Jonah Hill Says a Sequel to '21 Jump Street' is Already Being Written

February 28, 2012
Source: E! Online

21 Jump Street

While the comedy won't have its premiere until SXSW is in full swing next month, the buzz on 21 Jump Street has been through the roof from press screenings and regular audience members lucky enough to catch a sneak peek. Some have even said it's as funny, if not funnier, than Superbad. And with comedy gold like that, it's not surprising to hear from Jonah Hill, who not only stars in the film with Channing Tatum, but also wrote the story for the adaptation of the 80's TV series, that he's already writing a sequel. Of course, the box office receipts will probably have to come in before more progress is made beyond that. More below!

E! Online caught up with the actor at the Oscars (where he was nominated for a great turn in Moneyball) and Hill just said, "We are writing the sequel now. We got [the greenlight] by the studio to start writing the sequel." Comedy sequels are rare and hard to duplicate the hilarity of the first film (The Hangover II being the most recent failure), should it actually be successful, but with 21 Jump Street, the two could infiltrate at least one more high school crime syndicate. Pretty soon Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum won't look so young though, so I doubt we're looking at an extensive franchise. Either way, 21 Jump Street looks hilarious (watch the red band trailer here), and if it's as good as everyone says, I'm already excited for the sequel.

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I'm looking forward to more weird military video game crossover commercials, too..

Matt on Feb 28, 2012


I saw an advanced screening with expectations set low. I was surprised by how funny the movie is. Definitely the funniest movie I've seen in a while.

Ben Nesvig on Feb 29, 2012


I agree. My expectations were set low as well. But i was pleasantly surprised by how funny it was.

Lil_blue04 on Feb 29, 2012


Jonah Hill needs to fuck off and die in so many ways.

Dresden King on Feb 29, 2012


you need to fuck off and die in so many ways

Thebrothermail on Apr 29, 2012


Well that escalated quickly

Everytime I cough I poop a lil on Jun 27, 2012


It usually does, holy fucking shit

D0Z13R on Jul 6, 2012


No one with any intelligence will see this movie except under duress.   And if anyone gives it anything other than bad review, they should be shipped to some to a deserted island where they can do no more harm with their idiocy.

Pelantan on Feb 29, 2012


this movie is hilarious no idea what your talking about..

Dasmithy on May 13, 2012


Umm. Im actually rather smart. (accountant straight a'sin school and this movie was friggen halarious.... You, are just, retarted and don't knw what the ful your talking about. Don't knock a movie before you even see it. I've no idea why you would even say that it's sucks? Seriouly. Tthis was a good movie. It had all the elements of a good movie. And I personally was happy there was no nudity. If that's hy your upset and ay it sucks well then you have no taste in movies I not understand why people think its nessasarily for a movie t have nudity in a movie to be good. Cause that's not the case it's excessive and annoying you can get the sexual reference through without actually showing a girls tits ever 5 fucking secconds there's no point to it except starting a fight between a couple watching it. I mean they don't even make it fair and show a guys dck and if thy do it an ugly ass fat guy of tiny ass aisian dick. Fun you man. You should be shipped to an island and be blown the fuck up!!! Seriously. Anyone eles agree with like everything's said????? (can't wait for the fucking sequel. Colledge here they come!!! And or all you stupid eople suggesting thy o to colledge next? They obviously fucking are! They said it at the end fucking retards!!! Lmfao)))

Sine one who likes the movie?? on Jun 26, 2012


Now I agree with your opinions of this film....but as for you being smart?...I find it rather difficult to believe that you received straight A's....your grammar is quite horrendous

Eric Richards on Jun 29, 2012


I really hope your not an accountant. Your grammar and spelling is quite absurd. One wrong letter in the spelling of someone's name and unfortunately their money is gone forever. College* sir and or ma'am, but other than that I whole heatedly agree with you, fuck that guy, movie was hilarious, and a sequel (though, they never quite work out) would be an interesting and hopefully comedic film

D0Z13R on Jul 6, 2012


I really hope you guys are joking... Straight A's? You display worse spelling than I would expect from a deceased hamster. As for 'D0Z13R' - I stopped taking your comment seriously as soon as I passed "your not an accountant". If your next comment wasn't pure hypocrisy, I wouldn't have found your misuse of the word "Your" in place of 'you're' so irritating. This is so ironic.

That angry guy on Jul 10, 2012


You spelling nazis all suck dick!! Lame ass mothetruckers!

Jump street on Jul 11, 2012


I'm actually looking forward to it. It looks pretty funny and not just gross like Hangover. 

Miguel Angel Portela on Feb 29, 2012


Just saw the first one tonight it was great can't wait for the sequel

LIp812 on Mar 16, 2012


I loved the first one, but next time they should infiltrate a college

Peytonpearson on Mar 22, 2012


The funniest movie Ive seen in a long time!!!

Brittanyleigh1814 on Apr 15, 2012


Its not something like top notch comedy this movie,but i watched and was funny for me to say at least,there wwhere fucked akward moments in the movie that made laugh.I would love to see Sequel from this movie and i hope its going to be even better and funnier.

Ezio Auditore on Jun 9, 2012


I need a sequel , college edition with these bad ass mothefuckers

ac on Jun 13, 2012


Hell yeah

Jdog on Jun 27, 2012


They Have To Have A Sequel!! And SOOOON!!!!!! BadAss Movie!! But College Could Be Better lol

MorganViLorene♥ on Jun 23, 2012


I would love to see a sequel to the movie it would be great! Love the first movie and my whole family does as well!

21 Jump Street Fan! on Jun 30, 2012


Hahhahahaha "You guys are going to college!" Schmidt : YES!! Jenko : NOOO!!!

xF3ARxx on Jun 30, 2012


Since you guys love partyin with kids and fuckin anything with a big ass and jeans

Adfbnkfsvhb on Jul 26, 2012


part two would be nice!!!

nardo on Jul 31, 2012


get yo motherfuckin ass up when am speakin! haha shit that

jake on Aug 1, 2012


finga poppin eachothers assholes

whaddup~ on Aug 7, 2012


Can't fuckin wait!!

superman1983 on Aug 8, 2012


fuck you science!

amy on Aug 10, 2012


Great movie and glad to see some "originals" pop their nose up 😉

Fredo on Dec 29, 2012


I saw it twice... It's a funny movie

Darkqueen on Mar 1, 2013

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