 7, 2012


Good riddance.

The Truth on Dec 7, 2012


Kev Smith seems sensible, he's made some money and is getting out, fair play. From what I hear of him in interviews he's had a plan to do it for a while. Maybe Robert De Niro should quite along with Stallone and Arnie, only 10 years too late.

Carpola on Dec 7, 2012


I don't agree with Stallone and not really even Arnie. But Deniro has not really done great work in more like 15 years or basically the timespan of Ronin. But here and there he does a great job being Deniro "Old" flavor, in movies like Silver Lining's Playbook, and the other movie with the "silver lining's" actor called Limitless. I think the reason is simple. Noone wanted to see deniro get old and uncool. the funny thing is that Deniro seems perfectly fine with it, it's the audiences that see him now and think "sigh, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Godfather 2, Casino, Heat, and now Analyze This and Analyze That, and Meet the fawkers, and all of that formulaic trash.

Tyler Tesla on Sep 27, 2013


I know a lot of people talk shit about him, but personally I love him. I can listen to him talk and tell stories all day. I dig his films, Red State was definitely a well-done departure from his usual. Although I agree that Clerks 2 wrapped up nicely, I'm always down for more Randall.

grimjob on Dec 7, 2012



THEBATMAN on Dec 9, 2012


Im excited for another Clerks movie! As long as they bring Elias back because he honestly made Clerks 2!

Cory Lind on Dec 9, 2012


Kevin Smith explains, on 1 of his many podcasts:

David Banner on Dec 11, 2012

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