Looking Back: Ethan Picks the Five Biggest Disappointments of 2012

December 18, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

There was lots of excitement this year for some stellar films that really came through for fans. From The Avengers to The Dark Knight Rises, a lot of audiences went home happy after so much hype. However, sometimes the hype of certain films ends up being just that, and the year ends up being littered with a few skeletons of films that just didn't hit their mark. Keep in mind that these films may very well have raked in audiences at the box office, but they didn't deliver what audiences hoped for in the long road of marketing leading up to the film. Or they may be disappointing in other ways. See my personal picks for the five biggest disappointments of 2012 below, and you may be surprised why some of the films are included.

#5. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Now before Spidey fans get bent out of shape, let me explain. I actually enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man for the most part. Andrew Garfield is great as the new Peter Parker, and he has fantastic chemistry with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. In addition, director Marc Webb made quite the jump from 500 Days of Summer to this comic book blockbuster, and did it with style. But the reason I find this film to be one of the most disappointing films of 2012 is because of the choppy editing and disregard for what was supposed to be the "untold origin story" of Spider-Man.

As we chronicled back in July, shortly after the movie came out, there are a lot of loose ends. Many of these can be tossed up to an overarching expansion of the origin over the impending sequels. But some are just left open-ended and confusing. In addition, there were just too many familiar aspects between this reboot and Sam Raimi's adaptation from a decade ago. Obviously there are some staples to Spider-Man's universe, but it just didn't stand out enough to be a truly stellar new take on the webslinging franchise. However, we're hoping the sequel real kicks things into overdrive.

#4. Red Tails

Red Tails

One would think that a film George Lucas has been passionate about for decades finally hitting the big screen would make a splash. Sadly, the film landed with a thud, and it seems all these years of waiting were all for naught. Though I suppose we shouldn't be surprised since the prequels to Star Wars were pretty much disastrous, we were hoping for a solid war drama with great aerial action sequences. Instead, we got a weak story, underdeveloped characters and a mediocre tribute to the real men who lost their lives in the air, with some dogfighting in between. The writing was on the wall when we heard of trouble with the production, which included Lucas taking over reshoots from Anthony Hemingway himself, but it was harder to swallow upon actually watching the film.

#3. John Carter

John Carter

We've been a champion of Andrew Stanton's live-action debut ever since it's release (even before that actually), so you might be wondering why it's on the list of disappointents. Well, we're actually disappointed in Disney for not knowing how to market it to the right audiences, and also the audiences themselves for not giving it a chance. For some reason, the only thing people knew about John Carter going into the release was how much it cost, and the fact that it didn't make back that large budget seemed to make people think that it was a poor film. In fact, John Carter is a fantastic sci-fi adventure that has flares of classic films like Star Wars and more all thrown together. It's the kind of sci-fi that doesn't get made anymore, and we're just sad that so many people threw it under the bus (and Taylor Kitsch didn't have a single box office success this year), and now we won't get to see a sequel unless it becomes a cult classic like Tron.

#2. The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

It's not Jeremy Renner's fault, but he made a sub-par substitute for what should have been the real fourth film in the Bourne series. Matt Damon has recently said that he and Paul Greengrass couldn't crack the story to keep Bourne going for a fourth movie (he even asked Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan Nolan to help), and that's why they backed out of the project. But Universal wanted their cash cow with a Bourne name so they came up with a tedious way to link The Bourne Legacy to The Bourne Ultimatum (which actually hindered the story more than helped) and the result was a boring, exposition-filled mess of an imitation Bourne movie. Sorry, but a 10-minute motorbike chase doesn't make up for an hour and a half of people talking about pills.

#1. Prometheus


Easily the most divisive film of the year, there's no denying that Ridley Scott shot one of the most beautiful sci-fi films of the year. It's just a shame that the script was written with a grade school audience in mind, and a complete lack of substance to go along with it (though we don't know if screenwriter Jon Spaihts or Damon Lindelof is to blame). Stupid scientists played by Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall Green, Rafe Spall and more are the source of most of the mind-numbing plot points, and not even a performance from Michael Fassbender as the android David does much to save the film. While Prometheus was certainly mesmerizing, spending more than ten minutes reflecting on the story that's just unfolded is enough to unravel everything. Maybe the inevitable sequel can improve upon its blunders.

So there you have it. Keep in mind this is merely my opinion, and I know that many of you will adamantly and vehemently disagree with some of my opinions on these movies here. The good news is, coming up with a list of disappointments was difficult in a year of so many other outstanding, satisfying films. But you'll find out all about the good stuff we loved over the next week and a half as we continue to look back on the year in film that was 2012. So which films do you think were the biggest disappointments of the year?

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The only problem I had with Spiderman was that all of the digital work stuck out way too much. It looked like a video game.

OfficialJab on Dec 18, 2012


and they copied the Liquid Nitrogen scene from T2!

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


I disagree about Prometheus. I've seen it three times now, and it remains one of my favorite movies this year. Of course, I was never a huge fan of the Alien franchise, so I came in with realistic expectations and wanted this movie to stand on its own (which I think it does). Honestly, I think a lot of the hate for this film stems from a certain group of people who will hate anything that Lindelof does... but I find him to be a competent screenwriter with a lot of interesting ideas. Obviously I can't say that Prometheus didn't have plot holes... but movies like TDKR and The Avengers also had some plot holes too, and I loved both of them anyway. I feel exactly the same way about Prometheus. All three were wonderful pieces of entertainment. Interesting article Ethan, and I look forward to seeing what your favorite films were.

John on Dec 18, 2012


Thats whats so great about films! What one person hates another loves! There is no right or wrong just popular opinion? I watched an interesting youtube video explaining alot of theories about this movie. Would like the link?

Andrew Zachariason on Dec 18, 2012


Please do.

Johnny Neat on Dec 18, 2012


Andrew, I would love the link, if you'd be kind enough to share it.

John on Dec 18, 2012


John, I absolutely agree. Prometheus was beautiful to look and just a fun movie all together. I personally like Lindelof's writing, because there really is such much substance buried beneath with philosophy that it leaves you thinking and expanding on ideas, learning more outside of the film itself. The Dark Knight Rises was my most disappoint film.

Greg on Dec 18, 2012


I'd agree that prometheus is a good movie but the script? I think you are filling the blanks yourself but Lindelof would get an F for his script in school. Even from a technical standpoint it's bad. Structurally and in terms of many character behaviors.

Norbert P. Korzus on Dec 19, 2012


I agree Greg. TDKR ending was v.disappointing!

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


Its ok if you liked it but...it still means that your ok with mediocre film making. Because no matter how much you enjoyed it, to me, Prometheus is an utter wreck of a film. You obviously did not cherish the original Alien. The hate for the movie does not come from a 'certain' group. Most people dislike the movie. And for a reason. Even in Scifi, I like movies where people behave like they should. it wasn't the plot holes or the terrble makeup that brought it down, it was all the narrative errors that made no sense. Saying that Lindelof is a 'competent' writer is like saying, Russel Brant is a good actor or even funny. The Lost ending proved that the entire show was based on hot air. the air ran out at the end and it sucked. Lindelof is one lucky soab, because he is in my book a hack. Period.

buzzfunk on Dec 18, 2012


Buzzfunk, Notice that although I disagreed with Ethan's opinion on Prometheus, I did so respectfully and without insulting him. You really think that anyone who like Prometheus is "ok with mediocre filmmaking"? It's okay if you didn't like the film, but can you actually substantiate the claim that "most people dislike the movie"... what is your sampling size - a group of your friends? Do you have any legitimate data to support your claim? To me, a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.3 on IMDb indicates that the movie was received fairly well. We are all film fans here, and differences of opinion should be encouraged not met with hostility. A world where everyone agrees would be a boring one.

John on Dec 18, 2012


You say most people dislike the movie and yet it earned over 400 million dollars? It was a bit of a letdown for me, but I'd hardly call it a wreck.

Chuckee Knowlton on Dec 18, 2012


Not picking sides or anything, but I think it's fair to point out that the money a film earns isn't really a good way of gauging how well it was liked. Just as an example, I enjoyed the first Transformers and went to see Revenge of the Fallen (which made over 400m as well), but I have zero interest in ever watching that movie again.

Brandon Carey on Dec 19, 2012


I give Transformers 10/10 for it's concept. And Revenge of the Fallen....1/10! It was so terrible that second thoughts came that it was trash!

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


Would u rather get an Alien vs pred requim? Or how bout alien ressurection? The first 2 alien movies were killer, even alien 3 had a dark vibe to it. I though RS did a good job.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Dec 19, 2012


Same here. It was one of the best Sci-Fi movies I saw after a long time.

Dhiram on Dec 18, 2012


yes it was...

avi on Dec 19, 2012


I agree, loved Prometheus.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 18, 2012


I loved The Amazing Spider-Man and disliked The Dark Knight Rises. And I'm more DC than Marvel.

bltzie on Dec 18, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises will always be my most disappointed film of 2012. Shame on Nolan for going against the realism of the first two films.

Don't hate on Dec 18, 2012


Realism of the first two films? May I remind you that in Batman Begins, Bruce joins the League of Shadows, a mysterious group that has taken down civilizations for thousands of years? Or that that one of the weapons vaporized water? I mean, come on, if anything TDKR is a continuation of Batman Begins, expanding on the lore, which is not based on realism. Even the Dark Knight, which was more grounded, had many outlandish events, like entire the Joker-wanted-to-get-caught part, which are fine, because it's a movie.

JuanJondre on Dec 18, 2012


indeed =)

SarinaGito on Dec 19, 2012


I don't think that non-realism was the problem...the BAT was fine...the nuclear bomb wasn't though...the problem is with script, which deserves Golden Raspberry...the problems are - catwoman being a terminator, Bane's voice over, Batman's intelligence - decides to fight much stronger enemy, takes him two hours to figure out that those tubes on the mask may be important to him...time flow...lack of proper villain...

David Darida on Dec 18, 2012


put a few hundred cops in hole with onley food and water and they come out freshly shaved???? It's a big big blunder!

avi on Dec 19, 2012


firing up some batman logos out of pure boredom, catwoman + batpod - unstoppable force...but yeah, those cops, put all of them in one place...who does that? and all those people just disappeared from the streets...and so on

David Darida on Dec 20, 2012


Nice! Hoe come Bats comes out of the well and regains his speed and health

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


TDKR was good. It felt like there was stuff missing, but overall, amazing stuff.

conradthegreat on Dec 18, 2012



avi on Dec 19, 2012


TDKR ending was v.disappointing!

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


Gotta say, I enjoyed John Carter as well. I didn't want anything to do with this film from the start. Can't really say why, but it just didn't appeal to me. Plus Kitsch just reminded me too much of Gyllenhaal in the shitpile that was Prince of Persia. During Thanksgiving my moron brother-in-law made me watch it, and I actually dug it. This is the only film on this list I've seen so far.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2012


The Hobbit in the first place..imho...

David Darida on Dec 18, 2012


Prometheus all the way for number one. Biggest disappointment since The Phantom Menace. That original script by Jon Spaihts is so freakn good. Ah, what might have been...

SV7 on Dec 18, 2012


John Carter was NOT a good film. It's soooo boring. I totally disagree with the "fantastic sci-fi adventure that has flares of classic films like Star Wars". I wanted to like the movie but I just couldn't do it. Prometheus was also a major let down, and all due to the script, and it's sooo frustrating since D.Lindelof was involved. (man, Lost was always epic writing)

leinergroove on Dec 18, 2012


The Hobbit, hands down.

Hazedmind on Dec 18, 2012



Chris Amaya on Dec 18, 2012


you're nuts

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Dec 18, 2012


1. The Amazing Spiderman: Showing Peter Parker show off his power in public was the first of many "wtf where they thinking?" moments. It's like they read Spiderman and then tried to be Superman. 2. Red Tails: Let's stop thinking Lucas has any talent past saying yes and no. Yeah, I too LOVE the original Star Wars Trilogy, but the Prequels sealed his fate. Indiana Jones has Spielberg watching it's back so with Red Tails I expected shit on film. 3. John Carter: I feel bad for this movie, but they couldn't properly sell it to audiences, period. Huge marketing and PR fail if ever one. 4. The Bourne Legacy: Fun film, but the ghost of Damin as Bourne was too much apparently. Overall I do think it worked but the script needed more tightening up. Plus too much scifi for Bourne fans and universe. Ending also felt meh. 5. Prometheus: This film also needed someone to have read the script and taken note of loose ends and "wtfs?". What scientist takes off their masks for example or touches unknown things like they do in this film? Mindboggling madness. I'll blame the writers over director, but director should catch this sort of stuff. Then again, the promise and expected trilogy treatment makes for witholding of important information unforgivable. P.s. Why aren't Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and The Master not on this list? Then again this list should have been a 10 film list. Was it based on only opinion or box office turnouts? Dark Knight was too long which exposed questions, Skyfall was a messy plot and the Master was PTA's weakest entry. Tired of films that leave too much to the audience to decipher.

Johnny Neat on Dec 18, 2012


Me and most people like Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and The Master. Most people actually love Skyfall

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Dec 18, 2012


I agree. I liked John Carter. Got good at the end and amazing music by Giacchino. Marketing campaign killed it, a good one would have saved it. TDKR just had way too much wrong with it. Talia served absolutely no purpose other than to have a twist at the end. Catwoman was near useless and could have been cut out too. Batman recovers from a crippling injuries at the beginning of the film then has another one in the middle of it. Deconstructed Gotham was interesting but IMO too fantastic for the TDK universe. Similar to Spiderman 3 and X-Men 3 there was just too much going on. Nolan and the talent involved (actors, Zimmer, Bane, etc...) kept it from being as bad as those other movies but still.. it wasn't up to Nolan's normal level. Script probably needed 3 or 4 more drafts. I like what they tried to do in Skyfall get Bond alone and gritty, focus on Bond. Simplify the story, revenge. But of all characters we don't need to see Bond's backstory. You could have changed Bond's name to Bourne, GI Joe, or some new character and it would've worked just as well. I also felt Silva was too good a villain to stay away from. He didn't do anything though and I felt he lost his teeth (no pun intended) after his decade long plan to kill M failed. All build up no substance. M died anyways, slow and wanna-be dramatic, they should have had Silva shoot her in the face in court. That's dramatic and shocking. Silva would instantly become one of the most memorable and wicked villains in Bond history. Cool set pieces in the first half and interesting direction they wanted to take it in the 2nd but when you have an amazing villain/actor in Silva/Bardem then use him. If they had Silva win and getaway in this one then it probably gets remembered as the Bond version of Empire Strikes Back. And sets up an incredible sequel. Skyfall probably needed 2-3 more drafts also. Loved Adele's theme.

si1ver on Dec 18, 2012


I could not agree with you more. Prometheus was the years biggest disappointment.

frank on Dec 18, 2012


With all due respect here Ethan, as a writer, blogger and film connoisseur I don't think you thought very hard when writing this. I mean, for two of the movies listed here, you actually liked! But you seem to explain that ASM and JC got a "bad wrap" for lack of a better term.... I'm not really sure why JC is on this list then. But Prometheus I do agree was The Most Disappointing film this year. However you didn't really explain highlights as to why it earned this rank. Maybe what was with the black ooze? Why didn't the engineer go through the trouble of running after Shaw when he could have just blown the ship up (and saved his own ass) and why the fuck does Guy Pearce have a "cameo-like" role. It bothered me that he was Meredith's father, and she kept the machine in the room for him, but......... I know I know, I should shut up and write my own list. I'm just saying, for such a great website, poor editorial. peace

conradthegreat on Dec 18, 2012


No, I like what you have to say. But honestly, there weren't too many films that I was super pumped about that disappointed me as much as these did. This was a great year for superb films so my big disappointments were few and far between. Most of the disappointment stems from the hype surrounding all of them (save for my special inclusion of John Carter), and that's why they made the list. I wanted to mix it up and instead of just bad mouthing all the movies, include some that were disappointing for reasons other than being terrible.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 18, 2012


To be honest, my biggest disappointments of the year were: The Hunger Games - When I watched this movie I loved it to death, but as I thought about it I realized that I was actually filling in all the holes that the movie had with my knowledge of the book. However, I don't really blame the movie for it. 80-90% of this book was internal (i.e. in Katniss' head) and there was a big struggle getting all that thought onto the screen. They tried but ultimately did not succeed in my opinion. The Watch - What should have been a raucous laughter of a movie ended up being nothing but a run-of-the-mill comedy that not once had me laugh so hard that my abs hurt. Even though some say that this wasn't really a disappointment, it was to me. I mean come on, Richard Ayaode, Will Forte AND Jonah Hill, how could this NOT be funny Cosmopolis - Strangely enough, i was not Robert Pattinson's fault as to why this movie fell flat on its face. It was Cronenberg's crappy writing. This man goes from conversation to conversation that seems to be linked in NO way whatsoever culminating in an encounter with Paul Giamatti which even though that conversation by itself was written really well and executed brilliantly, simply made no sense (as did the rest of the conversations) Flight - Brilliant performance by Denzel, fails simply because Zemeckis doesn't let me feel the weight of ANYTHING that happens in this movie and this just takes away from the entire film experience. Lincoln - It just seems that this 150 minute movie spends absolutely no time on anything. There are these HUGE events that are happening: The passage of the 13th amendment and the Civil War and we don't even really know what is happening in either of them. In fact there is this big scene at the end where it is almost like 5 different characters have moments of emotional transcendence and all I could think was: "Where the F@#! did this come from???" Speilberg should have taken some lessons from Michael Mann's Ali before he made this movie. If you are making a portrait of a man make a portrait of a man. Don't make me think that you're doing one thing and try to do another at the same time. Unlike those Old El Paso ads, you can't have both.

Nicholas Robinson on Dec 18, 2012


5 Disappointing endings: 5. The Grey 4. Brave 3. TDKR 2. Prometheus 1.Amazing Spiderman

ASB on Mar 5, 2013


In my opinion, Prometheus was the largest disappointment in memory. I realize that the magnitude of the disappointment for me is due to the enormous pedestal I had built up for it, but that doesn't make it any less true. Aliens is one of my all time favorite movies, and I was looking forward to the 21st century bringing it's film making prowess to bear on the subject, the universe and possibilities. It was sure a hard landing...

Guest on Dec 18, 2012


In my opinion, Prometheus was the largest disappointment in memory. I realize that the magnitude of the disappointment for me is due to the enormous pedestal I had built up for it, but that doesn't make it any less true. Aliens is one of my all time favorite movies, and I was looking forward to the 21st century bringing it's film making prowess to bear on the subject, the universe and possibilities. It was sure a hard landing...

Everman on Dec 18, 2012


hmm, seeing as dissapointment is a subjective view it is impossible to fault the list. I would like to say that my top 5 would look completely different though. Prometheus even being my favourite movie of 2012 along with The Grey and The Thing. My top 5 would be 5. Dark Shadows (realized after watching this one I have given Burton and Depp too much credit for their collaborations and that they havný delivered for quite a while. Don't plan on seeing any of Burtons movies in the future). He's completely lost it! 4. Lawless (Trailer looked cool, love Hardy, love Oldman, love Chastain, love Pearce! Just forgot that LaBeouf was a lead aswell! Can anyone name a good movie he was in besides A guide to recognizing your saints? He's just so terrible. Such a dissapointment! 3. Kill Them Softly (Again everything looked great but storytelling was slow and boring) 2. Cloud Atlas (Had high hopes for this movie but got lost somewhere halfway and found Hanks especially unbelievable and unrelateable in all his parts. 1. Looper (must say that this on some levels shouldnt make my list. What really dissapointed me though was the ending and the fact that the movie did too little with the timetravel aspect) Wont ruin it for those who havnt seen it by going in to detail.

Decompose on Dec 18, 2012


liked looper very much! You can't unravel time travel because it always causes paradoxes...

avi on Dec 19, 2012


I think the list is absolutely correct, except I think we can find another movie to replace Red Tails. Did anyone really have any kind of expectations for that movie? I assumed it would suck and it did... so it really wasn't a disappointment. Prometheus and Bourne are definitely #1 and #2 though... they were both awful.

Kevin on Dec 18, 2012


John Carter & Prometheus were excellent,, DKR and Twilight should be on here..

Mochonko on Dec 18, 2012


Did you ever see Total Recall? Dark Shadows? Battleship? Resident Evil 5? 3 stooges? Underworld 4? There...I just named 6 movies worse than everything you just wrote about. I guess now I qualify to write for the site.

Nope on Dec 18, 2012


This column is about disappointments, not simply "bad movies". Did you have high expectations for Battleship?

Paul K. on Dec 18, 2012


This list is composed of films that ended up being disappointments for the writer, this is not a list of the worst films of the year. It's clearly stated in the title and throughout the article.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 18, 2012


Did you ever search what "disappointment" meant in the dictionary? Troll fanboy is exposed, now, get the fuck out.

BK on Dec 18, 2012



avi on Dec 19, 2012


Yes, but I wasn't extremely excited about those movies or their potential. This isn't a list of Worst movies, but a list of disappointing movies compared to the hype surrounding them (with the exception of John Carter). There's a Worst of 2012 list coming on Friday.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 19, 2012


Dear John, I think you're missing the point here, Prometheus is a fine movie, it's just that it totally did not live up to the hype that was created around it, by the media canon powering R.Scott but also by 'us' the public. You said it yourself you came in with realistic expectations. I on the other hand read a pretty extensive interview with mr.Scott where he claims to have reinvented sci-fi by making something he thought was necessary... which I watched thrice as well by now and still laugh when I see a 'scientist' meeting a penis shaped alien and trying to interact with it like it's a domesticated cat. About hyping this thing up, did I see 7 or 8 different trailers for it? I think I lost count after 5 😉 and where did I see someone saying it wasn't a prequel OR sequel to the alien quadrilogy? For me this movie turned out to be nothing more but empty promises and broken dreams..... and a whole lot of dollars for 20th'Fox and Scott.

Maurice on Dec 18, 2012


DKR would be more appropriate for the first place. Prometheus tho it had some troubles it was quite consistent as a whole, where Rises failed with too many plot concepts and big themes that could have three seperate movies. I am surprised it is not up here.

AJ on Dec 19, 2012


best movie for me:safety not guaranteed! But this is pre life of pi...

avi on Dec 19, 2012


I agree with Prometheus being a disappointment. The movie looked fantastic on the IMAX screen but the plot and bland, stupid main characters were muddled, uneven and weak giving the audience no sympathy for them only frustration. Ridley Scott we wanted Alien 5 not this confusing beautiful looking picture.

Tom on Dec 19, 2012


Man... you took my list... Congratulations dude, i've make mine your words...

D. on Dec 19, 2012


I agree about Prometheus and John Carter but disagree about The Bourne Legacy, may be because that I did not expect too much so I really liked it And I did not expect any good from The Amazing Spider-Man, so i was not disappointed …it was even worse although

DYV on Dec 19, 2012


After seeing it last night I would have to put the hobbit on this list too.

frank on Dec 19, 2012


Disagree about Prometheus and The Amazing Spiderman. What blockbuster movie doesnt have plot holes?. Ok, they were disappointing to you, but not boring. Safe House and Brave were disappointing .. and boring.

Gerardo Vazquez on Dec 19, 2012


Plot "holes" are one thing. Prometheus had plot canyons... The thing was easily the most visually spectacular movie of the year, bar none, but the script was on-par with Star Wars Episode I. People doing stupid things entirely against character, absurd plot foundations, awkward dialog... I SO wanted to like this movie, and I'm glad I went to see it, but as Ethan points out here, even the most cursory discussion of the story leads to so many WTF moments that the whole thing falls apart.

Marc McNaughton on Dec 19, 2012


Nicely done, Ethan. I came into this review expecting the usual pop-culture panning, but you were spot-on for the movies I saw. Your comments on John Carter and Prometheus were particularly accurate. Nicely done!

Marc McNaughton on Dec 19, 2012


Total agree with you!

ASB on Dec 28, 2012


Spiderman was TERRIBLE!!! I liked TDKR, but as soon at the credits started to role instantly new TDK was better (IMO).. and I guess I should rewatch John Carter..I started to but Idk why i didn't finish it..

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Dec 19, 2012


I'm not disappointed by any of these. Being disappointed implies you though these were going to be good.

NRD1138 on Dec 19, 2012


Dear John, I think you're missing the point here, Prometheus is a fine movie, it's just that it totally did not live up to the hype that was created around it, by the media canon powering R.Scott but also by 'us' the public. You said it yourself you came in with realistic expectations. I on the other hand read a pretty extensive interview with mr.Scott where he claims to have reinvented sci-fi by making something he thought was necessary... which I watched thrice as well by now and still laugh when I see a 'scientist' meeting a penis shaped alien and trying to interact with it like it's a domesticated cat. About hyping this thing up, did I see 7 or 8 different trailers for it? I think I lost count after 5 😉 and where did I see someone saying it wasn't a prequel OR sequel to the alien quadrilogy? For me this movie turned out to be nothing more but empty promises and broken dreams..... and a whole lot of dollars for 20th'Fox and Scott.

Maurice on Dec 19, 2012


I actually loved Prometheus and didn't see it till after it hit the theatres an heard all the negativity about it honestly thinking it might not be worth my time. And how can u say it was written like it was for grade schoolers like the article said, in fact its more complex and makes u connect the dots and really think , and i hope theres another sequel to prometheus. You can't expect todays new generations to actually dig the Alien franchise like we all did growing up. That was the problem getting asses in the seats.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Dec 19, 2012


Gute liste!

Davide Coppola on Dec 19, 2012


Battleship should be on this list...

Edward_Hackett on Dec 19, 2012


I think this is a list for disappointments (films we hoped would be good but weren't) and not films that no one expected to be good.

RawBeard on Dec 19, 2012


I didn't think of it that way. Battleship had potential to be a killer special effects movie... It just sucked at everything. Acting and special effects.

Edward_Hackett on Dec 19, 2012


5 Biggest Disappointments (alphabetical): -Prometheus -Snow White and the Huntsman -Sur La Piste Du Marsupilami -The Amazing Spider-Man -The Dark Knight Rises

Jean Morel on Dec 19, 2012


I still strongly disagree that John Carter's failure was just down to "bad marketing" or audiences who "didn't get it". It was a very average movie that looked too much like a dozen other genre movies from the past 30 years or so, and which also had a bland script and main actor. (Doesn't matter that its story was the progenitor for stories that followed.)

castingcouch on Dec 20, 2012


How is Red Tails a disapointment? It was a GL movie....I was expecting crap and that's what we got. Were you expecting something even worse and it failed to deliver?

Geoffrey Shauger on Dec 20, 2012


DKR is only a disapointment if you were expecting pure garbage and are turned off by brilliant movies

Geoffrey Shauger on Dec 20, 2012


My biggest disappointment of the year is undoubtedly The Avengers, the movie was so stupid and unfunny, but trying to be a comedy for some strange reason, Loki has to be the most boring and retarded villain of the year.

Manny on Dec 21, 2012


I made it to number 2 and didn't see Prometheus, and was soooo ready to blast the list maker for being terrible at making lists. And there it was was at number 1 in it's appropriate spot. I don't think I'll ever quite be so excited for a movie and leave the theater in supreme and utter disappointment.

Pepe Silvia on Dec 23, 2012


I couldn't disagree more with Prometheus AND John Carter; The Bourne Legacy was a really good movie, but was a little disappointing. I completely agree with Red Tails though; poor filmmaking, besides the dog-fights.

Jared M. Kuntz on Dec 24, 2012


5 Disappointing endings: 5. The Grey 4. Brave 3. TDKR 2. Prometheus 1.Amazing Spiderman

ASB on Mar 5, 2013

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