Infographic: So Is Marvel Destroying DC Comics at the Box Office?

September 28, 2012
Source: The Daily What

Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office

Even as you read the headline, doing a quick checklist in your head, it's clear that Marvel has been beating the hell out of DC Comics at the box office. Obviously the comic house for The Avengers has kicked out many more movies than DC Comics, but the Batman home also has a few you've probably forgotten about (or desperately erased from your memory). Thankfully, Fancy Dress Costumes (via The Daily What) has found a very long infographic comparing the box office history of DC Comics and Marvel's properties that have hit the big screen. While the results aren't surprising, it's a nice visual to see all the figures and films.

Here's the infographic of Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office via The Daily What:

Marvel vs DC at the Box Office

What's almost sad is that DC Comics had a 20 year jump on bringing their first superhero to the big screen. But the action from Marvel lately, especially in bringing Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk together in their own films before uniting in The Avengers, has done wonders for the studio. DC Comics might have some competition if they ever get their gestating Justice League film off the ground, but they still have a lot of catching up to do (even with the box office behemoths that came from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. However, quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. Is there a chance DC Comics films are better than Marvel's, despite not making as much money? Discuss below!

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One mistake in the graphic ... Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance came out in 2012, not 2011.

Edward Curtis on Sep 28, 2012



simon on Sep 28, 2012


Knowing basic shit doesn't make you a nerd.

Chris Groves on Sep 28, 2012


Clicking on this article sort of... makes you a bit of a nerd too.. so....

Guy who comments on things on Sep 28, 2012


Wow, I thought X-Men: First Class did better.

Nielsen700 on Sep 28, 2012


This list is only reporting Box Office (United States) numbers. Internationally X-Men: First Class brought in around 353.6 million. Still not a massive hit, but it was more popular overseas than in the U.S.

castdreams on Sep 29, 2012


Left out a few movies, like the 80's Captain America and Dolph Lungren Punisher.

Megaman on Sep 28, 2012


lol it isn't as if they broke box office numbers lol

Clark Kentt on Sep 28, 2012


No, but they would have dragged down Marvel's average pr film.

David Banner on Sep 29, 2012


they also forgot RED, The Losers, V for Vendetta, The Spirit, Constantine, Swamp Thing *both movies,* League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Stardust, Road to Perdition, Superman and the Mole Men...well maybe not that one...all from DC comics which not only evens up the movies but totals as well.....

Jericho on Sep 29, 2012


Came here to say this. Thank you fellow good samaritan

Brendan Rice on Sep 30, 2012


The average by movie is more important. And there are 19 DC movies vs 28 Marvel. So, in summary, the title of this article sucks

Macgyver on Sep 28, 2012


Despite the screen average, we still think Marvel is winning this fight thanks to the large overall number. But we agree that the headline may have been a bit misleading upon second inspection. We've corrected it to be a less absolute. Obviously they've had more movies to make that happen, but DC Comics has delivered less quality films.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 28, 2012


DC got Christopher Nolan to help with Superman, then begged him to do Justice League. You don't sense the desperation? They're really going to introduce Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, as well as possibly a new Green Lantern, and... an alternative universe Batman? Really? They're going to have separate Batmen in different movies? You can't possibly think that's a sound business plan for theatrical releases. Nolan and Batman were the only thing they had going for them. Even a fool can see DC is playing catch-up in a major way, but I suppose it's a lot harder for fanboys to come to that realization. I'm not biased towards either company, I've enjoyed the New 52 a lot more than the recent x-men vs avengers, and I think DC is king of comic animated features by far. But if you can't see DC is in desperation mode when it comes to their theatrical endeavors, then you're clearly burying your head in the sand.

Chris Hata on Sep 29, 2012


i do not see DC as being desperate they lead in TV shows as well as animated. it only seems to be live action that they trail a little behind but even then they have managed to keep an overall lead with the fewer movies they have while Marvel still leads just a little bit behind, if DC would take a step back and think through who they will have for director and not rush it like they have been the past few years then they can still dominate....

Jericho on Sep 29, 2012


The thing is, Marvel did extremely well with their Avengers and the set up with that. DC hasn't put out as much effort into their comics to movies other than Superman and Batman, which were both hugely successful (especially the first Superman making so much way back when movies were like $2). If DC sets up JLA well, they could come back nicely.

Jdawg Laurence on Aug 23, 2013


This seems to use domestic numbers...not sure, because it seemed like some might have been international numbers...and some just seem incorrect, going off of memory.

Chris Groves on Sep 28, 2012


So wait... how is Marvel destroying DC? Because they released more films? DC actually leads in terms of average gross per film - so theoretically the DC movies are more successful.

John on Sep 28, 2012


Pretty much what's been said... the company that had more movies made more money. Thank you

Andrew DiDonato on Sep 28, 2012


I agree with MacGyver. Very misleading, inaccurate title.

RJmacready on Sep 28, 2012


To be honest, while I'm a Marvel comic fan myself - regarding their comic books - and love their characters, I love DC comics movies more because they do not make movies just for the sake of using a comic book hero but for making a movie, and they are really good at it. Out of the Marvel movies, I think I can only choose 'The Avengers' and 'Thor' & 'Captain America' as good movies, whereas DC has Nolan's Batman and the Watchmen. And the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve are golden. Marvel movies tend to focus on the action and the tension between the hero and the villain while DC really does focus on the character, which is the essence of the comic book. (I do have to admit that I have a soft spot for Blade in my heart though, those action scenes with the music in the background are superb) And I have to agree that the title of the article is misleading, DC has less movies.

Funda on Sep 28, 2012


Superman did nowhere close to that in 1978: Where they getting those figures from??

GWills on Sep 28, 2012


They're adjusted for inflation. (Which it says in small print near the top, but it's easy to miss.)

Edward Curtis on Sep 28, 2012


So... is it definitive? Marvel won the comic book movies war, kind of like HD DVD and Blu-ray? Well, we're only going to watch Marvel movies from now on then. [THE TRUTH IS IN THE AVERAGE, PEOPLE!] Joking aside, as long as their good, who gives a shit what brand they have.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Sep 28, 2012


It also should be mentioned that DC makes more per film, average. Marvel has just made more movies.

Ryan on Sep 28, 2012


TIL 'Howard the Duck' was a Marvel Comic.

Mithun Divakaran on Sep 28, 2012



Jericho on Sep 28, 2012


I think its important too know if the early numbers are adjusted for inflation.

Patrick on Sep 28, 2012


As much as I enjoy Marvel movies... Please stop it with Nicolas Cage....

mandaryn on Sep 28, 2012


Hmmm DC with 19 vs Marvel with 28.....not very fair comparison.

Cody W on Sep 28, 2012


especially when you leave out ten DC movies...

Jericho on Sep 29, 2012


hey!!!! in DC what happen with Constantine, and I don't know very well, but I knew that V and The League are of DC??

Wizho Bto on Sep 28, 2012


poor Swamp Thing, not that it made any money, but forgotten for sure.

jasinblaze on Sep 28, 2012


As long as a movie is good I don't really care if its Marvel or DC who made it. At the moment I'm enjoying the films out of Marvel's studios more due to the continuity of each movie adding to the film universe as a whole in the Avengers genre. However if DC decides to try something similar with the heroes comprising their Justice League comics I'll give them an honest try as well. As long as my butt is in the seat and I have some popcorn to munch the thing I'm looking for first is whether I'm being entertained.

Thexn on Sep 29, 2012


The numbers are only US domestic. Not all movies are listed. Why is Jonah Hex in this list?? If Hex is a superhero, then so is V. Batman The Movie had a production budget of $1,377,800; and it payed of to $92 million! >>>KAPOW!<<<

David Banner on Sep 29, 2012


In addition, many of these numbers do not match, even Avengers - 623 mln$, first Superman 460 mln $ and where is The Punisher with Lundgren?

longshot on Sep 29, 2012


Marvel movies..are cheesy as shit for the most part.....and very family oriented...which is gay.....Disney (gay) does oversee them...or own the rights

MomsaNigRLovR on Sep 29, 2012


Your name invalidates your comments , even IF you're black . Which might make sense , since you're using the word gay as an insult . BTW the comics these movies come from ( and for that matter most movies ) are cheesy . Cause they're sentimental , highlighting personal struggles . " The babyface wins in the end " is the backbone of most stories out there . even in Horror . So don't go to movies ; guess they'll disappoint you . " Family-oriented things are gay " LOL what a contradiction , since it's a LITTLE more difficult for gays to start families than it is for straights . If your parents were gay u might not be here ...

Brian on Sep 30, 2012


Also Disney only just recently got the rights to Marvel movies..... and sorry you feel there family oriented how else are they suppose to get a larger audience by just appealing to the idividual

Hawkeye2013 on Mar 4, 2013


You have to give credit to Marvel for the number of characters they've made movies for. DC has pretty much milked Superman and Batman....

Scott Ezell on Sep 29, 2012


It is extremely difficult to make a comparison of this kind accurate because there are a lot more factors than just 'who made the most money'. For example, Marvel didn't make anything worthwhile at all until around 2000, at which point they exploded onto the Hollywood scene. If you do a comparison of only pre-2000 Marvel vs. DC films, then DC wins without a contest, and from 2000 on (Box Office wise) Marvel has been smacking DC up and down the block. Obviously you have to take into account that Marvel has released a lot more movies, but you also have to consider that Marvel is only able to do this because they have a LOT more bankable franchises, which is a valid factor in a Marvel vs. DC comparison. It is true that DC has a higher box office average, but again it's not as simple as just that. Marvel has released a higher number of movies with a relatively small Box Office cap (obviously, Elektra isn't going to have the same box office pull as Spider-Man) which inflates their total numbers but pulls their average down. I would like to see a comparison that splits between 'premium' franchises (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, MCU, etc.) and less recognizable franchises like Watchmen and Howard the Duck. And please, for the love of Pete use international numbers! As with most statistics, the data here can be interpreted about 50 different ways to say pretty much whatever you want. Also, where's V for Vendetta?

castdreams on Sep 29, 2012


I say take the top 12 for each franchise & compare those...can someone with more time on their hands do this please...

Brad White on Oct 1, 2012


the way i see it, im a grown man and the colors and way Marvel portrays there characters... well they come off as saturday morning cartoon characters and DC Comics has a more realistic roll to there films and tv series, very dark and more down to earth. with that said, ill enjoying Marvel movies with my son just cause they are more for the kids and ill keep the DC films for myself and my son when he wants to see things on a more serious side.

Lazaro Frank Martinez on Feb 3, 2013


Dc comics.. Quality not quantity.. 😀

Muhammad Hamza Ijaz on Apr 23, 2013


I believe that DC is winning the movie wars. Even though marvel has a larger total, DC has more $ average per movie, and it's 29 movies to 18. Lately marvel has just been pumping out movies, and even though they aren't great (some not even good) movies, people are watching them mainly because they are part of the avengers movie and the new movies will lead to avengers 2.

David Sawyer on Apr 23, 2013


iv counted about 15 movies... JUST on batman and superman on the DC side.. like what is that? At least marvel has different characters

vanesa on Aug 20, 2013

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