Jon Favreau Pursuing 'Star Wars' & David Fincher Might Be Game Too

November 30, 2012

Jon Favreau / David Fincher

As if you didn't know, we still don't have a director for Star Wars: Episode VII. Matthew Vaughn just had an interesting tidbit pop up that seemed to support his involvement, but nothing official has been revealed. Now two more names have surfaced as still being in the running. One name has been mentioned frequently as a likely candidate (including being on our list of hopefuls), while the other seemed like a pipe dream. In a long rant about career mistakes made online, Deadline mentions Iron Man director Jon Favreau is "panting after the job" and The Social Network helmer David Fincher "might be game" also.

Favreau is a huge Star Wars fan, so it's no surprise that he wants to try his hand at the new trilogy. However, some fans haven't been too psyched to see him take on the saga. Meanwhile, Kevin Smith has endorsed Favreau on Twitter saying: "I watched Iron Man again. Such a perfect movie. Disney should give Jon Favrea Star Wars VII. Dude knows how to make a great family flick." That may not be the most coveted support since some fans have turned against Smith over the past few years, but the guy does have an unbridled passion for the Star Wars saga. I think Favreau wouldn't be a bad choice, but we might have a more interesting time with another.

David Fincher might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of Star Wars (especially with films like Se7en, Zodiac and more in his past), but the director has said the film was very influential on him as a young filmmaker. Plus, you might now know this, but Fincher worked for Industrial Light and Magic as a teen, so this would almost be like going full circle. When he left Lucas he was but the learner, but now he would be the master. Anyway, Disney and Lucasfilm are keeping their mouths shut for now, but we're still hoping for some kind of official announcement, maybe before the end of 2012. Thoughts?

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Unknown please! Give a rookie a shot to prove himself. They already got an amazing screen writer just get a veteran director in as a adviser and let a rookie try his hand!

Xerxexx on Nov 30, 2012


With some much at risk Disney are never going to let a rookie take a shot. Wouldn't make good business sense to take that sort of gamble.

Steven on Nov 30, 2012


One can dream.

Xerxexx on Nov 30, 2012


Why do you want a rookie to direct this? Honest question. Fincher directing star wars feels like a dream to me

Ricardo_PT on Dec 1, 2012


Maybe because a rookie might bring something new and unexpected to the franchise .I like Finchers style or however you label his type of movie making but why not try something completely new?

Just because on Dec 1, 2012


I don't get it, why does it have to be a rookie to bring something new? Fincher has never directed Star Wars. The one thing we know is that he's an amazing director. He would bring something new to the franchise. My fear is that if they due indeed bring someone new he would be a mere puppet and have little input on how the filme turns out. At least with Fincher we know he would fight for his vision

Ricardo_PT on Dec 2, 2012


Too bad they screwed him on Alien 3.It could have been a great movie if they did not mess with it.

q on Dec 2, 2012


A rookie would be fresh and like Just Because said it would be unexpected and new. Fincher has proved himself. Why not give the littlest guy a shot huh?

Xerxexx on Dec 1, 2012


Hate to shatter your dreams but a rookie would easily be crushed by pressure from the producers, writers, and who knows who else. We need a director with some clout to throw out any stupid ideas for the sake off appeasing anyone (or thier pocketbook).

Akirakorn on Dec 2, 2012


I hope that Fincher doesn't end up directing Star Wars. He should continue to direct the US versions of the Millenium Trilogy. He excels with the darker type of film as Se7en, Zodiac, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo have shown. I don't think this is the right feel for anything in the Star Wars universe. Please Mr. Fincher, stick with what you're doing and make The Girl That Played With Fire and The Girl That Kicked The Hornet's Nest as good as your version of Dragon Tattoo.

Jedi on Nov 30, 2012


He didnt make "his version" of the the dragon tattoo it was a shot for shot remake without any subtitles. Probably the biggest pile of bullshit to hit theaters in the past 2 years

thatguy on Nov 30, 2012


I respectfully disagree with this statement. I enjoyed Fincher's adaptation much more, and while Fincher is well known for dark thrillers, I think that he would do a fine job directing Star Wars.

Grichmer on Nov 30, 2012


I doubt those two films will ever get made after the first one flopped so terribly.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 30, 2012


And I hope he does.Star Wars is in dire need of some real grit unlike the empty and fake one in the prequels.Even the original trilogy as good as it is still feels a bit too cartoony.Why not have a mature Star Wars really exploring the ways of the force and the way people usually fall into darkness instead of some black and white wishy washy version which it is now.Bring on the Sith and don't make them cardboard cutouts of villains!Give them real personalities!

Jedi are all douchebags on Nov 30, 2012


Honestly I'd like a Darker tone in these new star wars movies. You know, cater to the adults now who grew up with SW an not friggin 7 year olds like the new trilogy. I cringe every time i watch Revenge of the Sith and every battle droid has to say " Uh Oh"! These movies need their balls back. Ian McDiarmid was friggin awesome though in every scene he was in in all 3 prequels.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 30, 2012


Agreed, and maybe a little blood and gore? Thats probably asking way too much but a mature dark star wars is just long overdue. What I want for a Star Wars is similar to what Bio ware did with Mass effect.

Cody W on Nov 30, 2012


So you want them to create a great build up that gets botched with a let down ending? Besides as SF/ action stories go Mass Effect is pretty much cliche and tropes ridden.Great as a video game for the most part but nothing special or anything we haven't seen before in SF story wise.

q on Dec 1, 2012


The greatness of Mass effect is still beyond its ending, ME2 was one of the greatest games Ive ever played. That aside I meant when it comes to the mature/dark themes.

Cody W on Dec 1, 2012


Agreed.They handled the themes pretty good.Too bad about that ending.Nevertheless,it's still one of the best games out there.

q on Dec 2, 2012


After the train wreck Favreau created with Cowboys and Aliens, he needs to stay the hell away from the STAR WARS franchise. Plus, his pursuance of directing Episode 7 appears to be a sheer vanity move.

Fred on Nov 30, 2012


You're so full of crap your breath stinks.

octopus9498 on Nov 30, 2012


Hello, Favreau fan boy.

ktfo on Nov 30, 2012


Fincher=WIN one of the best directors out there.

BigBadRon on Nov 30, 2012


I want David Fincher directing a rated R Bobba Fett movie!

Josh on Nov 30, 2012


The social network, Seven and Fight club are masterpieces from a genius director. I am one of those that had closed the book on Star wars after the awful prequels and decided to not watch anything more from that franchise but If Fincher directs I want to know were to buy my tickets today, I am willing to stand in line right now just to get a ticket. I`ll pack my tent and sleeping bag.

Busted on Nov 30, 2012


Don't know if the Social Network belongs in there, but I agree with you about everything else.

castingcouch on Dec 1, 2012


i agree! he is the best man for the job!

avi on Dec 1, 2012


"...since some fans have turned against Smith over the past few years". Really?? Kevin Smith has 2.255 million twitter followers, on air tv-shows, sold out live shows each week, best selling books, a podcast network; not sure he's loosing that many fans, seems like he's only gaining fans? You do know they know each other and have worked together, Favreau and Smith? Not that far fetched he would say he'd be great for the part. That was a really out of place stab, Ethan. But since this is another gossip piece... And yeah, Fincher would be a great choice, would be coming full circle; like someone commented here on the site a few weeks ago. All these "insider rumors" posts on Star Wars are getting lame. Des 3rd there will be another interview posted on starwars-,-com, maybe Lucas will say something then. We'll just have to wait.

David Banner on Nov 30, 2012


His movies are usually all small scale and low budget with alota Dialog. Cool guy but he should stick to a comic adaptation. He would be awesome for Deadpool with his foul mouthed humour.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 30, 2012


Unfortunately he cant direct for shit anymore, hes more of the guy you like cause you can relate to him, not the talented guy whos work you admire.

Cody W on Nov 30, 2012


Fincher any day over the other guy. The other guy is one of those directors I don't bother with.

TommyTheGreenRanger on Nov 30, 2012


I'd love a David Fincher directed Star Wars! Make it so! ...Oops... sorry, wrong franchise. In all seriousness, if Fincher wants to direct the next Star Wars they should sign him on immediately.

DaveLister_JMC on Nov 30, 2012


Man Jon Favreau is a cool guy and he does the casting right but his action scenes are few and far between. Theres gotta be better choices out there.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 30, 2012


NO to Favreau. He ruined Iron Man 2 and his Cowboys Vs Aliens is garbage.

Chris Batty on Nov 30, 2012


Here's the thing, they weren't horribly directed films, just horribly WRITTEN, not sure if he wrote both movies, but ya..

broato chip on Dec 1, 2012


Here's the other thing, Favreau isn't really good at directing action. Case in point? Iron Man 1 and 2.

Chris Amaya on Dec 1, 2012


Tension. Story line. Character presence. Cinematic, visual pleasure. Suspense. Mystery. All things you'd see in a Fincher directed Star Wars. Ironically, all things we saw in The Empire Strikes Back. I'd love a second helping of that please.

PBGray on Nov 30, 2012



THE FINCHER WARS on Nov 30, 2012


No to Jon Favreau.

castingcouch on Dec 1, 2012


Oooo... How about Favreau for the Origin Story, Fincher for the dark middle and Brad Bird to wrap up a new trilogy?

El_MUERkO on Dec 1, 2012


No origin stories please.We are all familiar with the Star Wars "vocabulary". Just start the movie "in media res". There can be some flashbacks but please no origin story.

no on Dec 1, 2012


Flashbacks? In Sat Wars? Have you ever seen a SW film? They don't use flashbacks. At all.

Greedo on Dec 1, 2012


Duh. STAR Wars.

Greedo on Dec 1, 2012


So they have to stick to the formula? Is your life that boring?

no on Dec 1, 2012



Chris Amaya on Dec 1, 2012


Uhmmm... Didn't David Fischer once make and awful sci-fi film called alien 3 . In that franchise he killed off two of the best characters as well in a what was one of the worst ways possible. In fact the only way it was classed as a decent movie was when joss whedon made the even worse quality alien ressurection and the utter tripe known as avp. Star Wars does not need a director to make a darker themed movie. They tried that in the form of the prequels and it was awful. What needs to be done is a whole new direction with less emphasis on what will sell as a toy and more on a good character driven film. I honestly don't think either of this directors have it in them to take on this behemoth task and bring fun back to this franchise.

Tyson on Dec 2, 2012


Your crazy, the prequels were not dark at all.

Cody W on Dec 2, 2012


That's my point. They were meant to be. They were about the fall of good and the rise of the darkest power in the universe. Instead we got bright everything. It just looked stupid. But George Lucas does have a crappy belief that the only way we can relate to a universe is through characters as opposed to themes.

Tyson on Dec 3, 2012

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