Kickstart This: Gamer-Centric Revival Film 'Pure Pwnage Teh Movie'

October 5, 2012

Pure Pwnage Teh Movie

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstart This, FirstShowing's weekly column dedicated to spreading the word about indie projects around the world that need your help to become a reality. We're finally giving IndieGoGo a little bit of love after featuring a ton of Kickstart projects in a row, and this one is definitely worth checking out. It's by the guys behind Pure Pwnage, one of the very first web series created on the internet, and they're looking to make a full-length gamer movie. Check out their video below, support the filmmakers if you can, and come back and leave us a comment letting us know what you think. Pwn this!

"Boom! Headshot!", "Pwning n00bs", "OMFG STFU". By now everyone is familiar with some of the gaming phrases that Pure Pwnage first made popular worldwide. Before FirstShowing existed, I was a huge fan of Pure Pwnage. I watched every episode, fell in love with the characters, got angry when they introduced new ones that didn't work, but was happy again when Jeremy got back to pwning n00bs in video games every day. The show started in 2004, ran until 2008, became a short-lived TV show in 2010 and wrapped up then. Now it's back as they're looking to put together a film on IndieGoGo - and they've already passed their goal.

"The greatest video game player of all time returns to pwn n00bs… and if he's not too busy, change the world while he's at it." Pure Pwnage Teh Movie reunites Canadian co-creators, Jarett Cale ("Jeremy") and Geoff Lapaire to develop a feature film about pwning n00bs. The funds will help them make the movie, even go to Korea and capture real gaming competitions, and more. "We want to make THE gamer movie, the one that finally does justice to online gaming and Internet culture on the big screen… we want to pwn Hollywood like somebody's mom playing Call of Duty and we need your help to do it." Can you help them out and get Jeremy, and Doug (played by Joel Gardiner), pwning again? (Written by Alex Billington)

For more info on Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie, or to help fund the project, visit its IndieGoGo page. Creators Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire have already blown past their goal of $75,000, but the campaign ends on November 18th, and they could use every dollar they can get to make "the definitive, best ever ever gamer movie." If you're all out of cash, maybe you can help them out by spreading the word to all of your gamer buddies, writing about it in huge letters on the beach so planes can see it from overhead… the usual.

That's all for this week's edition of Kickstart This. We're constantly looking for feedback, so please sound off with any suggestions for this column in the comments below or better yet, shoot me an e-mail at: My inbox is always open, and I've received some fantastic suggestions from you guys, so keep firing any worthwhile Kickstarter or IndieGoGo projects my way and there's a chance you'll end up seeing them featured in the near future. As always, I want to thank you guys for supporting these indie projects, because they definitely couldn't exist without without the help of film lovers just like you. For our complete Kickstart This archive of past projects, visit here. Will you be supporting Pure Pwnage?

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This was one of the first net shows I thought really got me as a gamer when I was younger. I think this will be fantastic.

DAVIDPD on Oct 6, 2012


Dumbest fucking idea...

nem on Oct 6, 2012


Huh? Have you never heard of Pure Pwnage? Or you just don't like the idea of them turning a web series into a feature film?

Alex Billington on Oct 6, 2012


Huh. I have never even heard of Pure Pwnage before, but I don't think it could ever possibly beat the sheer brilliance of the Red vs. Blue machinima. Best. Web. Series. Ever. Everybody else, go home.

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 6, 2012


You've obviously never seen Pure Pwnage

Butterghost on Jan 4, 2013


Gee, captain obvious, what gave it away? It sure wasn't the first sentence of my previous post was it?

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 18, 2013



Cody W on Oct 6, 2012


Love it when Doug unzips his vest revealing the t-shirt and going nuts.

Neuromancer on Oct 6, 2012

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