Legendary Pictures Officially Shuts Down Alex Proyas' 'Paradise Lost'

February 9, 2012
Source: Deadline

Paradise Lost

After being delayed last month, when shooting was supposed to commence, it sounds like Paradise Lost is going to that big shelf in the sky where the epic Biblical war written by John Milton would've taken place. Deadline has word that Legendary Pictures has scrapped Alex Proyas' developing adaptation about the epic war in heaven between archangels Lucifer and Michael, including the latter's role in Adam and Eve's fall from grace. Talent like Bradley Cooper, Diego Boneta, Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck and more had been lined up for the project, but apparently it's the heavy visual effects budget that has it dead.

While Legendary may be shutting down the project for now, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and producer Vincent Newman will continue developing it to craft a budget (currently at around $120 million) that's a bit more reasonable. It's sad to hear this news not only because Proyas' visualization of such an epic battle would've been unbelievable to see on the big screen, but also because a crew was all ready to go for a shoot in Australia, and now those people will have to find a new job. If the budget does end up getting reworked to a satisfying number, there's no telling just how much of the acting talent, especially a big name like Bradley Cooper, will stick around to do the film if/when the time comes.

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Bummer. I was looking forward to such an amazing cast in a big epic!

Josiah IsEpic Rizzo on Feb 9, 2012


Damn, 'Paradise Lost' sounded epic. That said, Alex Proyas wouldn't be a director I would want to hand over $200 million easily.

Mithun Divakaran on Feb 9, 2012



Xerxexx on Feb 9, 2012


damn :/

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


That's too bad. I was so eager to see what Proyas would come up with. He proved not once that he is capable of handling this kind of movies. Nolan wouldn't have this problem, and it's a shame that Proyas has. He's a truly gifted filmmaker.

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


Proyas is one of my favorites. Totally unappreciated overall. This is sad news.

Kaim on Feb 9, 2012


*under appreciated 

Kaim on Feb 9, 2012



stfugtfo on Feb 9, 2012


My comments need approval before being posted now.  Is this the same for everyone or am I a special case?  If I am indeed a special case I guess this comment won't see the light of day.

Bobo_Vision on Feb 9, 2012


That's weird. Haven't seen that yet.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


You're special.  

The Watcher on Feb 10, 2012


Yeah, I'm pretty bummed. This could have been amazing. But, is the potential loss of Cooper really a big deal? He's alright, but I don't really see his departure hurting this project. At all. The movie itself, and the fact that its Proyas, is why I was excited for this.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


Well if Legendary was giving Proyas that much money for this project, then what's the budget for Godzilla then?200 million perhaps?

jah p on Feb 9, 2012


Well if Legendary was giving Proyas that much money for this project, then what's the budget for Godzilla then?200 million perhaps?

jah p on Feb 9, 2012


NOOOO...definitely disappointed over here...

Philip J. Fry on Feb 9, 2012


As long as they dont do it to fund the Asteroids adaptation...

Wylles on Feb 9, 2012


Shame on legendary! Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame

Ehsan Davoodi on Feb 9, 2012


Thank you, baby Jesus!

Kyle Robinson on Feb 10, 2012


Alex proyase not in class of yours. You are very vert very cheap! Very very very doll! You must take him bigger budget! When he must want 1 you must give him 10 and then you shut project for budget? Shame on all of you legendary you ate fuckingdary not legendary! This adaption going to be best adaption even than lord of rings and you ruin it! At least in style! You must start it with 200milion budget!com on!

Ehsan Davoodi on Feb 10, 2012


Just watching the trailer to Immortals says they could have done it.

Johnny Neat on Feb 10, 2012


Movie budgets are killing originality and the movie experience in general. Because of the risk, all we get is remakes of proven material. Sad.

Max Renn on Feb 11, 2012


That was poetry in motion that was...

Agent Kid Society on Feb 19, 2012


I'm sorry to all major fans of Proyas, I used to be a big fan of his myself, but I am glad this project was shut down. "Paradise Lost" is an epic tale, of granduous proportions, and I absolutely had no faith in Proyas performing well as director. I actually expected him to make the film, watch it be a flop, or a disappointment the likes of "Knowing" & "I, Robot," and just wait until a prestigious director decided to tell Milton's biblical tale in a well deserved remake. I love Proyas early work; I would love to come up with something like "Dark City" to direct one day, but his venture into mainstream Hollywood with chrome robots and Nicholas Cage's end-of-the-world mystery was absolute garbage. I would love to see Proyas go back to his darker, grittier, more gothic roots and less mainstream to produce something we will all love and herald. Look at Terry Gilliam: he has not had the best of luck making movies, but he's made movies in his own way, with his own true style, and while he isn't held as a household name, his name and films will live on forever. We will never forget "Dark City" or "The Crow," but I want Proyas to make something we can add to the "never forget" list; unfortunately, in my opinion, "Paradise Lost" is not that project. He should do what Blomkamp did: leave the Hollywood system, find something original, and make a film that will revive the talent he definitely has.

Ken on Feb 11, 2012


I saw few errors with my original posting & decided to edit it & install the one, but I'm unable to delete the original post. Sorry for that mishap. Why is the delete feature gone?

Ken on Feb 11, 2012

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