Jonathan Nolan Talks About the Ending of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

October 15, 2012
Source: IGN

The Dark Knight Rises

It's been early three months since the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy hit theaters, but there's still plenty of buzz on the internet about The Dark Knight Rises. After all, the home video release arrives on December 4th, along with a set of all three films featuring Christian Bale as Batman. Now someone else besides the director has taken a couple minutes to talk about the ending of the trilogy. Be aware, if you haven't watched The Dark Knight Rises, there are spoilers abound from this point on in this quick interview featuring writer Jonathan Nolan talking about the conclusion to the Dark Knight legend.

Here's the video of Jonathan Nolan talking about The Dark Knight Rises from IGN:

It's clear he doesn't want to dig into too many definitive details and would rather the audience make up their minds about the film itself. The director mentions how he and Christopher Nolan disagree about their interpretation of the ending of Memento. The same can maybe be said when it comes to determining whether or not Alfred actually saw Bruce Wayne at the end of the film, or if that's just the happy ending he envisions because he's now free of the baggage that is the cape and cowl of Batman. Nolan doesn't want to shut down any of the fan speculation and simply says:

"I've long maintained that if you get to that place where people are passionate about it, and arguing about what the end of your film means, that's great. And who am I to put my opinion into the mix?"

As for whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes on to become Robin or merely takes the place of Batman, it seems like that's something Nolan would like to leave up to the fans as well. However, he might be leaning towards a lack of Robin in the literal sense as he calls that inclusion of the name more of a wink than anything. Personally, I think it's more likely that Gordon-Levitt's character simply becomes a different version of Batman, or maybe even Nightwing. Either way, it's a fun ambiguous ending that only the Nolan Brothers could deliver with so much satisfaction. What do you think of the ending to TDKR?

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I N T E R S T E L L A R NOW. Please, dear God, please?!

reeft on Oct 15, 2012


It was a great ending that made me sad that the series is over. However, I didn't really want them to bring out any more Batman villains, they mostly get pretty silly from there on out, with too few exceptions.

OfficialJab on Oct 15, 2012



JJ King on Oct 15, 2012


Meh. Oh wait. I thought this is The Avengers. Well,it's the same crap basically. So meh. Now come at me bro.

Chippa on Oct 15, 2012


Your life sounds captivating.

ShirtlessLocke on Oct 15, 2012


Comic book movies is ssseriouss busssinessss. Don't even dare to think to critisize. Everybody gets touchy feely just like that *snaps fingers*

Chippa on Oct 16, 2012


11 down votes, well I bet you feel acomplished. People are idiots

Richie G on Oct 16, 2012


lol How else could it have gone? There is no sense of humor among the zealots 😉 But c'mon people going for the record here need more downvotes

Chippa on Oct 16, 2012


more preps to you... seriously, keep it up

Richie G on Oct 17, 2012



Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Oct 16, 2012


People are still questioning the ending whether or not Alfred actually saw Bruce Wayne? That's kind of ridiculous considering Selina Kyle was there and how would he imagine her since he never met her in person? The ending was straight forward that he didn't die I mean if Selina Kyle wasn't there then I would question it but her presence shows that Bruce Wayne lived.

BinaryChaos on Oct 15, 2012


THANK YOU, and no one can just quip up about the fact he passively glanced at her request in the beginning when she posed as a maid....

Jericho on Oct 15, 2012


He did meet her...

Ryderup on Oct 16, 2012



Avi on Oct 16, 2012


Well if I remember correctly, he did meet her, and knew about her after Bruce searched her up in the batcave, but what convinced me that he DID see them, was when they reassured that the autopilot function on the bat had been fixed weeks prior to the attack 🙂

Danimal on Oct 16, 2012


He met here, but he had no idea that Bruce and her were involved or Romantically involved or whatever the hell they were.

Rain Spider on Oct 16, 2012


still, faking his own death, plus with that ridiculous nuclear bomb or whatever it was....was pretty wasn't the ending we deserved, or we needed...he should've DIED !!!

David Darida on Oct 16, 2012


yeah maybe, it needed something anyway. I thought Hardy was phenominal as Bane (especially that scene when Gordan was brought to him) and Hathaway was great as Selina (especially in that bar scene), but I left the cinema super disapointed. My friends and I didn't debate the movie over drinks afterward, we discussed how it could have been improved... and it was a long conversation

Richie G on Oct 17, 2012


I love the scene in which Bane decides to kill Batman even though Talia told him not to...great scene...established him as a stupid douche on steroids...what reminds me, how is Batman & Robin's Bane doing? 😀 But no, that movie had more absurd scenes than you would expect especially when it is Nolan's movie. "In Nolan we trust" won't work anymore 😀

David Darida on Oct 18, 2012


I really wish they wouldn't have shown Bruce Wayne at the end, just Alfred smiling in that direction.

Eli on Oct 16, 2012


Agreed! More powerful that way.

Guy on Oct 16, 2012


more inceptionish that way, but i definitely agree.

Ege Sönmez on Oct 16, 2012


the autopilot was fixed by Wayne, secretly without Fox knowledge. its pure amd simple - this isnt Memento plot guys. sheesh

Alfred on Oct 16, 2012


how does batman escape from a flying vehicle that's over the ocean and there's a bomb which will explode in a 5 mile radius in 5 seconds after he stares at us for lie 45 seconds inside the Bat.

Ege Sönmez on Oct 16, 2012


Because Batman.

Name on Oct 16, 2012



James Viola on Oct 31, 2012


The only surprising thing here is that Jonathan has an American accent and not a British one like his older brother. I learned something.

Accent on Oct 16, 2012


1) Alfred met Selina..and didn't he see Bruce obsessing over her on his computer? 2) The autopilot was activated but can anyone really escape a 5 mile radius nuclear explosion? (With the counter down to only a couple minutes before the blast) and 3) God bless the Nolans for keeping us geeks debating and arguing long after the film is gone. Perfect ending as far as I'm concerned.

Mau-Dee on Oct 16, 2012


I'm pretty sure I saw shadows sliding over batmans face at the time he (or just the bat) was flying over the sea, but the sky was clear..? So i'm thinking he might have jumped to an different vehicle as the bat continues off the shore on autopilot.

Guest on Oct 17, 2012


I'm pretty sure I saw shadows sliding over batmans face at the time he was supposedly flying over the sea, with a clear sky. So i'm thinking he might have left the bat flying on autopilot before the shoreline and is actually driving another vehicle then the bat carrying the bomb..?

ProjectionistHP on Oct 17, 2012


Sorry about double-post, seems like using internet is above my skill-limits today...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 17, 2012

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