Jessica Chastain Now in Talks to Play a Sexy Scientist in 'Iron Man 3'

April 23, 2012
Source: Deadline

Jessica Chastain

A fantastic supporting cast is coming together for Iron Man 3, with newcomers including Ben Kingsley as an unknown villain and Guy Pearce as geneticist Aldrich Killian, a character from Warren Ellis' six-issue storyline Extremis (on which the sequel is loosely based) who co-created the titular technology that is said to hack the body’s repair center and rewrite the normal human blueprint with a better one. Now we have a new female talent who will join the cast as Deadline has learned that Jessica Chastain (The Help, Take Shelter) is currently in talks to play a sexy scientist said to be every bit as smart as Tony Stark. More below!

Considering that the Extremis storyline (beware of spoilers from here on out) deals with two scientists creating the aforementioned technology, it would be a safe bet that Chastain would play Maya Hansen, alongside Pearce's Aldrich Killian. In the comic, Hansen is the one who ends up selling the technology to terrorists. However, she's also the one who tells Stark about the "theft" of the Extremis technology, just to prove the power of their creation. She already has a history with Stark having studied with him in college, so it stands to reason that she could create a bit of a love triangle with Stark and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), or she could just help progress the plot.

Either way, there's some strong talent coming together for this sequel and this stands to be Chastain's biggest film to date. The actress was wanted initially for the role, but scheduling with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and Kathryn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden film made it difficult. However, the latter has allowed for her to shoot Iron Man 3, and the former has been pushed back entirely. That means names like Diane Kruger, Gemma Arterton and Isla Fisher might be out of luck as they were the runners-up to take the high profile role. Nothing is official yet, but it sounds like Chastain will sign on for the part.

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Got to say this, "Ugh." She would be better to play a normal scientist.  I don't think she is conventionally beautiful, but I do think think she is very cute. Shame how women are still so objectified in media. I mean, Pepper, is good example of how women do not always have to be in low-cut tops or pants showing off their butts. Places and times and things...

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2012


By conventionally beautiful, do you mean supermodel hot? Because Jessica Chastain is actually the epitome of classic beauty and is without a doubt an attractive actress. They might have thrown around sexy a little too nonchalantly, but I don't think any credit should be taken away from Chastain for how beautiful she really is.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 24, 2012


 She's a looker alright..."very cute" is an inadequate description.More like smoking hot.

just some guy on Apr 24, 2012


From a role in a Terrence Malick film to a sexy scientist in a hollywood BB, somebody's moving up in the world. Now all she has to do is play a Bond girl to become completely irrelevant again.

Norman on Apr 23, 2012


I wasn't all that impressed when black widow was introduced into Iron Man 2 so I'm not expecting much here either.

BinaryChaos on Apr 23, 2012


Now Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. just need to bring back Terrance howard and this film will be PERFECT! Don't get me wrong, I like Don Cheedle a lot but he was seriously miscasted as Rhodey. There is none better for Terrance Howard, him and DOwney jr. had a really good chemistry, and him in the War Machine armor, EPIC! This guys is to War Machine what Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark!  

Faceman721 on Apr 23, 2012



Buttass on Apr 23, 2012


I'd love to see Terrance Howard back as Rhodey too, same with Edward Norton back as Bruce Banner.  Unfortunately, I don't think either of those burned bridges will be repaired.

Jedi on Apr 23, 2012


She deserves a good pay day. Then back to indies i suspect.

happy camper on Apr 23, 2012


I don't really consider RDJ's portrayal to make Tony Stark appear particularly smart, so I don't think this sexy scientist will be that smart. We're probably gonna get a lot of cliché bickering that is supposed to make us laugh, because they don't know they like each other, but it's so obvious. I'm really starting to think these kinds of movies are predictable and boring. Especially when all they do is stick to the usual blockbuster formulas. It's so frustrating.

Davide Coppola on Apr 24, 2012


Well it's Hollywood.Why change it if it makes money?

Guest on Apr 24, 2012


another smart red head....hmm....

Jericho on Apr 24, 2012

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