Kutcher Clearing His Schedule, Fully Preparing for Steve Jobs Role

April 4, 2012
Source: The Daily, TMZ

Ashton Kutcher / Steve Jobs

"He believes the role was meant for him." So the producer claims. On April Fools Day this past weekend, despite not being a joke at all, news broke that 34-year-old actor Ashton Kutcher was set to star as Steve Jobs in an indie biopic titled Jobs, already being prepped to shoot this summer. The news made quite a stir, but I'm supportive, as I think Kutcher can be a great actor if he really puts his all in, and it sounds like that's the case. The Daily (via Mac Rumors) followed up with producer, and the project's financier, Mark Hulme this week and got some quotes out of him about Kutcher's early preparations for the role. Read on!

Hulme, who runs Five Star Feature Films, is the "sole investor" behind the project, featuring a script by Matt Whiteley, to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern. He speaks rather frankly to The Daily and Kutcher's involvement, stating: "When he read the script, he loved it. He and the director (Joshua Michael Stern) met two days later and they could tell that this was the right direction." Now he's ready to "prove to the world that this is the right part for him." Hulme mentions briefly some of the preparations he's taking, even going so far as to clear his schedule to get ready, as he'll be filming this during his "Two and a Half Men" hiatus.

"He is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He's working with professionals to get inside the voice. He's letting his hair grow out. I understand he's canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects."

"Ashton is a much more intense individual than a lot of his current roles represent. We are feeling convinced that he's gonna nail this."

As we know, Jobs' biography released last year was already picked up for adaptation by Sony, but they're moving slower on it, with Aaron Sorkin set to script. Instead, Hulme is excited by how fast his project is moving. "We think that it's in the spirit of Steve Jobs that we are being independent and moving very quickly. We think that possibly Sony would look at telling a different part of the story." Mark Hulme isn't the only one speaking about this project, as TMZ (ugh, I know) caught up with Steve Wozniak, somehow, and got him to comment on this as well. While his statements are just an outsiders' opinion, they do hold some weight, especially for those who still may think it's a joke that Kutcher is playing this role. He states:

Wozniak tells us, "The fear that many might have is that Ashton was selected because he's 'hot' right now. But I feel that his selection was done in the most professional manner. And I'm glad that he's onboard. I think he'll put a lot into it and that he cares about this particular subject."

That's exactly what we need to see from Kutcher for this to really turn out great, and for him to impress all the doubters. Speaking of exactly that, Hulme says they're already working on a tagline: "We actually are tagging the film right now, at least a working tag, Get Inspired." Speaking of what this film will actually focus on, while the original report only stated it will chronicle Jobs from "wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple", Hulme clarifies what exactly their story is about - "Jobs will focus on the Apple CEO's early years":

"We decided between 1971, the initial partnership of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, is where we would start and then the bulk of the script remains in the early years of Apple and the recruiting of [former Apple CEO] John Sculley from Pepsi and then of course Jobs' ousting and a smaller portion is his triumph and his return," Hulme said.

That seems to span quite a bit of time, the entire early half of his career, but it sounds like it'll end right when he's getting back into the modern era of Apple we know today. He returned in 1997 and lead it to its massive success today, before passing away last October. To be honest, I'm considerably excited for this project, I definitely want to see another great film in the same vein as The Social Network focusing on the legendary Steve Jobs, right as his company continues to conquer the world. It sounds like Kutcher is going all out and I can't wait to see what his portrayal turns out like. We'll continue to keep you updated on this.

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This is good to hear, I not an Apple fan...but hopefully this biopic will be decent. Now if Jobs gets a biopic, Walt Disney deserves one with Ryan Gosling!

Xerxexx on Apr 4, 2012


+1 to Walt Disney biopic w/ Gosling

fem!anon on Apr 4, 2012


That picture of Jobs is so well-chosen. It's like the ambiguous Rubin vase, at first it's Jobs, but when you choose to, it's Kutcher... I'm a sucker for these kind of tech movies. Even if they're bad or corny (not saying that this one will), I just love seeing startup stories, bio backstory and fellow geeks going at it. But from what I'm understanding, this movie is separate from Sony's movie written by Sorkin, right? So are we looking at 2 upcoming Steve Jobs movies? This one being an indie film and Sony's being a major studio film?

Neuromancer on Apr 4, 2012


I'd only trust this to the hands of David Fincher.

Dustyman1505 on Apr 4, 2012


With Kutcher starring, it'll most likely be in the hands of the Farrelly Brothers.

norm on Apr 5, 2012


I still say this movie aint never gonna happen. Period. You all been scammed by PR hype and nobody asked the right questions. In love with Jobs and Hollywood too much, you missed the real questions. That said: How did the Kutcher Jobs movie scoop happen? Sources tell the ''MrDanBloom'' YouTube Channel that a person far away in the milky way galaxy was star gazing in a Hollywood cafe when he/she heard from a friend of a friend who knew a manager of a manager of a PR person's personal assistant who heard that a script was going around, shopped around, Hollywood, and one of the roles for the movie was for consideration for one of a friend's friend's client's client. Got that? My lips are sealed out of loyalty to my sources until June 1. AND THEN: this said ''Milky Way star gazer'' later learned that Ashton was attached to the title role. So he / she checked sources and heard back the next day in the M W Galaxy and it was so really very true. But who was this savvy ESP stargazer? My lips be sealed until June 1, but ''MrDanBloom'' youtube channel knows his/her name and it will surface sooner or later. and he / she will get their kudos in public for chasing down a good story and passing it on to those in the know. .

MrDanBloom on Apr 4, 2012



Xerxexx on Apr 4, 2012


Someone will be rolling in his iGrave. Too soon?

Dustin Asher on Apr 4, 2012


heh....Wozniak thinks Kutcher is 'hot' (right now).

Voice of Reason on Apr 5, 2012


Maybe because Two and a Half Jerks is losing viewers they hope this will make Kutcher relevant again.

Max Renn on Apr 5, 2012


Alex, i know you and Jeff do not agree with me, and that's fine, let's agree to disagree on this, and just to let youknow, i hope this movie DOES get made, i want to be wrong here but.....WHAT IF....the news headlines all over the world now said not "KUTCHER TO PLAY JOBS IN NEW MOVIE" ...BUT...."Kutcher in talks to play Jobs in new movie." ? There is a big difference between TO PLAy and IN TALKS TO PLAY. my worry is if the movie does not get made, readers and fans will feel there were once again DUPED by the mass media, and the legitamacy of news media goes down a notch again. Better to write stories like this with the words MIGHT PLAY, HOPES TO PLAY, IN TALK TO PLAy, rahter than TO is not a done deal. ask Mark. NOT a done deal at all,. just pie in the skyu for now.

Danbloom on Apr 5, 2012


I think anyone making a Film about Jobs would be hitting themselves over the head if they didn't choose Ashton. Dear lord, he is the a spitting image of Steve. 

mark c on Apr 9, 2012


I was wrong, movie got made, eating crow, and my hat today. And apologies all around for being wrong. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, This time: wrong. My bad.

facebook-749911534 on Jan 19, 2013

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