James Cameron Shooting All Three 'Avatar' Sequels at the Same Time?

June 26, 2012
Source: Showbiz 411

James Cameron

The last time we heard James Cameron talk about the sequels to his box office behemoth Avatar, it was mentioned that in addition to a second and third film, there might be a fourth film in the planning stages as well. Of course, producer Jon Landau already told us that they were still years away from being released, with 2014 being the earliest the first sequel would hit theaters. Now we might have a better explanation why that's the case as Sigourney Weaver, in an interview with Showbiz 411 (via ComingSoon) seems to think that all three of the sequels will be shot at the same time, much like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Read on!

Now, there's been talk that Weaver would be back for the sequels, despite the fate of her character in the first film, but this is the first we've heard that she's involved in all of the sequels, let alone that they're being filmed back-to-back. Now, there's not a direct quote from Weaver on this idea, as the article only mentions this fact when talking about her upcoming schedule, but Weaver does comment that she has no idea how long they'll be filming and nonchalantly says, "I just show up." I'm not sure we can accept this as solid information just yet, but the prospect of three movies shooting at the same time would make sense.

Since people are pretty hungry for these sequels, why take a break between each film and then have to regroup and get the cast and crew back together when you can make them all at the same time? However, as Cameron mentioned last time he talked about the films, they were still working on some of the new technology they wished to employ for the sequels, in addition to finishing scripts and preparing for production design. If Landau's estimations hold true, we could see Avatar 2 in 2014, and maybe the third and fourth films each year after. Either way, we've got some time to kill before heading back to Pandora.

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" God Direct In Mysterious Ways "

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 26, 2012


Faith is Everything Just Be Faithful 3 Billion Sold , 3 Time Oscar Winner , 8 Ranking from 456065 User IMDB , HATEFUL thing ! Good For Me

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 26, 2012


well say goodbye to the crew members and actors for these movies...may not see them for a long time....

Jericho on Jun 26, 2012


It will be a complete mess because inspiration comes suddenly and not in one time! I believe this news is a total hoax because James Cameron is tech freak and he will never take the risk his movies are to '' old''.

Avi Smulders on Jun 26, 2012


Lets hope he isn't dumb enough to fall for the fake 3D scam.

Zanpher on Jun 26, 2012


I'm pretty sure Cameron won't do that. From what I've read in the past he seems to be very opposed to the "fake 3D."

hawk99 on Jun 26, 2012


I am wondering if the Titanic "3d" was out of his hands.

Zanpher on Jun 27, 2012


Well this doesn't give me any hope that the sequels will be any better than that god awful original.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 26, 2012


I wonder whether Cameron will direct anything beyond Avatars.

Robert L. Tuva on Jun 26, 2012


He said that he won't direct other project, but who knows

Richie G on Jun 26, 2012


Am I the only one who hated the first film?? I like Cameron but...

Andorinha on Jun 26, 2012


I hated it also, I watched it in SD so all the IMAX 3D was gone and it was just a threadbare recycled story with 1D villians and wooden acting. if the movie doesn't hold up in Standard definition then it is just eye candy tricking you into think it is something better than it is.

michael interbartolo on Jun 26, 2012


Loved the first film. That said, I can see why others didn't like it and everyone's entitled to their opinion.

hawk99 on Jun 26, 2012


You're not the only one. I think there was talk of how they 'were working on the technology so they didn't spend much time on the script' or they 'didn't want the groundbreaking visuals to be overshadowed'. Think the later is more Hollywood

Richie G on Jun 26, 2012


I didn't "hate" it, per se, but I definitely think Avatar is overrated. Just not THAT great.

Dan Geer on Jun 26, 2012


Loved the first film -- unlike many others here apparently -- but Cameron will definitely need to change it up a bit for the sequels to be a success. Each will need to have it's own unique story -- not just a bunch of random escapades in the same universe. Definitely wary of three films at one time. With LOTR it made sense because it was one, huge, overarching story. It's possible he plans to do this with the sequels, but each would need to succeed on it's own...

hawk99 on Jun 26, 2012


I didn't HATE avatar, but it failed the tv test for me.. TV TEST: try watching whatever big action cgi movie you like on a small tv (black and white preferred) and see if it holds up..if it doesn't then you have a more realistic view of the film. For example..I watched "The Avengers" on a small tv AND it was from a cam corder copy of the film and I really enjoyed it!!! it was written well enough to work on a small scale so I watched it on the big screen and loved it. Avatar was a "fun" experience in 3d and IMAX but didn't really mean so much as a real film..ive watched it a few times since on cable and once the cgi impression is over, so is much of what I appreciated on the first viewing..

lando on Jun 26, 2012


Wow. Dumbest logic ever!!! Congratulations - YOU are the moron of the day. Movies weren't meant to be watched on a TV, genius. That's why they show them in a theater! That's why when you build a home theater you put in the biggest screen possible - to recreate the theatrical experience. Do you think directors sit around and try to figure out how to make their visions translate to a TV screen? Just because you can watch a movie on a TV, doesn't mean you should. Again, this is why people build home theaters with projectors (not TVs!!!). You're probably one of those idiots who sits there and complains about the movie not fitting the aspect ratio of their TV. Waaaaah, I have black bars at the top and bottom. Please rename your TV TEST the JACKA$$ TEST. All of you haters should at least recognize the technical genius of Cameron and be happy he is in the business pushing all the other directors and producers out there to be better and more innovative. Whether or not you like his movies or not is irrelevant - it is completely subjective.

racquetman on Jun 26, 2012


Sorry,Not fan of your insult word but : PERFECT ANSWER

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 26, 2012


"Whether or not you like his movies or not is irrelevant - it is completely subjective." Same goes for you buddy. And I think he's right.If a movie does not hold on small screen then it's just a shallow endeavour.Eye candy without any real substance. Without the whole 3D whoopty doo Avatar is average at best. And grow up.If somebody does not piss their pants over something it does not mean he or she doesn't like it.World is not white and black. It's not divided to haters and lovers.There are plenty of us who are indiffirent. It's also very funny to see how some people can't separate their ego from the things they like.

U knoe nuffin Jon Snew on Jun 26, 2012


I didn't say I liked the movie, did I? Again, that is irrelevant. What ego? I am just pointing out how flawed lando's logic was. The fact that you agree with him doesn't surprise me. If you think "indifferent" is spelled "indiffirent", that tells me everything I need to know about you. You might want to pull a Billy Madison and go back to grade school.

racquetman on Jun 26, 2012


And you might want to pull your grammar nazi stick out of your ass Mr. grabbing at straws.It's up so deep it's messing with your brain. And yes,your posts are ripe with ego.The fact you are pissed off by somebodies methods of deciding if a movie is good for THEM or not proves it. Grow up.

Cry me a river on Jun 27, 2012


I didn't correct his grammar, I corrected his spelling. Would you like some help with your grammar? FYI, you need it. Pissed off? Hardly. I find the stupidity of most people who leave comments quite amusing.

racquetman on Jun 27, 2012


Just read your comment again and tell me it does not reek of hate. You are a shit flinger.Eloquent,sure.Arogant,definitely. Eloquent,arogant shit flinger.Be proud. Good day to you sir.

hubris on Jun 27, 2012


When did schools stop teaching spelling and grammar? Space bar challenged much? Also, arrogant has two r's. You guys love your bodily functions. What's that about?? Good day to you.

racquetman on Jun 27, 2012


I'm gay and I want to suck your giant e-penis. Look this is pointless.It's not even fun anymore.I don't care,you win ,whatever. In the grand scheme of things ,we are both irrelevant.Same goes for our opinions.

Space bar challenged on Jun 27, 2012


You are obviously a fanboy. If not why then such butthurt over somebodies irrelevant opinion? "What ego?" The one you are throwing your hissy fit with ,little MissTantrum.

You wanker on Jun 27, 2012


Funny how logic and intelligence equates to ego in your mind, isn't it? Fanboy? Laughable. I don't need to defend Avatar. The box office numbers speak for themselves. It is one of the most popular movies of all time. I didn't comment on his opinion. I commented on his flawed logic about watching movies on a TV. Try to keep up, OK? I try to state things as simply as possible for you kids, but you still can't comprehend half the time.

racquetman on Jun 27, 2012


Who died and made you the princess of logic? And you are a fanboy.You act like one.Just face it.

mirror on Jun 27, 2012


Well, Nora Ephron just died but she didn't leave me any land or titles. Why don't you stick with one name? Your inability to use a space bar gives you away. Are you one of those paranoid conspiracy idiots or something? Just curious. You've convinced me - I'm a fanboy. A fanboy who uses logic and isn't full of emotion. That would be a first.

racquetman on Jun 27, 2012


Yes,I sleep with a tin foil hat.

Space bar challenged on Jun 27, 2012


Very true. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was amazed and impressed by the visuals and the technological advances when I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. So much so that I ran out and bought the blu-ray as soon as it released. As it turned out the movie did not work for me at all at home. Without its 3D bells and whistles it suddenly felt over long and tedious to watch. I didn't even make it halfway through and haven't touched it since. Yay, for money well spent. 😉

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 26, 2012



Herp on Jun 26, 2012


Great retort, Herp (short for herpes I'm guessing).

racquetman on Jun 26, 2012



Herp on Jun 27, 2012


Hey lando, thanks for publicly admitting that you pirate movies or at least buy pirated movies. Brilliant. I work in the industry so thanks for taking money out of my pockets.

d'oh on Jun 27, 2012


Triangle Dimes, just to let you know I don't work for a big studio or anything of that nature if that's what you're implying by your ignorant statement.

d'oh on Jun 27, 2012


Hopefully they'll be some more time spent on the script than they did with the first one. It was beautiful, and I respect the technologic achievements, but it was just eye candy. Generic and completely overrated.

grimjob on Jun 26, 2012


Agree completely. Avatar was my very first IMAX 3D experience and the visuals floored me. I honestly forgot at times that the blue cat smurfs were CGI. But, dear god was the dialog horrible, and obviously the story is as old as time. I can understand why so many people loved the movie, though. It's easy to get blinded by its shiny looks and have your judgment clouded.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 26, 2012


But what the hell about "Alita:Battle angel"? Cameron fans are waiting for that and no for Avatar,why he never look for his fans interest?

Babak on Jun 26, 2012


To be honest...I have 0 interest in that ever happening, and I'm a huge Cameron fan. The 'Kick ass chick' sub-genre has been done to death and I'd rather not see Cameron dabble into that any more.

Chris_G on Jun 26, 2012


Interesting. I LOVE the first's a kind of old school, pure, simple adventure story like Star Wars or Jurassic's more about the themes and messages than the characters. It's an extremely visual experience...more like a ride. That's a different type of film...but still a very great kind. Can't wait to see what Cameron has to offer with the sequels. Although I sincerely hope that he sticks to his guns and doesn't call them 'Avatar 2, 3, and 4' and instead gives them all their own names like he said initially. Sort of like the Hannibal Lector films or the Nolan Batman films.

Chris_G on Jun 26, 2012


More films promoting the SPECIES FORESTS . . . the real species forests.

Richard H. Stafursky on Jun 26, 2012


And There goes the Battle Angel Alita movie - -"

TTumMM on Jun 26, 2012


Hey lando, thanks for publicly admitting that you pirate movies or at least buy pirated movies. Brilliant. I work in the industry so thanks for taking money out of my pockets.

d'oh on Jun 26, 2012


He did just buy a farm in New Zealand to raise his family there, makes sense.

JTW on Jun 26, 2012


People rip on the Avatar story do not make any sense to me. This is a story arch that has been done many times, in different ways. No one made fun of Dances With Wolves for not being original? You take a familiar, classic story and give it a new spin - and I would say Avatar was one hell of a new and fun spin on the familiar story and perhaps its best rendition.

Kaim on Jun 28, 2012

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