Intense New Live-Action 'Halo 4' Trailer Produced by David Fincher

October 19, 2012
Source: YouTube

Halo 4 Live-Action Trailer

Ever since the extremely successful Halo 3: ODST live-action trailer, Microsoft has been commissioning beautiful live-action trailers for their Halo video game series. This latest one is for Halo 4, the new sequel to the FPS game series not made by Bungie, and it brings back Master Chief. Produced by the one-and-only David Fincher and directed by Blur Studios' Creative Director Tim Miller, the trailer explores the history of Master Chief and introduces a new "ancient evil", which we get a glimpse of at the end. Even though it's all for a video game, this is some outstanding work and worth sharing with movie fans as well. Check it out!

"Master Chief's mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief's weaknesses, finds the source of his strength. Halo 4 Live-Action & CGI Trailer produced by David Fincher and directed by Tim Miller." The trailer was unveiled this week in advance of Halo 4's November 6th launch date. Tim Miller is the Creative Director of VFX house Blur Studios, and worked on certain sequences like the opening to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the in-the-works Goon adaptation. I love what AICN's Quint says about this - it shows: "how great the universe of Halo can look when translated into another art form." Indeed.

Read the full story behind how Tim Miller and David Fincher got involved with Microsoft to make this, and how the trailer came together on Fast Co: "He can look at something you’ve done and say, like, If you move that to the right and change that cut that’ll make it so much better. You can instantly see that he’s right."

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Time to say bye bye for any kind of social-life...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 19, 2012


Okay.....this actually looks awesome...Why can't they get it together and make a REAL movie? I'd actually go see it, and take my 13 year old twins.

weezy1 on Oct 19, 2012


And every Halo fan would see it too, I'm guessing that they are havin a hardtime getting together a story that would make a good movie. Chief is an exellent protagonist for a game, but not so much for a movie...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 19, 2012


I really enjoyed it aside from the fact that it shows a little too much of master chief's looks. A movie needs to be made soon.

Dan W on Oct 19, 2012


Well, we saw him as a kid, his arms and body from a distance. Can't really say that it spoiled too much...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 19, 2012


I felt the same way. I've always enjoyed not knowing too much about him.

Jay on Oct 19, 2012


I think this follows what happened in the book Fall of Reach which explains his back story. That book had a decent enough story for a popcorn action flick but I agree, not knowing much about the MC in the game makes it that much better.

TK on Oct 19, 2012


Between this and the Forward Unto Dawn series, this makes me want to preorder the game more than seeing trailers for the actual game. haha

Nick Sears on Oct 19, 2012


wilhelm scream at 26 seconds

DoomCanoe on Oct 19, 2012


Was this leaked too?

castingcouch on Oct 20, 2012


Start a new fight!

Richie G on Oct 20, 2012


Neill Blomkamp bailed out on a live Halo movie, to do District 9. From what I saw in the halo trailer it look pretty damn awsome.

rain on Oct 21, 2012


"Neill Blomkamp bailed out on a live Halo movie, to do District 9. From what I saw in the halo trailer it look pretty damn awsome." I think you'll find that it was Microsoft that quite rightly bailed after the studios behind it wanted a bigger cut of the profits because they got cold feet. It was because of the collaboration between Pete Jackson and Blomkamp on the Halo movie that when it went sour, they THEN turned to District 9. Blomkamp did that 9 minute short to show his vision of the Halo, so it wasn't him that bailed. Anyway onto the trailer. I like it but I don't think it's as powerful or emotive as the Deliver Hope one for Halo:Reach, that was something very special.

Payne by name on Oct 21, 2012


Wow. Very good. His life flashed before his eyes while bits and pieces from the books flashed before mine.

RobotProphet on Oct 23, 2012


here is a live action web series

OrWhat on Oct 25, 2012

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