Judy Greer & Portia Doubleday Join Chloe Moretz's 'Carrie' Remake

June 14, 2012
Source: Deadline

Judy Greer & Portia Doubleday

Director Kimberly Peirce is pulling together an intertesting cast for her bold new remake of Brian De Palma's Carrie, based on Stephen King's classic novel. Chloe Moretz is playing the title role, Julianne Moore is signed on as her highly conservative mother, and Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers) will play one of her classmates. Now Deadline reports two more solid actresses have joined the ranks, as Judy Greer will be playing Carrie's sympathetic gym teacher and Portia Doubleday has the role of the main antagonist, a girl who trigger's Carrie's telekinetic freakout with a prom prank that goes too far. Read on for more.

Embarrassingly, I still haven't seen De Palma's original Carrie yet, so I don't have much to go on here except for generic character descriptions. (I do plan on checking it out before this remake hits theaters, though.) Greer strikes me as particularly solid casting, since she can play the sympathetic card with the best of them. Her emotional range is rather impressive, and she can do comedy as well as drama, as seen in her work in "Arrested Development" and The Descendants. I'm not really familiar with Doubleday's work, as she only first got her big break in the 2009 Michael Cera movie Youth in Revolt, which I also haven't seen. (Man, I'm striking out left and right today.) In any case, the casting of Moretz and Moore alone is compelling enough to justify Peirce revisiting a classic, and I hope this lives up to De Palma's iconic 1976 original.

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Wow, investing an hour and a half to watch the original cult movie so you'd actually know what are you writing about is apparently too much to ask for. The level of dedication on this site is really astonishing...

nmn on Jun 14, 2012


.......where is ur site?

fuze. on Jun 14, 2012


In another interview Moretzsaid it will be following the book written by Stephen King more than the De Palmas version. Which I think is cool since it will be different, not just a new copy.

RaeRae on Jun 14, 2012


"Say 'Goodbye' to these!!!" No, really....more of Greer is a good thing

Voice of Reason on Jun 15, 2012


Read the book! Then see the first movie!

Jennifer Mann on Jun 15, 2012


Hollywood, bereft of idea`s can only green-light brand recognized concepts. It`s why we`re forced to watch `Battleships` movies and why Prometheus is an `Aliens` movie even when it`s really not. BR diminishes risk and it sucks. I love Stephen King but this feminized adaptation of his classic novel`s a political JOKE. Women make ur own damn original narratives and characters instead of bastardizing existing ones.

Terry Milburn on Jun 15, 2012


Feminized adaptation??? Have you read the book? ALL of the major characters in it were solid, strong females and the males were all led around by their ****s by them. This book has begged for a woman director and maybe this time it'll be made right. DePalma's was good for it's day but a new take is exactly what it needs.

moustasch1 on Jun 15, 2012


Rather than watching the movie, you could do something REALLY wacky, like reading the book it's based on.

BuffaloBarbara on Jun 15, 2012


I love Stephen King, but Carrie was NOT a great book. Story was great, but there's no reason to read it over watching the movie.

Dr. B on Jun 15, 2012


For one thing, you read it because the movie is not an accurate adaptation--you want both. But the book pre-dates the movie, and for all of its flaws, is STILL better than the movie, because the characters get more time for development, and more inner voice. In that manner, more or less all books are better than their movies.

BuffaloBarbara on Jun 15, 2012


Nothing like reporting on a movie and people you know nothing about. Good job Ben Pearson. How can you hope a movie lives up to the original, when you don't even know if the original is good or not? Saying you are just going by character descriptions just points out you haven't read the book either. You fail at journalism, and this site fails for publishing your writing.

Dan Bennett on Jun 15, 2012


I still think Sissy Spacek Should do a cameo performance in the remake. I honestly think she should have been cast as the mother but that is just my opinion. Yes, Ben you really should watch the original & soon. It is an iconic classic that if not remade correctly will be a box office flop. I just hope that they don't screw this one up like they did when they remade Friday the 13th & put a 10 minute boob scene in it. It is a horror movie stick to the horror of it not sex.

Lil'Lady73 on Jun 15, 2012


Yeah, the remake of Friday the 13th had me torn between laughing and gagging over the ridiculously gratuitous sex scene between two people you just know everyone was wishing would die already...

Samantha Stanley on Jun 15, 2012


Wasn't that what all of the Friday the 13th movies were about?

moustasch1 on Jun 15, 2012


I like how they're not mentioning that this is the second remake. There's already been a remake of Carrie.

samanthasuicide on Jun 15, 2012


Well actually there have been at least two other remakes - one in '88 and one in '02....

ZubbuZ on Jun 15, 2012


Couldn't agree more Dan Bennett. Journalism fail. Try another career muppet

LmC on Jun 15, 2012


Ben Pearson, you obviously have no knowledge whatsoever (by your own admission) of the subject you are attempting to write about. Why did you even bother with the attempt? Maybe you should go back to journalism school and try to learn your trade (if you even went in the first place), or go back to the career you seem to be better qualified for -flipping burgers at Micky D's.

sputnik on Jun 15, 2012


Seriously the worst excuse for a for an article ever. "I have no idea what this actress has done or what this movie was about, but sit down and read what I have to say about it anyway". This is what is wrong with news, blogs, articles, etc. any idiot thinks he can just pick up a laptop, write a few words down, and bam he's a writer. What happened to doing your research and investigative reporting...damn, this is sad.

Jenn on Jun 15, 2012


I think there's real potential here. De Palma's 70s version is pretty damn good for it's time, but is extremely dated (the getting ready for the prom montage, for instance, is hilariously horrible, like a South Park parody) and cut out most of the coolest parts of the book's far more epic finale. The second remake was much closer to the book, but was a pretty cheesy, low budget TV flick with sub-par acting and corny FX. The third remake, billed as a sequel - "The Rage - Carrie 2", I can barely even remember anything about. I just remember that it sucked. If the rest of THIS version is handled as well as the casting, it should blow the other three out of the water.

Derke on Jun 15, 2012


I think they could really put some clever commentary about growing up in modern society into this flick too - bullying and high school shootings, zero tolerance policies, the conservative nuttiness and paranoia taking over certain elements of our country (I bet Carrie's mom watches Fox News), etc.

Derke on Jun 15, 2012


I would like to speak out against the critics against Ben Pearson. First of all, his article is informative, so just telling us that Judy Greer & Portia Doubleday Join Chloe Moretz's 'Carrie' Remake is enough. but Ben chosed to tell us this information in a personal way, speaking to us being completely open with us, as a friend cand be. I thought that we were all friends here, but I see I was wrong. You can critice Ben about his lack of information if he wrote a critic or an article about the book and all it´s movie/TV adaptations, but is not the case. Ben gave us the casting news of a film. All other are his personal experiences about it, and I prefer it in this personal way than the a straight forward information. And also remember that this is a free page. You are no clients in here. You are not paying for a service, so lets be cool, would you?

JM on Jun 15, 2012


You havent seen the original Carrie?? :l YOU'RE KILLING ME PEARSON!!

LosZombies on Jun 16, 2012


C the original!!! Superbly acted by Sissy Spacek!

Mary B. on Jun 16, 2012

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