Is Paramount Pictures Developing a 'Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa' Sequel?

June 7, 2012
Source: What Culture

Johnny Knoxville

These kind of stories are sometimes sketchy, but bare with us for a moment. Many times when a studio is developing a movie, or even just thinking about getting one off the ground, it registers domain names for websites that would be used to promote the project in question. This method actually led to figuring out the title of the next James Bond film Skyfall, and now it sounds like we might have another film to look forward to using the detective skills of the web. Recently Paramount Pictures registered some domain names that seem to indicate a potential Jackass sequel called Bad Grandpa. I think we know where this is going.

For those not in the know, here's one of the Jackass sequences that might be influencing this sequel:

That's Johnny Knoxville in a bunch of old man make-up, and there's plenty more clips of him with fake old balls hanging out of his shorts, falling on treadmills and shoplifting from the entire franchise. Now, if I had to make a bet, I don't think we'd get an entire Jackass style film with just old man pranks (that wouldn't last for an hour and a half), but we might get some kind of narrative story involving Knoxville as the old man character. The Jackass 4 inclusion in the domains (discovered by What Culture, via ComingSoon) just might be so misinformed viewers can find the film easier online due to the Jackass inspiration of such a title. All we have are these domain names now, but maybe we'll hear something about this project soon.

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I hope not cause the Bad Grandpa is the only part of the movies that I skip.

Nick on Jun 7, 2012


It was funny the first two times around but they're just beating a dead horse at 3. Same with knoxville's rodeo clown(ish) stunts.

Akirakorn on Jun 7, 2012


I dont think a Jackass 4 would be appropriate without Ryan Dunn anyway.

LosZombies on Jun 7, 2012


they all signed on to make 3 more jackass movies after number 3 came out

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Jun 7, 2012


Surely Ryan Dunn was the ultimate Jack Ass?

Crapola on Jun 7, 2012


Hi, I'm Ryan Dunn, and this is the drunken car flip.

Steve on Oct 20, 2012


Dunn was the one I liked best. It should have been the midget. I hate that guy. And yeah, what Akirakorn said.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2012


Yeah, I never liked Weeman, either, but I think of all the Jackasses Bam Margera was the worst. He could always dish it out and go totally overboard with his pranks, but god forbid he was on the receiving end of some things. He would turn into a big bleeding vagina and bitch and rage like a little girl which was especially prominent in his own show. Anyways, I'd think the whole Jackass shtick has run its course. It was fun to watch when he guys were still in their 20's, now they're all in their late 30's, early 40's and I think it's getting kinda sad and pathetic. Time to grow up, imo.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 7, 2012


Completely agree. I think Knoxville is a pretty decent actor, he should concentrate on that, let this go. Margera is a little bitch. I thought it was funny that at first he was just a skater punk, then all of a sudden he's a mascara-wearing hipster.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2012


I can also see the whole gang wanting to do one in his honor

Mdiddles on Jun 7, 2012


I can see that.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2012


Well, when you see it from that pov, ya I guess...a straight to DVD or documentary perhaps.

LosZombies on Jun 11, 2012


For those of you who think the cast is too old to do another film and that they should grow up, have you realized that every Jackass movie has done exceptionally better in theaters than it's predecessor? Maybe they like making money. And yes, I'd think they would do at least one more in honor of Ryan Dunn.

Jonathan Stevens on Jun 9, 2012


You all are a bunch of losers jackass is one of the best movies ever made and I'm praying they make another one because it's my dream is to be on that show or movie

Logan on Jun 11, 2012


jackass 4 or jackass 4 bad grampa im going to buy this movie!

matt on Jul 9, 2012


Whoaaaa what's with this grow up bs theirs a saying it's you don't grow up, you just grow old. And none of these guys should die! And what if bam bitches too bad maybe I should come and wake your ass up with a dephiblator we'll see who's bitching then

Don't grow up on Aug 20, 2012


They were in Columbus Ohio today and I was at the park, they were doing magic tricks!

Cody on Sep 20, 2012

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