Kevin Smith Writes a Passionate Disney 'Star Wars' Boba Fett Plea

November 8, 2012
Source: THR

Boba Fett

With the news last week that Disney was buying Lucasfilm and putting together a new Star Wars trilogy to follow the original trilogy of the 70s & 80s, the entire movie industry went nuts. Rumors hit immediately, rampant speculation and endless fervent discussion began on forums and blogs around the world, and it likely won't stop until we actually see Episode VII in 2015. Industry trades like Hollywood Reporter turned their focus to filmmakers, many of whom (in this generation) grew up with Star Wars and were influenced by George Lucas' classic trilogy (not so much the prequels). So, THR asked Kevin Smith to write a column for them, and he did. But it turns out to be more of a plea/request for a Boba Fett movie than anything else.

Kevin Smith, who directed his first film Clerks in 1994 a good 10 years after Return of the Jedi was released in 1983, recalls many days spent playing with his Kenner Star Wars figures. But the one they loved making movies about the most was the character of Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who first appears in The Empire Strikes Back and has shown up in pretty much every Star Wars movie or story since. I suggest reading his entire column (it's not too long) but here are the important parts in regarding Fett in the upcoming movie:

"If Disney wants to make another cool billion dollars like it did with The Avengers last summer, all it needs to do is make a Boba Fett time-travel flick. It would center on a character everyone digs and allow for a greatest hits of Star Wars while playing with an already-established timeline, a la Back to the Future. You could use every living (and dead) actor from the previous Star Wars films, no matter what their age -- which means Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford can come and play as well. It'd be a dream come true for any Star Wars fan -- particularly those of us who opted out of the boring-ass real world every summer for galaxies far, far away."

"So in a world where Disney needs to make back its investment, we may indeed see an all-Boba Fett film. And if the Force wills it, maybe it'll even be about Boba Fett lost in the Star Wars universe time stream. But even if it became the highest-grossing film of all time, it'd still never be as good as Pete King's version."

Yes please! I know I'm not alone (obviously enough) in voicing my support for a Boba Fett movie. But as I've heard rumors about already, it would be a better spin-off solo project than part of the continued trilogy to follow Return of the Jedi. Who wouldn't want to see Boba Fett return to kick some serious ass, both as a villain and maybe briefly as a hero? We already saw his complete origin story in the prequels, following Boba's father Jango Fett and the clone army that eventually makes up the ranks of the Stormtroopers. We watched as he was modeled into bounty hunter with vengeance when the Jedi take down Jango during the Battle of Geonosis. We already know about his origin, so why not continue his story beyond then and get into his adventures as a Bounty Hunter, since he plays an important part in the bigger Star Wars universe.

"We might finally get to see that Fett flick we always dreamed about, Pete," Kevin Smith stated aloud after hearing about the Disney Star Wars news. He's referring to his friend Pete, who had all the Star Wars toys they played with as kids, and was unfortunately killed in a car accident years ago. Maybe it will happen one day. Maybe even Kevin Smith can come out of retirement to direct the all-Boba Fett spin-off in the middle of the new trilogy that Disney/Lucasfilm is putting together. Who knows what exactly the future of Star Wars will look like, but it's a very exciting time ahead, for both filmmakers and fans alike. What do you think?

Badass Boba Fett imagery at the top made by ukitakumuki from deviantArt.

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He talked about this on Hollywood Babble-On

Ryderup on Nov 8, 2012


Link? Would love to check it out, hear more about what he has to say. Thanks!

Alex Billington on Nov 8, 2012

3 It's the November 4th podcast where he discusses it.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 8, 2012

4 You should know this Alex...there's so many to choose from :=) And while you are there, check out his latest podcast, Fatman on Batman; you will be pleased.

David Banner on Nov 8, 2012


Jar-Jar Binks spin off please. Titled: "Me-Sah Really Angry" In which he goes through a portal that takes him to planet Earth Circa 1999-2000 and goes on a rampage with a machete killing every fan-boy whom uttered a negative word about him. The film Ends as he travels to the ending of Return of the Jedi and chops Darth Vader's head off right before he kills Palpatine. Palpitine then kills Luke and the sith rule the galaxy with Darth Binks as Emperor perfectly setting up the alternate timeline masterpiece that would be Episode VII: Revenge of the Jar-Jar.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 8, 2012


The Jar Jar Menace.

Manuel on Nov 8, 2012


It will never work. The Ewoks always win in the end.

Akirakorn on Nov 8, 2012


Not sa 'gainst Binkses.

ScoutX on Nov 9, 2012


Star Wars and time travel do NOT mix.

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


Damn straight. Kevin Smith is high on crack-cocaine.....

TheRagingCajun on Nov 8, 2012


A Fett spin-off would be awesome, but as a stand alone movie. If this is really what Kevin thinks then I think he's just illustrated perfectly why he's inappropriate for anything Star Wars related!

MikEy on Nov 8, 2012


I love Boba Fett, but please no time travel in Star Wars.

SupahDupah on Nov 8, 2012


It would be a lot more interesting to see Boba Fett in the live action TV series than in a movie. First of all, because the TV series will be in the right time set (between Episodes III et IV). So, no need for that horrible idea of time travelling in Star Wars. Second, they could cast Daniel Logan (who played Fett in Episode II), so we could see grow up to be that great bounty hunter. Plus, in a TV series, we'd get to see him a lot more than just a two hour movie.

Philippe on Nov 8, 2012


The prequels killed Boba Fett by casting Temuera Morrison.

JEPoley on Nov 8, 2012


Not as much as they killed Anakin Skywalker by hiring Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen!

Zax on Nov 8, 2012


and he could have a red lightsaber and a blue lightsaber and make purple rain... eh no, save that stuff for the robot chicken star wars specials

Richie G on Nov 8, 2012


The popularity of Boba Fett has already been driving Star Wars for the last 20 years. First, they put him into A New Hope Special Edition. Then a 'Fett' was the DNA source of ALL of the clones. All of the clones' armor was modeled to look like a Fett-Stormtrooper. There are dozens/hundreds of Mandolorians in the Clone Wars show. Enough Fett/Mandolorians already.

JEPoley on Nov 8, 2012


Ugh. Boba Fett is so over-rated. if this really happened, I wouldn't touch the movie with a ten foot pole

Green Dragon on Nov 8, 2012


How can you TOUCH a movie? like the DVD disc or? You need to be more specific.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 8, 2012


How do you COMMENT on THINGS, Guy who comments on things? Do you squat gently, or hurl from afar, or...? Be more specific.

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


I hang from the roof covered in Jam, your turn.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 8, 2012


The "I hate everything somebody else likes" generation might not want to see it but true Star Wars fans, those of us who grew up with Star Wars, would...

BloodwerK on Nov 8, 2012


No kidding, and even the 'I hate everything somebody else likes' generation would turn up to see it. Magically, everyone saw Avatar and was re-watching it, raving about it, and telling everyone else to go see it...but at the same time, because it's now 'hip' everyone claims to not like it. It's hilarious.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2012


I see a lot of that with Nolan's films now too.

grimjob on Nov 8, 2012


A little...I'm a massive Nolan fan, but even I get a lot more tired of the 'Nolan makes flawless movies you all suck if you disagree' crowd is a lot more annoying than of the people who simply try to say that The Dark Knight Rises, for example, wasn't perfect. I still loved it, but NO movie is perfect.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2012


Backpedaling, eh?

Jim on Nov 8, 2012



Chris Groves on Nov 9, 2012


Big Trouble in Little China. Perfect.

grimjob on Nov 8, 2012


It blows my mind that for a franchise which so many people seem to hate and love to trash, is the most successful of all time - this unparalleled success could not happen without the public (including all you nay-sayers) seeing it (and buying all the merchandise) multiple times!!! - also reading these associated tidbits of news, I might add.

Zax on Nov 8, 2012


It's cool and internet-edgy to hate Star Wars now, didn't you know? Can't you see how hip those people are?

BloodwerK on Nov 9, 2012


I didnt not like Avatar because its cool to not like Avatar. I dont like Avatar because its fuckin' pants.

Naw on Nov 11, 2012


It's okay if you didn't get it, plenty of people didn't.

Chris Groves on Nov 12, 2012


No. Not all of us would. Boba could be ok for a live action tv series maybe. But the only choice for someone who hasnt just seen the movies when they originally came out, but the beginnings of the extended universe, starting with Timothy Zahn's books bringing the Universe back to life and beginning the run of books with the Heir to the Empire trilogy. An absolute 100% must do for any new trilogy. After that... well... take your pick.

Joruus on Nov 11, 2012


Some fans don't care about the books. I've tried, for years, to tell people that the books and the EU don't matter when it comes to the movies. Finally, after the prequels came out, I was proven right. Zahn's books hsould stay right where they are and not be adapted to the screen...

BloodwerK on Nov 16, 2012


what a terrible pitch... he must be joking (although this IS Kevin Smith we're talking about)

syntaxterror on Nov 8, 2012


The creation of Jar Jar Binks doesn't look so bad after all compared to that outlandish idea Kevin Smith came up with. It'll be nice in the new trilogy hints at the fact Boba Fett survived and possibly has some use as a hired hand for the New Republic but keep the man he has become a mystery. I think it would be also cool that Boba Fett has a disfigured face for the reason he keeps the mask on.

BinaryChaos on Nov 8, 2012


THe Fett clan RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, Boba got out of the Sarlac Pit, so the possibility of a movie is genuine! WE WANT BOBA FETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weezy1 on Nov 8, 2012


That was a short story by Daniel Keys Moran, and it was rendered NOT CANON by Episode II's clone origin story.

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


Great read though, that Tales of the Bounty Hunters. I'm a sci-fi short story nut though.

avconsumer2 on Nov 9, 2012


Ya its almost like he wrote a plea on not wanting to direct

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


Look - I'll take my Mandalorians any way I can get them. Time travel Fett???? F it, if that saves us from another helium-voiced CGI monstrosity, then change the WHOLE SW concept to include time-travel. 'Cuz we all know what happened with the prequels.....and we ALL know the timeline after Episode VI - many many many many books - so who wants to see them ruin what we all read about and imagined? To quote a time-traveling Patrick Henry, "Give me Mandalorians, or give me death!"

Anthony Valencia on Nov 8, 2012


...more of a paraphrase, but no. Pretty much what Christopher Philip Cinquegrano said

Richie G on Nov 8, 2012


That sounds like ASS.

wookie on Nov 8, 2012


I love Kevin Smith. That being said this idea of his is completely ridiculous.

Nick Sydes on Nov 8, 2012


Kevin Smith as director for Fett film!? No way! Lame! Not interested seeing Fett working as a "clerk" in a convenient store.

The Truth on Nov 8, 2012


Boba Fett is (or should I say was?) the worst bounty hunter!!!! Read the facts, watch the movies and review what he is told to do and what he accomplishes. He's an incompetent failure, barely better than Greedo. Why he is so famous is beyond me...

Frankie Pizarro on Nov 8, 2012


Is it just me or do people give way too much credit and time to Boba Fett in regards to the whole Star Wars franchise (films!?)

Zax on Nov 8, 2012


The prequel trilogies destroyed the character of Boba Fett, and for me personally the entire Star Wars saga. And this is from someone who was old enough to see "Episode IV" in the theatre when it first came out.

zey on Nov 8, 2012


Maybe over-zealous nostalgia is your problem. I grew up on the original trilogy, and I agree that they are better than the prequels...but the prequels are still better than the vast majority of lowest-common-denominator appealing blockbusters we get every summer. They don't reach or surpass the greatness of the originals, but they are worthy entries in the series.

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2012


Joe Johnston said he was dying to direct a Boba Fett film. I say why not have our cake and eat it too? No time travel please, that'd be a little funky. BUT why not let an aged Boba Fett, having escaped from the Sarlaac Pit, be a central figure in the trilogy(played by an aged Temuera Morrison, a rule of Star Wars is that old people can still kick all kinds of ass) AND also give us a Boba Fett spin-off film?

Chris Groves on Nov 8, 2012


Kevin Smith wouldn't direct his way out of a paper bag. Talentless hack.

Kinks! on Nov 8, 2012


Says the loser who probably couldn't direct someone's kids in a backyard iPhone video.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


funny to me that people shit all over kevin smith because they have a different taste. what have any of you ever done with your lives other than 'bate and play wow?

fett-ish on Nov 8, 2012


Has Smith answered some kind of higher calling because he's a nerd filmmaker or something? I prefer my life over Kevin Smith's, bar none.

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


Introducing the concept of time travel into the Star Wars universe is preposterous. Anikin for a start would not even exist as Obiwan would just go back and kill him at birth or maybe just sabotage his pod racer for dramatic value. Therefore eliminating the future Vader. While at it he might as well take out the younger Palpatine......too easy. Bad idea Kevin, gee I thought you were a lot smarter than this!

Zax on Nov 8, 2012


I love the Fett, he is the ultimate badass. But what makes him cool is the mystery of not knowing everything about him. I don't wanna see his own movie. I think they used him just fine in the other movies. They get you wanting more and that's a job well done.

TheDouche on Nov 8, 2012


Well said. I would however like to see him get a little revenge in the next 3 though vs. a Jedi or two. Just a few scenes throughout the trilogy & I'd be happy.

avconsumer2 on Nov 9, 2012


Bobba Fett: yes. Time travel: no

Dan W on Nov 8, 2012


Uhh... someone please tell Mr. Smith this is Star Wars, and not Star Trek.

Akirakorn on Nov 8, 2012


Good God NO NO NO - NO TIME TRAVEL! Are you kidding me? Every one knows Madalorians have a longer than human life span. Read the books - there is plenty of great material there Lucas never used because it wasn't his idea. If Disney wants to make BILLIONS - do the Legacy of the Force series or the Old Republic, hell, do them both! Those are FAR FAR FAR better stories.

Jon Boa on Nov 8, 2012


I read the THR article now, I did not read it as Kevin Smith meant it LITERALLY that Boba Fett should be in a time-traveling movie of his own. Some times a words-Smith needs to play with the prose to get a point across. If you pull something out of context, it can mean anything. Go read the THR article, it's touching and well written. What I read, was a story about a Star Wars movie played out by two ten year olds. The point being: make the movie the fans want. Kevin is drawing a parallel to his childhood and what he then really, REALLY wanted to see on the big screen; the movie that was playing in his friend and in his own head as they were playing with their Star Wars figures; probably with a Boba Fett in each hand. His friend Pete is diseased; Kevin just had one of those thoughts where he was thinking of the good times with Pete, and when they played together; and the day might soon come when that glorious Boba Fett movie is flickering on the screen. OK, time to get "technical". Kevin Smith should not direct a Star Wars movie, and he would be the first to tell you why. For a lengthy explanation by the man himself, watch one of the "An Evening with Kevin Smith"; I'm thinking mostly about how he said he would direct action 🙂 However....there is a live action TV-series in the makings, maybe an episode or 3 might slip under his "Hit Somebody will be the last movie I direct"-radar? If not, he IS a writer, having him on as a writer for either the movies or the live action TV-series could be pretty damn cool. Go read the THR article, it's touching and well written. Yeah, I said it twice.

David Banner on Nov 9, 2012


Legacy of the force book series has a great Boba Fett storyline. It's basically the story of Anakin Skywalker all over again though.

Louis Hall on Nov 10, 2012


Well that story turned out to be a lot more depressing than I had thought…

ambiguish on Nov 10, 2012


Boba Fett is the most overrated character in the Star Wars universe. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Gary McLean on Nov 10, 2012


He's not writing a plea for what Disney should do... he's writing about what he and his friend used to think about future Star Wars episodes in the summer of his childhood...

Greg dinskisk on Nov 10, 2012


No. Its Heir to the Empire or fail. Full stop.

Joruus on Nov 11, 2012


Seriously. If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, and you havent read Timothy Zahns trilogy, sit down, let the big kids talk. These are the books that kicked new life into the Star Wars Universe. These were the books that re-ignited interest in these quaint old early 80's sci fi movies. These were the books that led to the Remake of the original trilogies and the (not as good but still star wars) prequels. Please, whoever is in charge of all this new star wars trilogy, redeem the franchise with something epic. Give us Thrawn. Give us C'Baoth. Please.

Joruus on Nov 11, 2012


Whatever happens there needs to be a scene where Fett shoots first.

si1ver on Nov 14, 2012


Clearly he was kidding.

Josh on Jan 5, 2013

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