'Jurassic Park' Returns to Theaters in 3D for Summer 2013 Release

March 15, 2012
Source: Twitter

Jurassic Park

Audiences are already looking to head back to Titanic in 3D next month, but having already witnessed the majesty of the unsinkable ship again, I'm looking forward to the next big theatrical re-release, and this one is a bit more exciting. Jeff Sneider from Variety has just revealed that Jurassic Park will return to theaters in 3D on July 19th, 2013. That means audiences will have to sit very still in their seats for fear of being devoured by that monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of course, since the film wasn't shot in 3D, this is only a conversion. But if there's one film that should make it fun, it's Steven Spielberg's modern classic.

In addition, this will hit theaters in time to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary. That's right, it will have been 20 years since the film hit theaters in 1993. As a kid, I was already psyched about seeing dinosaurs come to life, but hearing that T-Rex roar in glorious theatrical surround sound was just frightening and magical all at the same time. It also spawned tons of kids to suddenly become aware of the velociraptor and claim it as their new favorite dinosaur; unless you had that stupid friend who inexplicably liked the Brontosaurus. Spielberg has said Jurassic Park was the only film he would re-release in 3D and Universal liked that idea enough to make it happen. Or they're desperate. Will you see Jurassic Park in 3D?

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No no no no no... Please no.  Nostalgia can not exist if you bring the past back and slap 3D on it.  Do you think in 20 years kids will be nostalgic for Jurassic Park in 3D?  NOPE!  Please don't support cash grabs people this is what is destroying the industry and thought in general.

Quentin R Voglund on Mar 15, 2012


We'll never know if people would see this in 2D by itself though because that's not how the studio is releasing it. And that's why people will pay the extra money to relive their favorite older films in 3D. Thankfully, Spielberg has said this is the only film of his he would ever do that with, so whenever they re-release Raiders of the Lost Ark, we'll be fine.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 15, 2012


I'm a cheap bastard and I want to take my kid brother to see JP in theaters, and I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there who feel the same. 3D maybe, IMAX for sure, faux IMAX never

Akirakorn on Mar 15, 2012


Why not Back to the Future 2 in 3D... just so we can finally see that 3D shark in 3D. Actually I'd rather see Heavy Metal 3D but for that all I need is to cheese.

Akirakorn on Mar 15, 2012


YES!!! This was one of my Favorite Films as a Kid I cant wait! Afterall I never saw it in the Theater!!! Bring on the Chaos Theory!

N. on Mar 15, 2012


Jurassic Park is one of the few older movies that I thought straight away would be awesome in 3D.  This is awesome news as long as the conversion works well.

Ryupoi on Mar 15, 2012


My thoughts Exactly! This should be Great!!!

N. on Mar 15, 2012


I hate 3d conversion. Really it's so stupid and unwatchable. Makes your eyes sore. It'd be better if they "just" released it. As it was!

CookieMonster on Mar 15, 2012


 AND by the way! Calling other kids stupid because they favoured different specimen of dinos was uncalled for. I always liked triceratops best:D

CookieMonster on Mar 15, 2012


It was a lighthearted joke. But seriously, Brontosaurus sucks. Triceratops is a hard-ass though. Good choice.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 15, 2012


Well now. I see three-horns still don't play with long-necks.

Akirakorn on Mar 15, 2012


That's just because Brontosaurus doesn't exist. It's a name abandoned decades ago, so "brontosaurus" is just an imaginary critter. For seriously cool long-necks, go for Amargasaurus, Barosaurus or Sauroposeidon (really, how could an animal be boring with such awesome name?). I, however, prefer the old, boring Velociraptor.

Maija on Mar 16, 2012


This is one of my all time favorite films...and as soon as announcements about 3D releases started popping up, like for The Lion King, Titanic, and Star Wars...I was hoping and praying for a 3D re-release of Jurassic Park. Something that is very interesting about this is not only the re-release for the 20th anniversary...but July 19th, right in the heart of summer blockbuster season. Something tells me that this is going to get a full-scale promotional push as if it were an original film. I am in just to get a chance to see it on a big screen(I was only 1 when it first came out)...the 3D will be a bonus.

Chris_G on Mar 15, 2012


I feel Exactly the same! Me and my cousin get together every weekend and Watch our Favorite Movies and Jurassic Park is almost always on the list it never gets old and brings back memories of my ChildHood! But anywise me and him have been in the same boat as you Crossing our fingers and waiting for the Good News!!!! I cant wait to tell him I just wish it was sooner! Now if only they could re-release the Original Star Wars without us sitting through 2 and 3!

N. on Mar 15, 2012


I've become more and more impressed with 3D conversion over the past year. When it's not a cheap cash in like Titans and Airbender were, post conversion 3D can be incredible. Especially for a film with such gorgeous and steady shots like Jurassic Park. That "Objects in mirror..." shot should be particularly fun.

DaftBot on Mar 15, 2012


Yeah I agree with you! 3D also works Surprisingly well in Animation like Lion King. If a Movie is Shot in 3D it doesnt look half bad depending on the Movie but 3D Conversion is normally just a Money Grab but Jurassic Park is one of those Movies where I think it could work! We'll see!

N. on Mar 15, 2012


"We'll never know if people would see this in 2D by itself though because that's not how the studio is releasing it."Really, Ethan. If you've been paying attention you'd know that most of the recent conversions have also been released to some theaters in 2D (including Titanic and Phantom Menance).

Timothy Zila on Mar 15, 2012


Right. And do you know how much money those screenings have made with regard to how much the 3D versions did? I would love to see those figures if you can find them. Until those are in front of me, there's no way we'll know just how many people chose to see it in 2D as opposed to 3D. I would genuinely liked to be proven wrong in this particular case, so feel free to look around, Tintin.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 15, 2012


3D showings accounted for 92% of the gross during The Lion King's opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo

Chris_G on Mar 15, 2012


It wasn't a brontosaurus, it was a brachiosaurus. Gosh....

Legandaryedition on Mar 15, 2012


No, I know it was the brachiosaurus in the film. I've seen it dozens of times. I specifically called out brontosaurus because it blows.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 15, 2012


They showed "Jurassic Park" at my local Regal Cinema once for their "Flashback Thursday" showings, in the biggest room they had and it was a HUGE turnout. The place was packed! I have no doubt this will be a good thing bringing it back. 3D or not, come on....IT'S JURASSIC PARK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

JBrotsis on Mar 15, 2012


Honestly, the CG stuff was amazing back in 1993 when I saw this movie, but the story, acting and characters were weak. Repeating viewings only make those aspects even more glaring. Still, there seems to be enough suckers born every minute to pay to watch these conversion jobs. What I hoped for over the years was studios re-releasing back catalog movies at the cinemas again—without changes.

Max Renn on Mar 16, 2012


Wait what? You thought the story/plot was weak? How?! The story and the story from the book is fantastic and makes one believe resurrecting dinosaurs seem realistic. The plot is 100% original beginning from '93, idk how you think it was weak. That's sad really....sad for you. 

JBrotsis on Mar 19, 2012



McWetty on Mar 16, 2012


I smell a Jurassic Park 4 in 2014 after hearing this news.

Jesse The Body Snuka on Mar 16, 2012


It's been 20 years.......? ))) gulp (((

David Banner on Mar 16, 2012


Too bad "Jurassic Park" didn't come out a few years later.  I'd love to see a special edition that feathered the predatory dinosaurs, based on the many feathered dinosaurs of China published from 1996 on.  Even the early _T. rex_ relative, _Dilong_, had feathers.  A feathered _Velociraptor_?  Absolutely!

Dinoguy Ralph on Mar 17, 2012


It doesn't matter if you like 3D conversion or not, Hell they might still re release a Digital Projection version anyway for those who don't want the 3D, either Way I'm going to try and see this bad boy 8 times in the theaters just like I did when I was when I was 7! And I work in the building in which the computer graphics were established for this film, met Dennis Muren, and two nights ago George Murphy! Those men, and 3210 Kerner - Old ILM campus, where the reason I've gone into making VFX..I'll suck it up even if the conversion is bad, It is my FAVORITE film..always and forever! Besides if they release it in IMAX - even better! At least the T-Rex will be close to scale this time ha ha!

Michelle Eisley on Mar 17, 2012


I don't wanna see the first one in theatres don't get me wrong, but I wanna see the sequel in theatres! Now who's with me!?

Davidbryan949 on Mar 27, 2012



a on Nov 7, 2012


its jp duuh!

aq on Nov 7, 2012


Fuck yeah!

Big Al on Nov 7, 2012

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