Latest Odd Mutant Viral Video for Neill Blomkamp's 'AGM Heartland'

August 6, 2012
Source: MovieViral

AGM Heartland

While we've all got our sights set on Neill Blomkamp's new movie Elysium, he's got another mystery project in the works, too. A few years ago, in late 2010, a random/mysterious viral video popped up in the digital version of Wired magazine showing some freaky, disgusting, mutated creature of sorts with the tag AGM Heartland. It was soon discovered it was a small, new, sci-fi mutation project from Neill Blomkamp, but not much more was known and we haven't heard anything else until now. MovieViral has found another new video from AGM Heartland, finally starting up this odd viral again, and now we know more about what it is.

The new video, titled just "marvg" on YouTube, is apparently the latest AGM Heartland update. How do we know it's real? Blomkamp hinted this was coming in a Comic-Con interview ("I may release another video of that pretty soon actually") but we'll have more on that later. MovieViral backs them up: "My opinion is that this is legit, and not a fan video." Plus it seems too well made to be anything else. For now, as long as you didn't just eat lunch and can stomach a disgustingly mutated animal-creature-alien thing, fire up this video:

A few other notes: MovieViral has also learned that the main guy is actor Josh Blacker, who also has a role in Elysium, another connection to Blomkamp. All that we learned originally was that this project was going to be "about a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms." Nothing has been seen/heard on it since, and Blomkamp has confirmed that this has nothing to do with Elysium. "That has nothing to do with Elysium," he said while at Comic-Con. These quotes come from an interview held at Comic-Con with The Playlist, where they got just a bit more out of him about it:

Folks may remember that in the fall of 2010, a mysterious video he directed appeared in an iPad issue of Wired titled "AGM Heartland." Nothing has been heard about it since, but Blomkamp said it's "a weird, strange science fiction comedy" shot on an iPhone, and that there may be more on the way: "That has nothing to do with 'Elysium.' That's another project that may very well see the light of day soon, that is absolutely hilarious. Hilarious. I love that project. I may release another video of that pretty soon actually."

A comedy? Has anyone been laughing at these videos so far, or is it all just a little too weird and disgusting to be funny? Or are we all in for a big surprise when we get duped and this whole thing leads to something that is hilarious. I guess all the banter between these guys in the car was kind of funny. Also, I think the setup at the end with the title Marvin might be a hint at the actual name of this series, and the kind of tone we're going to get. I'm still intrigued, mostly because it is a Neill Blomkamp production and I love what he does, even if it involves weird creatures and rednecks. Thanks again to MovieViral for pointing this out and providing a lot of the info. We'll keep an eye on this and any updates related to AGM Heartland or Elysium.

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Reading this, I feel like my header image should have been more subtle lol

Daniel Koelsch on Aug 6, 2012


Haha I just didn't want to throw a slice of disgusting mutated creature on our front page, some people might not be able to keep their lunch down. 😉 But it is kind of the star of the film...

Alex Billington on Aug 6, 2012


This is beyond Canadian. Amazing.

Gill on Aug 6, 2012


Ok I'm the first to jump to praise Neill Blomkamp usually, but this was pretty bad. Not enough genuine mystery for a short viral video. That was 1:45 worth of Canadian hick banter and 15 seconds of a half-decent alien prop dunked in Vaseline. I made better home movies when I was 9 years old.

Connor on Aug 6, 2012


You're putting too much stock into something that will never be anything more than a viral. I found the actor to be pretty funny--but then again, I love stereotypes who rely on excessive profanity in order to get their points across. I found both the "swamp donkey" and "skankzilla" comments to be pretty funny if I'm being honest. I highly doubt you've made better home videos, though--banter and actor aside, the camera angles and shooting techniques were pretty damn good, even if it's shot on nothing more than an iPhone.

Chris Bob on Aug 6, 2012


This video was hilarious.

Chris Bob on Aug 6, 2012


I liked this, but all I could think about was Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

junk on Aug 6, 2012



TerraTrader on Aug 6, 2012


Further proof he only had 1 good film in him.

Chuckee Knowlton on Aug 6, 2012


Yeah... no. Too bad Elysium is going to be a great film. I can say that since I've actually, you know, watched it. A lot of people from the focus group I attended thought it was excellent as well. Neill Blomkamp is going to become a renowned director within the science fiction genre as the years pass.

Cj Babcock on Aug 7, 2012


Too bad Elysium has the same damn story ad D9. Man gets sick, man must get to huge object in sky to cure sickness. In order to get there man must work with someone to steal something, a heist of sorts, and get into various trouble along the way. Same plot wrapped in a different cover and some wealth disparity allegory sprinkled all over. Its more of a "ripmake" than anything.

DudeManGuy on Aug 12, 2012


Fatty been watching too much Trailer Park Boys

Superchyle on Aug 6, 2012


Did he just hump a truck and why was that so awesome. I just pooped a little.

Mankindwhat on Aug 11, 2012


trailer park boys meets Neill Blomkamp lmao

dfa on Oct 31, 2012

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