Looking Back: FirstShowing Collectively Picks the Worst Films of 2012

December 21, 2012

That's My Boy

Though this year has been chock full of some absolutely great films (everyone at FirstShowing is having a problem locking down their favorite films of 2012), that doesn't mean there weren't some bad apples among the bunch. Rather than individually choosing our least favorite 2012 films, myself, Alex Billington, Ben Pearson, Jeremy Kirk and Tim Buel got together and figured out which films we collectively deemed as the Worst Films of 2012. Some of these appeared in my editorial defending Cloud Atlas as being far from one of the worst films of the year, but others were so bad that I just forgot about them. Check out our picks!

Here's our collectively chosen list of 10 movies that we believe were some of the worst of 2012. Each writer submitted a list of their least favorite films, and we finalized this set of them that we felt were just awful.

#10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Despite a catchy concept playing off the hype surrounding this year's fascination with Abraham Lincoln, this movie was a huge mess from start to finish. The script the worst part about it, untidy and problematic. The story kept jumping forward in time without any care or concern for the characters. The rest of the movie just wasn't that good either. The action scenes were overly flashy and hardly entertaining, especially when they were supposed to be the big payoff. Nothing worked, it wasn't very entertaining, and even the performances were mediocre. An unfortunate blunder of storytelling that will be, and already has been, quickly forgotten.

#9. Alex Cross

Alex Cross

At least Matthew Fox got it. What should have been a crazy, balls-to-the-wall, almost comedic turn for the Alex Cross series - This film is a reboot for the character after Morgan Freeman played him in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider - took itself way too seriously for anyone to enjoy themselves. Even Fox starts to look bored after his crazy eyes grow tired. He wanted them to make the Alex Cross movie we deserved, especially with Tyler Perry taking the role over, since he's at least a halfway decent actor. Rob Cohen, unfortunately, wanted big and loud but serious and dramatic. It was enough to make the audience pass out.

#8. Red Tails

Red Tails

Maybe we shouldn't be expecting much out of George Lucas as a producer since his career has a director has taken a sharp nosedive ever since the first Star Wars prequel in 1999. But this was a film that Lucas had been wanting to make for decades, and letting director Anthony Hemingway take the reigns made us think this could turn into an outstanding war drama. However, the result was a cheesy film empty of any real heart. Not even Lucas doing reshoots of the film himself saved what could have been a successful high profile chronicle of some of the bravest men to ever take to the skies to defend the United States. Top Gun can fly circles around this film, and it's not even based on an inspiring true story.

#7. Red Dawn

Red Dawn

Since this unnecessary 80's action remake sat on the shelf for nearly three years, it's no surprise that it arrived rather unceremoniously despite a Thanksgiving weekend opening. Boasting what was a cast of largely unknown stars at the time like Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson (both talents who had their stars rise in the years this film was completed and awaiting release), the film is a miserable remake with weak villains, the most generic script ever written, and is almost the epitome of bad remakes of films from the 80s. Plus, the ending was just about the weakest conclusion to an action film I've seen in years.

#6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

We probably should have guessed earlier that Neveldine & Taylor weren't going to escape the doom of the CG-fest that was 2007's Ghost Rider. We just still had such high hopes thanks to Crank, which remains a recent, action favorite. Nicolas Cage winding up the crazy once again was sure to be found, but the level of boredom Spirit of Vengeance sank to was shocking. Thanks, shaky cam. Thanks, fast in-and-out zooming. Thanks, lack of care in every shot that made us feel we were watching a high school video production. But Ghost Rider is a cool looking superhero, so the el cheapo sequels are sure to continue. Can we at least try to include an interesting story next time?

#5. The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges

This really was the year for films that were in development for years to fall flat on their face. From Red Tails to Red Dawn, there seems to be a lot of wasted time getting these films off the ground, but this one takes the cake. In an attempt to revive the classic comedy trio of Moe, Larry and Curly, directing duo and siblings Bobby and Peter Farrelly failed to recognize that Jackass and YouTube already have the market cornered with stupid slapstick moments, and artificial use of such comedy just doesn't work anymore. Even though Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos put their whole heart into some stellar impressions of the classic comedians, the movie was worse than a poke to the eyes.

#4. That's My Boy

That's My Boy

Adam Sandler is in an endless war against movie lovers worldwide. He consistently delivers lackluster and obnoxious performances, quite literally just cashing a paycheck to fund his next outing with his usual motley crew. That's My Boy is insulting and just plain stupid. Sandler parades around the screen, portraying his usual obnoxious man-child self and worst of all, dragging the usually charming Andy Samberg down with him. The film attempts to insert some heart and soul into its vulgarity, however this attempt comes across as superficial and lazy when the R-rated crudity takes center stage. Another reason this film resonates so poorly is its overall mean spirit. It rarely changes from its agenda to punish its main characters and its audience with gross out humor and offensive content (for the sake of being offensive). You might be hard pressed to find a film that is more of a middle finger to the comedy genre this year, despite this film coming from the writer/director of the decent Sex Drive. The moral of the story is, stay away from Adam Sandler joints until he pairs up with Paul Thomas Anderson again.

#3. Battleship


Battleship was so bad it made John Carter look like The Godfather. This is a movie based on a board game, and it doesn't even use "you sunk my battleship!" as a line of dialogue, which is practically the only thing people expected from it. Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, and Rihanna were all atrocious in it, but as bad as they were, most of the ill will should fall on the script, director Peter Berg's ugly shot selections, and the fact that this movie took itself far too seriously. The aliens' motivations made no sense, the physics were questionable at best, and the whole thing was like a Transformers ripoff that had half the skill and none of the charisma of Bay's films. Battleship is by far the dumbest blockbuster of the year. Bonus: this movie also wins the award for the most pointless post-credits sequence in the history of film.

#2. Piranha 3DD

Piranha 3DD

There's a reason this was at the top of my list of films that were far worse than Cloud Atlas, and that's because this is undoubtedly one of the worst films ever made, not just in 2012, but ever. While the first films was a solid tongue in cheek parody and tribute to the original mocking of Jaws, this one dispatches with any cleverness in the favor of boobs, blood and no script. I don't even know how enough dialogue and story points were shot to edit this into a vaguely cohesive film. Evidence of that can be seen in the film's one hour and fifteen minute runtime accompanied by a ten minute credit sequence of terrible deleted scenes.

#1. Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans

When word came out in 2010 that a new take on classic 80's film Clash of the Titans was being made, film geeks were skeptical but interested in revitalized effects and updated action sequences. Instead they were presented with a vacant, bland and overall wasteful remake that was instantly forgotten. This year's sequel Wrath of the Titans also raised some hopeful eyebrows as Jonathan Liebesman, hot off of Battle: Los Angeles, hopped into the director's chair to hopefully breathe life into the series. Unfortunately his touch is barely recognizable in the final product which is essentially a wooden scripted and CGI ridden mess. The film failed to improve any of the elements of the first and even made some of the flaws more noticeable, especially the chaotic "storyline" and silly acting. All in all, Wrath of the Titans was a painful revisit to a world that we never wanted to really experience in the first place.

Dishonorable Mentions: Lockout, The Raven, Dark Shadows, Savages, One for the Money, What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Devil Inside, Paranormal Activity 4, Chasing Mavericks, Resident Evil: Retribution, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Nature Calls, Playing for Keeps, Taken 2, Here Comes the Boom.

So there you have it. The piles of excrement that are our least favorite films of 2012. However, the good news is that our lists looking back at the best films of the year are coming next week, and it's been hard to figure out our absolute favorites. Next week we'll have a few lists looking at our personal favorite films of the year, the best films in the comedy and horror genre, and the best motion picture scores, so stay tuned. Our own Alex Billington, Ben Pearson, and Golden Briefcase hosts Jeremy Kirk and Tim Buel contributed to this article. So what did you think were the worst films of 2012? Did we miss any? Sound off below!

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Yeah, Piranha 3DD needs to be where it is (if not number one). Horrible. Just horrible.

mandawg on Dec 21, 2012


battleship was not so bad

Alessandro on Dec 21, 2012


yes it was.

Kento on Dec 21, 2012


Very, very much was.

LightningB on Dec 21, 2012



Verg on Dec 21, 2012



Mohamad Jaka Prawira on Jan 2, 2013


no it wasn't

this list is bollocks on Jan 12, 2013


wait... did this just devolve into "did-did not"???? Or, has it always been that just far more cleverly disguised?

troll slayer on Feb 16, 2013


No it hasn't.

TheKlot on May 16, 2013


yes it has

Chris Straub on May 29, 2013


Wait i fell victim to the bugs bunny trick. Let me start again by saying Battleship was a piece of turd.

TheKlot on May 29, 2013


"Battleship," like many turds, a floater, to be sure!

MC on Jul 11, 2013


No it was not.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


You are correct.. it wasn't bad... it was horrible!!

cg on Dec 22, 2012


As far as this list is concerned... yeah, Battleship was probably the best film on it.

TJ Wright on Dec 24, 2012


battleship was the best movie ive seen in 2012 but now its 2013 XD

Sheri Taylor on Jul 20, 2013


yeah i didn't actually mind it

Jack Dignan on Dec 25, 2012


I've been loving sci-fi before all these new sci-fi block busters came out. Battleship gives you an idea "what if this happened" in HD, This was a OK movie.

Movie watcher on Dec 26, 2012


Dude, they had Rhianna, wet 90% of the time and didn't capitalize on it. Major fail.

Israel Cruz on Jun 12, 2013


watch porn if you want tittes dude.

Abhinav on Jul 2, 2013


STFU Assclown. My point being that they had Rhianna in a movie, an could of used her sexual appeal to bring in the young heads that love her, thereby making much more bank. And if i want titties, your girlfriend's while you're at work will do jus fine.

Israel Cruz on Jul 2, 2013


Rihanna looked stupid in uniform. If she was not half naked in her videos nobody would care for her songs either.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


I wish she lost it at some point in the movie, she goes shopping in swimsuit in real life.

Nothing on Jul 22, 2013


Flagged for vulgarity.

pbrower2a on Nov 24, 2013


I don't think it was bad either. The biggest flaw is that brain dead hick pointed out that the aliens have the same eyes as frogs. He touts that he took his pet frog to the beach where it went nuts because of the sunshine. Come on.

Michael McConnell on Dec 28, 2012


Battleship was a horrible train wreck of a film.

MichaelRWorthingon on Jan 2, 2013



Sheri Taylor on Jul 20, 2013


agreed. Liked it

Dave on May 17, 2013


Totally was.

Monkey Boy on May 29, 2013


how could u all say tht battleship was horrible it was great and STOP CRITISIZING MOVIES OR FILMS ARE U ALL STUPID

Sheri Taylor on Jul 20, 2013


Glad to say I've seen only one from that list but I still plan on watching at least 3 of those even if they might turn out bad. The one that I've seen is the #1 itself, Wrath of the Titans, and it's really bad.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 21, 2012


You guys miss 'snowhite and the huntchman', it was like a fellowship of the ring with seven gimlys and joan d'arc finish... Kind of magamix... Mmm

Raxu on Dec 21, 2012


Oh it wasn't that bad...I would agree with most of this list, though.

Philip Funderburk on Dec 23, 2012


Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth saved that film from reaching the depths of those named above.

Lance on Jun 5, 2013


Disagree. Theron screaming every line at the top of her lungs was one of my chief complaints. KS's vacant stare, lip biting, and god awful Braveheart-esque pre game speech were a close second. Thor was decent but nowhere near enough to come in on the save.

ghost ECHO sevn on Jun 12, 2013


Alright, I'll say it: I enjoyed That's My Boy. It's not Sandler's best but it had me laughing most of the time. 3 Stooges does not belong on this list, it was a fun tribute to the classic shorts.

AJ on Dec 21, 2012


Also, I didn't think Red Tails was terrible, but I thought it was a missed opportunity (perhaps if Lucas let Hemingway do his thing, it would have been better).

AJ on Dec 21, 2012


Red Tails wasn't the worst but for the serious, dramatic true story it was based on, it was made without any real heart. You didn't get the impression it was made on a true story.

LightningB on Dec 21, 2012


it wasn't a true story they lied about 98 percent of that movie that squadron did 95 percent non combat missions they were escorts to other plane loads of supplies and rarely ever saw enemy fighters read the real history and you will see they were in very few combat situations and actually had a low percentage of kills to being shot down they were a below average squadron by the real numbers and actual history just cause its a movie don't make it true this movie doesn't get made if the studio wasn't trying to cash in on a race story about war yes few blacks were allowed to be pilots and they broke that color barrier movie should have focused on the real victory of breaking the color barrier like Jackie robinson did they should not have lied and made it look like they were the best pilots ever who were above average read history they were below average and in less combat situations then every other squadron of the war complete lies and garbage disrespectful to every other fighter squadron of the time

sdmusmc on Jul 6, 2013


It was a boring movie no matter what.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


Glad I didn't go see it in the movie theatre.

Nothing on Jul 22, 2013


They did very dangerous work as fighter escorts They were the ones who got shot down; they were cover for the heavier, less maneuverable bombers. Bomber crews loved having the Red Tails as escorts.

pbrower2a on Nov 24, 2013


Red Tails impressed me for showing respect for black people. Most contemporary films make black people either fools or too-good-to-be-true. To be sure, the story has its limitations, and it is likely that every imaginable WWII story that has some credibility has been exhausted. It is restrained, to be sure, but one must remember -- the Tuskegee Airmen would not now fit some of the contemporary stereotypes of street-smart blacks who could never do anything heroic. It may be better history than film-making.

pbrower2a on Nov 24, 2013


Gotta agree with you on That's My Boy. Expectations were low, so my girl and I were able to enjoy it. And damn, we laughed a lot. Skipped the Stooges, but I'm open to it.

grimjob on Dec 22, 2012


I'm with you, I went into That's My Boy expecting another Jack and Jill travesty, but ended up laughing almost the whole time. I found it to be more reminiscent of his earlier roles that really made him famous. It was the closest thing to a good old Sandler flick that we all used to love than anything he's put out in a really long time.

Batman McAwesometown on Jan 22, 2013


Felt the same about it being close to classic Sandler.

grimjob on Jan 23, 2013


Personnaly I expected it to be good and it was.

Cal Scherer on Jan 24, 2013


I guess I've become jaded over the years with all his "family" films. I'm glad I was wrong with this one.

grimjob on Jan 25, 2013


Thats my boy shudnt be in the list...i enjoyed it..thats what i care...

Ankur on Jun 28, 2013



Chornies on Jul 4, 2013


You really think GhostRider and RedTails are better than That's my Boy? At least TMB was watchable

Aflacker on Dec 21, 2012


totally disagree.

Kento on Dec 21, 2012


Ghost Rider was bad, but not even close the the awfulness of That's My Boy

Mark on Dec 22, 2012


I will defend the entertainment value of the Piranha movies until the day of my death. I have laughed with them all, yet people keep saying they are terrible, I thought that was the point? It's like when people say "Freddy got Fingered" is terrible, isn't THAT THE POINT?? Films that try to be good but aren't should take their place, That's my boy was awful.

Guy who comments on things on Dec 21, 2012


I like the first Piranha 3D for tongue in cheek, gruesome horror parody. But Piranha 3DD was pure garbage.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 21, 2012


I thought the first Piranha 3D was amazing. One of the best theater expereinces ever. 3DD not so much

Mark on Dec 22, 2012


When watching a film, there are two questions people have to see if it answered: 1.) Is the film accomplishing its goals? That one most films do at least decently. Piranha 3DD did that, rather well actually. It's the second question that films have problems answering. 2.) Is what it sets out to do worth doing? This is why I not only had a problem with Piranha 3DD but The Raid: Redemption as well.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 1, 2013


It's got nothing to do with that! If you liked the film, you found it good, you don't have to nitpick every time you watch a movie.

mo on Jan 12, 2013


If you liked a film, you don't necessarily find it good.... I enjoyed the first Transformers movie, but I wouldn't exactly classify it as good. It's not nitpicking if you are asking if you wasted your time with the film or not....

Greg dinskisk on Jan 13, 2013


The Raid: Redemption is an awesome movie. It got 84% on RT. I could not stop watching it. Battle sequences are second to none. And usually long fighting scene in the movie puts me to sleep.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


I don't care about RottenTomatoes scores. I value films on what I thought of them, not other critics. What's the point of long fighting sequences, no matter how well choreographed/entertaining they are if you don't care about a single character in any of them?

Greg dinskisk on Jul 15, 2013


Just feel like I have to defend it. You put it in the same sentence as Piranha 3DD. Maybe someone else will see this movie and enjoy it. And martial art called an art for a reason.

Nothing on Jul 22, 2013


Oh it's definitely art, and it's a helluva lot better than Piranha 3DD. But just because it's better than a piece of trash doesn't mean it's good. I'd still argue it's a bad film. But it's definitely art, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. Sorry about that!

Greg dinskisk on Jul 23, 2013


I loved the first Piranha film for being a goof ball piece of wonderfulness. A throw back to a certain kind of film and it was actually shot and made well. The sequel wasn't funny when it needed to be, wasn't sexy when it needed to be and was shot horribly. Not only that but it's 3D conversion was one of the worst I've ever seen.

Kento on Jan 21, 2013


Well I'd put VHS on that list as one of the worst!The Paperboy was bad too...

jah p on Dec 21, 2012


stop talking about movies please. For the sake of all of us, keep your opinion to yourself. The Paperboy was a fine movie for what it was, VHS was one of the best horror films of the year and a triumph in anthology film making.

Kento on Dec 21, 2012


VHS was a rather impressive horror acievement. The Paperboy on the other hand is my pick for worst of the year. It was a film that perfectly presented director Lee Daniels weaknesses.

clinteastwoodscloset on Dec 22, 2012


I can comment on whatever I want! Go get out of your parents basement for a change! VHS was overhyped and just dumb!Only one good story and even that story was a stretch...

jah p on Dec 22, 2012


I'm sorry but your trolling has failed. Parent's basement? Get some new material and stop throwing out stereotypes from 1995. I've been a home owner for six years I'm still in my 20s. You haven't argued a point yet. You've tried/failed to insult me in the most cliche'd manner possible and then tried/failed to say why the movie sucks with zero specifics. Like I said before, please stop talking about movies. VHS was the indie horror darling of the year, showed what the found footage genre could be.

Kento on Dec 22, 2012


eh.. if he was trolling.. it worked lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Dec 22, 2012


The Innkeepers > VHS

Tykittaa on Dec 25, 2012


The Innkeepers is a better movie, it also came out last year and VHS came out this summer.

Kento on Dec 25, 2012


That was so funny the last time i heard that i fell off my aol connection

Daniel on Dec 23, 2012


So you can have an opinion but no one else can?

a guy on Dec 24, 2012


nope. Tons of people can have opinions. But when you say VHS is one of the worst films of the year you're clearly coming from a place of insanity and you know what we do with insane people don't you? lol.

Kento on Dec 26, 2012


you just told that guy "stop talking about movies please. for the sake of all of us, keep your opinions to yourself" then you went and gave your own opinion on movies.. contradicting much?

2_less_wankers_on_air on Dec 26, 2012


no it's not contradicting at all. I'm not saying we shouldn't all have opinions. I'm simply stating that this guy's opinion sucks and he should keep it to himself because it's bananas. I'm being a dick. Get it? ok good.

Kento on Dec 26, 2012


I liked battleship just for what it was.

mooreworthy on Dec 21, 2012


a giant, bloated, steaming pile of jingoistic garbage with a nonsensical plot, horrible acting from all sides and a plot device that allowed them to make their attacks similar to that of the board game? I didn't know people could enjoy that.

Kento on Dec 21, 2012


C'mon, You mean to tell me you don't have a bad movie you actually like?

mooreworthy on Dec 21, 2012


I'm with you. I actually enjoyed Battleship. It just seemed fun and it seemed like everyone on set was just like 'Wouldn't it be cool if we could do this and that...' etc.

TK on Dec 22, 2012


Everything can't be Lincoln.

mooreworthy on Dec 22, 2012


I didn't like Lincoln either. You're not helping yourself here.

Kento on Dec 22, 2012


No worries Kento, we all don't and shouldn't like everyone's pick. That's why we read the comments, for variety and discussion.

mooreworthy on Dec 22, 2012


also - it's why God makes blondes AND redheads - we all have different tastes for no other reason than preference.

Vincent Louis Marino on Dec 26, 2012


Nicely put.

mooreworthy on Dec 26, 2012


Wow, you picked two different hair colors traditionally identified on white women. Both sexist AND racist. Awful example of "different tastes" and diversity.

Ugh on Dec 28, 2012


da fuq? how the hell is it either? because he didnt say black hair? that can also be on a spanish girl, a white girl; a black girl or an asian girl? in fact you thinking black girls cant pull off blond or red hair is racist in its self, and you also must have never seen rhianna or halle berry. put your race whistle away, its 2013, every1 is tired of that liberal nonsensical bullshit.

jeff on Jan 1, 2013


Hey don't blame liberals for that comment. Its 2013, can we give the Reaganite liberal bashing of the 1980's a damn break. How would you like if I blamed conservatives for every racist person I find?

Michael Gutman on Jan 19, 2013


He never specified that the blonde or red hair belonged to women either.

P on Feb 21, 2013


First of all, I'm tired of people pulling the "ZOMG LIBERAL" card every time someone points out an ignorant comment. It's not about "pulling it off" as much as that comment pretty much throws the billions of brunettes in the world under the bus. Coming from someone who ISN'T liberal and has naturally blonde-ish/currently dyed red hair, Vincent might as well have said "nobody likes brunettes".

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


Wow, you sit here with a prejudice attitude of all christian people and then yell at others for being prejudice? You clearly have a problem with communication skills and should look into research and proper ways to conduct oneself in a society, but that is beside the fact that the bible, truly isn't about hating and killing and subjugating people with differences in any way. The problem with the book is the readers/interpreters. While religion has flaws, it gives people hope and purpose, despite some people using it the wrong way you cannot simply stereotype the entire religion. Please stop using words like "fucktard"; get a real understanding of the world and of people, then try to make the world a better place, not by promoting anger and prejudice as you are doing in this post, but by rather educating people. You are the pot calling the kettle black in this situation and should really think before you speak. I will go continue you with my home work now and let you think about the error in your ways, you can either blow it off and keep on promoting the same problems that are wrong with our society, or you can think and learn, possibly reevaluate your life. While the latter is much harder, I'll side with statistics and assume you will not do what is necessary to make society truly a better place. It is easy to point out problems, but harder to do something about them. Even harder if you understand that do something about them doesn't always mean to burn stuff down. Enjoy...

ThePreacher on Jan 23, 2013


I agree with the guy he's right about the "bible" it's a bunch of made up stories. One day everyone will realize.

Bignig420 on Jan 29, 2013


No they won't. It is human nature to create stories about what we do not understand. it is also human nature for people to try and control and subjegate others using those imaginative stories. As long as there are people and mystery in the universe, there will be religion.

bob smith on Feb 4, 2013


"... it gives people hope and purpose..." so do cults ~ religions are just cults with more members. Everlasting peace, purpose and wisdom come from truth, not from fabricated stories or cults.

bob smith on Feb 4, 2013


I hope they "hear" you!!!

Wendi on Feb 8, 2013


This comment is meant to be taken ironically, right?

Cal Scherer on Jan 24, 2013


Okay first of all the words that are coming out of your mouth are nothing but ignorance and slander I do believe in God like the majority of Americans so before you go and talk about us being prejudice lets take a look at the word prejudice, definition treating people differently through prejudice: unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender. You single out groups that believe in God and call them prejudice? You just made one of the largest prejudice statements I have every heard so why don't you go back to school, increase your knowledge, and then shut the fuck up because its obvious your just a little bitch that if not everyone sees it your way you start crying about it. Your ignorant and full of shit so just SHUT THE FUCK UP! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR WHINEY VOICE. And just so you can be sure, I'm standing up for everyone here who believes in a God, not just Christians.

Evan on Jan 26, 2013


You are one scary Christian and a perfect example of why sane, rational people think your cult is for nuts.

Tinwoods on Feb 14, 2013


Evan is being a bit emotional, but he makes perfectly valid points. It is (darkly) interesting to me that the oh-so-tolerant Left has no place in it's "big tent" for observant Christians or Jews. That is because basic Judeo-Christian tenets (pro-life, clearly defined morality, etc) are incompatable with the libertine social policies of the Left.

Greg Price on Apr 15, 2013


The Right can be as amoral as the worst of the Left, and its frequent use of Christianity as cover for greed and cruelty does more to debase Christianity than any atheist screed.

pbrower2a on Nov 24, 2013


and blake griffin

Jeremy Schils on Feb 3, 2013


Are you kiddin' me??? I've seen more African American women with red and blonde hair than white women. You couldn't have made a more racist comment if you were a member of the Klan.

bob smith on Feb 4, 2013


Way to miss the point. Women still have brown hair, African American or not. All that she meant was that African Americans rarely, if never, are natural blondes or redheads. But, nice try. The whole fetishization of haircolor is stupid anyway. There are pretty brunettes. There are ugly brunettes. There are pretty blondes. There are ugly blondes. There are pretty redheads and there are ugly redheads and really, haircolor doesn't change anything. I got sick of hearing men constantly fawn over redheads as a blonde, so I dyed my hair red, and I can attest that it really doesn't change jack shit. I'm no more or less attractive than I've ever been with red hair. But, seriously, I don't know how all of you managed to miss Ugh's point. Or, maybe you didn't and decided you'd rather pile on instead. Goddamn, people.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


Which is funny, because many of the black girls I see now are either blonds or red heads...

Tom Welty on Feb 8, 2013


Brunettes don't exist, apparently. (PS - Blonde/redhead posting.)

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


I prefer non-white chicks.

Kento on Jan 22, 2013


I agree with Kento here...I don't have a racial preference or prejudice, but I believe the hottest women I EVER SAW were all in Tokyo or from there, and the best part is over here, I would talk to them about manga (I am a mangaka) and anime, seeing as I used to live in Shinjuku.

JapanIrish Samurai on Jan 29, 2013


so, in other words, Kento, you're saying "LOOK AT ME! I'm trolling so people LOOK AT ME, how sad is my life that I have to go on the internet and yell LOOK AT ME by simply being an annoying ass!!!" thank you, asshat, we get it, you can stop being a troll now and go have your Mom make you a sandwich. As if your icon pic wasn't a dead give-away.

troll slayer on Feb 16, 2013


What's funny is that of all the people who are commenting I'm the one who's link his profile to his facebook, openly says who he is, has history writing about films for a living, knows the owner of the site and stands by his comments. That's about as far from cowardice trolling as you can get. Thank you for trying through "troll slayer". Next time you identify yourself as your profession make sure you're good at it or you just come off like a twat. Oh and my mom makes the best fucking sammiches I've ever had and if I could get one from her right now I fucking would. So suck a bag of dicks. <3

Kento on Feb 17, 2013


Because they don't like you ...

Steve VanSmack on Feb 18, 2013


Nobody cares what you liked or didn't like in reality.

octopus9498 on Dec 24, 2012


Nobody cares about your "thoughts" either, octopus"9498"

whatever on Dec 26, 2012


"Care" might be a strong word, but we are curious indeed why so many different thoughts can come from a single film. Again, that's why we come to this site.

mooreworthy on Dec 26, 2012


battleship was not that bad. I liked it sort of like a transformer rip off. Peole are asking too much in movies.

Yannick Messaoud on Jan 7, 2013


they put billions of dollars into those movies. when that much money is involved nowadays, then it BETTER be good. We're the ones spending the money at the box office. Ever hear of Uwe Boll, or have you ever seen "The Producers"? They learned from that. Make an awesome trailer, fake out the moviegoer into thinking it's going to be really well done...only to be let down, and paying $20 or more if you include food for other people (if you have a family). The movie industry wonders why they're losing viewer interest? Stop trying to trick the viewer. We pay the money. Just because a few people enjoy these shlocky films, doesn't mean we should be tricked into seeing them.

ΩMephistophelesΩ on Jan 22, 2013


Most people have an alternative to going to a movie theater to see a movie: their own movie collection. There is much cinema from the past that is infinitely more satisfying than the schlock that emanates from Hollywood. Why should I go out to see the remake of The Producers when I have the zany, satisfying original in my video collection? Why should I see a movie full of CGI effects, toilet humor, and overt sexuality (at my age I have seen it all in cinema and it turns me cold) when I can instead see the original Adventures of Robin Hood as a swashbuckling spectacle or Bringing Up Baby as a madcap comedy that won't soil me for viewing it? If the 1939 Grant-Hepburn feature were to be remade the leopard might interfere with the human stars' bedroom athletics, there would be gory displays of feline violence to poultry and livestock, and there might be plenty of jokes about the litter box. Spare me! With the large-screen TVs that people have, the only rationale for going to the movies is that one gets away from distractions. I also want a good reason to spend $10 on a ticket and pay an inflated price for popcorn.

pbrower2a on Nov 24, 2013


Yeah, we should just shut out mouths and pay 10 bucks for crap... Seriously, from a hyped blockbuster, you can expect something more than average patriotic drivel.

Rasslin Good on Feb 15, 2013


yeah i tried to watch lincoln twice and fell asleep both times 20 minutes deep. fucking boring as shite. abe the vampire slayer was way fucking more entertaining, REALITY SUCKS PEOPLE. FICTION IS THE WAY TO GO!!! ITS ESCAPE. I FUCKING HATE TRUE STORIES AND SHITE LIKE IT. FUCKING BORING, JUST LIKE LIFE. Fuckin people take shit way to fuckin seriously nowadays, they cant just sit back and escape and enjoy the fuckin ride.

LincolnSuksASS on Jan 22, 2013


I agree, totally. I liked Battleship (i'm 25, and no, i dont think im an idiot 😀 ) it was fun. a lot stupid, but fun. first half of the movie was like "serious" fiction, and then i realized they start making things funny. it was nice. those 'critics' are fat ugly people that never made anything creative in their fat-lonely-sad life. the author of the post sucks! coz Linkoln, wrath of titans, ghost rider, not MEANT to be serious movies, kids that go watch it are 14-17 and they ENJOY it, film creators did a good job! and critics (like this one) are useless bored people who just suck at even "understanding" creativity, not mention creating something themselves.

Daniel on Feb 4, 2013


So people aren't entitled to have an opinion on anything unless they're professionals? Wow. You must be the world's biggest hypocrite, a jack of all trades, or never criticized anything ever, though your childish ad hominem reaction to someone (god forbid) having opinions you don't like and at least attempting to explain why he didn't enjoy the movie, eliminates the final explanation. So, you're either the world's biggest hypocrite or a jack of all trades. I love how any time a blogger posts an opinion people don't like, they suddenly become "pathetic" and "worthless" despite that THEY READ THE ARTICLE, knowing what to expect it to be about. Don't pretend you're better than anyone else for reading this blog, expecting anything else than to take the piss out of bad movies. It just so happened that you got your nuts in a bunch because Ethan didn't like a movie that you did. Some bloggers espouse views that I don't agree with or even offend me, but I try not to insult all bloggers on the grounds of being terminally butthurt. Can you write, Daniel? Let's see what article you're capable of posting. And even if the blogger does have a sad life, aren't you a prick for kicking someone who's already down. What does that make you for judging people who don't share your exact opinions on everything? You must be an authority on sad and lonely.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


You're not an idiot but you cannot capitilze "I" and you use the word "sucks" and "coz". You are actually an idiot and just the kind of person who would enjoy a movie targeted to 14-17 year olds, even though you claim to be 25.

Mandie Kranig on Mar 25, 2013


They tried so hard to add tension to the timing of their shots. Really all they did was wait for the square to light up before they fired. So it turned into this awkward, "Wait for it... Wait for it! Ok the computer says shoot now so, FIRE TEH MISSILES!" Just plain terrible.

Steeltoe on Dec 28, 2012


I never saw the movie but from what I heard the Alain ships could jump out of the way of the naval ships so they had to lead there missiles to think where the ship would jump to.now if you ever played battle ship that's what it is actually like taking shots in the dark and hoping for a hit

GageOnReality on Jan 30, 2013


First of all, only pretentious pricks trying to sound smart use the word "jingoistic". This isn't "Dawson's Creek", dude. No one here is impressed because you know how to use a thesaurus.

Aaron C. Jones on Dec 29, 2012


Or, you know, he uses that in every day life... I personally don't, but I use random words I enjoy quite a bit that some consider 'pretentious' (a word I happen to hate, which is the only reason I'm really commenting).

Greg dinskisk on Jan 1, 2013


be honest...nobody uses "jingoistic" in their everyday life, and if they do it simply proves that they're pretentious fuckwads who should spend less time criticizing endlessly and more time being less irritating to everyone around them.

Matthew Santiago Martinez on Jan 3, 2013


I know plenty of people who use 'big words' in their everyday life, and using certain words does not prove that they're 'pretentious fuckwads.' That's a pretty big and arrogant statement to make, to assume about someone due to their word choice.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 4, 2013


thanks for the support.

Kento on Jan 21, 2013


Yeah, no problem. Main reason I commented, to be honest, is because he chose the word 'pretentious.' I can't STAND that word.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 21, 2013


...that's because you're being pretentious. Kento is not going to sleep with you, dude, no matter how progressive you try to sound.

survivalist9 on Jan 25, 2013


Yes, because my primary goal was to try to get Kento, someone I've never even heard of, to sleep with me. How insightful of you.

Greg dinskisk on Feb 17, 2013


Your pretentious jingoism really made it obvious.

survivalist9 on Feb 17, 2013


ROFLMAO!!!! @ Greg

troll slayer on Feb 16, 2013


What? I hate certain meaningless words, pretentious being chief among them...

Greg dinskisk on Feb 17, 2013


Do we honestly have to limit our vocabulary because a few pricks on the internet think that if we use words that are a little obscure we are being pretentious. Give me a break.

Michael Gutman on Jan 19, 2013


No-one You know you mean. A rather limited dataset...

starsh on Jan 23, 2013


actually Matt I get asked why I use certain words in everyday life all the time. I don't use them to be pretentious I just read often and find myself using words that I read constantly. I am sometimes hard-pressed to remember the "layman's" term to define the more scholarly verbiage, due to lack of use of the former in lieu of the latter. Not everyone has the base motives that you are attempting to saddle them with, whereas "jingoistic" is not a word I would use I know people who would do so in a heart beat.

troll slayer on Feb 16, 2013


OH MY GOD, BAN WORDS WE DON'T HEAR EVERYDAY. Many "everyday" conversations are menial and vapid, so you're really not making a case for yourself, kiddo.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


Don't bitch at someone for using a word that perfectly describes what they were trying to say. I would of personally chose ultra-nationalistic or neo-con but to each his own.

Michael Gutman on Jan 19, 2013


I'll be honest I didn't know about the word until a while back when I heard it out of the mouth of George Lucas, but it totally fits the film. It's all about flag waving and national exceptionalism. I like the word and as a writer I try to find the words that fit the situation the best. Jingoism is perfect for what this film is. But that's not the biggest problem. The big problem is that your only complaint is that I used a word you don't know or like. There's nothing wrong with being educated or trying to expand your horizons by knowing more of the english language.

Kento on Jan 21, 2013


Having an inferiority complex about smart aka "pretentious" people (aka people who actually know how to use big words and do so) is not cool, nor is calling them names. The term "Jingoism" was actually very widely used in everyday speech until the mid-20th century and is still used in many circles. The fact you think the term unusual and pretentious says more about your ignorance and that of the general population, as well as the state of the world and its terrible dumbing down, than the so-called "dick-ness" or "pretension" of the user. Jingoism is a fantastic word that applies to a very particular kind of nationalism and people living in the USA (especially) should get to know it. Also, ignorance should be something to be embarrassed about, not lauded.

Starsh on Jan 23, 2013


From now on, let's all dumb down our language so that Aaron Jones won't think we're pretentious. Dem fancy words scare him.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


What happened to movies being entertainment. Even mindless morons seem to expect every movie to be Othello. I loved Battleship. It was silly, and funny, and ridiculous, but implemented the game far better that I thought it could, while actually making sense (Those tsunami buoys around Hawaii are real, naysayers), and it honored Big Mo and sailors everywhere. Shame some of you can't relax and have fun.

BLA on Jan 16, 2013


Michael Bay is actually doing a remake of "Othello," but with aliens, hot chicks, and big-ass robots!

Chris Sadler on Jan 19, 2013


you said it all, brother. fucking A!!!

meeee on Jan 22, 2013


The mighty mo was the whole reason I loved the movie!!!

Roxanne Culver on Jan 29, 2013


you really are a jaded uneducated douchebag who has no idea what jingoistic means and have no valid points as to why the movie was bad and i would like to know what part of it could be put ona board game and also whats nonsensical about us contacting alien life and them coming to earth and being hostile we send communications into space as well as craft to catalog worlds were life may exist and lst time i checked there were no boarding parties in the board game battleship or aliens or firces invading on land in fact none of your points about it made snese other then the fact you dislike americans which is kinda obvious considering the unvalidated jingoistic comment which i have complete faith you have no idea what the word means so anyway have fun being a rude jaded douchebag to people who cant talk to you face to face

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


Let's forget the fact you have no punctuation or capitalization for a second and I'll actually talk about your complaints in a realistic fashion. Jingoism comes out of a pro national exceptionalism and flag waving "rah rah rah" kind of mentality. It fits the film perfectly. The entire film is designed to evoke national pride in a way that says "we can handle anything because we're the greatest nation in the world." As for communicating with alien life, I don't have a problem with that. I don't see an issue with that at all. It's been a plot device in many films and TV shows and the reason aliens have showed up in the past and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not sure what your point about the boarding parties and aliens has to do with anything. To be fair there is a version of Battleship that involves aliens but It's a sci-fi version that's pretty new and both sides fight in space. But that aside I don't dislike Americans. I live here. I dislike people, I dislike choices people make and I dislike much of the entertainment that comes spewing across the tv/film landscape. Films like this, Here Comes the Boom, Parental Guidance, the second Transformers movie... I'm willing to let a lot slide in my movie watching experiences actually. But I can't believe that a world war 2 era battleship is able to take out space faring alien crafts. If you have the technology to fly trillions of miles to get here then you have the technology to stand up to a ship that's been docked for decades. That's jingoism. America made something so great and that generation is so amazing that even now 70 years later they can stand up anything and save the day. We're sooooo amazing aren't we. I'll say this... at least they put that Japanese naval character in there to break it up a bit.

Kento on Jan 21, 2013


wow, u really dont understand how to use that word do you, YOU PRETENTIOUS FUCK!!! So youre a writer ayy? What of BLOGS??? yOU r sooooo full of shite mate!!!

Kento_Is_A_PRETENTIOUS_FUCK on Jan 22, 2013


I'll just say this... there's a reason I know the people who run this site on a personal level and you have to hide behind different offensive names. Also I'm done feeding the troll. Please die.

Kento on Jan 22, 2013


I thought Savages was decent enough to be kept off the honorable mention section

Ryan S. on Apr 29, 2013


Not every movie that includes scenes of the U.S. military is "jingoistic". Which scenes did you think showed an aggressive, imperialist foreign policy?

survivalist9 on Jan 25, 2013


the fact you use a word like "jingoistic" means you should probably stick to watching your artsy fartsy foreign films.......... and I'm sure that screen play your working on will do great at Sundance, LOL

AJ Perko on Feb 5, 2013


When I got the email notification that this comment hit, I clicked "User's Website" and saw your facebook profile and I'm not surprised one bit by what a douche you come off as. Anyone who would attack some one for liking art isn't just a moron but is also insecure about their own lacking mental abilities. Apparently you can't handle subtitles and now you feel you can strike out at people who like "Artsy fartsy foreign films." I like all film as long as it's good, well thought out and true to itself. Oh and I heard jingoistic for the first time from George Lucas... So go fuck yourself douche bag.

Kento on Feb 5, 2013


You get a 9.0 out of 10.0 for the response ....

Steve VanSmack on Feb 18, 2013


First let me preface my response by saying, I am sure entire volumes of books could be written on things you do not know. (And likely more on topics I don’t know) I enjoyed a great number of movies on this list, and I did so for reasons I don't need to defend. People do not make movies for them to be terrible, it just sometimes works out that way. You keep touting the championing of VHS, when most people have it correct - it was garbage. One of the 'clips' was not too bad, but that is hardly enough to consider it some kind of gem. But that does not mean you shouldn't/didn't enjoy - because you obviously did. It just means we all have our own reasons for why we like what we like. I am sure film students who look at things from artistic standpoints will have entirely different criteria for what is good whereas, a person like me who only wishes to be entertained and select my movies accordingly. Much like a carpenter who admires the grain of the wood, the colors that can be brought out with stains and the beauty a nice piece of furniture can evolve into, while the average person cares more about if it matches their living room set and if it's comfy. The one compliment I can give you is at least you type like a coherent human being and carefully argues points instead of blurting out vomit and expecting it to pass as communication.

Otnek on May 11, 2013


it's ok to like s**t, I guess -- I bet you'd buy "scat porn" too

[A] on Dec 27, 2012


I wasn't expecting to like it but I gave it a chance and took it for what it was and it turned out fine.

Richard Tovar on Dec 30, 2012


Battleship wasn't a good movie, but it was plenty better than what it should've been for a movie based on a board game in-name-only. Frankly, Snow White and the Huntsman should be on the in place of Battleship. Holy hell, what shit show of movie. Just terrible and boring from start to finish.

Spacetree on Jan 17, 2013


its people like you who mindlessly go to the cinema to watch the complete shit they make a hideous burden to the rest of the intelligent cinema audience who what great story telling , great cast , great script... seriously do yourself a favor and watch some classic movies from the 80's and you will slap yourself in the face, the crap we are given nowadays is easy digest shit for the moron generation

smarterthenyou001 on Feb 3, 2013


It was entertaining. But it was also pretty bad. The outrageous patriotism was the spoiled icing on a not so fresh cake. Sure, lot's of coloured frosting on top, but a spoiled vanilla filling inside. Still, good enough if you are hungry!

Rasslin Good on Feb 15, 2013


LMAO! I'm quite saddened to see the comments and irrelevant conversations that your original comment spawned but I will agree with you. I count Battleship as a bad movie but you put it perfectly; I liked it for what it was. The whole movie was typical early summer action movie fare. I liked the action, the FX, and it didn't entirely offend me like, say....Transformers 2 did lol

baronvg on May 9, 2013


Can you guys just go ahead and start the 2013 worst films list with whatever Sandler is planning on coming out with next year? After "Thats My Boy", "Jack & Jill" and "Just Go With It", it's safe to say we will get the same Sandler crap just packaged in different wrapping paper so just worry about what the other 9 films on the list will be.

LightningB on Dec 21, 2012


So I've seen: AL: Vampire Hunter - free from library Red Tails - free from library Ghost Rider: SOV - free from library Battleship - paid to see in theatre (damn it!) Wrath of Titans - free from library That's My Boy, Three Stooges - Making actual effort to avoid. Red Dawn, Alex Cross - Will get from library. Piranha - Whatever

LightningB on Dec 21, 2012


You mentioned "Thats My Boy" and "Savages" when there were far worse movies that came out this year. This list seems like a butt hurt blogger who had ridiculous expectations.... Savages was solid, very faithful to the book (minus the ending)." That's My Boy" was exactly what you expected... an Adam Sandler movie. What about Sinister? that was terrible... Snow White & The Huntsman, John Carter, Mirror Mirror, The Dictator, The Watch, Total Recall, The Campaign, The Man With The Iron Fists.. Too many terrible movies came out for half of these movies to even be on this list

ind3lible on Dec 21, 2012


I kind of enjoyed John Carter, but Taylor Kisch has no future in acting. Total Recall gets my vote for #1

Scott D on Dec 26, 2012


Sinister was well done. Total Recall, Huntsman and John Carter nor man in the Iron Fists were bad. They were just ok and you sound like you had high hopes and they just didn't meet them. Butt hurt hypocrite it sounds like.

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


The Man with Iron Fists was EXACTLY what it needed to be. An overly Gory Kung Fu tribute with an intrusive HIp-Hop Soundtrack done by the lead actor, writer, and Director. The RAZOR himself The RZA. I'm sorry if you're unfamiliar with his music but I suggest you take a deep journey into the 36 chambers of death and get your life right because TMIF was amazing. One of my favorite movies of the year. Maybe I'm too big a fan of Wu-Tang but that movie kicked ass. Also Lucy Liu basically reprised her legendary fight scene from Kill Bill in this movie in a very VERY cool way.

terrapincaboose on Dec 26, 2012


ALSO the campaign was very funny! I think you were expecting it to be something more than it was but Zach G. made that movie really land with me.

terrapincaboose on Dec 26, 2012


snow white was great. The campaign had a weak story but was funny and total recall was alright, but the original was way better

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


Vampire Hunter was hilarious. Unless you're trying to argue a movie with the title "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" was NOT meant as a joke, then most of the criticism is unwarranted. No, I'm not giving it a free pass on criteria like character development or plot advancement merely because the production was joking around. What I'm saying is that, while no Oscar contender, they did the best job the could reasonably be expected to do in informing the audience of how Abraham Lincoln got into and sustained his involvement in vampire hunting. Ya know? It's not exactly trivial to dream up a way to make that connection for one of the most meticulously documented public figures of the nineteenth century. I also think the action was pretty entertaining, perhaps a bit choppy, but assessments of action sequences tend to be among the most subjective parts of film analysis. Bottom line, I think people are too quick to dismiss the possibility that the 'silly' or 'self-deprecating' parts of the film were intended to be, and worked well being, silly and self-deprecating.

Wafffles on Dec 22, 2012


Actually, many of us thought the film took itself too seriously. In fact, the book itself isn't even a tongue in cheek story. So that's why it doesn't work. Also the production value and story were just weak.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 23, 2012


Ethan the fact that you thought the book was meant to be tougue and cheek tells me you never read it. This movie was far better than it is getting credit for right now.

Jess Hurley on Dec 26, 2012


"In fact, the book itself ISN'T even a tongue in cheek story"

The Last Unicorn on Jan 1, 2013


That tells me Jesse... that YOU never read what Ethan said.

Taco Grande on Jan 8, 2013


Large taco, you referred to Jess as Jesse. That tells me that you never read what Jess said.

JesseMagnanimous on Feb 18, 2013


Generous Jessup, you didn't capitalize Taco's name. That tells me that you never read what Taco said.

Barnabus Jones on Mar 6, 2013


Barnabus Joneser, you referred to JesseMagnanimous as "Generous Jessup". That tells me that you never read what JesseMagnanimous typed.

John Curtis on Mar 26, 2013


John Curt, you referred to Barnabus Jones as Barnabus Joneser, therefore you never read what he typed as well.

Anti-critic on Apr 16, 2013


Does a movie have to be entirely serious or entirely silly? Does it have to be epic to be good? There are degrees and context. If you damn everything moderately good as "excrement", you earn the title of Sensationalist. It's not a title you want.

Mostly_Worthless_Critic on Feb 8, 2013


Wafffles - I think the movie was far to serious for a lot of people. It is for that reason that I absolutely loved it. Most of the criticism tells me people just don't like Burton that much and weren't really watching brilliant performances by Benjamin Walker and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Jess Hurley on Dec 26, 2012


also seeing one of the creepy ass McPoyle Brothers, from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, star in a major Hollywood movie was actually pretty cool. It was interesting to see him play something besides McPoyle he regularly portrays.

terrapincaboose on Dec 26, 2012


If you are talking about Tim Burton, he had no hand in directing this. he was only a producer. Timur Bekmambetov directed.

Nick Arminio on Jan 5, 2013


Sorry, but for me the movie was great just for one thing: Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Sure, the vampire hunter was a ackward yet fun hook, but at the end of the day for me the money was well spent for looking Ramona Flowers in a non-Ramona outfit.

Alex Carvajal on Dec 26, 2012


Yes! I agree, the movie was great to me...I love the action scenes.. very lovely....

Kafil on Jan 4, 2013


I agree. I thought it was very entertaining, and rode the line of reality just enough to buy into it. It also invested the audience well enough to draw a saddened gasp at the end when the Lincolns head to the theater. Fun movie.

BLA on Jan 16, 2013


i completely agree. everyone takes everyhitng so fucking seriously. ITS JUST ENTERTAINMENT. IT IS USUALLY FICTION, so that means OPEN YOUR MIND. I loved abe v.hunter. It was great. People just take shite waaaaaay to fuckin seriously round here and everywhere. Fuck em all mate!!!

killtheopiateofthemasses on Jan 22, 2013


Exactly, that movie was freakin fun to watch, it being a joke and driving said joke far enough but never into cheese made it just perfect for me. Aside it being fun, it wasn't done all that bad, nor did I find the acting to be all that bad. Whoever wrote this Unpretentiousil that's being advertised on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsND7aibvOQ&feature=player_embedded

The MaTrIx on Feb 8, 2013


AL:VH was bad. The action was choppy, the story slow and boring, and the humour was weak. From the title, I expected an epic fight between AL and vampires, but instead we get a lackluster outing that never really delivers. People who like this movie just like the IDEA of the movie: Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires. That's all they see, no matter how crappy the movie might be. Those people pop their pants when they hear things like, Jesus vs Zombies, Star Wars vs Star Trek, or Snakes on a Plane...

Rasslin Good on Feb 15, 2013


Totally agree, I thought AL:VH was a ton of fun, loved the vampires and the lead actor was great! You really have to take it for what it is, but I had lots of fun with it as well.

Bill Howard on Feb 15, 2013


It was ok, It took itself too seriously and the slomo got old quick, other wise I liked it

Alan Cumbess on Mar 6, 2013


10. Cloud Atlas 9. Cloud Atlas 8. Cloud Atlas 7. Cloud Atlas 6. Cloud Atlas 5. Cloud Atlas 4. Cloud Atlas 3. Cloud Atlas 2. Cloud Atlas 1. Cloud Atlas

BoboVision on Dec 22, 2012



Eric Wilson on Dec 22, 2012


Nicely done

Stan on Dec 25, 2012


10. You're an idiot. 9. You're an idiot. 8. You're an idiot. 7. You're an idiot. 6. You're an idiot. 5.You're an idiot. 4.You're an idiot. 3. You're an idiot. 2. You're an idiot. 1. Twilight

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


If you're a moron and didn't get it.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


I disagree with the Dishonorable Mention for Lockout Silent Hill: Revelations.

Eric Wilson on Dec 22, 2012


I was incrediby disappointed with Lockout. Such a derivative, cliche piece of shit. Dug the trailer, love Guy Pierce, but that one just shouldn't have happened.

grimjob on Dec 22, 2012


Wouldn't it be far more valuable to tell readers what movies were good rather than telling them why they shouldn't like movies? Real people with real families to support worked on these movies. Where's the christmas spirit?

Thomas Stalcup Jr on Dec 22, 2012


That's coming next week. It's not like is the only year-end article we've done this week, and we've said that our picks for the best films of 2012 are coming next week.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 23, 2012


where the hell is prometheus?? imo it should take up the whole podium...

melon on Dec 23, 2012


Surprised not to see the Avengers on here - overblown, repetitive twaddle! In full agreement on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence, though!

Grimoire on Dec 23, 2012


Are you mentally handicapped? Avengers was the best superhero movie of all time. I'm surprised Dark Fail Rises wasn't on here with it's well hidden 800 plot holes. That movie was garbage. The fight scenes look like they were choreographed by a 10 year old.

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


I loved both avengers and tdkr! It did have a few plot holes, but not too many and the fight scenes were excellent

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


The first one with bane and Batman was the only good one. Why don't the guys standing 10 feet from Batman SHOOT HIM?! Because he's Batman and they're not aloud because the choreography is fucking horrible.

Jesse Cormier on Dec 31, 2012


The Avengers missed a few points as a film BUT you have to remember it IS a comic book movie and to be honest, this movie was a comic book nerd's wet dream. It was rife with jokes for the insider and references/allusions to things that were left out for various reasons but needed to be acknowledged. The performances of Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr.(as to be expected), and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as the rest of the cast to lesser degrees, definitely carried the movie. The CGI and effects, while used in a necessarily gluttonous fashion, were well done and very cool. Especially in 3D. It was meant to be overblown. it's the collision of earth's greatest minds and powers and few of them agree with one another. In the cannon they aren't supposed to get along and situations are supposed to be exaggerated and beyond belief because they're super heroes. Nothing ever happens on a human scale in their world, that's why they're necessary to protect it. Unfortunately for their job they're actually accountable for a lot of the damage and beyond human situations....because of the conflict within themselves and each other. I feel like you went in expecting something completely different or expected Hollywood not to fuck with something in the film. Otherwise you couldn't even begin to say it was one of the worst of the year.

terrapincaboose on Dec 26, 2012


but dude.. WRATH OF THE TITANS was superhit movie...

Sayyaf Kabir Mirza on Dec 23, 2012


Nope, it flopped worse than the first one.

Mithun Divakaran on Dec 23, 2012


Battleship was great movie with great super blast action...

Sayyaf Kabir Mirza on Dec 23, 2012


yes it was

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


the dark knight rises was pretty bad, no it was really bad. worse tha ghost rider.

Hey You on Dec 23, 2012


HAHAHA you're fucking kidding. Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Michael Caine (though he was shortlived in the film), and Morgan Freeman alone made the movie memorable to me. The story was a little awkward and tried a little too hard to play on the "OWS" movement but It was still interesting. All holes aside I enjoyed the way it all tied back to Rhaz Al Ghul though, I feel they could have left the final few sequences of that story arc out and it would have ended in a satisfying manner. The last half hour was by far the lowest point of the film, in my opinion, and even they had their incredibly strong moments due to the sheer skill of most of the actors and actresses in the film. (Edit: I'm a human being, the accidental omission of the "e" at the end of "Caine" in no way discredits my opinion nor strengthens one against it. If you're implying I'm unfamiliar with him because I forgot the "e" you're trying too hard)

terrapincaboose on Dec 26, 2012


He was also "shortlived" by your spelling.

NotAViking on Dec 26, 2012


I wholeheartedly agree. Shit ton of plotholes, terrible pacing and writing, the story made no fucking sense. It was complete trash. ASM and Avengers were much better made films and were more entertaining.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


I thought that's my boy was really funny. Lockout should be on here.

Troy Desrosiers on Dec 23, 2012


Ghost Rider sucked so bad it looked like those crappy indie films(not stating they are all crappy some indies are actually pretty damn good!) the script sucked, the writers completely ignored the already crappy story from the first one making this film worst. For example at the end of GR 1 he learns to control the curse, while in this one he can't control it, and not to mention the origin change and the change of "the Devil" which was not Mephisto, that was messed up. Truthfully I absolutely hated this movie, it was so bad it made the first one seem like The Dark Knight! Nicolas Cage needs a comeback big time....! As for the rest of those films yeah I agree they sucked as well.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 23, 2012


i actually enjoyed Lockout and Alex Cross, Guy Pearce and Matthew Fox were fantastic in their roles and both movies done what they set out to do, entertain not win awards the rest of the list you were absolutely spot on

Steve Speers on Dec 23, 2012


1.The avengers

sina on Dec 23, 2012


oh my god! are you kidding me? The avengers was awesome! i saw a 3d midnight screening and loved it

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


Looks like a good, ehm, I mean bad list to me 😀

Davide Coppola on Dec 24, 2012


This is how I knew LINCOLN - VAMPIRE HUNTER was a hall-of-fame suck-fest: my Netflix BD crapped out as the "story" was ramping up to the finale and my reaction was "Huh. Know what - I do not need to see the ending to this at all."

TheGhostOfGriffinMill on Dec 24, 2012


I enjoyed Wrath of the Titans. It was better than the first one, at least. My friends and I enjoyed riffing on it. Great unintentional comedy!

Clea Milner on Dec 24, 2012


I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Wrath of the Titans, I thought they were pretty solid movies.

Mike Ringl on Dec 24, 2012


i totaly agree with you

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


>>>>>#7. Red Dawn<<<<< Should have been #10 Never seen this remake, thank goodness. Unfortunately, saw the original and even other recent films with same idea, but different locations and enemies (like Aust. Teens fighting China troops). It was a horrible original, even then; who THE BLANK thought it make a good new one? The only reason I can think of for this original is to try to use in a larger scheme to brainwash the current youth that North Koreans can ever do bad to us, by scaring them into patriotism, with current North Korean situation and cooperation.

(not Mr., leave the formal add on Dec 24, 2012


It was China originally, not North Korea. Go watch it, it's actually pretty good.

Joe on Jan 18, 2013


what about Jack and Jill that was horrible.

DATDUDE on Dec 24, 2012


sorry 2011 i guess it was so bad it made me stupid.

DATDUDE on Dec 24, 2012


wrath of the titans was ok it wasnt the worst though.

DATDUDE on Dec 24, 2012


Maybe your idea of a good film was like the borefest Hurt Locker.. I know battleship is somewhat corny, but I actually enjoyed it (does anyone enjoyed watching Hurt Locker?)

Sla Sh on Dec 24, 2012


No lol. It was a borefest.

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


I also didn't enjoy Apocalypse Now. However, both are great films. Some films aren't meant for enjoyment.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 1, 2013


I did. That's an excellent movie.

RY33 on Jan 6, 2013


I did. I am OK with Battleship but you can not compare real war with made up one, not to mention Jeremy Renner vs. Taylor Kitsch.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


The Three Stooges was clean fun for me. Hard to find something like that anymore. Bad movie - Ted. Noone should be watching garbage like this.

Glenda Vick on Dec 25, 2012


battle ship is one of the best........

Goku Lan on Dec 25, 2012


I agree with the countdown list except for Red Dawn, simply because I haven't seen it yet... and I do want to. But I'll try to keep my expectations low. But I'm both confused and embarrassed that so many Dishonorable Mentions were movies that I genuinely enjoyed, haha. Lockout (not a masterpiece, but I was entertained), What to Expect When You're Expecting (I like RomComs...), The Devil Inside (I scare easily, and enjoy the documentary style filmmaking)... And I haven't seen but want to see Paranormal Activity 4, Silent Hill, and Playing for Keeps! Haha, oh well.

Kaye on Dec 25, 2012


i've seen red dawn. it's got plenty of action and i quite enjoyed it

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


alex cross was awesome!

John Tammy Teegen on Dec 25, 2012


abe lincoln was pretty good too!

John Tammy Teegen on Dec 25, 2012


Except for "That's my Boy" you're bang on!

Wayne Eames on Dec 25, 2012


ridiculous list...

Jeff Rittenour on Dec 25, 2012


Very well sir, we respect your opinion... can you show us your top 10 worst movies of 2012? So we can have a nice and respectful chat

Alex Carvajal on Dec 26, 2012


Dark Knight Rises, Twilight and such would be on there. But you know what wouldn't be on there? Wrath of the Titans or Vampire hunter. It's like you didn't even SEE the movies, you just went off reviews and hate bandwagons.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


abe lincoln, battleship and wrath of the titans aren't bad. I didn't mind any of those 3

Jack Dignan on Dec 25, 2012


Agreed. People are just on hate bandwagons. Where the fuck is Twilight?

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


OMG totally truth! where the hell are those goddamn sparkling b*tches

Alex Carvajal on Dec 26, 2012


Twilight's too easy to pick on. If everyone just agreed, comments wouldn't be worth reading.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


3DD is too easy. Twilight is widely hated, but it's fair game. We should all hate DKR, it was fucking terrible. Bad pacing, Bad script, but story, TONS OF LOOP HOLES. Such a stupid film.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 18, 2013


Eh, I loved Battleship and Ghost Rider. So campy and ridiculous! I think people with no sense of humor go to see these films and expect them to be serious endeavours. I laughed throughout both of these films, and got decidedly dirty looks from people around me who thought they were supposed to be "art."

Knittingarch on Dec 26, 2012


Where is prometheus? it should've taken the whole podium....

melon on Dec 26, 2012


prometheus had lots of plot holes, but that doesnn't make it a terrible film. I loved the alien franchise (not 4 though) and i quite enjoyed the prequel

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


shut up battleship was good and dark shadows

anonyma on Dec 26, 2012


LoL the main reason i read articles about the worst movies is its funny to see the seething pain of someone who watches a movie with such strong preconceptions of how it should be they kill any chance of it being good. don't get me wrong there are a few stinkers in the list like with most lists but they are not as bad when taken into perspective and when one removes themselves and their own images of being a struggling writer from the picture to give the movie a more unbiased opinion. 🙂

FlackStar on Dec 26, 2012


Sadly Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 isn't here.

Haters gonna hate on Dec 26, 2012


Why is Lockout in the honorable mentions list, that was easily the most enjoyable of all the movies here.

Daniel on Dec 26, 2012


I liked Abraham Licoln Vampire Hunter and for me Battleship wasn' t so bad. Skyfall and looper were worts than those two

Averno on Dec 26, 2012


How in the world did this author include "charisma" and Transformers in the same sentence?

Evan Bolick on Dec 26, 2012


Adam Sandler is still getting paid for this shit ?

Cam on Dec 26, 2012


Any movie with Adam Sandler in it is always a Stinker.

Tadtouchywpgsunis on Dec 26, 2012


Left out The Dark Knight Rises

Matthew Hickman on Dec 26, 2012


ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER is actually number 3 on my BEST list. I think anyone that hated this movie and tried to explain why failed miserably. I do think a lot of people seem to be disappointed with the fact that it wasn't the 90's version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and rather both Benjamin Walker and Mary Elizabeth Winstead put on breathtaking performances. There is also a deeper meaning to the movie that I think anyone who only watched it once missed. I think over time it will gain a cult following.

Jess Hurley on Dec 26, 2012


yeah i loved it too

Jack Dignan on Dec 26, 2012


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?

Mark in Omaha on Dec 26, 2012


Three Stooges was hilarious. Otherwise, a good list.

Jordan Zimmerman on Dec 26, 2012


Why is Abraham Lincoln or Wrath on here? They were like 6/7 out of 10s at least. I can think of far worst movies. Twilight anyone?

Jesse Cormier on Dec 26, 2012


I enjoyed Red Dawn. The effects were amazing and overall just an intense movie. Three stooges was so funny, great representation of the classics. I agree battleship had some SERIOUS plot problems. Wrath is not even close to the worst movie. The worst movie should have absolutely nothing good about it. *cough* Twilight *cough*

Victor Sullivan on Dec 26, 2012


Yall are dumb this is the dumbest list ever these movies are decent.

dumb critics on Dec 26, 2012


Grammar have we Americans good in here.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 1, 2013


The Dark Night Rises was amazing. Executed well and mind blowing. I guess you got confused because of your lack of understanding of the batman trilogy. So stop slamming it without having a reason for not liking it.

Victor Sullivan on Dec 26, 2012


Who here bashed it? And that movie was the worst of the trilogy and both ASM and Avengers were far better. That movie was worse than half the movies on this list. It had like 800 plotholes, OBVIOUS plot holes I might add. It was poorly paced.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


Sure, Lucas hasn't been responsible for a good movie in ages, but at least he knows the difference between "reins" and "reigns."

NotAViking on Dec 26, 2012


What about The Darkest Hour by Chris Gorak... That was REALLY bad.

Sullivan Richard on Dec 27, 2012


That's my Boy is f^cking hilarious. Ethan will never be a film maker with such awful taste, but hey I guess it's easier to hit a bullseye at an easy target, so attack the comedy because joy and people laughing is not something AMerica should take seriously. F.U.

Master and Ruler on Dec 27, 2012


Let's just say this filler piece was a bomb from the start. Really, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 10 ten worst movie this year? Give a break, did you even try, or did you just pick your least favorite of the 15 movies you saw this year. If you want give an objective opinion you have start by liking cinema and just enjoying a story for what it is not what you expect it to be.

Demon Inside on Dec 27, 2012


Sorry, but Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was head and shoulders above every other movie on this list. There was some cheese to it, but overall it was exactly what it was supposed to be: adding in vampires and vampire hunting into the legend of Abraham Lincoln, and giving alternate reasonings for some of his biggest career decisions. Surprised the mess that is Twilight isn't on here (and yes, I have seen both).

Christopher Tkachuk on Dec 27, 2012


I do not agree that Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter or Battleship should be on this list. I loved both movies!

Ingrid Melissa Seal Keir on Dec 27, 2012


Who finances these movies? I would like to borrow a few million. They must be crack heads.

movie lover on Dec 27, 2012


I saw Ghost Rider and couldn't believe how bad it was. It makes Clash of the Titans and Battle Ship and it makes those look like classic Oscar material. How can Hollywood screw up so many times?

Michael McConnell on Dec 28, 2012


Come on, Taken 2 was so much worse than any of these. The shaky cam was vomit inducing. The action scenes were so ridiculous they wouldn't even work in a cartoon. The daughter throwing grenades randomly around the city! The kidnappers let their prisoner KEEP A F'N CELL PHONE!!!! Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter looked like a documentary compared to that turd.

bumboclot on Dec 28, 2012


At the end of the day, how good or bad a movie is... comes down to nothing more than one persons opinion. Just because the guy who came up with this list thinks Wrath of the Titans was a horrible movie doesn't mean myself or anyone else does. I've been watching sci fi movies my entire life (37yrs). I truly enjoyed Wrath of the Titans and Battleship! It's fiction, make believe... we go to see movies like these to be escape reality for a while and to see great special effects... not to see Hamlet! I mean do you remember the 80's??? Take movies for what they are...

Funk10 on Dec 28, 2012


I can't imagine how they got this idea of Linkoln and vampires! it's so brain-crushing)

Viewster on Dec 28, 2012


the writer is nuts red tails, Alex Cross, and battle ship should be taken off the list

ManwithdafantasyLIST on Dec 28, 2012


I thought battle ship, red tails, thats my boy, wrath of the titans, were good movies. The rest I agree were not that good.

Moreno on Dec 28, 2012


Red dawn was also good, I think you guys should get more opinions then a few dudes..not everyone feels the same way

Moreno on Dec 28, 2012


Piranha 3DD, this movie is funny, and just because is short I would watch it again just for fun. I am Marvel fun - bot Ghost Rider was terrible, and special effects was all easy to read. Battleship is good action movie, but the anchor scene is bit out of my mind, is this even possible?!

Dominik Franko on Dec 29, 2012


i enjoyed wrath of the titans even if its a sequel to a remake who cares?

Seth Colp on Dec 29, 2012


There was a sort of low budget takeoff of "Battleship" called "American Warships". It was obviously low budget, with second (or third) rate special effects, but it didn't take itself seriously and was a lot of fun. They also came up with a creative way to explain why the ship had the signs that a ship turned into a museum would have. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2175927/

Jeff DeWitt on Dec 29, 2012


OK wrath of the titans was not bad actually sure there were problems but it was a good movie

patrios on Dec 30, 2012


Hmmm, this is a pretty obvious list. It's like a warm up to the Razzie nominations which, like this list, will rip up the remakes and sequels. Where's Cosmopolis, J. Edgar, To Rome With Love, The Descendants, Like Crazy, Contraband, The Rum Diary, ATM, Man On A Ledge, W.E., Snow White & The Huntsman....

Michael Dalton on Dec 30, 2012


Many of those were from last year... The Descendants and Like Crazy were, for instance, and were fantastic. Same with Cosmopolis, one of my favorites of this year (just put out my order on Amazon, actually). SW&TH was... odd. I don't know. No real feelings towards it. Also, The Rum Diary, J. Edgar, and W.E. were also last year.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 1, 2013


I enjoyed the Lincoln vamp hunter

tommyk on Dec 30, 2012


Yall some fucking haters redtails was tight as fuck! What the fuck do you have to hate on everything for! you fucking no good pussy bitch critics, what the fuck is a critic? a person paid to talk shit about somebody elses job, get a real job and then you'll see what it feels like to have everyone criticize yo shit

Signed, aTrillOGnamedSMB on Dec 31, 2012


I didn't think Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter was going to be that bad. Considering that it knows it is Fully aware of the dumb premise. And Resident Evil retribution shouldn't have been a dishonorable mention, because it should have made the list of shitty films. Those shit sucking, hacks should have stopped a long time ago. It's 1 thing to make a bad movie come up but its for worse to Be persistent with it. And they are butchering a good source material from a great video game series. I hope they suffer for it. It should have been made the list because is it is just passed off as a design will mention then people won't think it's that bad even though it really is. And that is why they keep making more movies out their ass.

Victor E Sandoval on Dec 31, 2012


Also I wouldn't put the Three Stooges on that list. I mean sure the antics and jokes could have been watched on YouTube and jackass, but I really appreciated the actors efforts in reenacting the Three Stooges. In my eyes it was flawless and they tried really hard. And to me that's what matters.

Victor E Sandoval on Dec 31, 2012



Jason Winn on Dec 31, 2012


Are you retarded? No... probably a Batman fanboy who likes The Dark Shit Rises. That horrible steaming fart pile was way worse than ASM. You need to grow up.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


I found red tails mediocre, not terrible. Red Dawn was boss, and deserves props for, in my opinion, being better than the original. As for three stooges, come on, are you seriously using youtube as a reason that it sucked. These three were easily replaceable by twilight, lockout, and Prometheus.

guywithopinion on Jan 1, 2013


Yo fuck this guy! Red Tails was one of the best movies i've ever seen.

louie on Jan 1, 2013


So you've only seen one movie then

Geoffrey Shauger on Jan 5, 2013



oblivion_master on Jan 1, 2013


You have absolutely no idea what your talking about when I watched Abraham Lincoln the vampire slayer it was amazing and lots of action!! It is actually one of my favorite movies... Also Battleship was pretty awesome too. This list is completely opinionated.

TravisF on Jan 1, 2013


who made this list simon cowell?? thats my boy was amazing red dawn was pretty decent and ab lincoln vamp hunter was awesome!! dude clearly u didnt watch some of the very horrible movies of 2012 lol but i agree with the rest on ur list ghost rider 2 was complete shit!!

Thomas on Jan 1, 2013


In no particular order: Piranha 3DD Gone Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Project X Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Man on a Ledge Underworld: Awakening Snow White and the Huntsmen The Devil Inside This Means War

PunkCoreM on Jan 2, 2013


The guy that wrote this garbage is not of common man... his tastes are far from what the general public, regular joe blow expects.... Ethan Anderton.. You sire are a tool...

Benjamin Charles on Jan 2, 2013


I agree Wrath Of The Titans was not a good film, but at least it was watchable. Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance was a total joke and an insult to a great comic book character. I wouldn't buy that film if I saw it in the $5 bargain bin. What a piece of crap!

Tony Young on Jan 2, 2013


I think Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was a decent movie and I enjoyed Wrath of the Titans. And also Battleship is not nearly as bad as everyone says it its, it's certainly no worse than the atrocious Transformers series. Other than those yeah these are terrible movies.

Jeremy Head on Jan 2, 2013


No "Worst of 2012" list is legitimate unless Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is included. At WORST, the 10 films listed above are mediocre and lazy, which doesn't make it the WORST of anything, except maybe effort.

TheMovieLover on Jan 3, 2013


I thought most of these movies were pretty good.

Ashley on Jan 4, 2013


Where is Melancholia on this list. I lasted 1/2 an hour then walked out..

Jim Yundt on Jan 4, 2013


You forgot the cabin in the woods.. That one really sucked

Kraftdinner on Jan 5, 2013


Cabin in the woods got 92% on RT.

Nothing on Jul 14, 2013


Some of you movie critics really have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, real criticism is not, should not be subjective or opinionated. I agree Battleship was not a great movie, but it definitely was not as bad as you make it out to be. It was actually quite entertaining and there ARE some very cool and well done references to the board game. The aliens' "bombs", for example, look like the red and white pegs used in the board game and the way they "stick" to the target and "burrow down" is reminiscent of the action of placing the red or white peg in the corresponding peg-hole. You say the aliens had no real purpose? I don't think you actually saw the movie. The alien design is very realistic, in other words, I can actually believe these aliens could actually have evolved on a planet very similar to ours. The space(water)ships are absolutely fantastic and mysterious, albeit a bit unrealistic, especially the size of the last one. The internets should really start to distinguish between real critics and whiny fanboys.

Gmatos78 on Jan 5, 2013


most of these movies are not that bad at all actually they could've put The watch in there it was terrible. Battleship had great scenes and payed A TON of respect to our war veterans. Red Dawn was a great movie I was a fan of the original and I think the remake was just as good. I also thought Abe played a great part in his vampire slaying adventures it was funny yet it kept you drawn in with the suspense. bottom line I don't think these guys are very good movie critics they miss the big picture with these films.

jamie on Jan 5, 2013


I agree with some of these like Battleship, lol. How many movies can you possibly make about giant robots? It's become so laughable that they shouldn't make another. Lincoln, Ghost Rider, Red dawn were ALL watchable movies and entertaining. You have to take them for what they are escapism. 3 Stooges was bad. I mean Larry David who played the nun was funnier than any stooge in the movie. And Piranha? Who would even give this a minute of their time?

steven moreland on Jan 6, 2013


twilight is missing..

ej on Jan 6, 2013


Actually the only one of these movies that I saw was "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" but virtually every complaint about that movie I apply to the worst film I saw in 2012 and that was "Dark Knight Rises".

RY33 on Jan 6, 2013


I disagree with this a lot! Having watched almost all of the films of 2012 i can tell you that there where films so much more terrible than these... Bourne legacy for example, and to be honest I actually really enjoyed Ghost Rider, That's my Boy and Wrath of the Titans... Just my opinion...

Morris Mo Findley on Jan 6, 2013


Normally I don't care about the reviews I read, I take them all with less than a grain of salt. For some reason I feel compelled to add my 2¢ on behalf of the films that were wrongfully placed on this list. Some of the films were intended to be campy and lighthearted while others were for pure entertainment and time killers. You trash some of the acting which is not warranted just because you dislike the movie. (These people are actors and the majority of them delivered their lines like they were supposed to or how they saw fit, if anyone's at fault it would rest on the hands of the director). I, myself, don't like some of these movies and wouldn't give them a second look as to have them in my collection; however, not all of them on the list deserve to be rated as the worst of the year because even though they may not be of great caliber I would not change the channel if I found them on TV with nothing else to watch. If you want to rate the worst movies of the year rate the ones that didn't make the top 10... Either that or change the title to "The Best of the Worst Movies of the Year." That would make this list more justifiable... You know, as a matter of fact, that was just my biggest gripe that compelled me to comment. The fact that the title of the article is misleading. So case in point, you should do one of two things 1. Change the headline to the best of the worst of 2012 2. Actually watch the movies that didn't make it onto the radar and rate those I know it's easy to talk about the movies listed because they were at the top of the box office at one point and you had high hopes for one or more of them but you should really be more unbiased and be more honest with yourself. That's how a good article is made. I actually ended the seriousness at #2, this is just me poking with a stick. 😛

LightenUp on Jan 6, 2013


The only one of these I saw was wrath of the titans but I fell asleep in the first 10 Mins and woke up during the credits so technically I didn't see it despite paying for 3d. But 1 movie I did see was savages. And I really liked it until the end when Oliver stone lost his testicles and made two endings. I would have been okay with either one had there only been one. He cheated the audience as if watching a film and the main character wakes up from a Dream and none of it really happened. Savages worst film for me.

Chris on Jan 6, 2013


You forgot Project X, is number 1 on my list for worst movie of the year anyway.

Finn on Jan 6, 2013


Wrath Of The Titan actually wasn't as bad as people make it out to be,and was a lot better than the first one.

Longshanks on Jan 6, 2013


John Carter

sherlock115 on Jan 7, 2013


They left out the virtually pointless and incoherent Cloud Atlas, the abysmal Skyfall (with one of the worst soundtracks and bond girl ever featured in the history of bond), the insanely over-rated, and again pointless sci-fi not so mind-bending, Looper (I personally just wanted the over-blown 'suddenly I have a conscience' killer-protagonists to die from the beginning, and they died in the end anyway).

tiimmsimagenarium on Jan 7, 2013


Couldn't follow cloud atlas? Stay in the shallow end you'll be fine.

Alien Cyborg Fetus on Jan 8, 2013


I liked Alex Cross the vilain was insane i tried to watch wrath of the titans twice and could not get pass the 20 minutes mark, the movie is boring has hell. Pirannha 3DD was a complete wast of time and a total bore.

Yannick Messaoud on Jan 7, 2013


That's my boy was One of Adam Sandler's best movies so go to hell I own battle ship and that looks like a good movie and wrath of the titans was a good movie but not as good as clash of the titans and I never seen any of the other movies they all don't have to be block busters to be good movies thank you very much

Trevor Brooks on Jan 8, 2013


I really love Wrath of the Titans and i hate a website like this who's destroying films image. This website is bullshit, i know that no one in this website can make a movie which is better than the said top 10 worst movie. Worst website ever 😛

Moviecritic on Jan 8, 2013


I loved Vampire Hunter and Battleship! Great entertainment.

CK on Jan 8, 2013


Oh, calm down. We don't need people fighting. Am I the only one who remembered that this was originally about Battleship? (By the way she said red and blonde hair was "traditionally" on a white woman, she didn't say it always ways. She just meant red-heads and blondes are usually naturally grown on white women. I think some people took it the wrong way.)

Brittany Haas on Jan 8, 2013


silent hill 2, resident evil retribution..................

Mark Stanheight on Jan 9, 2013


So, while I agree with maybe 2 or 3 of your choices, I gather that anything from Disney or Lifetime made your Best of 2012 list because you clearly have no taste and don't like to just sit and be entertained beyond the reality we live in.

Christopher Perry on Jan 10, 2013


Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter was awesome and during that scene when their is no fighting with the vampires but just the war itself was really good because the guy who played Lincoln did a really good job of portraying him. The three stooges was funny but the scenes with the babies and the lion were awesome. That's my boy was hilarious and hell Vanilla Ice was funny as hell in it. Wrath of the titans was decent and ghost rider 2 was weird. I have not seen the rest.

Dewayne Cumbie on Jan 10, 2013


the idiot who wrote this list is obviously an obnoxious arrogant twat who should spend more time watching movies and enjoying than being a nitpicking asshole!

FUCKYOU on Jan 12, 2013


Personally, I loved Resident Evil: Retribution. It's 2,3,4 that I didn't care for. They were ok, but no match for the first one.

CV2012 on Jan 13, 2013


The color red had a bad year in movie titles, including "John Carter", which didn't even mention the red colored planet in its title.

zaz_cag on Jan 14, 2013


None of you know anything about movies lol All of this is just clearly you sticking your nose up at movies that people enjoyed so you could be pretentious and different. Whats even more astounding is the list of "dishonorable mentions" were 20 times WORSE than the movies you listed. Good job, Siskel and Ebert you are not.

MovieAficionado on Jan 14, 2013


Ha…One of Tyler Perry's few attempts of being the Lead Actor in a movie that isn't Madea and he gets nominated for Worst Actor. That guy needs to quit acting…I can't believe this guy is rich. Also, people need to stop supporting Adam Sandler Movies..Don't understand why people continue to pay and watch his "recent" movies. He hasn't released a good movie in Years!

KR on Jan 15, 2013


I loved the three stooges movie!

MovieCriticsAreDumb on Jan 15, 2013


Able Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was awesome who ever wrote this is clearly biased but i agree with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Three Stooges, That's My Boy and Wrath of the Titans they all sucked. Adam Sandler needs to go back to his Billy Madison/Little Nicky roots.

Lothaer on Jan 15, 2013


Red tails and wrath of the titans were siiiiiick. I loved those movies. If you thought titans was bad then you obviously didnt watch it in IMAX or blu ray. And red tails, I guess that's just me, I really enjoyed that movie

CBabyyyy on Jan 16, 2013


sorry , but the three stooges does not belong on this list ! very well done film , and any stooges fan worth his weight in cream pies and ball peen hammers would know this !

Joseph Mummerth on Jan 17, 2013


I'm currently watching That's My Boy for the 50th time. And I find the crude, stupid humor very South Parkish and love it. To each their own. Everybody is so mad and overly judgemental about every movie nowadays, at least i know I can appreciate movies for what they are. Not every movie is meant to be the ultimate comedy or ultimate blockbuster.

RealityCheck on Jan 17, 2013


And oh yeah. Vanilla Ice, come on, gotta love that haha

RealityCheck on Jan 17, 2013


And the 80's sound track. Lol I swear I'm done. Now good day to all you fine people!

RealityCheck on Jan 17, 2013


What about John Carter?! That movie was absolutely horrible!

Elana Slesnick on Jan 17, 2013


I really enjoyed battleship

Daniel Douglas on Jan 17, 2013


You forgot Prometheus! One of the biggest piles of s#*t to come out in a long time! Makes no sense when you think back on it...

Kenneth Serenyi on Jan 17, 2013


I actually enjoyed Vampire Hunter. It was a silly action movie that definitely did not take itself seriously. How could it possibly be serious? You saying it was trying to be historical fiction?

Bud Raymond on Jan 18, 2013


One of the worst lists ive ever seen, lincoln was a great film for what it was and so was battleship, try and realise that some films are just ment to be fun and action packed. you want a candidate for worste film of all time try watch "skyline" and tell me that shouldnt be in there

shaunh66 on Jan 18, 2013


Three Stooges was a lot of fun and the dude playing Moe was especially spot on. I wouldn't mind a follow-up.

Neil McRae on Jan 18, 2013


'Snow White and the Huntsman' was plain awful and looked like it was shot in a hastily erected forest on a stage and an underfunded CGI studio. The magic mirror only did its thing once. That scene where they're on horses, galloping on a beach towards the castle was either set on the world's longest beach or the shot was on loop. But the worst film of 2012/all time? 'Keith Lemon: The Film'. Actually maybe it got really good after we left after twenty minutes. Maybe... but the reviews suggest otherwise.

Jumpy Spider on Jan 19, 2013


you forgot Resident Evil Retribution.!!Good list tho

Rama on Jan 20, 2013


why do these people criticise movies that aren't meant t be taken seriously, like for real old man

chuck on Jan 20, 2013


i kinda think the person giving his opinion on the films is a jaded self important jackass but to each there own

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


most of the movies they listed were bad but battleship was just a typical action film and calling adam sandler a man child is well kinda rude i find him to be a decent actor though he hasnt made any good films lately but thats my boy had some seriously funny moment who ever makes these reviews needs to get off his high horse and if he knows so much about making good movies why isnt he in hollywood? this is less a review and more him flaming movies that he/she found uninteresting a review is explaining why something is bad not simply calling someone a man child and saying you dislike his humor thats your opinion not an overview of what made the movie bad or good. ps red tails really was disappointing

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


also cant help but feel like they gave red dawn a bad review simply cause they dont like remakes i mean literally only thing they complain about other then the fact its an "unnecessary remake" is the ending was anticlimactic seriously its an action film remake and who cares if the actors are new it takes all kinds asshole. at least if nothing else i didnt have to watch brad pitt play the same character with the same attitude in yet another movie. wtb actual reviews not burn blogs kk

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


@ kento um aliens attacking earth when they recieve a signal from our planet is a nonsensical plot um dont we send signals out into space with the hope of finding life how is that nonsensical and what part of the movie could be done on a board game all of your points seem like they arent very well thought out also not entirely sure you know what jingoistic garbage even means really i wonder if you even watched it or just acted like a jaded moron when you flamed it on these comments either way id say it was a typical action movie with virtually no basis in reality like a good action movie should be and that it had decent actors and even a decent amount of humor. oh btw i really loved ho0w patriotic it was that it was a movie about every country doing military training together well anyway guys im sure kento will use more words he doesnt know the meaning of but im gonna get back to what i was doing 😀

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


buy yourself a dictionary and look up jingoistic you jaded uneducated loser

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


Are you being purposely hypocritical?

ForwardEarth on Jan 28, 2013


also your novelty site sucks

randomguyisrandom on Jan 21, 2013


First of all, I never wanted to watch Redtails, But I did, and it was way better then I thought it was going to be. I would of enjoyed some more "dog fighting" but what can you do. Added bonus that Daniela Ruha (NCIS: LA) was in the film! Battleship was pretty good. I didn't watch it having supper high expectations, but I was entertained. And when you watch a movie that's what matters. I love a film that's littered with CGI, I think that's second most important thing to having a good movie, first being a good story/script. Spirit of Vengeance was godawful worst I subjected my parents to watching it. The acting was bad, the cgi was lack-luster, and the story/script was just supper bad! only part that was interesting was when he controlled the digger as the ghost rider. But when he did that lunch forward motion, aggg. If you want to talk about a movie with bad acting. I dare you to watch "jose and the pussycats." That was literally the first movie I've ever walked out on. I love Rachael lee Cook. But her acting was really bad in that movie. Thankfully I didn't have to pay a dime for that movie as I saw it on base when I was still in the marines.

Robert Siemon on Jan 21, 2013


'Red Tails' is the first of what will be a money saving trend in film making and Hollywood for years to come. Having a mediocre at best cast playing second fiddle and servicing Special Effects. Instead of the other way around. This also saves money for supposed writers. Why have dialogue when you can have cool explosions? The Tuskegee Airmen deserve far better!

Jack Deth on Jan 21, 2013


the three stooges was funny as hell. i'm a big fan and i thought the movie did a great job in bringing to life the classic comdey that i grew up watching. anyone who did not like this movie is not a real fan of the stooges.

X54 on Jan 21, 2013


To say that Battleship was even worse than Red Dawn is like trying to compare donkey crap and mule crap. Oh, wait... your job IS tougher than I thought!!

Mike Barnett on Jan 21, 2013


I am disagree with you for the movies "Abraham Lincoln, Battleship, Ghost Rider and even Piranha"...So, looks like nobody have seen the movie "Red Light", I was the only one to see "Really the Worst Movie of the Year 2012"...I will add on my list "Wrath of the Titans", "Detention" and even "Brave"...The movie "Brave" should be one of the worst Animation Movie ever made...

Jeff Gosselin on Jan 22, 2013


You lost me near the end when you said a worse film than Cloud Atlas.

John on Jan 22, 2013


The Raven, Wrath of the Titans, Dark Shadows and Taken II, were all fucking great. Everyone i know that has seen them loved all of them. You guys suck at this!!! I dont give a fuck what the box office says, 98% of the mass audience are fucking idiots with bad taste anyways, so fuck box office results. I like movies that entertain, simple as that. And so do most of my friends, and those flicks i mentioned were received well among my peers and i.

goFUKurrSELF on Jan 22, 2013


I haven't seen none of the above... and pretend not to...

Chuck on Jan 22, 2013


Personally, I felt like Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter should have had a more seriously told and better told story. The movie over all was too campy and goofy for me. I wanted a serious battle vs. scary vampires movie, instead I got Abe vs. the three stooges with fangs.

MainFragger on Jan 22, 2013


No mention of Snow White and the Huntsmen (boring to an extreme degree and any movie that makes Charlize Theron look bad by having her yell the entire time she is onscreen with awkward writing and editing, deserves top mention for worst film of the year)? Easily worse than every film you list except maybe the Ghost Rider sequel (if I'd known it was from the team that brought us Crank, my hopes would have been in the ground long before I tried watching that abomination). My only other problem with this list is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which I had a lot of fun with.

Mercurio Osterman on Jan 22, 2013


I agree with maybe 7 out of the 10.I thought Andy Sandburg was awesome in thats my boy. Vampire Hunter was, for me, very entertaining. And i saw battleship on memorial day. I almost yelled MERICA in the theater.

jjkelley on Jan 22, 2013


Um, I loved the majority of these movies...

Karen Polcin on Jan 22, 2013


Did you see Iron Sky? How that film was ever made is beyond my comprehension.

Stephen Christena on Jan 23, 2013


The Devil Inside is quite possibly the worst movie I've seen my entire life. There's simply no third act! As soon as you even start to care about what's happening to the characters, the movie ends. A website does not count as an ending. I don't understand how a movie with such a phenomenal trailer could be so bad. Every scene in the trailer scared the piss out of me and when it was shown in the movie I laughed at it.

Andrew on Jan 23, 2013


Not liking The Three Stooges is fine, but this line: " ..failed to recognize that Jackass and YouTube already have the market cornered with stupid slapstick moments, and artificial use of such comedy just doesn't work anymore." That's ludicrous. Since we can see someone falling down on Youtube means pratfall comedy is dead? The attitude boggles my mind.

Carl Shearing on Jan 23, 2013


The Man With The Iron Fists was pretty goddamn awful.

Joey on Jan 23, 2013


Honestly, Abe Lincoln VH was at least had uniqueness going for it. The 3 Stooges I could not even bring myself to watch. The Red Tails was already told in the far superior Tuskeegee Airman. The rest I haven't seen and probably won't watch on cable.

Who Me on Jan 23, 2013


Avengers should have been number one. That steaming pile of shit was so boring and the dialogue was atrocious.

Jack on Jan 24, 2013


Saying the Avengers was a piece of shit doesn't make you cool! That was the greatest Super Hero movie ever! You need to get away from star bucks and your fellow writers and live a little

mike on Aug 18, 2013


not all of these movies sucked some where actually pretty good.

Battleship on Jan 24, 2013


Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!!! You all must be crazy to not include the Expendables 2 in the number #1 spot of terrible movies! Absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen.

Brady Simpson on Jan 24, 2013


BAIT 3D .... Enough said!

James Brown on Jan 24, 2013


Loved most of these movies. I never listen to you nay sayers. You wouldn't know how to enjoy a movie if was givin' you a bl... You now what I mean.

Jacques L David on Jan 24, 2013


Loved Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!! And Battleship surprised me! I'm not a fan of that genre, but I enjoyed it! For your dishonorable mentions, I really disagree! Loved Dark Shadows, in fact bought it! And also enjoyed The Raven! There, I feel better now!

Aundria Cooper Premo on Jan 25, 2013


I know it's not in your top 10, but it was in your "dishonerable mention" list, Here Comes The Boom! Yes it was definitely predictable, but it was cute, funny (without being that embarrassing humor that just makes you cringe), had great music (I'm a rock fan to the core), and was good and appropriate for ALL ages!! It had a complete developed plot, a feel good message without being sappy, and it had rewatchability(not as good as some obvious others of 2012 but still)!

maygan1017 on Jan 25, 2013


And I can't believe this movie was NOT on your list, even in the dishonerable mention, Magic Mike!! I put this movie on the same level as The Three Stooges, both were so hard to sit through and not walk out of the theatre. Yes, I am a straight female, and yes the only good part of that movie was the hot guys, but no matter how hot they were not enough to save that movie! Take away the hot guys and the dancing and what are you left with? You're left with an extremely undeveloped plot, just when you thought oooh finally some plot, he just walks out and it ends, and not to mention he falls in love with a girl that says a total of about 2 complete sentences the whole movie! It was horrible, how does no one else realize this!!

maygan1017 on Jan 25, 2013


Where is Resident Evil: Retribution?

epictoads on Jan 25, 2013


Where's Brave and Lockout on the list? Brave was Pixar's worst film yet. It had a disappointing storyline, and the gags felt pretty tired. Most Pixar films the whole family can enjoy, but Brave seemed like it was simply made for the children in mind. Also, the damn trailers gave away so much that there wasn't a point to seeing that movie. From watching only the last half hour, I didn't miss a single thing. That may make my opinion invalid to some of you, but I was able to put two and two together very quickly, which left me less than enthused with Brave. It was overrated and it frustrated me as to how low Pixar went in terms of standards. Lockout was just plain garbage with cheesy CGI, lifeless acting, and a nonsensical story. Guy Pearce looked bored in that movie, which prevented him from pulling off the type of role that you'd see Bruce Willis play. This movie would be much better if it was a documentary about the NBA lockout. Maybe then might we see Kobe Bryant and LeBron James shooting hoops in space. That thought is already more entertaining than the 95 minutes I wasted watching that mess. Man on a Ledge should also be on the list for how inane, illogical, stale, and silly it all was. With a contrived plot, a tone that took itself way too seriously, and a premise stretched too thin, that movie was just dead on arrival. And honorable mention goes to Dark Shadows for being yet another visually glitzy but hollow and soulless creation from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2013


Brave was Pixar's worst movie... but it's still a Pixar movie, and far better than most of the movies on this list. It was like, a C at best. And that's saying something.

Seth1789110 on Jan 26, 2013


No, Brave was just horrible all-around. My kids couldn't even sit through it.

Josh on Jan 27, 2013


How Bucky Larson Pornstar manages to elude these lists astounds me.

dean on Jan 26, 2013


"#6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" - This came out in 2011, not 2012. Still... it was likely bad enough to be considered one of the worst movies of 2012, despite it was released the previous year.

JChase.msu on Jan 27, 2013


I liked AL Vampire Hunter. It was like a breath of fresh air from Twilight giving vampires a good name again lol And it might just be me, but I actually thought Three Stooges was funny. It was a nice homage to the old Stooges and each played their characters well. Scratch those two off the list for me and put Resident Evil and Silent Hill there and you might have a solid list.

Stephen Andrews on Jan 28, 2013


After reading the reviews and seeing in what order you put these movies I know not to take this site seriously on helping me decide any future movies I should see hahahahaha...

adam on Jan 28, 2013


You forgot Prometheus. What a predictable and stupid movie.

Sasquatch on Jan 28, 2013


"...half the skill and none of the charisma of Bay's films..." I wish you'd started with this one so I wouldn't have had to read the rest. Anyone who thinks those films displayed any kind of skill or charisma is not someone who's opinion I'm interested in hearing.

Bearr on Jan 29, 2013


You are in the minority because Bay's films rake in the money! You're going to tell me how shallow I am, but the business of Hollywood is to make money! I've been reading people's comments and somehow you cats never think an indie film is trash! Most of those films are boring, and are just being made so Hollywood Elites can pretend they are deep and brooding! Almost every time I throw on one of those abortions I get from Netflix I want to cut my wrist!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


This is not a good list, it just picks famous movies that didn't live up to the hype there are way way WAY worse movies that came out that no one remembers

Bill on Jan 29, 2013


Sounds like the author of the article is just an angry little girl about movies. Watch it, either enjoy it or hate it. Keep it to your self cuz most of the movies mentioned i enjoyed. Its a movie, not a life and death situation. Deal with it.

The Angry bird on Jan 29, 2013



JapanIrish Samurai on Jan 29, 2013


#1. Wrath of the Titans......... are you kidding me?? this movie is way better than Alot others in 2012. one of which is #6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance....

getaclue on Jan 29, 2013


The Three Stooges are really nice ... i love them!!!

Franziska Böhmer on Jan 30, 2013


Wrath of the Titans was excellent. *MUCH* better than Clash. #1 should have been Prometheus.

SpartacusMars on Jan 30, 2013


Actually, my favourite film is Ultraviolet - that ruled.

Guest on Jan 30, 2013


Go away

fionaflowers on Jan 30, 2013


Oh my God. You are a disgusting misogynist racist. You have used your "real" account to post that by accident. You repluse me and the moderators as well as everyone else will see who is the repulsive troll.

fionaflowers on Jan 30, 2013


Now I'm confused.

Guest on Jan 30, 2013


Stop following me you misogynist racist scum

fionaflowers on Jan 30, 2013


How can you write this stuff?????????? POLICE please moderators.

fionaflowers on Jan 30, 2013


I DON'T Care what anyone says... BAttleship was good. Just because its based on a board game doesn't make it bad. Inspiration for any form of story comes from anywhere. I even have a poem sort of based on borad games but its about life... and one that's supposed to be about spies but reads more like I purposely included all the superhero names. you can look on here for my reviews (though there are 1 or 2 movies I have yet to see and a few of them were the only ones that I found interesting to see in the summer

Ky♏ }o{{19}}---^ on Jan 30, 2013


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was an AWESOME movie!!!! How can you even think about putting this on your list. It is a full on action packed adventure. The acting was fine, the plot fine, the script fine & every other label critics use to classify a category. All fine. IT'S A MOVIE!!! a good action & adventure movie. Although, I do agree Battleship was a terrible movie. I wish I can get my money back on that one.

SS1CK on Jan 30, 2013


there is no way that battleship and ghost rider are better movies then wrath of the titans. The original is good because it's nostalgic; it doesn't have particularly good acting or a particular good plot. The bottom line is you don't like greek mythology; just leave it at that. And Vampire Hunter was a fun movie. Also I'm guessing you are a big twilight fan since that isn't on your list.

Danny Sackett on Jan 30, 2013


Or, Twilight's just a lazy choice. Most people know it sucks; we don't need it pointed out to us for the eighty-millionth time.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


lol Saying Wrath of the Titans is worse than Pirahnna 3DD is absolute bullshit. Where is The Dark Knight Rises? It's worse than Vampire Hunter or Wrath. At least those films didn't have plot holes as big as the sun. 800 sun sized plot holes I might add.

Jesse Cormier on Jan 31, 2013


You need to put the pipe down! Rises was a good not great movie! The 2cnd installment was good not great! Saying Vampire hunter is a better movie makes think back to the days I took acid and went to the movies

mike on Aug 18, 2013


Your probably the worst critic EVER. P.S. Learn to spell.

Julian A. Case on Jan 31, 2013


I agree,Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was actually a pretty damn good movie. I knew what to expect long before I ever saw it,and you know what? I wasn't disappointed,not even in the least. And yeah sure,the acting could have been a tad better,but overall I think they all did a decent job,especially the one who played Abe Lincoln and Rufus Sewell as well.

Blade31 on Jan 31, 2013


Well i absolutely loved battleship,the scene were the guy mentions Jerry Lewis had me in stitches.I also thought the guy off emmerdale's performance in lockout was incredible,i actually believed him to be Scottish,wrath of the titans was not great but not terrible. How is cloud atlas not in that list?

Andy on Feb 1, 2013


R you serious? I can agree with you on some things about your little movie selection you have goin on here but that's my boy was funny and there's some movies you criticize that make me think you are a humorless person that gets offended by a movie. I bet your "type" of movies are romantic movies you queer. Besides all these movies are fucking gay anyway. That's My Boy doesn't belong on this page, you do. You're criticism sucks Hahahaha

HipsterAssasin on Feb 1, 2013


All im reading is they put so mucmoney it better be good or it was way too serious or wah wah wah whos gives a shit its a movie and none of you idiots put out money to fund any of them so what do you care how good it is just take 8 bucks out ya cheap ass pockets get Netflix that way if u see a movie u don't u don't have to watch it and as for the person brought up the whole racism and sexist go get attention somewhere else same goes for the none believers I don't believe in god either but I don't chastise for it that makes yi u no different then religious people who force their religion on u don't contradict yourselves you idiots

fuckoff on Feb 1, 2013


The writer keeps mentioning these films taking themselves too seriously...to put decent, average, just plain fun flicks like 'Abe: Vamp Hunter' or 'Piranha 3DD' on the list makes me think the writer a hypocrite. Every film on the list should have been composed of films like 'Red Tails' or 'Alex Cross'; the ones that were meant to be serious and fell flat. Too much of a mod-podge here.

Granfalloon on Feb 1, 2013


I thought Ghost Rider was a great movie, They focused more on what the Rider is deep down then anything else. How can you have Dark Shadows in the dishonorable mentions, that was a fun movie.

Chris Petras on Feb 1, 2013


I have to give you credit for creating an appropriate title for this; "FirstShowing Collectively Picks the Worst Films of 2012". It's what FirstShowing feels is bad, not what everyone else thinks. Everyone has a right to express their opinions about everything but I hate when critics try to speak for everyone. Most critics title shit lists like this "THE top 10 worst movies of 2012". I disagree with a few of the movies on the list, but who cares!

heysuess on Feb 3, 2013


Those movies are not even CLOSE to being the worst of 2012... Worst popular movies maybe. But shit like Celebrity Sex Tape, Sofia, Madea's Witness Protection and Battlefield America, are much, much worse.

Baron on Feb 3, 2013


Ghost Rider was so bad I couldn't finish it. Adam Sandler -once again, has another film that makes it to the top ten worst films. Last year it was Jack and Jill. I hate the guy. He isn't funny and is repulsive to look at.

Michael McConnell on Feb 4, 2013



Derrick on Feb 4, 2013


Where in the world did you get the idea that Tyler Perry is a halfway decent actor? Performer? Yes*. Actor? Not at present. (yes, there is a difference) *in a dress

artist_formally_known_as_cWj on Feb 4, 2013


Red Dawn was great...So was Battleship. There were worse movies last year like the twilight crapola

Faeden on Feb 4, 2013


#3 Battleship "The aliens' motivations made no sense" This statement makes no sense

Karl William Davis on Feb 4, 2013


I Greatly disagree with this top ten but more about the dishonorable mentions. First of all, wrath of the titans was a good movie. Not the best but really not the worst. That's my Boy, when you get in that stupid mode is really hilarious. Obviously don't try to take any moral out of it, it's meant to be stupid. But about the dishonorable mentions, I think you just have no judgment. Chasing the mavericks is an awesome film about a real legend of surfing. Very touching and full of determination. A great life lesson. Then Savages is a nice action movie. A simple intrigue but well interpreted and entertaining (which is the goal of almost every movie). Taken 2, and the devil inside were awesome too. I really think that your criteria and those of movie critics are not the good ones. Yes special effects, scenario and interpretation are criterias but critics forget the fun, entertaining, thrilling and pleasant side of viewing films. This should be a mean criteria.

Laskide on Feb 4, 2013


Wow, what a bunch of whinny crybabies. Someone points out the obvious, that your favorite movie was a steaming pile of sh*t, and you start defending crap and crying. There is nothing wrong with liking bad movies. I really enjoyed Battleship, Taken 2 and Vampire Hunter but that doesn't mean they were good, they were bad!

bob smith on Feb 4, 2013


You forgot the Dark Knight Rises. Worst Batman since Schumaker's Batman and Robin!!!!!!!!!

Jonny Ordaz on Feb 4, 2013


No way it was better than Tim Burtons 2ncd batman film! That was bad and every other one up to the point Nolan took Over! It was a good movie just didn't live up to the Hype!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


This writer has no concept of fun movies, he was probably looking for acting depth in Wrath of the Titans, or a deeper meaning in Battleship..... You know what, the days of being pretentious are over, go hang out in the coffee shop with the rest of the artsy losers.

AJ Perko on Feb 5, 2013


They did us the line "You sunk my battleship" in the movie Battleship.

dude003 on Feb 5, 2013


Im shocked that this is the second worst movies of 2012 and I dont see twilight or resident evil 5

DIO on Feb 5, 2013


can't judge art my friends......i'm sure some people love alot of these films...I personally do not think any of them are future "classics" but films are supposed to bring about emotions to the viewers and most of these do that.

RGS82 on Feb 5, 2013


Fuck you guys how can you base your taste of movies on everyone I thought some of these movies were actually pretty good. And it's just a movie you don't have to get all into it and spend your days thinking of ways movies are shitty is pathetic

You guys are gay on Feb 6, 2013


I disagree with a few. Redtails was based on an important historical event in our history, especially to African Americans. Saying it was one of the worst movies in 2012 is asinine and offensive. I personally thought Wrath of the Titans was pretty good. The rest, yea I agree, crap.

Kevin on Feb 6, 2013


Have you seen the movie "Gods and Generals"? It too was based on real historical events but was absolutely awful (Mira Sorvino should never do period pieces). I've not seen "Redtails" so I'm not commenting specifically to its quality, I'm simply saying that there is nothing inherently asinine and offensive about criticizing a film based on a historical event (regardless of its particular importance to any particular group) if the criticism is based on its quality. I didn't much care for the film Pearl Harbor, though I had wanted to enjoy it. The critic did not criticize the film's chosen subject, but rather its presentation. His opinion on this particular film may or may not be asinine (I can't say, as again I did not see it) but I didn't see anything offensive about it.

HRK on Jun 13, 2013


oh --comeon. redtails and alex cross were not that , bad. next red dawn was acceptable. the rest though yeah ---bad. everyone is gonna hate this, but django ...was not that great. 1 hour too long. after the hype of it being a tarintino movie..was not that good. should be in the top 20 worst movies of the year ...comeon tarintino. and battleship was just a blatant transformers rip off. loved the first pirahna, the sequel. well --terrible. i like cheesy movies . but this was ridiculas. and it was in theatres. im sure there was other movies that shoulda been in theatres instead of this one.

lenni on Feb 6, 2013


I don't fullyagree with ted

Gracie Lou on Feb 6, 2013


You really went out on a limb by hating movies everyone else hated. Water is wet, sky is blue etc. Your list disappoints, Ethan.

odiasura on Feb 7, 2013


As a movie junkie, Wrath of the Titans does NOT belong this Top #10! And Red Tails is based on TRUE STORY people! Who ever made this rate, doesn't know jack shit about movies! As for the Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, I like the book, but the movie was no good. Tim Burton is NOT good as a producer & I prefer him as director instead!

Adam Contreras on Feb 7, 2013


Yes most of the movies you listed really sucked, but i did enjoy Red Dawn, Wrath of the Titans and Battleship. Some for Nostalgia and some for Childhood play memories. I think Adam Sandler should just stop making movies cause he seriously sucks!! And the fact that everything nowadays is in 3D is really stupid!! Just my opinion 🙂

Amina M. on Feb 7, 2013


"Abraham Lincoln" delivered exactly what was promised: "light horror" action, a modicum of wit, and an enjoyable film experience. Anyone going in expecting psychological depth or great character drama obviously didn't understand the concept or was misled by someone else who didn't. "Red Tails" was simply put an excellent movie, presenting it's protagonists in a much more realistic and nuanced manner than the hyper-machismo "Top Gun" offering. It was a humble story about humble men who did extraordinary things in service to their country.

Greg Price on Feb 7, 2013


He must have only watched 20 movies this year because The Three Stooges was hilarious and Battleship rocked.

Jasterisk on Feb 7, 2013


Dishonorable: taken 2 ? I agree with your list, but taken 2 was a decent movie. Did you see the troll hunter ? What did you think? And thale ? I hated it!

Sorrytors on Feb 8, 2013


Your face is slapstick. And Cloud Atlas? One of the most psychologically insightful movies ever made, plus great theater with skilled actors. What garbage do you like?

Worthless_Critic on Feb 8, 2013


Wow, many of these movies were actually good. Oh well, everyone has their own tastes. The writer just seems to be angry and hateful.

Amy Flores on Feb 10, 2013


"Dark Shadows" should be moved from "Honorable Mention" to the Top Ten Worst. Relentlessly awful.

midnitevow on Feb 10, 2013


Silent Hill: Revelations takes the cake for me. i feel like that movie was made to torture terrorists.

DoomCanoe on Feb 11, 2013


I think everyone is wondering already this but, where the f**k is Twilight in this list ???

unknown on Feb 11, 2013


Silver Lining Playlist is at least an honorable mention on the worst of 2012 list.

NotJesus on Feb 11, 2013


God, but you sound like a MORON! Do you really think (what did you use?) your filthy mouth makes anything you say sound smart? Go back to school and learn some other words with more than four letters to them.

FedUp on Feb 12, 2013


Is it safe to say that this discussion kinda went away from movies?

Greg dinskisk on Feb 17, 2013


Unfortunately, Red Dawn didn't have to end up in the agreed-upon celluloid trashcan of history, but it has. A BIG portion of that credit goes to studios, directors and producers who caved to the 'You will NOT Badmouth China' ideal. I mean, come on, they worked this script for YEARS, and shot for a long time to get it, only to have to come back, tweak, reshoot a lot of it, only to cater to the Chinese screaming 'do not make us the villains in this story'. Well, sorry, but if the red sickle fits, buddy. Seriously, no one was going to get slapped or disowned if they had just said 'OK' and then kept with the original story, but instead, catering to politics killed the movie. Without a doubt, this movie, ALONE, says all you want to hear about 'Politics silencing art'. If anyone EVER tells you that political pressure or mainstream media can't manipulate, even totally control Hollywood or movies or even art and free-speech, simply point them to this movie as undeniable documented history that it DID happen, with devastating results, as was expected by those who did the manipulating.

Lance Cole on Feb 12, 2013


It's the same reason why they went out of their way to change the bad guys in the Jack Ryan movie "Sum of All Fears" and why we'll never see an adaptation of "Executive Orders" either...there are groups that are "untouchable" in Hollywood, including Islamofascism and the Chinese, among others. White European men, esp Christians? Fire away...they're the source of all evil...

Greg Price on Feb 12, 2013


I remember when American Studios didn't care all that much about foreign anger! In 94 when True Lies came out Muslims protested and America gave them the finger by making that a huge hit! I bet if Cameron made that today the Villains would be white survivalist!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


I liked Battleship and Wrath of the Titans was ok. So go get me a Chicken Burrito and stfu.

Don Long on Feb 12, 2013


Wow , someone has little imagination or sense of humor. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, IMO, was a very good, though not great , movie. But, I personally enjoyed it as did many others I know. Another surprise was Three Stooges, it was as close an adaptation of the original as possible and was honest to the series. The worst part of the movie was the Jersey Shore sequence, though it was entertaining to see Moe take on that motley crew. Apparently you take this film far too seriously. It was never meant to be some epic remake, but a homage. And comparing the Stooges to Jackass and Youtube only proves the point that you don't truly understand the film. The Stooges may have been clumsy, stupid, violent, etc. , but they always had good intentions. Jackass and others commit stupid acts purely for attention, the Stooges did it because it came naturally to them, as they didn't know better.

DirtySanchez on Feb 12, 2013


Well quite frankly there are only 4 of these movies that i have seen, Vampire slayer is kinda ridiculous, and so i agree there. But as for red tails, battleship, wrath of the titans and spirit of vengeance, there are both things that i like, and things that i do not like about them. This being said, i don't think that these movies deserve titles as the "Worst films" of 2012. As with every movie, we can usually not be pleased with every aspect of the movie because everyone thinks differently, has different likes and dislikes. This is only one persons idea of the "worst films" this past year, and i am sure that many people will have a different list. That is just my opinion, on your opinion.

Eragon2262 on Feb 13, 2013


i totally disagree with this list RED TAILS was absolutely great i dont care if it flopped in theaters or not it was absolutely amazing

Chrishr84 on Feb 13, 2013


don't know why wrath of the titans is on here. it wasn't bad. you are stupid.

Anthony on Feb 13, 2013


savages was an awesome movie

chris on Feb 13, 2013


C mon breaking dawn part two is a stupid mix of clichés...worst of the year...

moe on Feb 14, 2013


Really enjoyed "Battleship" and "Wrath of the Titans". Good, fun adventure fluff. "Ghost Rider" was a terrible disappointment though.

Steve Green on Feb 14, 2013


I saw "The Raven"................it was a movie.

Jared Z on Feb 14, 2013


Why watch Lincoln slay vampires in that crappy insult to an American hero, when we can watch Daniel day-Lewis portray the bearded American icon I the blockbuster epic Lincoln

mattSchmanek on Feb 14, 2013


Wrath of the titans was dissapointing because there was only one Titan. The gods were the best thing about the movie. Battleship was entertaining, I liked it. 3 stooges was ok, needed more slaps, the three actors did a great job portraying the stooges. That's my boy sucked. I thought redtails was real good, don't know why this is on this list. Abe Lincoln vampire hunter was rushed but very entertaining and ended up being better then i thought.

Steve on Feb 15, 2013


Dark Shadows a dishonorable mention? It may not be perfect but its one of the more memorable films of 2012.

AdanielX on Feb 16, 2013


c'mon, abe lincoln vampire hunter was much more entertaining than spielboig's lincoln snoozefest

Ae Neuman on Feb 17, 2013


some of these movies were good, some sucked bad, whoever reviewed needs to learn how to enjoy a movie. cause ur reviews suck

me on Feb 17, 2013


Piranha DD was awesome. I would argue that it is indeed tongue-and-cheek, and while the first film may have been more clever, this was more entertaining. The cameos are perfect - Ving Rhames was still a badass, Chistopher Lloyd was hilarious, and David Hasselhoff gave a great parody performance. The fact that some footage is reused from the first movie is the movie's only true failure.

Lumburjak on Feb 18, 2013


I enjoyed Red Tails. I'm glad it wasn't an attempted tear jerker with stupid forced drama for the sake of being dramatic. That is even worse in my book than lack of it. I also thought Wrath of the Titans was more entertainning than the first one. Now Ghost Rider 2... That movies is right there with worst movies ever made. Right up there with AvP: Requiem.

vpuik on Feb 18, 2013


Prometheus was the biggest piece of $hit I saw all year.

Geddy on Feb 18, 2013


Thoroughly enjoyed 'Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter'; I guess one of the few. Found it creative, interesting and entertaining. Do not think it deserves to be on a worst list.

Mary on Feb 18, 2013


red tails was a great movie....and if you need a real story, the red tails squadron did in fact exist. and they went on several of the missions that were featured in the film. this article has nothing backing it up....

Nick Anteau on Feb 18, 2013


agreed .. among the worst ever. seens few of them horrible. among these only Battleship have some promising elements like the battles. may be re-make after a decade. (please not these horrible actors again).

nafees on Feb 19, 2013


"Red Dawn" I haven't see the remake, I really enjoyed the original when I was a kid. Also, changing the enemy from China to North Korea. NK seriously doesn't even have a big enough army to take over any country, let alone the usa!

Michael Lauzon on Feb 19, 2013


Resident Evil: Retribution was amazing. The Raven, Dark Shadows & Silent Hill: Revelation were good also. What's wrong with you guys???

Justis on Feb 19, 2013


Agreed with every film listed especially taken 2 what a let down that was.

Rhino avenger on Feb 20, 2013


Battleship has had so much unnecessary stick it's not even fair! There are far worse films out there, and it's just another balls-out, popcorn-munching action flick; just like Die Hard 4.0, Transformers, Expendables, etc. The acting isn't even that bad, Taylor Kitsch is good in it, everyone is just finding something to pick at! And.... was that a dig at Cloud Atlas towards the end?? If it was, then this website has just lost all credibility in my eyes... that is a GREAT film!

Michael Hutchinson on Feb 20, 2013


I watched Here Comes the Boom from your dishonourable mentions list, and I felt that it was truly horrible. I am surprised it's not up there with the rest of them but I find myself agreeing with much of what you said. The ones I have not seen must be truly horrible for that film to not make it, and I can imagine a lot of the films up there, like Pirahna 3D, being crud without seeing it. Abe Lincoln was enjoyable, the concept was solid, the visuals were solid, but it fell apart near the end and I don't think it was a great movie, although I think Here Comes the Boom was much worse, although I don't think many people watched that. I am now interested in what you think some of the good movies of 2012 were? There is a lot up there and I can't think of many others, except for maybe House at the End of the Street or Silent House, and they weren't astoundingly good. Are there any from 2012 we should all rush out and see?

Anthony Morris on Feb 20, 2013


A L Vampire hunter was amazing! don't know how these lists get so popular, they are a joke lol, take the time to read the one listing the "scariest" movie monsters. You will get more scares out of nursery rhymes then the movies in that list!!!

pickaname on Feb 20, 2013


ok , ur dumb writer, thats my boy was hilarious, clash of the titans was good, the third one was the worst but only because most of the gods died, and the one that should of died, lived (but probably not for very long) you try to disect movies to much, which is why you dont seem to enjoy alot of em. alex cross wasnt bad at all, and ghost rider was good except for the ugly unnatural way he moved his head sometimes (bad cgi for sure) and your doggin on the three stooges? what because of slapstick comedy? becuase of youtube and jackass? lol they invented slapstick comedy, it should be youtube and jackass that are dumb not the other way around, thats like saying jesus sucks becuase you know ghandi ! but of course its too old of a style of comedy to have a place anymore in this day in age, so from a financial standpoint it probably wasnt a good idea to do a remake (only made 24 mill over budget)

JaddedTowardsThisWriter on Feb 20, 2013


Lockout gets a dishonourable mention? What are you on? That was a brilliant movie!

pyrosikth on Feb 21, 2013


I've forced friends to watch The 3 Stooges and every single time they've loved it. It's simply a very funny movie.

costume on Feb 22, 2013


Just goes to show I have different taste than Ethan the film critic. He might be right but I actually enjoyed Battleship, Red Tails and a little of Wrath of Titans. I don't always need to see an Oscar winner everytime I sit down. Some movies are so crazy or dumb that I'm entertained by that fact. Oh well...

Rob on Feb 22, 2013


Let me see my list... in no particular order I will go with: - "Fire with Fire" - Mr. Bruce Willis, why? - "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" - boring, should have been taken less seriously - "Lockout" - bad copy of "Fortress 2" (2000) - "The Devil Inside" - another "shaky cam" movie, not even interesting plot And I guess you only listed american comercial movies, but well my list could go on with a few titles from Europe and Asia. And I totally disagree with "Wrath of the titans" and "Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter".

Bliz Zard on Feb 22, 2013


That list is bullsh*t. Many of those movies were good.

Mo$tafa Mohammad on Feb 22, 2013


what bout iron sky? it sucked so bad....... and i liked red tails, it was a pretty good movie

ESHWAR on Feb 23, 2013


I love 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'. It's very entertaining. You should replace it with Breaking Dawn 2 or John Carter... and I agree with the rest.

Judas on Feb 27, 2013


No Prometheus? Really?

Xander on Mar 6, 2013


I was with you until the crack about John Carter. It was a much better movie than some of the popular garbage out there. Based off an author with actual talent, acceptable acting(some much better than others), and a plot that actually moves forward, interspersed with quality action scenes. I fell asleep at the Hunger Games, but we'll get plenty of sequels there. No Carter of Mars series for us though. Don't even get me started to the lack of a Prince of Persia sequel. I'm sure Iron Man 6 or Spider Man vs. Eric Foreman 2 will fill the seats though. Also, Alex Cross should get #1 just because Tyler Perry is in it. That man is a blight on the world of comedy, drama, and humanity in general. All that screen time and not one decent movie/show out of the bunch.

Barnabus Jones on Mar 6, 2013


You're insane if you thought John Carter was a good film. It was possibly one of the worst films EVER made. I agree about falling asleep during Hunger Games though, was bloody awful. Don't even think of lumping these films into franchises like Iron Man though, the first film was incredible, second one was a letdown and the third is looking quite good so far.

Liderc on Mar 9, 2013


John Carter sucked! You had a man that could jump over mountains Kill Gigantic monsters yet was helpless when they put a chain around his neck! Plus the dude is not a good actor! I mean the men that played in Act OF Valor are better than Taylor and they are real life Seals

mike on Aug 18, 2013


A lot of people seem to miss, when slagging off George Lucas, that Revenge of the Sith is one of his best films. It's better directed than A New Hope. And that's a fact.

Craig Hicks on Mar 7, 2013



Barnabus Jones on Mar 7, 2013


Adam Sandler truly is the worst. I was a 90s kid myself and by the time I was about, oh, 10 years old I found most of Adam's Sandler's antics to annoy the hell out of me. And I don't understand how "Jack & Jill" or "That's My Boy" have not yet become his "Battlefield Earth." Oh, and "Billy Madison" was totally overrated.

tman418 on Mar 7, 2013


Guess I just go in to watch a movie to well, watch & enjoy a movie. Almost all of my favourite movies of 2012 are on this list lol. If I wanted realistic I'd go read the newspaper - I watch movies to ESCAPE realism. I've never agreed with critics tho lol.

hexxuss on Mar 8, 2013


Anyone who thinks Piranha 3DD is better than Wrath of the Titans is fucking moronic.

Jesse Cormier on Mar 10, 2013


You forgot "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". That was the worst.

Guest on Mar 11, 2013


You forgot "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". The parenting in the movie was just horrendously awful, and stating that "making more mistakes would make them better parents" was just a painful kick to my ballsack and made me wanna call social services so they can lock them up in a insane asylum. You learn from your mistakes so you can get better, not so you can get even worse than you already were before.

Luis Jose Fernandez on Mar 11, 2013


You forgot "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". The Parenting in this movie was horrendously awful, and saying that "making more mistakes would make them better parents" just made me wanna castrate myself and call social services so they can lock them up in a insane asylum. You make mistakes so you can get better, not so you can even worse that you already were before.

Luis Jose Fernandez on Mar 11, 2013


Yeah, I haven't seen any of these because I don't actively see movies. My eyes kind of glazed over reading the synopsis of these movies, so something tells me actually watching them won't be a great idea.

Ghoul on Mar 16, 2013


Well crap, i enjoyed Wrath of the Titans and Battleship.

Superbatfreak on Mar 20, 2013


I loved THE THREE STOOGES and what the writer of this article seems to forget is without the Stooges there'd be no Jackass. I guess to each his own.

Bobby Milford on Mar 22, 2013


you r very wrong the only movies i didnt c on here were red tails n alex cross i loved the others n own most of them u clearly dont know good movies get ur head out of ur asss n give these the good movie review they deserve

Dick Jones on Mar 22, 2013


This critic has a very specific taste in movies. He and his group of 5 followers choose to hate every movie that did not win an oscar. That pretty much sums it up.

The truth on Mar 25, 2013


looks like someone hates black people, and do you know how much the original three stooges got ripped off? that movie was pretty much a dedication to them. and battleship was an awesome movie. its like you put all the good movies in your list of bad ones.

MasterChief117 on Mar 30, 2013


I actually thought "Wrath of the Titans" was pretty decent, not great but entertaining.

sinceritty on Apr 4, 2013


Ok... Abraham Lincoln, Piranha, Red Dawn and Wrath were actually pretty decent, for what they were supposed to be... How you could put Taken 2 in there as an "dishonorable mention" is beyond me! You may as well throw in Dark Knight Rises, Avengers and Skyfall in there while your at it!!

Jamie Ruthven on Apr 5, 2013


Are you crazy? Taken was a great movie but it was pointless to make another! The Avengers was a great movie by far the greatest Super Hero movie ever made!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


Haha…Tyler Perry's first attempt at a major role that is not Madea and it bombs..haha..This guy should not be an actor!

KR on Apr 5, 2013


10, 6, 3 & 1 were visually entertaining so even if the stories sucked on 3 & 6 they were easily worth the breakthrough visuals.

Splendìd Angst on Apr 7, 2013


I'm sorry but Piranha 3DD should of been number 1. Wrath of the Titans wasn't even close to being the worse when it wasn't even that bad, but still not good. It had great fun action, I'll give it that. I'm assuming that people only think the Titans remake films are the worst they've ever seen it's because it mostly pissed them off. Bringing that fun greek mythology action with such great potential to rebirth this story into something just as fun and great as 300, LOTR, Braveheart, any other favorable medieval sword fighting type films, but the stories just went too quick and very careless on adding more than just having the stories basic.

Landro on Apr 12, 2013


I enjoyed Wrath of the Titans. I thought most of the CG looked great. Dark Shadows was cheesy, but it is supposed to be that way. My gf and I saw Dark Shadows together, we both enjoyed it.

Jeff Parker on Apr 14, 2013


Disagree with MOST of that list, and half of your dishonerable mentions. Vampire Hunter, Alex Cross, and That's My Boy were all good movies. I haven't seen Red Dawn but I heard it was good from a lot of people. If you don't like That's My Boy than you don't like Adam Sandler because that's Adam being Adam as he's always been. Horrible List.

Danielle Whitaker Owens on Apr 15, 2013


Red Dawn (the original) was broadly panned by both critics and the bulk of those who comment on movies in public. That's because they tend to be politically left-of-center at best and extremist anti-Americans at worst. Lots of people who usually don't comment publically about films liked the first one and I'm sure that's the case with the second as well.

Greg Price on Apr 15, 2013


I think you're giving a couple of these movies a hard time. Just becuase you dislike a movie yourself doesn't mean you should call it shit, (which you did by the way) and then assume that everyone agrees with your opinion. I thought battleship was a great movie. I would give it a 9/10. But I guess everyone has their preferences, even though some of them are shittier than others.

Anti-critic on Apr 16, 2013


Whoever wrote this doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humour....

Femalediction on Apr 22, 2013


Red Dawn, Abe Lincoln:VH, and Battleship I very much enjoyed. Alex Cross and Wrath of the Titans were okay but still, if half these movies are the worst of the year then it was a pretty good year in my book

Ruben Smith on Apr 22, 2013


Your F***ing Retarded This List is Sh*t

Me on Apr 28, 2013


At least 2 movies on this list did not belong here. Some critics need to live a little, or to simply put it, lighten up.

mubashar ahmad on Apr 29, 2013


I thought Battleship was going to be a lot worse. I watched it one day on HBO when I couldn't find anything else better to watch on cable, and I actually enjoyed it. Red Dawn's not as terrible as I thought it was going to be either. There's no way Hollywood can ever recreate the magic of the original, but the North Korean threat in the film got me thinking, "What if?". Just my 2 cents anyways... Maybe I'm just getting old???

Adrian Lee Guzman on Apr 29, 2013


The N Koreans are a joke...they shouldn't've caved to the pressure and kept the Chinese as the invaders.

Greg Price on Apr 29, 2013


You forgot "Nazi's at the Center of the Earth". But, so did everyone else. Except me. Arrrrggggh!

John Sryqn on Apr 29, 2013


Good list!

Moolz on Apr 30, 2013


don't agree

Anthony Rice on Apr 30, 2013


I have a feeling you didn't see very many movies in 2012

Rando on May 1, 2013


this list is great!Took me a little time to get round to reading it....but it's spot on!! Include Taken 2 and Dark Shadows for me! And Battleship was so bad it was hilarious!! There are good films out there talkbackers...stop following the herds to the muliplex ....

georgeclooney on May 10, 2013


koret all that ghost rider the first was bether

Daniel Claeys on May 11, 2013


The Three Stooges was funny, Wraith of the Titans was good as well.

TobyToz on May 11, 2013


DARK SHADOWS - utter shit .... fans (like me) of the original were expecting an adaption which carried the same thing that Dan Curtis worked so hard to create back in the late 60s / early 70s ... instead? we got a bat shit rom com (what an epic fail)

Dark Amor on May 11, 2013


Battleship for the amount of money that you know they poured into it was Horrible!

Raymond Clifford on May 12, 2013


Does anybody realize how dumb and historicaly insulting Abe L/ Vampire Hunter was???

Raymond Clifford on May 12, 2013


three stooges and Spirit Of Vengeance weren't that bad

Dequan Oozaru Purcell on May 12, 2013


yes..yes they were........

georgeclooney on May 12, 2013


Ugh, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sucked so bad! It's especially disappointing considering how kick ass the book was.

Kara Braga on May 12, 2013


It was awful!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


No... Andy Samberg is not, has not, and will not ever be charming... or funny, for that matter.

Kevin on May 13, 2013


I kept waiting for "You sunk my battleship!!!"

Mike on May 15, 2013


Its funny how some people think a movie is bad yet the movie makes a ton of money and has a huge fan base. I guess some people just arent as in tune with what they think they are. I really need to know what qualifies a person to think they are a critic lol.

Lastdaysgunslinger on May 16, 2013


10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1 are my in my favorite movie list.

F&F6 on May 16, 2013


Savages was an ok-movie

Shelby on May 16, 2013


If you liked Battleship, then you have a mind of a mentally challenged child.

TheKlot on May 16, 2013


That's my boy was funny

Dave on May 17, 2013


gotta agree all these movies are just garbage I never want to see

Michael James Halonen on May 18, 2013


gee you must be either a "pro" movie critic, a pseudo-wanna-be movie critic or just plain incapable of comprehending that never having seen a movie does not usually allow you to critique it.

Joe on Aug 12, 2013


Red Tails wasnt a bad movie at all

Joe H on Jun 3, 2013


Red Tails was a horrible movie

Anthony Donovan Stokes on Jun 4, 2013


Some of the comments here (read above and below) seem supplied by the exact audience that these crappy, instantly forgettable,make back your money with a mass marketed opening weekend tactic most Hollywood movies pander to. Don't get me wrong,I grew up loving low budget horror (Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series),straight to video actioners (Cannon Golan-Globus' Vietnam,Ninja,Kickboxing films) but most modern "film product" type movies lack the charm that even those films had. Test marketed to the nines so that teens/young adults seeing an early screener for free shape the movie out to be just like every other movie by the time they have filled out the critique card. Plus with pretty big budgets and shiny CG but no resemblance of a compelling story,script or spirit it usually results in fantastic mediocrity to laughably bad efforts. I'm not saying that only indie films are good films (there are a lot of crap indie's too) BUT there are good movies out there that can entertain without being insulting. Some major studio releases, and some indie. It's just that so much marketing is given (and spent on) these "lowest common denominator" films that the average movie goer is bombarded by these bad films constantly,that they think "Oh well,Battleshits is my only option,two tickets please derp derp." Or maybe I'm wrong and Mike Judge's 2006 satire Idiocracy was even more prophetic than I thought. A future of the mass populace accepting the lowest possible standards in regards to well...everything I guess. Idiocracy, good movie if you haven't seen it.

kenchun24 on Jun 4, 2013


Get over yourself dude! Maybe you like leaving the theatre feeling horrible that you're a human! Hollywood is meant to Entertain and make money! They are not there to build the Sistine Chapel! Just because you are a non-conformist doesn't mean your Aristotle! Marvels the Avengers kick ass! Going back to Terminator 2 big budget awesome movies! Indie movies are nothing more than hippies getting together to prove how sophisticated they are!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


For sure,I agree with ya...saw T2 seven times that summer of '91 (The Matrix the same amount as well in '99) and loved last summer's The Avengers,four in theater viewings for me on that one. But most tentpole films and Hollywood stuff at the present time are very lackluster. Take this summer for example,critical reviews aside just based on pure entertainment value for my $16-20 dollar ($20 IMAX) ticket... I was underwhelmed by the following - IM3,ST:ID,both Elysium and MOS to an extent. And these were just stinkers IMO - After Earth,White House Down,Lone Ranger,R.I.P.D. ...more often than not me wanting to tell friends/family that they gotta go see this ______ movie ASAP just isn't happening that much anymore. The only movies that I really dug this summer (IE: went back to see multiple times) were Pacific Rim,Despicable Me 2,Man Of Steel (and MOS was still a bit hit & miss IMO). I can understand both sides to the current blockbuster maelstrom ("the model" of studios/productions and ticket buyers reservations - a night out to the movies for a family is crazy expensive,so they go "safe"). Some of them end up being both critically and commercially well received but I would say that most don't. Most perform well box office wise but are not that good of a movie per se. For example as of August 19th,2013 - GrownUps 2: $127 mill domestic/$45 mill foreign/$172 mill total Pacific Rim: $98 mill domestic/$286 mill foreign/$384 mill total The way Sandler's recent poop sandwich Grown Ups 2 (crap) out performed Pacific Rim (a movie with far more imagination,awe and pure throwback summer movie fun) box office wise here in the U.S. ties directly to my "Idiocracy" comment. The fact that the movie going public and some critics (even with reviews favoring PR 71% vs. GU2 7% on Rotten Tomatoes) automatically labeled PR as a "Transformers/Power Rangers" rip off was lame too. Del Toro's homage to the Giant Robo/Monster movies from the 60's is a far better film than any of the crap Michael Bay spit out with his mega billion making Transformers series combined. Just goes to show that good imaginative tentpole films are ignored by the public while cookie cutter sequels/reboots and "brand awareness" cash grabs reign supreme. As far as variety, personally speaking I mix up the multiplex outings with VOD stuff occasionally,and nearby movie houses that play non-wide release films (and are generally less expensive). Heck some of my faves this year to go along with Pacific Rim,Despicable Me 2 would be Upstream Color,The Hunt,Spring Breakers,Europa Report,Before Midnight and The Act Of Killing. But I've had some disappointments from that arena as well - I could've waited for a Netflix stream of both V/H/S 2 and Only God Forgives as opposed to paying the VOD premiere price for those two flicks.

kenchun24 on Aug 18, 2013


I would have included Dark Shadows, but I understand that parts of it were at least OK, that ending was just unforgiveable to me though. It should at least win most disappointing talent to result film of the year. I would never have believed the mix of Burton, Depp, Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Eva Green and Johnny Lee Miller could add up to something so misguided and off putting

Lance on Jun 5, 2013


There is no accounting for taste. But then again the internet is just a forum for people to bitch about shit nobody really cares about.

Dontcare on Jun 7, 2013


Sorry,I disagree. Battleship was good entertainment.

david on Jun 7, 2013


you don't like cloud atlas? that's too bad. i myself think that's an excellent movie. it could have become a master piece if only the director have what it take. But such a talent can rarely be found.

hanhjuly on Jun 8, 2013


Anything with dickface Adam Sandler in it has got to be on the list--he has two.

warren on Jun 9, 2013


How was GhostRider bad? I actually enjoyed it a lot more than most of the films then. Heck even bought the DVD.

Jerkygreg on Jun 10, 2013


alex cross, red tails, and 3 stooges... this is a horrible list... sure they weren't the best movies of all time but this list sucks

Santi Reyes on Jun 10, 2013


Screw this.... i really enjoyed watching Linkoln !!!

zag on Jun 10, 2013


Six movies you are totally wrong about: That's My Boy. Hilarious. Just hilarious. I admit Sandler has been putting out A LOT of stinkers lately, but I thought this one was hilarious. Lockout? How can you hate that movie? Great action flick! Same thing with Battleship, I really don't get all the hating on that movie. I'm not gonna say it was THE BEST action flick ever, but I enjoyed it. The Devil Inside scared the crap out of me! Waaaaaay more than The Last Exorcism, which I still can't believe got a sequel to it. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D needed to be seen in 3D in the theatre, the 3D effects were amazing! Last, but not least: Here Comes the Boom? Really? How can you hate on that movie? That's one of the most inspirational movies I have seen to date.

Nate on Jun 19, 2013


Actually, 'Red Tails" is based on the Tuskeegee Airmen. Do your homework.

TootUnCommon on Jun 20, 2013


A distinction that means what? ALL fictional movies about real persons events are"based on" the real deal.

Greg Price on Jun 20, 2013


Alex Cross was definitely one of the worst. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance low budget could be seen through and it just hurt the eyes. i like battleship and Wrath of the Titans they were cheesy but overall average + http://www.coolreviewsrule.com/2013/01/alex-cross-review.html

Sasha Shapiro on Jun 24, 2013


I actually kinda liked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I mean, I thought it was gonna be the stupidest piece of crap ever, but it actually wasn't too bad. Red Dawn did have a really REALLY terrible ending, and the script wasn't amazing, but the acting wasn't too bad, I thought it was ok. I mean, It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't one of the worst films of 2012. I thought some of the worst movies besides these were Twilight:Breaking Dawn part 2, The Lucky One, Taken 2, The Lorax, The House At The End OF The Street, Gone, The Devil Inside, Mirror Mirror, and The Hunger Games. Don't get me wrong with the last one, I LOVE the book series, but this movie was absolutely TERRIBLE.

Anthony on Jun 24, 2013


everyone of these movies were horrible except red tails it was a good movie!

cbbbynk on Jun 24, 2013


This list is bogus battleship? redtails? red dawn? all very good movies

Alchemist AJ on Jun 25, 2013


you are a complete idiot. wrath of the titans was fantastic and so was red tails. i haven't really seen the other movies so i don't know if you are talking complete rubbish.

the man who is really pissed on Jun 28, 2013


i loved piranha 3DD ! Duh the point of the movie was to be as bad as possible ...

john on Jul 1, 2013


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Alex Cross, and Battleship were all very entertaining movies.

jameskatt on Jul 5, 2013


Entertaining != good. Tyler Perry couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag; compare Morgan Freeman in the same role.

marcdraco on Aug 21, 2013


Two on your list I disagree with. Red Tails and Battleship. Only thing wrong with either of them was the medals awarded at the end of Battleship. Navy Cross for the older brother and only a Silver Star for the younger brother. All the older brother did was get himself and his ship blown up.

John Taylor on Jul 5, 2013


Didn't anyone else notice the guns re-appear on the deck of one of the battleships? Great editing - not!

marcdraco on Aug 21, 2013


Well, didn't let me finish. Wanted to go by saying the younger brother saved the world. That should have gotten him the C.M.H., not a Silver Star.

John Taylor on Jul 5, 2013


You completely lost me with Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was unexpectedly great, but why unexpected?It had one of the best directors in the biz. ALVH - A. You - D.

jp on Jul 5, 2013


don't you just love someone telling you how crappy a movie was when you didn't think it was that bad after all it is just a movie maybe there should be a top 10 bad movie reviewer list

gerry walsh on Jul 5, 2013


thats a great idea, you should do that. Make a top ten list of the worst calls they ever made. Maybe with smug looking photos of the critics. Like if one was talking about how Travolta was a has-been with no career left in him just before pulp fiction came out or something like that. BTW I think travolta's a pretty OK actor i'm just using him as a common example. Maybe if these 'critics' knew how detrimental to an actor/actresess career these sort of lists and things are they'd think a little more before making them. But it still wouldnt stop them because they are such a bunch of grubby scumbags. Yes you, article author! Get a life. Is this crap gonna be your legacy? I wonder how much the author's last movie grossed...

blockh34d on Aug 28, 2013


Battleship was enjoyable and so was red dawn. Great cinema no. But had fun watching them which is all they tried to do. The only truly bad movies are the ones that try to be more than they are. les miserables is a good example. Oscar contender my ass. Bad singing, bad acting, just plain boring.

Gibscreen on Jul 6, 2013


Having BEEN (shouting intentional!) a Kevin Smith fan, his touting of Kickstarter project film, "Bindlestiffs" encouraged me to invade the local Redbox in 2012. I've now lost all respect for Mr. Smith and agree with those who state his last good movie was also his first: "Clerks." "Bindlestiffs" makes, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" look like, "Citizen Kane!' I do believe it's the worst movie I've ever seen! Matter of fact, it's so devoid of redeeming qualities, it's not even campy - just BAD!

MC on Jul 11, 2013


I'd give Citizen Kane two stars, out of four, when in a generous mood. Its "message" wasn't worth the monotonous wait.

Bannerdog on Aug 12, 2013


Red Tails and Battleship do not deserve to be on this list.

John Taylor on Jul 12, 2013


Liked Battleship, although they did stupid little things (but not many) to detract from it's surprising strength. I never expected it to be something I could sit more than five minutes through. You never know. But the over-paid cats in Hollywood/ Pentagon can't resist pissing in our corn flakes. One day you're gonna get blown up good boys. Loved both the Titans movies. Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was a good romp. The rest in this line-up didn't interest me and do not interest me. Won't be seeing any of that tripe ever. Unless the right girl says to me: Watch it with me!

Arrby on Jul 14, 2013


How can you say that Hollywood is Pentagon East! Every fucking war movie that has been released since the Vietnam era is a fucking piece of shit that portrays America as evil! They are always racist undisciplined and the country as Immoral! Shit every piece of shit that has been released since the Iraq war started is nothing more than the liberal's anti war stance! Why do you think they always bomb! The fact that Battle Ship that ultimately defeated the Aliens was the Missouri must have been lost on you! Why is it wrong for American film makers to portray our technology as being awesome! Other than Michael Bay casting the US military in a good light I can't see another current director that does!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


Would you like a couple napkins?

Arby on Aug 18, 2013


hurt locker, zero dark thirty, both very pro war propoganda crap saving private ryan, shows americans as good guys, made more recently than nam. Every 80's action movie ever shows american gun violence as sacred and godlike. Hollywood is definately a war machine. It takes a real talented story writer to turn our murderous global adventurism into something noble.

blockh34d on Aug 28, 2013


Platoon, Hamburger Hill, Born on The 4th, Flags of My father, How about any movie to do with the Iraq war! The BAttle for HAditha, MEssengers, & stop loss! Are freaking Kidding me! I wouldn't consider Rambo pr Missing in Action as true war movies! The Green Zone tell me smarty pants how any of these movies helped recruiting!

mike on Sep 14, 2013


Rock of Ages and Battleship made my list of top 10 worse movies ever.

Rolo_Tomasi on Jul 14, 2013


agreed 100% on all the list. Just an awful collection of talentless directors dealing with silly scripts

tarek on Jul 16, 2013


You guys have some horrible taste in movies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was awesome, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was NOT boring, and in Battleship, the aliens motivations were explained about halfway in. Lockout and Savages are far from horrible as well. You guys really need a brain check..

gregglop09 on Jul 17, 2013


Whoever wrote this has no taste in movies

Daniel Johnson on Jul 17, 2013


I watched Wrath of the Titans at the movies and in all honesty I cannot remember one single plot point or actor in the movie.

dave dogge on Jul 18, 2013


Me neither, but that's because I slept through most of it.

A B Chilling on Aug 16, 2013


Battleship was alright. That's My Boy should be #1 as worst movie EVER

James Roy on Jul 19, 2013


Completely disagree with Battleship being on this list.

MDB on Jul 22, 2013


Never realized so many people would actually think Battleship was a good movie... Or even a decent one. Why?

Brandon Gardner on Jul 23, 2013


Action/special effects would be enough to answer why. For me, it was the USS Missouri.

John Taylor on Aug 10, 2013


yeah it kinda reminded me of under seige but with aliens. That would have been a doomed crossover, but i'd watch it: Battleship: Under Seige. Dust off seagal a lil and let him try his bull-shitzu on some aliens. I'd watch it.

blockh34d on Aug 28, 2013


Only reason I watch Under Seige. BB 63.

John Taylor on Aug 31, 2013


I walked out of Battle-shit!

Hitch's Apprentice on Aug 13, 2013



Guest on Jul 27, 2013


Red Tails is an amazing fim, one of my favourites: there's no wonder it swept the BET Awards, and its being on a list of the worsts 2012 movies is unjustifiable.

Lucy on Jul 30, 2013


It won all the BET award because it's about black Fighter pilots!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


The BET Awards are about recognising excellence in black entertainment: awards aren't given for subject without substance.

Lucy on Aug 18, 2013


Sorry Lucy, I can't agree there. It's not only an insult to the memory of the brave African Americans who fought in the war, it's an insult to scriptwriting. "Oh, look Germans!" - said no British fighter pilot EVER! And that's the opening line!

marcdraco on Aug 21, 2013


I am sure there are plenty of black classical musicians, scholars, poets, astronauts and other highly educated and accomplished individuals who would entirely disagree with your flimsy premise.

Mr Silly on Sep 4, 2013


It was a blatant attempt to rewrite history. Though the Red Tails indeed bravely served their nation and with merit- other squadrons outperformed them- this is a documented fact. What made the red tails unique was that it was an all-Negro outfit. It was historically inaccurate, farcical and poorly executed. It could have been executed with much more adherence to truth, fact and be non-political and non-partisan- but it opted for the low road.

Mr Silly on Sep 4, 2013


Lincoln was extremely inaccurate but yall love that.

Flex Washington on Sep 30, 2013


I really love Battleship!

Tracy on Jul 31, 2013


You are the only person....

DJ_Miggy on Aug 1, 2013


Not even worth watching with a case of beer!

Hitch's Apprentice on Aug 13, 2013


if people 50 years saw battleship their eyes would literally explode out of their skulls. The only reason someone would have such negatives to say about it is they're just jaded by the surplus of entertainment out there, so much so that there is nothing surprising or entertaining left. If you can't find something to like in battleship you just hate movies. I didnt even like it that much but c'mon its not that bad.

blockh34d on Aug 30, 2013


I liked the closing credits. The typeface was very legible. What I read imagining the breathless fanboi typing it: "The ONLY [my caps] reason someone would have such negatives to say about it is they're just jaded by the surplus of "entertainment" out there, so much so that there is nothing surprising or entertaining left. If you can't find something to like in battleship- you just hate movies No- I think you actually hit the nail on the head when you said: "they're just jaded by the surplus of "entertainment" out there," people know instinctively when they're getting a bad deal, being ripped off, being insulted or being treated as intellectual infants- this is why the Hollywood music and video mass-media machine is dying- and the death could not be more welcome or better for creativity and artistry- most especially music and cinema. Be realistic: Battleship was fluff. It was intellectually insultingly bad. It made Top Gun look like a masterpiece. All it was is: US Navy gets some free propaganda- selling some stock footage and producers recycling their old Transformers CGI material and effects [my job is as a technical illustrator- I have sold stock 3D models and effects as part of earning my living- I can pinpoint and detail exactly how a lot of CGI Transformer fx have been recycled in this film and others]. The movie was a deliberately cooked-book accounting windfall- uncreative producers make an over-priced movie that will predictably fail at box-offices who nett gain financially. It's an old trick and the entire story-line of "The Producers (orig Mel Brookes production)". That's an example of entertainment- it entertains- by amusing and capturing audiences with wit, skill, ability (singing and dancing) and challenging their intellect through clever wit- not insulting it. It is continual drivel and dross such as Battleship that use terrible plots, story lines, 1-dimensional characters and oversell an otherwise elementary-school level screenplay- and oversell the promise of amazing effects that jade movie-goers and hence the movie industry is DYING. Welcome to the world of new cinema- audience demanded- as per Max Keiser's piratemyfilm to kill Hollywood by making crowd sourcing available for film-makers so people fund the films they would like to see. Thank God. I want to see Hollywood burn to the ground.

Mr Silly on Sep 16, 2013


Just "a beer" or 24 depth charges?.

Mr Silly on Sep 4, 2013


It was good as eye candy, but had more holes than a termite-infested house. I hate movies where the aliens are much more advanced than humans, yet much more stupid as well, which makes you wonder how they got to their level of advancement in the first place.

A B Chilling on Aug 16, 2013


When THE Aliens stopped targeting our ships because they were no longer pointing weapons 'I said aw shit" Then the advanced race didn't even have guided weapons they used mortars! The Special Effects were cool though!

mike on Aug 18, 2013


yah that seemed silly... like why would the aliens ever invade if they only attack people aiming weapons at them... its just a nonsensical moral compass. Pretty cool effects though, i think.

blockh34d on Aug 30, 2013


The effects were great but the story as so lame! It sucked because I remember reading about the movie back in 2009! I was so psyched & the let down was tremendous! Especially after how good the Avengers turned out to be

mike on Sep 14, 2013


Thank God critics don't speak for everybody. And they certainly DON'T speak for me. Most are ate up with dumb ass anyway

Wayne on Aug 1, 2013


Red Tails wasn't bad but it wasn't good either... same with Red Dawn there was worse.

FreddyFreeLoader on Aug 3, 2013


The problem with Red Tails is that it suffers from the hyper-sentimentality which is a trademark of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg films.

A B Chilling on Aug 16, 2013


for me it was like King Kong - how many times does it have to be retold?

FreddyFreeLoader on Aug 16, 2013


if jack and jill came out in 2012 that should definitly be on it

kyle on Aug 11, 2013


Adam Sandler is in a lot of stinkers. That's My Boy is just the latest. As for Red Dawn the original wasn't bad. I can't think of a redo of a movie that wasn't at least as good as the original. One prime example of a stinker of a remake is Planet of the Apes. The original is now a Classic SiFi . Other stinker remakes are The time Machine, War of the Worlds and the biggest stinker of the lot The Day The earth Stood Still. I watched all three of the a for mentioned movies on TV. They where such stinkers I had to open all the windows to air out my apartment. One movie was broadcast during a major blizzard. Freezing was a much better choice then the stink given off by that movie.

Ray Dziadzio on Aug 11, 2013


I just can't watch movies by Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller anymore. Not funny....just painful.

Steve Withers on Aug 12, 2013


The Fly was an excellent remake

blockh34d on Aug 28, 2013



Mr Silly on Aug 28, 2013


disagree with your disagree. in what way was the fly less than superb? I suspect you have nothing credible to mention, and that you are a troll.

blockh34d on Aug 30, 2013


No, I simply disagree and elect not to be required to justify my equally legitimate opinion with a pointless lengthy essay. Let me be more specific: I am of the opinion the original The Fly was better than the remake. You are of the opinion the remake was better. These are equally valid opinions which do not require any justification. So though someone dares disagree with your finely attuned and educated aesthetics, the world still turns and the sun will rise again.

Mr Silly on Sep 4, 2013


He never said what his opinion was of the original only the opinion that the remake was solid. Fail! 1/10 Troll

Lex Luthor on Sep 15, 2013


No you fail. And fail so hard you can't identify a non troll from a troll. 0/10 genius.

Mr Silly on Sep 16, 2013


"John Carter on Mars" was great....I bought the 3D bluray...and the whole thing is a feast for the eyes from start to finish.

Steve Withers on Aug 12, 2013


This article should be called "Ethan Anderton Shows Why Nobody Pays Attention to Movie Critics". Bravo Ethan, really got me convinced not to bother reading any of your other stuff on good and bad movies etc.

Joe on Aug 12, 2013


First off, I would have never seen any of the above mentioned movies, because they had nothing to offer from the title to the previews..sometimes you know just what you are going to get already, and if it sounds like cheesballs, it is more than likely cheeseball. Cloud Atlas I went to see with high expectations, and I didn't expect it to suck and holy sh*t, did it...tenfold...perhaps the book is better.

craymorr2003 on Aug 13, 2013


Saw Cloud Atlas on DVD a few weeks ago and couldn't understand why anybody would make such a long film with a convoluted plot and mediocre acting by talented actors for any reason other than to torture.

A B Chilling on Aug 16, 2013


Didn't read the book, but I thought Cloud Atlas was perhaps the best movie I saw last year.

KRUSGHROOVE OG on Sep 26, 2013


I quite enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and The Three Stooges. don't expect either movie to be Casablanca, but I found them both entertaining.

Sparky_The_Bard-barian on Aug 14, 2013


what a load of rubbish I personal enjoyed a few of these films I could think of a lot worse films for 2012

Christina Wright on Aug 15, 2013


One man's meat is another man's poison

Ray Dziadzio on Aug 17, 2013


Thats why I torrent...watch the movie at home..and decide if its worth a theater trip

Roman Sevenfiftn on Aug 17, 2013


If you went to watch Red Dawn it shouldn't have been because of Realism! I mean the Cold war is over and the only villain that would have worked was the Chinese! However that was scratched because of the pressure China put on the American Film Makers! Using North Korea was lame! The they tried to throw in 5 Russians at the end! However it was fun to watch an action film & I liked the fact Chris character was a combat veteran! In the original no one had any urban combat skills

mike on Aug 18, 2013


all those movies were mad ( didnt watch 3 stooges ) u critics r a bunch of waste of space dick heads, not all movies r realistic academy award movies , these movies were entertaining action packed special effect filled awesome movies, thats my boy was funny as shit , ghost rider couldve been better piranha was what it was , good old stupid violence, titans was mad fun but couldve done with more plot but still loved it ,vampire hunter rocked & did i mention u critics sucked. plenty of movies last year that did suck like u dicks that made this list , oh yer , u critics suck balls

King Ads on Aug 22, 2013


Yes, they were rather bad. But here's an inside tip from well-known and respected economist and inventor of the "Hollywood Stock Exchange", economist and stock-broker Max Keiser- "THEY"RE ALL TAX RIPOFFS!" Watch "The Producers"- the original by Mel Brooks- and READ THE SUBTEXT- the concept of a huge budget film being deliberately produced to make a box-office flop with the end result being financially lucrative is not new.

Mr Silly on Aug 24, 2013


Ghost Rider 2 and Red Dawn was so terrible I couldn't finish either. 1 star is too high.

Alucard_the_last on Aug 30, 2013


And half is more than charitable...

Mr Silly on Sep 4, 2013


i rather enjoyed Here Comes The Boom. *shrugs*

lol on Sep 8, 2013


battleship wasn't that bad actually. eye candy movies aren't supposed to have strong plot lines. there's a bad guy and bunches of stuff blowing up i do agree with the rest of the list however

Fr33Th1nk3r on Sep 13, 2013


Totally agree! These movies all complete stinkers. Battleship is not a movie about the Milton Bradley board game for crying out loud. You know sarcasm is hard to detect in text.

Lex Luthor on Sep 15, 2013


I only watched 'Battleship' and 'Wrath of the Titans' because of Liam Neeson (pretty disappointed to find out that he was in the first one for like 15 minutes only). As for Adam Sandler, he gets lambasted every time he comes out with a movie but the real culprits are the people who actually go to watch his movies. If his movies didn't make any money, then he won't be able to make another, and another and another. His movies are bad but people still watch them!

melancholicmess on Sep 26, 2013


I think Battleships was a cute movie. And abt the plot, i think we shouldnt look at it that litterally (that advanced aliens are stupid in battle altho their technology is advanced) but think more abt the fact abt having a plan B, not always relying on modern technology but simplicity instead. A lot of ppl in Sweden died this year coz they went hiking in the north and relied totally on maps in their phones. When they reached an area with no service, they got lost, and some starved to death in the woods. Techonlogy is great, but not if it replaces common sense 😛

UlfMotstrom . on Sep 28, 2013


Where's Rock Of Ages? That was beyond horrible!

Robert C on Sep 30, 2013


I actually liked Wrath of the Titans, regardless of knowing the mythological inaccuracies, the acting in it wasnt silly, it was well done by the whole cast, and it offered great visuals, the only thing i could see as a fail was the short story, but again its based off of mythology, which tend to have short to the point stories anyway

Richard Frederick Schubert III on Nov 2, 2013


Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was one of the BEST movies of the year. If you expect anything than what it is you're a fool in the first place. It was an awesome thrill ride of ridiculousness that delivered on every front it attempted. Not to mention the cinematography is outstanding. A nice tight, well paced action thrill ride that had you smiling all the way through.

Brian on Nov 20, 2013


I liked Abe. One of the best action flicks of that year.

chien_clean on Feb 21, 2014

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