Jon Landau Says Only Two 'Avatar' Sequels Shooting Back-to-Back

September 3, 2012
Source: Courier Post


Though James Cameron delivered the bad news that we wouldn't get an Avatar sequel until at least 2015 (which could be a big year since that's when The Avengers sequel will arrive too), we've still been waiting for clarification on whether or not we'll be getting two or three sequels. In an interview earlier this year, Cameron said, "I'm making 'Avatar 2,' 'Avatar 3,' maybe 'Avatar 4.'" The concept of a fourth film seemed solidified when Sigourney Weaver said that they were shooting all three of the sequels back-to-back. Thankfully, producer Jon Landau has now clarified these comments and sets the record straight. Read on!

Landau told the Courier Post (via ComingSoon), "We [are] doing two back-to-back, but not a third." However, that doesn't mean there won't be a fourth film, but that it won't be shot at the same time as the other two films. Of course, that likely means we wouldn't see a fourth film until like 2018 or something like that. Looking that far into the future gets a little daunting, so far now we should probably just get excited about Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 coming (hopefully) in three years. Fox hasn't recanted their 2014 and 2015 release dates for those sequels, but Cameron has said it'll be very difficult to make those dates. Stay tuned.

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Let's have Avatar 2, enjoy it, let it breathe, and then we can look forward to Avatar 3. Assuming 2 is good.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Sep 3, 2012


well - we're getting avatar 2 - and since avatar1 wasn't any good as a movie (it was fine as a tech demo) then i don't think it matters whether 2 is good or not. 3 will come if 2 makes big money.

beevis on Sep 3, 2012


I think 3 comes out anyway, they're made back-to-back. I was saying, if 2 is good then we can be eager to see the third. But we shouldn't think of 3 or 4 right now, not even 2 - they're still at least 2 years away. As for the first one, I'll admit I liked it, but I don't have any desire to re-watch it anytime soon. The cheesy story will come out on the surface on a second viewing after the blue glossiness of the first experience has washed away, I'm afraid 🙂

Isildur_of_Numenor on Sep 3, 2012


This is crazy! It took Cameron like a decade to make the first Avatar come to the big screen and now he wants to make 3 sequels in like 4-6 years? This guy is completely nuts. It's good someone is holding his horses because if he hurries up these projects the whole thing will end up sucking balls. Also, each movie will be like 3 hours long... Isn't 2 sequels enough for completing Jake's journey? What will "Avatar 4" be about? I don't know... "Avatar" was a huge surprise and success but I think Mr. Cameron should only focus on completing his trilogy this decade. Perhaps leave another trilogy for the 2020s and that way he can dig in more to more stories and new characters. Also, imagine all of the money that will be spent in these movies...

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Sep 3, 2012


You're way off dude. Cameron is the one taking his time. If it was up to the studio it would be rushed, one thing Cameron is not.

rocky728 on Sep 3, 2012


Looking forward to the sequels big time. Let's just do the trilogy and that'll decide whether or not there's demand for a fourth film. Anyway after the trilogy I'd rather he focus on Battle Angel. Avatar being cgi motion capture can wait since the actors' age won't matter

rocky728 on Sep 3, 2012


It's completely stupid that it will take 4 years to make 2 movies! Are they building a real pyramid over there! The storylines where simple in avatar and the technology is already there! James Cameron must be kicked in the nuts and work for one day in a real factory so he knows what it is to produce a product in a short piece of time! If he builds a time traveling device or cure for cancer i accept his laziness but hey come it's a simple sience fiction movie!

Avi Smulders on Sep 3, 2012


Take your ADHD drugs and relax.

racquetman on Sep 3, 2012


Cameron is always pushing the boundaries of technology so don't say it's there because you don't know where he's going. He already said they were testing underwater mo/cap which has never been done. Second it's a new story so I don't even get your point there Third, what racquetman said 😉

rocky728 on Sep 3, 2012


He's just some hyperactive kid who loves Avatar, wants to see the sequel NOW, and understands nothing about what it takes to make a movie from scratch, let alone two.

racquetman on Sep 3, 2012


You call yourself raquetman and has a pussy as profile picture hahahaha! Enough said!

Avi Smulders on Sep 4, 2012


Avi Smulders, if that's the way you feel about Avatar, why does your facebook page list Avatar as one of your four favorite movies? Hmmmmmmmm?

Bobo_Vision on Sep 3, 2012


avi smulders is a an idiot thats why lol!

Lesie Denise C on Sep 3, 2012


until you meet lesie you realy know what schizophrenia is...

Avi Smulders on Sep 4, 2012


I don't think this comment of yours means what you think it means...

shark on Sep 4, 2012


Because its stunningly beautiful and i like sience fiction..

Avi Smulders on Sep 4, 2012


This is making us age faster!

The Truth on Sep 3, 2012


I don't care what anyone said. Avatar was a fantastic piece of old school adventure filmmaking executed in the modern age. It's not all that much more complex or more cliche-filled than the original Star Wars or the original Jurassic Park...and those are some of the best films ever made. We just live in a world that is far too self-aware and everyone wants to be the first to like something nobody else liked and dislike something everyone else liked in an effort to stand out and seem unique or 'cool''s curious that there don't seem to be any more 'universally loved classics' any more because every film has those who will hate it no matter what from day 1.

Chris Groves on Sep 3, 2012


avatar was a great flick. i'm just afraid these sequels are going to disappoint, much like the last two matrix and pirates of the caribbean films did. trilogies only seem to work when each film tells it's own independent story, much like the indiana jones movies. you can watch temple of doom without having to watch last crusade before you're satisfied. let's hope thats how the avatar movies will play out, but it doesn't seem likely.

Christopher Gass on Sep 8, 2012

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