Lucha Libre, Lizards & High School in Latest Spidey Viral Updates

May 7, 2012
Source: SuperHeroHype

Lucha Libre

Hey Parker, better finish your homework! We've been following the ongoing viral or ARG for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, which has lead us to tag the Mark of the Spider-Man, follow in his footsteps and sort through his backpack, so what's next? Well, thanks to updates from SuperHeroHype and Unfiction today, a couple of extra new viral websites have been discovered, and the biggest clue is that they all seem to be leading to another series of in-city events this coming Friday. Fans also received packages containing "Wanted" posters and an interesting lucha libre wrestling match poster as well. More info and photos below!

First up, thank you to reader Micah L (@isayitsallgood) for sending in photos of the posters he received in the mail. For those curious, these posters were sent out to registered users who have submitted a photo of the masked menace Spider-Man. He received the "Wanted" poster, a lucha libre Spidey poster, and an "Action Alert!" note mentioning Jerera's Gym, which is actually one of the new viral sites (officially it's called Jerera's Boxing Gym). Interesting. Here's a few shots of the new posters, including a better look at that rather awesome "lucha libre" poster, hinting at Spider-Man's early wrestling matches.

Amazing Spider-Man Viral Posters

Amazing Spider-Man Viral Posters

These aren't the only updates! Viral fans also followed clues starting a new trail leading to multiple sites, including a website for Jerera's Gym but more importantly Midtown Science High School. This all ties together with the last part of this viral, and the website, basically a photo blog with hidden URLs unlocking imagery related to the movie (e.g. his mechanical web shooters). The new high school website, where Peter Parker attends, was found via the gym site. To unlock more, users found a photo on ParkersPOV of his desk with a formula written on a piece of paper. Plug in alpha numeric values and it unlocks two words ("PPARKER" and "DEEPFOCUS") used to login to the school website via Student Login.

Amazing Spider-Man

From there, anyone can login, see Peter Parker's school schedule, and even download the Midtown Science High School newsletter, which is being printed by some kid nicknamed "ScaleSeeker". Similar to the Men in Black 3 "MIBelievers" viral campaign (which just plain sucks compared to this one) the anonymous kid running the newsletter seems to think there's something up, and hides a page in the newsletter talking about headlines from The Daily Bugle. I've included a screenshot below of the page, which also mentions that on Friday (May 11th) at Noon he'll provide more info via @ScaleSeeker and lists 12 cities: Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, Austin, Tampa, Mineeapolis and New Orleans.

Lizard Newsletter Viral

"Something scaly is going on!" It looks like they're finally bringing the Lizard into this viral. The villain has been revealed plenty in the latest official trailer, so there's no worry about who he is or what he's doing, but we finally get into the grittier part of this. I'm definitely curious to see what happens on Friday in these 12 cities and where this leads. I'm still on the side of supporting Spidey, he's my friendly neighborhood hero, even though The Daily Bugle and Captain Stacy don't like him much. "One thing I know for sure: we'll pick up the trail of this thing on May 11th, 2012 (first day of mating season). To know more, you've got to follow me on Twitter: @ScaleSeeker. Stay tuned, fellow reptile enthusiasts!" We'll have to see what happens.

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Peter Parker lucha libre rather thanĀ  wrestling which leads to new fighting style. Lizard transforming all over New York, including on the bridge curt conors slowly becoming less human and more reptilian. Something coming May 11th? I enjoy virals for slowly trickling information and getting you into the new universe

Steven Morgan on May 8, 2012

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