Joss Whedon Thanks Fans, Talks 'Dark Knight Rises' & Future in Film

May 9, 2012
Source: Whedonesque

The Avengers / Joss Whedon

After a record smashing opening weekend at the box office, not to mention netting over $702 million worldwide so far, director Joss Whedon is in a very good position following his successful assembly of The Avengers. Of course, that means he's likely been inundated with questions about his future in the industry from gestating projects to how he feels about competition from The Dark Knight Rises later this summer and whether or not this will change the kind of films and projects we'll see from the fan favorite. Thankfully he answers all those questions and warmly thanks fans who've supported him over the years.

Whedon took to the aptly named website Whedonesque (via ComingSoon) to drop off some thoughts:

Dear Friends,

Well, it's been quite a weekend. Someday, long from now, I will even have an emotional reaction to it, like a person would. I can't wait! But before I become blinded by this "emotion" experience, there's a few things I'd like to say. Well, type.

People have told me that this matters, that my life is about to change. I am sure that is true. And change is good -- change is exciting. I think -- not to jinx it -- that I may finally be recognized at Comiccon. Imagine! Also, with my percentage of 'The Avengers' gross, I can afford to buy… [gets call from agent. Weeps manfully. Resumes typing.] …a fine meal. But REALLY fine, with truffles and s#!+. And I can get a studio to finance my dream project, the reboot of "Air Bud" that we all feel is so long overdue. (He could play Jai Alai! Think of the emotional ramifications of JAI ALAI!!!!)

What doesn't change is anything that matters. What doesn't change is that I've had the smartest, most loyal, most passionate, most articulate group of -- I'm not even gonna say fans. I'm going with "peeps" -- that any cult oddity such as my bad self could have dreamt of. When almost no one was watching, when people probably should have STOPPED watching, I've had three constants: my family and friends, my collaborators (often the same), and y'all. A lot of stories have come out about my "dark years", and how I'm "unrecognized"… I love these stories, because they make me seem super-important, but I have never felt the darkness (and I'm ALL about my darkness) that they described. Because I have so much. I have people, in my life, on this site, in places I've yet to discover, that always made me feel the truth of success: an artist and an audience communicating. Communicating to the point of collaborating. I've thought, "maybe I'm over; maybe I've said my piece". But never with fear. Never with rancor. Because of y'all. Because you knew me when. If you think topping a box office record compares with someone telling you your work helped them through a rough time, you're probably new here. (For the record, and despite my inhuman distance from the joy-joy of it: topping a box office record is super-dope. I'm an alien, not a robot.) So this is me, saying thank you. All of you."

And for all of your support, Whedon has decided to answer some pressing questions for the fans, using the fictional interviewer Rutherford D. Actualperson to get all the gritty details. First of all, Whedon answers an interesting question of how he will feel if Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight Rises eclipses him at the box office. Whedon humbly answers:

"I will feel sad. But let's look at the bigger picture, and I can't say this enough: THIS IS NOT A ZERO SUM GAME. Our successes, whoever has the mostest, are a boon to each other. We're in the business of proving that superhero movies aren't just eye-candy (they're eye-TRUFFLES!). People seem intent on setting us against each other, and though I'm proud to be Woody Strode to Nolan's Kirk Douglas, I think they're missing the point. Whatever TDKR does on its first weekend, the only stat that matters to me is the ticket I'M definitely buying. Nolan and Raimi INVENTED the true superhero flick, yo. (Special mention to Jon Favreau and James Gunn.) Happy to be in the mix."

Whedon in fact goes on to talk about the rave reviews the film has been getting, and react to the claim that The Avengers is a perfect movie (this writer thinks there's too many problems in the first act for that to be true), and thankfully his answer is very satisfying and should even keep some of the naysayers quiet as well:

"There are very few perfect movies. 'The Court Jester,' 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' 'Godfather I & II'… The list does not go on and on. 'The Avengers' is notably IMperfect, which makes its success mean so much more to me -- because it's striking a chord that matters MORE than its obvious flaws. Like the team, it appears to be more than the sum of its parts."

And for those of you who want to read some of Whedon's witty banter with himself, wherein he keeps calling The Avengers by false titles like The Scavengers and The Availers, talks about his future after The Avengers, including web series like The Wastelanders and a follow-up to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, there's some more in the full letter which you can check out at Whedonesque. Any thoughts?

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For Fans by a fan

NeoSlyfer on May 9, 2012


Glad to see a director being honest. Whedon has an even brighter future ahead of him. It's nice to see him give points to other directors who have tried to give a genre credibility. #gamerecognizegame

Roc on May 9, 2012


" We're in the business of proving that superhero movies aren't just eye-candy" The Avengers was only eye candy...

Ryderup on May 9, 2012


 You dropped your monocle Ryderup

lewinston on May 9, 2012


While I'll admit I enjoyed the Avengers, it really was just eye candy. The story's only purpose was to give a reason to why the eye candy was being shown. The story on its own was very weak, especially the whole "I've possessed your friends" gimmick. 

Awtan90 on May 9, 2012


I think the whole Avengers phenomena it's, not only "eye candy", but overrated like I never seen before... (well, "Avatar", "Titanic", etc...)

Manuel on May 9, 2012


Avatar and Titanic are overrated but Avengers was not it was a perfect blend a story to balance the differences of the heroes it had to give each one its own, so all in all yea not perfect but well done, avatar and titanic where just high end love stories....

Jazzbbbg on May 9, 2012


To focus on Avengers (I find Titanic to be a great movie, Avatar not att all) The Avengers was as shallow ans clumsy written as can be. To me, it felt more like fantastic four than anything else.  I'm not talking about it being TDK. But it should have had the emotional depth and as strong a script/directing as atleast X-Men or the first Iron Man.  I think Marverl through Jon Favroe promised something with the first Iron Man that they cheapened along the way and did not deliever on with The Avengers. Also, seems Whedon is full of himself because of the good revieews and the cash it has earned. And ofc, most people liked it. It wasn't for me. And it was ONLY eyecandy. And haldassed eye candy in most parts.

Ryderup on May 9, 2012


"Avatar not att all"  "as clumsy written" "as atleast X-Men" "I think Marverl" "Jon Favroe" "good revieews" Clearly someone who knows good writing when he sees it.

Josh on May 9, 2012


HAHAH!!!! man, that's bad. Amazing response.

Havehope on May 9, 2012


There's a difference between winning a spelling contest and writing a good script.

Awtan90 on May 9, 2012


Yeah I agree things have been going downhill since Iron Man, and I feel that the pressure to get Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor out as quickly as possible so they could make the Avengers is the cause. They did a rush job on all these movies because they knew the Avengers would make a ton of money regardless of its actual quality. 

Awtan90 on May 9, 2012


Awtan90, 110% with you. Cheers.

Manuel on May 9, 2012


May I add that "Thor" has a better script, balance, and character development than the Avengers movie. Has action, a good and tragic story and it's a great work by Kenneth Branagh.

Manuel on May 9, 2012


I agree with you. I liked Avengers, but, I sense there's too much overhype about that movie. People need to chill down. It wasn't that awesome, please.

Manuel on May 9, 2012


I can't do this anymore, I can't fight this battle on my own. There's just.. too.. much.. douchery.. "Why is this summer blockbuster action flick about a superhero team kicking ass and saving the world not more UNDERGROUND and DEEP man!, it's soooo mainstream and for idiots" like I said so... much ... douchery... I give up.

Rhythm Master on May 9, 2012


dude rhythm master, get out and stop commenting in all of the avengers articles on this website. seriously. ive been browsing through all the avengers articles the past couple of days reading what alex has written and reading ppl's opinions...and for someone like yourself who either dislikes the movie or just didn't find the story appealing (but liked the action) talk about how everyone has their own opinions (true) and ppl don't need to react hostel towards a person (you) who hates on the movie. but  then you're jumping into other ppl's arguments/discussions and raving about shit like "i can't do this anymore....i can't fight this battle....too much douchery...for idiots" which makes you look like a hypocrite and an attention seeking douchebag (like you're trying to raise an avengers hating cult). Basically I've summed up from all of your comments: you disliked the avengers for whatever reason (which really doesn't matter); that's good for you sorry you wasted your money and time on the movie; you're not alone, there are plenty of other people in the world that may dislike the film; but keep it to your damn self...its your opinion you stated, so stop fighting you are aware, you can't change someone's opinion. just think though, if the title of the article has to do with something about bringing a positive disclosure on the avengers, you're probably gonna be reading comments on people who loved the avengers next time don't comment and stfu!

JBrotsis on May 9, 2012



Thd Douche on May 9, 2012


And your applauding a man who clearly got his facts wrong, but I think the fact you can't even spell the word 'The' explains that.

Rhythm Master on May 9, 2012



th on May 9, 2012


Getting a spell check from the man who can't spell 'the' classic!

Rhythm Master on May 10, 2012


You REALLY have no idea what I'm talking about at all do you? The part of my comment that's in speech marks is the vibe I'm getting off of all the 'Avengers haters'.. I have NEVER hated on the Avengers in ANY of my comments at all, in the slightest. I'm clearly sticking up for the film when the articles are plagued by people bringing it down, hence "I can't fight this battle on my own" - I'm aware I've been commenting on most of the Avengers articles.. I like this website and I'm house bound the last few weeks with a dodgy virus, so yeah I'll admit I have a bit more free time than usual. But seriously, I feel kind of bad for you that you wasted so much time putting effort into that extended paragraph of complete misinterpretation. Why don't you read what I'm actually saying before you start trying to tell me what to do and accusing me of being a hypocrite?

Rhythm Master on May 9, 2012


But, he liked the movie...

Manuel on May 9, 2012


"they're eye-TRUFFLES!"

Snev De la Fontaine on May 9, 2012


Hey, Stupid. The Sound-Off is a couple of pages back. Go bitch there with your desensitized basement dwelling momma's boys.

Stavi on May 10, 2012


I have a question for Whedon - who on earth wrote the brain washing segment and then decided a simple knock on the head would be the cure? Oh dear how poor was that. And to finish, after building up all this dialogue about when and why and how the hulk changes, he just does it on cue. What? Anyway those things aside great popcorn movie. Some amazingly talented artists involved!

Dom on May 9, 2012


"I have a question for Whedon - who on earth wrote the brain washing segment and then decided a simple knock on the head would be the cure?" Clearly, someone has never read a comic book before. Right or wrong, it's in there, a lot. "after building up all this dialogue about when and why and how the hulk changes, he just does it on cue. What?" This was actually done quite well, IMO, he just doesn't spell it out for you. Everyone else was speculating on what makes Banner change, but he never revels his "secret" until the end. He is always angry, about his curse, his current situation, but he never looses control of his rage. If you've ever been furious in a public setting, you know what he's talking about, but he is like that all the time, thus all the hand wringing and general restlessness displayed by Ruffalo, brilliantly, throughout the movie. He lets the monster out of the cage by letting go of his inhibitions. Or, as seen in the first transformation, by being in danger of losing his life.

Matthew Hallam on May 9, 2012


well the first time, it was the Hulk without Banner controling it.. or taht is how I understood it. And in the city Banner turns into Hulk on command.

Ryderup on May 9, 2012


In the first scene of his changing, he just became too overwhelmed. It's like a normal person becoming so "blind with rage" that they just crack. That was just a point where he couldn't control the Other Guy. 

Lauren Intong on May 9, 2012


And what about that germany-sequence only written in so they could have someone who lived through WW2 to stand up and have a cheesy moment. Or setting up this alien invasion that was so bland. Should have focused on Loki (and maybe him using Hulk through parts of the film) than having the "we must destroy NY better than Michael Bay can"-sequence in the and. Also, that sequence was not the right place for Black Widow or Hawkeye to be in. They should have, if they had to be included, put them in an enviroment were two pistols and some arrows seem like a valid weapon. E.g - them infiltrating Starks building to reach the machine on the roof. I find this movie to be very cheesy in a lot of places. Whedon talks alot oabout Batman and Nolan. Has Nolan ever commented on this film?

Ryderup on May 9, 2012


Good god, will you keep your nitpicky opinion to yourself? You bitched effectively in your first post, but stupid you, it was in the wrong place. See, Alex had this great idea to create a post for EVERY NEW MOVIE EVER where people like you with retarded opinions about how inaccurately the size of somone's cock was portrayed on-screen. It's called a SOUND-OFF!

Stavi82 on May 10, 2012


Sweet! A follow up to Dr Horrible! Now let's get some more Firefly action going!

grimjob on May 9, 2012


The brainwashing thing was kinda all honesty...but the deal with Banner always being angry, being able to control the anger, & now being able to just burst at the seams on command...that was B-E-A-Utiful. 

Jarvis3205 on May 9, 2012


As much as I loved the Avengers I can fully admit it was nowhere near perfect, and is most certainly just eye candy (very well made eye candy), that being said I hope TDKR stomps on The Avengers in a big big way.

HazedMind on May 9, 2012


I don't think TDKR will stomp on Avengers financially, but we'll see about the rest. Story wise, Batman was just blow everything away, I think. 

Lauren Intong on May 9, 2012


What a mensch! I hope he gets to direct #2.

DAVIDPD on May 9, 2012


Classy words from Whedon.  And no, THE AVENGERS isn't a perfect film, but Lord did I have a blast watching it.  And thank the stars that he's not playing the "AVENGERS vs TDKR" bulls**t game.  Seriously, we are getting two great films based on comic books this year....and we still have to go at it like a bunch of brats?  Yeesh.

Scopedog on May 9, 2012


Your ending statement is a powerful truth. The fact is that fanboys and cinema-guys are NEVER pleased. I gotta say: Joss Whedon may have made a flawed film. And lets be honest, when you're dealing THAT many characters and THAT much humor mixed with emotion mixed with action, it will be flawed in some wildly subjective ways. But how he went about it (comparing the things that worked to the things that didn't), it is simply breathtaking. Gripes about the mindcontrol and not being able to catch subtle hints about Banner's Hulk Control is completely on yourself, not the film. Someone had to try The Avengers out. And I am so pleased and proud that it was Joss Whedon.

Cracky on May 9, 2012


"when you're dealing THAT many characters and THAT much humor mixed with emotion mixed with action" Not to mention That many different beloved Comic Series that have had massive success both individually and together as the avengers spanning back to the 60's or earlier, you have a lot of different ways of doing things.  Just because it wasn't exactly how one series of comics had it or just because it didn't follow things to a T doesn't mean it was poorly done.  There were things that missed a bit, but you can't say it was a flawed movie.  They did justice to all the characters, and made a fun film to watch.

Austintatious26 on Jun 11, 2012


No one is going at it like a bunch of brats. People have opinions. And they differ. Deal with it.

Ryderup on May 9, 2012


It's about more than comic book movies, it's about eye candy vs intelligence, a lot of people are tired of seeing cinema being dumbed down and Nolan is trying to do something about it

HazedMind on May 9, 2012


Hmmm....true, but you're forgetting something--the majority of film critics will _always_ look at any comic-book based film as "eye candy".  And frankly, I'm a bit tired of the "cinema is getting dumbed down" line.  The majority of movie viewers go to see movies to just enjoy the film, period.  If the story is intelligent (and more importantly, if it captures you) then that is clearly a good thing.  And honestly, I would rather watch a film that's a ripping yarn and keeps my attention on the screen instead of something that's spewing out some psuedo-intellectual BS that's plywood flat. Nolan does combine intelligent storytelling with great visuals....but he's not the only one doing so.  This is not a knock on him, but to put him and only him on the pedestal is serious reaching.

Scopedog on May 9, 2012


Yeah, right, Joss. I'm sure hes like the Invisible Man at mega nerd rally's like Comic Con.

Voice of Reason on May 9, 2012


I hope TDKR beats it.

Nielsen700 on May 9, 2012


Listen whether you liked the film or not, when did the enjoyment, or the success of a movie come down to how many internet-armchair-director-nerd-rageaholics can critique and pick it apart?  You want "Shakespeare"? Then read Shakespeare!  A movie should be judged truly on 3 things: 1.) Did it immerse you? 2.) Were you entertained? 3.) Did you get your monies worth? My answer to all three was yes.  I was thoroughly immersed, entertained, and got my value for my dollar.  It was a Great Movie! The fact is so many people picking apart the movie are missing the fundamental mark which is that it is based off comics! To which allot of the "cannon" it draws from was portrayed well into the film.  Even the parts of mind control and other devices that some of the readers here didn't get.  But... WHO CARES!!! Did you laugh?  Did you smile? I suggest to you all this:  Perhaps you are predisposing yourself to critiquing the movie so much that your are concentrating so hard on finding what it wrong with the movie instead of focusing what it right with it! Food for thought that I am sure will fall upon deaf ears as in order to really get what I said the mirror has to be turned upon ones self and personal critiquing is hard to come by for most. I will offer this in closing.    Just shut off a little, and enjoy the film!

Cmcdermid5 on May 9, 2012


Well said.  And your three questions are spot-on.  Frankly, it seems that some would rather _analyze_ instead of _watch_ a movie.  And while there's nothing wrong with giving honest criticism, but constant nitpicks truly give meaning to "missing the forest for the trees".

Scopedog on May 9, 2012


You're basically saying film is no longer an art form, The Avengers is not art, it has no social context, sure it's entertaining but beyond that it serves no purpose and film should, film needs to remain powerful or it will cease to exist, the more we demand big blockbusters the less film becomes important in culture and society, and if you can't come to terms with this you are a fucking terrorist to cinema

HazedMind on May 9, 2012


 Just so I understand fully, you expect an action movie about fictional characters with super human abilities to have social context and be "artsy"?  I think we need to look at the movie for what it was mean to be, then evaluate from there.  As an entertaining action movie I think it succeeded tremendously.

Herkemeyer on May 9, 2012


You do realize that superhero themes have always been incredibly relevant social commentary (at least for the most part). 

Jordan Scott on May 9, 2012


No offence but... What a load of horse crap. I don't normally like big Summer action blockbustery type films, but they do have their place just like any artsy French Noir film. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions just like in Music. I'm sure you'd rather watch something like 'The Ides of March' than 'Transformers 2' but that doesn't mean everyone should, personally, I fell asleep during both, one was boring and the other tried so hard not to be it did just the opposite. These film's have their place in the industry just like Chris Brown has his place in the charts. Hell, most people don't value film and music as highly as us, and they eat this stuff up, because they don't love it like us, they don't closely inspect it and pick out the bad bits. Just because we don't like something doesn't mean it shouldn't exist, your in danger of becoming a fascist dictator of entertainment, step back and refresh man!

Rhythm Master on May 10, 2012


And you are a hipster Douche.  There are great films ie: The Godfather, There are films that you sit down and you really just think and say wow, that was powerful or that was profound.  But to think that every film has to be a true work of art is shortsighted and will burn the industry down faster than enjoying blockbusters will.  Several Reasons why:  1) There is a large society in America that just aren't entertained by art movies, and the more morons are reproducing the more people won't understand that type of movie.  2)  Some people don't get a chance to go to movies all the time so when they do they don't want it to be a chore.  They don't want to sit down and have to take notes to follow the movie, they don't want to feel like a movie is talking down to them.  Lastly, 3) Some art movies are just boring as fuck.  Have you ever tried to sit through the Hours?  That is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  The Reader I thought was just an absolute rape of my time.  Every now and then you need to just cut loose and watch a movie to be entertained.  You don't need to be a 1 dimensional douche 100% of your life. 

Austintatious26 on Jun 11, 2012


So very true. I read books to loose myself in them and get away from reality. Same goes with movies. I watch them to have fun and forget my day day worries. Avengers was a great movie and a great story. All the back story was taken care of in the movies leading up to the avengers. Sorry for everyones luck out there who got confused and did not like the plot/story, but it made perfect sense and lived up to the comics as best it could.

Daviddoucette471 on May 9, 2012


I greatly enjoyed the Avengers big screen rendition. I agree with your points. Different movies have different objectives; Whedon delivered an excellent comic icon movie that pleased himself, most fanboys, and ultimately the box office because it doesn't take itself too seriously - it's the ultimate fantasy tribute to a fantasy comic! People use fantasy to escape (even if momentarily) from reality, their own or otherwise. I say mission accomplished. The Avengers NEVER claimed to be anything but what it was - a fun time with some of your favorite comic heroes and legends. Viewing wasn't mandatory like in school where you HAD to watch whatever films shown to the class; people  WILLINGLY took the time AND handed over THEIR CASH. Adults get to choose - if ya don't like vegetables, DON'T put 'em on your plate 😉

Phantom19778 on May 10, 2012


Couldn't have said it better, you dermaid, are a man who knows what he is talking about, now if only the rest of them had a similar mind set.

Rhythm Master on May 9, 2012


No i don't think that, I think that Cmcdermid5 list of things a movie should be judged by is complete bullshit, i think that as long as people root for the big blockbusters film will cease to exist

HazedMind on May 9, 2012


I am saying all movies need to be judged that way. Perhaps read all the comments leading up to mine and you will see the relevance in what I am saying.  No movie regardless of theme or structure or acting or directing, good or bad is going to be enjoyed if all you are doing is waiting for a weak moment in the film to pounce and come online to bitch about it.  I am saying if you can read that all you need to do is ALLOW yourself to enjoy it, and you more than likely will.  Because all I am reading lately on any thread here about any movie is a bunch of overindulgent whiny killjoys pissing and moaning because there were too many buttons on someones shirt, or crap like that.  People who all they do is sit and wait for an excuse to pick apart someone else's hard work.  I am speaking as someone who is not only a fan of a great many films, but as someone who has worked on some sets as well.   More to answer your comment, the issues with hollywood and the movie industry by and large have NOTHING to do with "rooting for the blockbuster" they have to do with lack of original story and imagination in film as opposed to the regurgitation of already spent mediums. I enjoy films and dislike them as well, based upon story, plot, acting and other things as well.  But with "Superhero" movies and the like, I go into it expecting the comic not Shakespeare.  Even though I set my sights that way, does not confine or prevent me from seeing the beauty and art in those films as well.  I think more comics are more relevant today than most movies and literature I have read that gushes forth in this day. My conditions are true and relevant in their simplest form.  Immersion, is KEY to and good story and plot. Immersion is good effects.  Immersion is good acting.  You break and form of those basic tenants and you simply lose Immersion. Entertained shares the same constructs and characteristics as Immersion. Getting your monies worth is more than relevant and not "bullshit" as without feeling the value of a film, dollars will cease to flow into it and make you less likely to see an actors or directors next film should you feel slighted in the pocketbook. Not to mention movies are not cheap.  Which makes my comment more relevant than yours.  That poor quality and poor cash intake of a film, will kill future films more than "rooting for the blockbuster" will.  Either way perhaps I oversimplified by conditions for you Hazel.  Next time I will right a novelette to justify my opinion to your hypercritical ass.

Cmcdermid5 on May 9, 2012


Hey buddy, Big Blockbusters are the films that lack imagination and original ideas, that's what makes them Big Blockbusters, sheep only pay for whats familiar, how can you call me a hypocrite when i've said nothing to contradict myself, don't go throwing words around when you don't even know what they mean

HazedMind on May 9, 2012


By the way Hazel, the weakest form of argument or debate is abuse.  Why do you feel the need to abuse people to try and get your point across?

Cmcdermid5 on May 10, 2012


Sorry man, I just wanted to get a point across that the best films are the ones that change the way you look at things, i got frustrated cause a lot of people think the avengers is a perfect film and can't expect the fact that other people disagree, i'm not good with words and i get frustrated when trying to express myself nothing personal against you, I didn't mean to abuse anyone or anything, I just feel strongly about this whole subject, let's quit the arguing though we both feel differently, good job pointing out Inception, Nolan is a visionary

HazedMind on May 10, 2012


can't accept*

HazedMind on May 10, 2012


And btw I actually liked The Avengers... just putting that out that to reinforce how out of hand I got yesterday, you didn't deserve that shit you made some good points

HazedMind on May 10, 2012


Since I know you'll probably feel the need to respond to this you don't have to make an ass out of yourself by writing a story, just name me one blockbuster in recent years that was an original concept and you win

HazedMind on May 9, 2012



Cmcdermid5 on May 10, 2012


lets be honest tdkr is going to be 10 times better in every department

batman on May 9, 2012


 Like in special effects? Alien invaders? Giant green rage monsters? Demigods? Robots? 3D? Other than the fact these two movies have superheroes, there really is little commonality. You may as well compare Twilight to Transformers. Heh.

Heh on May 13, 2012


 I am actually afraid TDKR is going to be a let down.  The first two built up so well, Impressed but slightly underwhelmed in Begins left you wanting more.  The Dark Knight you got exactly what you wanted.  You got the Joker as a Sociopathic Monster hell bent on anarchy VS the internal Struggle between Batman and Bruce Wayne, and now how do you recover from arguably one of the best Batman reprises ever?  With Anne Hathaway (Who is good in somethings but tends to underperform in any high budget large market film) and a very human looking Bane, I'm just not sure those two villains can carry a whole film. It looks like Ra's will be back but I'm just worried that they are going to lose sight of what made the series to this point so exciting.  You can't end with a valley, you have to end peaking or its going to leave you wanting to do another and going into the tailspin the original batman collection went in.

Austintatious26 on Jun 11, 2012


I just became a much bigger Joss Whedon fan simply because he thinks The Court Jester is a perfect movie.  I loved that movie.  Also his sense of humor in this post is brilliant.  The script is far from perfect but he managed to balance all the characters quite well, even if the story surrounding those characters was rather thin.  Regardless it was damn good entertainment, though we'll see how it holds up on repeat viewings.

Jordan Scott on May 9, 2012


Nobody on this site is ever happy. Avengers rules!!!

Tan on May 9, 2012


well... i thought it was perfect.

DoomCanoe on May 9, 2012


You're welcome, Whedon. - a smart, loyal, passionate, most articulate fan -

Snev De la Fontaine on May 9, 2012


this movie was not much overrated then the dark knight was honestly heaths dath made that movie !

your dark knight ends now! on May 9, 2012


you mean (death)

rooster on May 9, 2012


Despite spelling errors, his message is true. Ledger's death provided the same (if not more) amount of hype for The Dark Knight that the four year build up provider for The Avengers. Personally, given the option of watching The Avengers or The Dark Knight, I would choose to watch the Avengers about 80% of the time. That figure would probably balance out a lot if the choice was between Batman Begins and The Avengers though.

Doyle on May 9, 2012


 I thought The Dark Knight was the perfect followup.  It would have done great on it's own merit but not because it was a greatly written movie.  Heath Ledger performed the Joker about as perfect as anyone could.  He sold parts where he was just in the background, he sold parts where he was just supposed to be walking.  He nailed the character perfectly.  Batman Begins I thought was a good jumping off point for the retooled series, but it was ultimately slow building up, and I thought it was too dull at times.  It succeeded in reintroducing Batman to the fans but it wasn't a great Batman movie.

Austintatious26 on Jun 11, 2012


I hate the people that say "The only reason The Dark Knight did so well was because Heath Ledger died." Yeeeppp. That's exactly why all of the following movies broke box office records because the actor/actress died before release.. ALMOST HEROES (Chris Farley) SMALL SOLDIERS (Phil Harman) THE CROW(Brandon Lee) QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (Aaliyah) ILLEGAL ALIENS (Anna Nicole Smith) and CANADIAN BACON(John Candy) Oh wait... they DIDN'T break box office records!? Fuckin idiots By the way.. I liked the Avengers

Chihawxsteele on May 9, 2012


Its not only that, but how cynical is it so say a movie was only succesful because someone died? Thats harsh.

Presidentsaad on May 10, 2012


pull your skirt down!

dally on May 10, 2012


To be fair Batman Begins was a way better movie than the Dark Knight and it didn't even get half the recognition

HazedMind on May 10, 2012


I greatly enjoyed the Avengers big screen rendition. Different movies have different objectives; Whedon delivered an excellent comic icon movie that pleased most fanboys, and ultimately the box office because it doesn't take itself too seriously - it's the ultimate tribute to a comic book based on IMAGINARY characters! People use fantasy to escape (even if momentarily) from reality, their own or otherwise. I say mission accomplished. The Avengers NEVER claimed to be anything but what it was - a fun time with some of your favorite comic heroes and legends. "How dare Whedon and Disney/Marvel make a fantasy film based on fictional, fantasy characters that's not based on reality" LoL! Viewing wasn't mandatory like in school where you HAD to watch whatever films and fodder shown to your class; people WILLINGLY took the time AND handed over THEIR CASH. Adults get to choose - if ya don't like vegetables, DON'T put 'em on your plate 🙂 On the plus side, for those individuals - there's always the news and nowadays, you can even watch it 24/7 in HD 😉

Phantom19778 on May 10, 2012



Justincomic on May 10, 2012

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