Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Continues with Local Operative Drops

February 14, 2012

Mark of the Spider-Man Viral

If you're not following the recently launched Mark of the Spider-Man viral for the new The Amazing Spider-Man, things have started to heat up. Earlier today, countdown clocks under six static boxes on the Mark viral site, each labeled with a city (Atlanta, New York, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle), expired and the next leg of the Spider-Man viral started quickly. Each city had its own twitter which would send out five different pick-up locations in each city. The first there, who spoke a password to a stationed Spidey guy, would pick up a package and be inducted as an "operative" into the next phase. And I grabbed one of them!

The countdown for LA ended at 10:30AM, so I geared up early in the morning and like virals of past, decided to head out in my car down to the Hollywood area. The first clue that popped up on @SpiderManMarkLA was at The Grove, which just so happened to be where I was headed anyway, so I continued as fast as traffic would allow, but didn't make it. Someone had already beat there and despite running through the mall, I came out empty handed. I waited up for the next clue, sticking around Miracle Mile, but realized while driving that it was in Santa Monica, which was 30 minutes away, and wouldn't make it. That was clue #2 so I turned back around and headed up towards some food trucks to grab a quick lunch.

I was waiting patiently for the next clue when it hit: "At the light poles by the art museum at Wilshire & Fairfax. Password is 'Mask.'" I knew that place, the crazy lamp poles display outside LACMA. I was right down the street, so tossed everything and headed over there, finding a very ominous looking Spidey guy wearing a Spidey hoodie (in sunny LA!). Gave him the password and, thank goodness, this time I was the first to make it there! The prize pack: a black bag containing two hoodies, the same Spider-Man red mark ones worn by the guy (below) who I got them from, and a small cell phone which he said to keep as we'll be hearing from them for the next portion. That's it and that's all, but I'm in - I'm now an operative for Spidey!

Mark of the Spider-Man ViralMark of the Spider-Man Viral

For another recap of this phase throughout those six cities, our friends at the Mark of the Spider-Man Tumblr, also @antovolk on twitter, have a recap of the entire viral, as well as Movie Viral. There were 5 pick-ups in 6 cities, meaning there's now a total of 30 operatives for "Mark of the Spider-Man" geared up and ready to go for the next part, which seems to involve all of us and these hoodies we were given. The original message on the site stated: "If you support us, if you support Spider-Man, now is your time… for this pursuit we ask that you please be over the age of 18," which is an odd thing to say for someone finding some clothes and a phone, but it must mean something, or is just a simple legality. Either way, I'm excited.

While the six original boxes still show static, the Mark site now reads: "All operatives have been selected and are standing by for further communication. Stay vigilant, we will be in touch over the next couple of days." It sounds like this completes the current phase of the viral, but no idea what's next? We'll definitely be standing by waiting with our mobile phone and will keep everyone updated on anything we hear. Mark of the Spider-Man is definitely underway now, with 30 operatives and some apparently devious plans in the works. Can't wait to find out what happens next! We'll keep you updated as always. #markofthespiderman

Mark of the Spider-Man

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Congrats Alex! The hoodies are pretty cool and I hope they fit. Really excited to see what happens next.

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2012


siiiiiiick 🙂 Congrats!

Chris Amaya on Feb 14, 2012


Alex any chance you want to hook up a DIE hard spidey fan in Chicago who cant participate?  Id be willing to pay good $$ for that extra hoodie!!  Email me -

Bill Higa on Feb 14, 2012


That's pretty dope for this blog that you were the one to find the pack. still have my ENCOM clearance tag from when you guys covered that viral campaign

Mickey Geller on Feb 15, 2012


The carrot on a stick. Works every time. Nicely done!

Max Renn on Feb 16, 2012


i'm SO pissed. i could've gotten one... ifihadacar 😐

fem!anon on Feb 17, 2012

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