Holy Crap! Jamie Foxx Cast as Electro in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

November 1, 2012
Source: Variety

Jamie Foxx / Electro

Wow, what a week for movie news. I did not expect to see this or hear anything like this, but then again, two days ago I did not expect to hear we'd be getting another Star Wars movie by 2015. Variety is now reporting that Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has been cast, or is specifically "in early talks", for the role of Electro, one of the villains, in the new Amazing Spider-Man sequel. A few months ago, director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield were confirmed to return, and the next unique casting name that popped up was Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. Now we have this — Foxx as Electro — and it's very big news.

Ever since being in the atrocious Stealth, Jamie Foxx has been turning around his career in big ways. From Dreamgirls to The Soloist to Law Abiding Citizen, and of course playing Dean "Mother Fucker" Jones in Horrible Bosses. He then took on the role of Django in Quentin Tarantino's freed-slaved spaghetti western Django Unchained (out this Christmas) and co-stars with Channing Tatum in Roland Emmerich's White House Down as the President of the United States. If this deal goes through, you can add Spidey villain Electro to that growing list of his unique roles. Variety says "though the studio would not comment on the character sources have also told Variety that Foxx would play Electro." We'll see if it all comes together.

While we can't get a black Spider-Man on the big screen yet, at the least having a Black Electro (especially because the character originated as white electrical engineer) is pretty damn great. Electro, created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #9) is the villain altar ego of Max Dillon, an electrical engineer and lineman, was repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor. He's a villain that I've personally been excited to see, and casting Foxx in the role might just be perfect. We'll keep you updated! Thoughts?

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This news. It pleases me.

Nick Perkins on Nov 1, 2012


Electro! That alone will make me want to see this. I'd like to see some other classic Spidey villains get on the big screen as well: Mysterio maybe?

syntaxterror on Nov 1, 2012


mysterio would be awesome

ProjectionistHP on Nov 1, 2012


Mysterio would be an amazing movie villain. I was honestly shocked (no pun intended) when they didn't choose him. Looks like he won't be in the franchise.

Kyle on Nov 23, 2012


This sounds bizarre in a sense that it sounds cheesier than any of the casting choices in the previous franchise...I thought they were going gritty and dark?

VVS on Nov 1, 2012


Awesome. Hopefully they seal the deal; this could give the ASM sequel some much-needed traction.

Ali Miller on Nov 1, 2012


Now that's amazing

TOONFED on Nov 1, 2012


I have no problem with it. It's not like making a previously white Marvel character black for the movies is without precedent (think Kingpin, Nick Fury).

Edward Curtis on Nov 1, 2012


They didn't make Nick Fury black for the movie my friend. The black Nick Fury actually exist in the comic book. He's under the Ultimate books. (see Ultimate Avengers)

Armand Adnan on Nov 1, 2012


BOOM! 2001.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Nov 1, 2012


Ultimate electro is also black nobody seems to know lol

Lanxx23 on Nov 5, 2012


Ultimate Electro is not black he is white

Guest on Dec 4, 2012


Ultimate Electro is not black

Shawn Sidock on Dec 4, 2012


Looking forward to seeing Garfield get fried. I'm down with this news.

Eric Devlin on Nov 1, 2012


Isn't Electro white?? unless i'm colorblind

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012


Yes, and so were Kingpin and Nick Fury, but those roles went to Michael Clarke Duncan and Samuel L. Jackson. Is this really a problem?

Ethan Anderton on Nov 1, 2012


Honestly , i don't like Jammie Fox, i think hes fake, an acts like an actor and i also don't like what he said about Miley Cyrus , not that i'm a fan of hers but i think hes low class. They coulda picked a better black actor.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012


Watch the Soloist. Then try to tell me Jamie Foxx is a bad actor. I'm pumped for this news! More and more of my favorite actors jumping in on super hero films has be pumped. (I flipped out when I found out Garfield was Spiderman. If you want to see a strong performance from him watch Never Let Me Go)

Aaron Burns on Nov 1, 2012



reeft on Nov 2, 2012


It is for me

Vlad on Nov 1, 2012


then don't go to the movie . but we also don't need your racism here . Basically just like every OTHER CBMovie that's come out , NOBODY has to stick to script . That includes the Casting Dept

Dominic A on Nov 4, 2012


"Holy Crap!" <-- I Agree! Looking foward to see how this will turn out!

Fidel Reyes on Nov 1, 2012


This makes sense. Jaime Foxx is like the whitest black guy there is.

Rain Spider on Nov 1, 2012


Wayne Brady

Craig on Nov 1, 2012


Terrence Howard

Alex on Nov 26, 2012


Mr.Big is pleased.

fullmetalmedji on Nov 1, 2012


Would rather of seen Tyrese Gibson get a shot at the character than fox, but hey at least its not Will Smith

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012


There was a rumor of tyrese gibson for luke cage. that is a MUCH better fit for him. Edit: Just went to go look for a link from the sound of this Gibson has been ready to play Luke cage for awhile, marvel is just dragging their feet:

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Nov 1, 2012


Perhaps, you should change the title of the article 'til it's actually confirmed!!!

Blue Silver on Nov 1, 2012


i hope they nail the effects like Sandman in 3

Tyrell Antonio on Nov 1, 2012


Unpopular opinion: Maybe I haven't seen enough of his movie, but I'm just not crazy about Jamie Foxx. I mean, he was fantastic in Ray, but what else? Really, what other great performance is there? I love Collateral, but Foxx's performance wasn't anything special, in my opinion. It was Tom Cruise who dominated that movie.

Craig on Nov 1, 2012


Why didn't you list The Kingdom and Collateral?

Xerxexx on Nov 1, 2012


Didn't Marc Webb say recently the mysterious guy at the end credits of "The Amazing Spider-Man" was electro having the appearance of a white person? He also stated that scene was taken place during the events of the sequel. So much for consistency... I think it would be cool to see Jamie Foxx take that role but I'm just confused on the matter of who that character was at the end credits.

BinaryChaos on Nov 1, 2012


They could just change it like Howard/Cheadle in ironman. Now that I see that scene again it looks likely that it was Electro

Tyrell Antonio on Nov 1, 2012


wouldn't it be great if they put together the Sinister Six?

sukkyu on Nov 1, 2012


That would be too much going on. It works in comics, not in cinema.

Kyle Blackwell on Nov 23, 2012


You're an idiot. Anything that works in comics can work in film if the writer and director are talented enough.

KFR on Dec 13, 2012


I like the choice of Jamie Foxx as Electro - I think he'll bring an interesting angle to it but "While we can't get a black Spider-Man on the big screen yet, at the least having a Black Electro... is pretty damn great." Come on Alex, really?

LMA on Nov 1, 2012



redskulllives on Nov 1, 2012


First of all, Electro sucks! Ok? I mean C'mon! Why not venom? Or Carnage? Or any of the goblins? (Green,Hob,Demo). And then to cast Jamie Foxx? Well I for one do not wish to see Mr. Foxx as Electro, and that doesnt make me a racist! Just bcoz some of us don't wanna c a black actor play a white villain's part does not make us racists!

Anyman on Nov 2, 2012


yes but many of the reasons why you don't want black actors playing white roles are racist.

Kruel on Nov 2, 2012


it'd be like getting a white man to play Obama. it's historically inaccurate. and even though comics are history, comics lovers (like myself) want to see accuracy. we don't even like it when they mess up the costume, hair color, etc. we're just picky, but not racist. and on acting part, i don't see jamie foxx fit (personality-wise) as electro. it just doesn't work in any way. either get someone who looks like electro, acts like electro, or in our greatest fantasy...looks AND acts like electro! is that too much to ask for? 😉

tina on Feb 27, 2013


Oh, but I am still gonna watch it tho!

Anyman on Nov 2, 2012


What do you mean "While we can get a Black Spider Man on the big screen yet"? Does everything have to be so politically correct? Are you also not going to be satisfied until they make a movie where Superman is black? Good grief.

Filadog on Nov 2, 2012



Dominic A on Nov 4, 2012


A black spiderman? Ffs come on that just wouldnt fit and is taking this PC rubbish to far. I certainly wouldn't watch it. Stick to the comic book portral or just don't bother

flavoursumGoat on Nov 2, 2012


"Stick to the comic book portrayal or just don't bother" - Ultimate Spider-Man, look it up, Spider-Man is black. Always good to see unintentional racism by fake comic book geeks defending comics they know nothing about.

Tony on Nov 3, 2012


Actually marvel "ultimates" is the worst trash marvel ever did. I personally don't care if they cast JF as electro just not as the gay electro in the pic above, no I want the real electro.

Jimmy Love on Nov 4, 2012



CHUD on Nov 2, 2012


Actually that could be funny. Play it for laughs not seriously and it could make money ...

Dominic A on Nov 4, 2012



CHUD on Nov 2, 2012


Not EVERYTHING Black people do has to be connected to or from Hip Hop . Thank GOD too , that it doesn't ....

Dominic A on Nov 4, 2012


spiderman in the avengers needs to happen... then they could add the sinister 6 into the equation where the avengers battle with them! that would be epic

dkundenreich on Nov 3, 2012


Nobody seen Booty Call?? Jamie Foxx's Tour de Force!!

Crump's Brother on Nov 6, 2012


Please just bring back Venom, and do it correctly. Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, are you freaking serious?!? They absolutely murdered my favorite supervilian in that movie.

mason on Nov 30, 2012


Ok, I'll be okay with this the day they come out with a white Static Shock movie and no one bitches. Sound fair?

zombiehunter0802 on Dec 4, 2012


Nonsense! This is not good for the movie, simply because it takes what should be a about fully realizing something existing on the big screen and makes it a piece of racial activism. This is the same kind of goofy crap that Sam Raimi did went he made the web shooters part of Spiderman's body instead of a device he built himself because he is a science nerd. I'm sure no white people have a doubt that Jaime Fox is a talented and interesting actor. An there is probably no real doubt that they can still make an interesting movie that we will all go see. This is still a lousy decision because it revises a character solely for the sake of making the character black. There is no other reasoning possible. There are plenty of white actors that are good that could have played the already white character. Why don't they make spider man gay and have him date Gary Joe Watson. Does that make me a homophobic, not in the least. Plenty of gay roles that I completely enjoy. But to bring Spider man to the screen as gay? That is only activism. That is BS when people are going for entertainment. Make him save the whales and fight for a FREE Tibet and that would be just as distracting of a yawn fest as casting a black person as a white character. Hey, let's make a white Shaft! Or a biography of Micheal Jordan staring Larry Bird. What is this accomplishing? Cause I love movies with Black people but you don't have to force it, I'll go see him in Django. If you think that is racist, go pound sand, cause you are an idiot.

TrevorAGreen on Dec 14, 2012


Django was originally a White character tho

Jamie Foxx on Dec 16, 2012


Nice. How many people are going to watch Django and know that. Just about zero I would assume. So it isn't going to create any real cognitive dissonance that distracts from the material. What percentage of a show with a Black Santa is about the Santa being Black in the mind of the viewer. A lot. So this movie is going to have that element. Is it 10%, who knows, but it will be there for quite a few people, especially the core audience. So if that is what you want, whatever. But why would you do it? Other than to be an artificially edgy activist that is trying to get in people's faces about race. If someone whats to make a alternate superhero movie where the races are all different, great, I'll watch the film. But this reboot was getting back to the themes of the original with the web shooters. It managed to mashup things in a new way and embellish in areas that were very solid in the original comic without throwing out things that were solid in the minds of fans. Peter Parker had a skateboard, ok, fine, we can get on board with that. His dad was linked with Osborn, a leap, but how I read some of the bits about his parents and I can't remember what was laid down in the comics. So that added some richness. What I do remember is the image of Electro in his green tights with his yellow face mask, and white skin. Again, whatever, I like Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, but every time I see him I have a seed of irritation that the classic Nick Fury got chucked in the bin. Because this is all art, and I want the art to spring to life out of the comics of the past, and my childhood. Not be redrawn with the aggressive social activism that keeps attempted to wedge it's way into our conscience. I'm sure this isn't going to tank the franchise, but after the bar got raised through the roof by the rest of the marvel universe movies and their mostly faithful recreations of things we loved from the comics. It seems counter intuitive to make these kind of choices. What would a fully realized (not Hasselhoff) classic cigar chewing, teeth gritting, white, Nick Fury look like with a bid budget. I guess we will never know. Or at least not in my lifetime. I like what Will Smith did with Hancock, not his best move for various reasons, but he just went ahead and created his own superhero concept and told a story. And that is guy that probably has the juice to make a big budget black superman movie. Instead he made it about the story and the character. Yes, he had a white angel wife, but it was his story to tell however he wanted so it wasn't out of place even though it made some points about race relations. Whatever, still on my list of movies to see, I hope they don't make a mess of it like they did with the last three they made and give up after 3. The spider-man story deserves 6 to 9 movies without a change in cast and a new one every year until we can get the costs down and comics can be episodic tv like they deserve to be. One of the lessons from the first three. Don't kill your villains unless they died in the comics. They killed off Eddie Brock. That was weak and its a good thing they pulled the plug before they could keep going of the rails.

TrevorAGreen on Dec 17, 2012


They oughta stick to the comics and that should be it... Max Dillon is white! Period... Nothing against Mr. Fox or black actors but the directors/producers/even Stan Lee have done enough damage to the franchise so far... A black Spider-Man is interesting in the Ultimates' world but these pictures are about "the Amazing SM", not "The Ultimate SM".

Enrique on Jan 22, 2013


Have you ever read a spider-man comic Electro is not a black man nothing against black people but they need to stick to the actual comic and quit screwing up movies!

Jeremie Nevill on Mar 22, 2013


This is absolutely not "pretty damn great" and nothing to compare to having a black Spider Man. Villainizing people of color is, idk, RACIST AS HELL and completely awful. Black hero = good. Black villain = bad. vibe?

Squiddykins on Jul 10, 2013


when i heard that Electro was going to be the next villian in spiderman i was pissed/// Electro?? I guess they are trying to start the villains from the very beginning of spiderman.. "1960's .. I dont remember myself running for the comic rack for Spidey vs Electro! I hated electro i thought he was just a crumby villain.. I was even more mad when the casted Jamie foxx.. Electro is white. It just throws off the entire comic book.. If they made spiderman a Puerto Rican I dont think comic fans would be too happy.. cause it would suck!!! MUCHO!! jamie foxx is a good actor but i still see him as a comedian and i cant see him as being serious for over a second.. Its like im waiting for "wanda" to come out..

David DjKahuna Nunez on Aug 1, 2013


Horrible horrible idea. Electro is NOT black. Would they cast an Asian guy as Shaft? Would they cast a black guy as James West? Oh wait...they did that already. How'd that work out? Morons.

MannyBalut on Dec 11, 2013

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