Look at This Awesome Fan-Made Poster for 'Carrie' with Chloe Moretz

April 5, 2012
Source: The Playlist


Just one day after she was said to be a fronturnner for the role, Let Me In and Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz officially entered talks to play the titular role in Carrie, a new adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror tale. There's no better time for the story to take place, what with all the talks about bullying infecting our schools, especially with The Weinstein Company's crusade to have their film doc Bully by as many young kids as possible despite getting an R-rating from the MPAA. Well, in no time at all, a fan made a cool poster, and the remake's director, Kimberly Peirce, gave her seal of approval to the simple but effective work.

Here's the fanmade Carrie poster director Kimberly Peirce pointed out on Facebook (via The Playlist):

Carrie - Fanmade Poster

Not only does the poster highlight one of the most memorable scenes from the original film, but it uses the blood to great effect as it looks like Carrie is also crying from being pushed to far by her high school peers. And check out that awesome tagline "Know her name. Beware her power." It's going to be hard to top this for a teaser poster, especially if the studio goes the standard glossy Photoshop route. This project is just getting off the ground, but we're already interested to see how it turns out. It will be hard to live up to Brian DePalma's original, but having a woman in the driver's seat this time should make for an interesting take.

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She was terrible in Hugo.

Ryderup on Apr 5, 2012


Good news is she doesn't have to act to play Carrie, just be creepy as all hell and then go crazy and kill everyone.

Cgreene159 on Apr 5, 2012


She was good in Hugo but there wasn't much required of her.

CptHero on Apr 5, 2012


She's a great actress, as witnessed in '30 Rock,' and 'Let Me In.'

FellowHuman on Apr 5, 2012


She is a great actress, but I agree with Ryderup: she was terrible, terrible in Hugo.

just a guest on Apr 5, 2012


She wasn't asked to do much in Hugo.  Watch her in Let Me In, Kick Ass, or 500 Days of Summer if you want to see her act.

Wyatt Holland on Apr 5, 2012


Well, she should have done less of whatever she was asked to do.

Ryderup on Apr 5, 2012


She is starting to annoy the hell out of me.  i'm lying.  she already does!

Pat on Apr 5, 2012


hey pat here is a idea if some one annoy you maybe you shouldn't go looking for news story's  about them to post a comment on 

rex on Apr 5, 2012


Holy shit this is awesome she is the best young acrtress out there

Coen Bros fan on Apr 5, 2012


Should the poster say Beware of her power?

Johnny Neat on Apr 5, 2012


Love Chloe Moretz, and originally I was like "Yo the original Carrie was so awesome a remake will only make everything terrible and awful and ruin my life." But now I'm thinking they could really tap into all this crazy bullying stuff that goes on in schools today and make something just as powerful as the original, if not more so. So I'm cautious, but I say go for it. Carrie deserves to be introduced to this generation.

buttass on Apr 5, 2012


Carrie needs to be rated PG13 cause it will help a lot of kids who are bullied in school!!!

happy camper on Apr 5, 2012


How will it help kids who are bullied? Inspire them to stare into a mirror until they develop telekinesis/pyrokinesis (forgot which) then go on a murderous rampage?

Akirakorn on Apr 6, 2012


Pure sarcasm. 

happy camper on Apr 6, 2012


This poster is awesome! Has a 70's feel to it also, I'm impressed! This should be the theatrical poster.

jah p on Apr 6, 2012


Chloe Grace Moretz really impresses me. She is well grounded and has immense talent! Although not all of her roles have been worthy of her ability, Her performance (and that of the male lead) in "Let Me In" was one of the best dramatic performances I have seen in a very long time! It cemented her ability in the horror genre for me, and as a dramatic actor as well, forever. I am certain she is capable of a brilliant performance in a remake of the classic "Carrie", and am thrilled it is moving forward with her in the title role! I can think of no one better suited to play the part!

barok129 on Apr 7, 2012


Isn't she too pretty for this? I mean everyone that has ever played Carrie (don't even bring up the one with the vine tattoos or whatever) has been a uniquely acquired beauty and this chick is just gorgeous. Wonder what her make under will look like, Love her as an actress though...didn't see hugo-seems that if I wanna keep liking her I shouldn't

Barbara Ruiz on Apr 8, 2012


i think she is always awesome in every role she does especially the scary ones. she has this fanmade poster as her instagram profile pic.

fezman on Jun 4, 2012


ive seen her scenes in films i dont even like and she was great in them. i loved her performance in hugo. i didnt like the original carrie im not a stephen king fan but im looking forward to this one mostly cause of chloe moretz

anonymous on Jun 4, 2012

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