Kosinski Drops Hints About 'Tron 3' Being His 'Empire Strikes Back'

December 14, 2012
Source: Collider

Joe Kosinski Tron

From Tron to Oblivion back to Tron. Filmmaker Joseph Kosinski has been in the news quite a bit today, not only chatting about the trailer for his newest sci-fi film Oblivion, but also talking about Tron. Whether you liked it or not, Tron Legacy unquestionably put Kosinski on the map as a visual filmmaker. Whether he can pull together a better story with his next film is yet to be seen, but in the meantime I'm looking forward to following his career. While he's currently finishing up Oblivion, our friends at Collider spoke to Kosinski about another sci-fi project - Tron 3 (as it's known), the sequel to Tron Legacy, still in the works at Disney.

The Tron sequel was already in the news earlier this week when it was revealed that Garrett Hedlund was confirmed to return to play Sam Flynn in Tron 3. That definitely sounds like things are moving along, which is why Collider asked Kosinski whether or not he would be returning to direct again and if so, how he plans to improve the sequel. It sounds like nothing is set in stone just yet, but he provides a clear answer anyway:

"Well the only reason to go back, for me and I think for anyone involved would be if we could do something truly spectacular. We've been talking about it for a couple years and there's always been this idea, a big idea, in the back of my head that we've been talking about. The idea itself, the notion of what the next Tron could be, is exciting enough that it would be worth going back to do it. Obviously we hinted some things at the end of Legacy, it's kind of there for people to see what that potential is. So we just want to make sure that we have a script that delivers on that promise on an epic scale."

Interesting. So, the end of Tron Legacy (spoilers, obviously) shows Quorra in the real world, which I guess would mean he's hinting at merging the Tron digital/computer world with the real world on "an epic scale." Is that what he's hinting at? But is that where they want to go? Maybe Disney wants to keep it focused on the digital world so they can keep building up the brand at theme parks and Disney stores. But, Kosinski goes on to say that he has a big idea that would redefine Tron again the way Empire Strikes Back took on A New Hope. Whoa. Big name drop there. Can he live up to those kind of bold claims? Here's his full quote:

"I've said it would have to be our Empire Strikes Back for me to come back and for me to pull the whole team back together. I think we do have that idea. We do have the idea that feels big and really blows the doors off this franchise. It's hinted at promises of something for two movies now, for thirty years, so it's time to deliver on that. But the script's got to be at a level that makes it worth going back for, because it's a lot of work to make a movie like this and it's a multi-year project. So we've got our writer Jesse Wigutow on it right now writing, and fingers crossed if it all comes together, as we hope it will, there could be another Tron in the next few years, and it's going to be awesome."

That sounds a lot more optimistic than his last quote, but still unsure about whether it's happening or not. He does also hint again at the idea of the real world possibility, saying that its been hinted at for "two movies now, for thirty years". But how exactly would they pull that off? I guess that's why he has the Empire Strikes Back idea. One key change - they're not going to "re-use" anything from Tron Legacy, or so Kosinski says. He explains why they're changing things up and the importance of time passing in relation to the plot:

"I don't want to say too much about it but the goal would not be to simply re-use. We're not going to re-use the assets from Legacy, that's no fun. If we're going to do to it we're going to reinvent all over again and it's going to be a whole new generation for reasons that are very story-driven. That's all I can say."

"I think time has passed. It feels like we're kind of real-time in step. So however much time has passed since Legacy came out would also have transpired in the real world. So it will still be contemporary. So let's say if the Tron sequel comes out in 2015, then four or five years have passed since the last movie."

There are a few more hints and details in all of the Joe Kosinski quotes on Collider, including a tease that Daft Punk could be back in some way. How soon might we actually see this? After Oblivion - next for him? "There is certainly a chance, like I said; we're writing the script now. Sometimes with these things all the pieces fall into place. I mean, we've been talking about this for years and we don't have the script now, but sometimes things fall into place very quickly, and if everything lines up it could happen." But it's too early to tell and this is all speculation while we wait for more updates. Either way, if they can give him the resources to make it happen, I would be intrigued to see Kosinski's Empire Strikes Tron-Back idea fully envisioned.

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All sounds great, but I'm still concerned about that writer they have. I hope Kosinski has him on a leash.

OfficialJab on Dec 14, 2012


Why can't they just hire a GOOD writer with some experience and decent movies on their résumé?

castingcouch on Dec 15, 2012


I'm hoping he was hand-picked by Kosinski because they met, and he proved himself. That would make me feel better - if they were on the same page.

OfficialJab on Dec 15, 2012


Since 2 was better than 1, and you are hoping 3 is better than 2 ... that is interesting. Since the tron animated series was abandoned after a few episodes ... all that is left are the movies.

Zanpher on Dec 14, 2012


TRON: Uprising is still running, episode 13 aired a few days ago and there will be a second season.

David Banner on Dec 20, 2012


What he's making a film that no-one admits they liked til 20 years later? "Aw yeah man, I loved Cloud City, yeah yeah...."

Carpola on Dec 15, 2012


I really enjoyed legacy but having read about some of the last minute script changes and help from Pixar I hope they bring in the Pixar guys earlier in production. Also I hope Daft Punk do come back, their soundtrack was a revelation!

El_MUERkO on Dec 15, 2012


Just bring back Cillian Murphy and Olivia Wilde and make Cillian's Edward Dillinger character the main villian in Tron 3 this time.

DarthVerous on Dec 15, 2012


That would be the only Tron 3 I want to see. And I hope his idea of "spectacular" doesn't involve a Grid-world invasion of the real world (hinted at in Legacy). I don't want to see big cities being smashed up by giant robot things again.

castingcouch on Dec 15, 2012

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