Martin Sheen & Woody Harrelson Join 9/11 Film 'September Morn'

October 17, 2012

9/11 Commission Report / Martin Sheen

The 11th anniversary of the historical 9/11 attacks just passed last month, and over a decade later yet another feature film about the tragedy is in the works. But this will be a bit different, as it won't detail the specific events of that day like Paul Greengrass' United 93 or Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. Fleur De Lis Film Studios (via The Film Stage) has announced they've secured Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen, and Ed Asner to star in September Morn, a story that deals with the findings of the 9/11 Commission. However, the film is being sold at the American Film Market, so we may never hear of it again. More below!

BJ Davis is set to direct a script by rookie screenwriter Howard Cohen. According to the official synopsis, the movie aims to "provide an insight into the findings of the 9/11 Commission, intertwined with provocative perspectives of expert architects and scientists, CIA and Department of Defense officials, Department of Homeland Security officials and concerned American citizens." It's also being compared to Sidney Lumet's classic 12 Angry Men, which seems like a pretty high comparison for a movie from a bunch of filmmakers with which we're not familiar.

Davis has had a long career in Hollywood as a stunt man and directing a bunch of obscure direct-to-DVD or made for TV things you've never heard of before, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say this project never actually happens. Fluer De Lis Film Studios website is one step away from being a Geocities page circa 1998, and if they can't even get a decent website up and running, what are the odds that they'll be able to get a feature film together with big name guys like Harrelson, Sheen, and Asner? Unless the actors are extremely passionate about the film and can pull a bunch of favors, I'd expect this project to fade into obscurity.

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Well Asner thinks Bush & Cheney took down the towers...wondering who he will be playing? lol

Brad White on Oct 17, 2012


I think they brought down th towers too and so does a a lot of other people. Our numbers are growing. We'll get a real investigation. Bet on it.

Dan Bland on Oct 17, 2012


yea, right - and obama is a muslim and secretly trying to take down this entire country - look dan - just because you (and others) don't align with the republican party does NOT mean the republicans are responsible for everything that goes wrong. and that goes for anyone who is looking to blame everything on the're losing your grip on reality if you believe honestly believe that.

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


I've studied it for 3 1/2 years. I didn't want to believe it either. Face it. The only thing that was hijacked was our country. As long as you people sit back and call us conspiracy theorists some of the most evil people that ever lived will continue to run our country. I'm a 62 yr old veteran. I am not a nut nor am I your enemy. I'm begging you to look at it a little closer not trying to disprove me but research it with an open mind. Start by watching the collapse of Building 7.

Dan Bland on Oct 17, 2012


dan, i'm sorry to say that being delusional is NOT limited by age; nor, does it matter if you've served in the military or not. who are these people and why are they evil? what are their goals? what did they gain by doing this? how was this country "hijacked"? why has no govt. officials been put on trial? dan - i have a very open mind.......but that doesn't mean i'm foolish.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


If you controlled the justice system, would you bring yourself to trial? Would you even charge yourself with any crimes ever? I wouldnt, but thats just me. Now, since you demanded to know why there hasnt been any trials, explain to us why building 7 collapsed?

Donjuan on Oct 23, 2012


looks at the deficit and you should be able to figure it out who is bleeding the country dry. tell me one more time, why is the government funding the very terrorists, that they claimed back then were the perpetrators of these crimes.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


It's Democrats AND Republicans. and if you don't realize that we were lied to about 9/11 than you aren't excepting reality.

Whosteen on Oct 17, 2012


first - it's ACCEPTING.....but no big problem there - most conspiracy theorists aren't great at spelling or writing. as far as my not living in reality - explain HOW and WHY the govt. of the US destroyed the WTC towers - and no more "we were lied to" rhetoric....nor do i want simple buzzwords that the kooks like to hand out.....give me the details on how the govt carried out the attack and what was gained by it. i'm interested in why you think what you do. also - what do you mean when you say "it's dems and repubs"??? what does that even mean?

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


Google Building 7 Beevis

Dan Bland on Oct 17, 2012


dan, that is one of the most worn out retorts ever to be posted on the internet.

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


@beevis - There are literally days worth of evidence worth a few minutes of your time that Dan or anybody else can throw at you but only you know what will convince you. The real issue is you don't sound like you want to be convinced especially if after 11 years and if the mountains of websites packed with info (granted some bad some good) and a mil + videos and article after article and quote after quote documenting not only the inconsistencies of that day but the years since as well and even highly credible whistle-blowers have all but put one foot in front of the other for you, you still act like there is nothing to it? You want some (no offense Dan) yahoo to explain it to you in a comment section? Get a clue then get a life and stop running cover for would-be, should-be criminals..

OneOfMany on Oct 17, 2012


asshole - i was being facetious- there is no explanation since it's all made up to begin with.....i'm facinated with the lunatic fringe of this country - and since you're a card - carrying member, it would be difficult for you to comprehend that there are many people in this country (myself included) who do NOT live our lives in failure and DO have a life. we don't need create this type of fantasy that the govt. is plotting against us and holding us down in order to feel good about ourselves. i come to a site like this to look over info on movies and am confronted with the many internet crazies who believe nonsense such that is being thrown around on this particular forum. it's equally funny that you, along with dan and whosteen (and i'm sure others) can't (when asked) give ONE, SINGLE, COHERENT story as to how it happened to support your claim - you all have a different version - as you responders have cited, google and many websites do have info regarding what you believe is fact - the problem is that it varies wildly depending on who is offering it - there isn't a unified explanation. and THAT is because you're all making it up as you go......AND - why, after 11 years, has there not even been 1 high-profile court case bringing these govt. officials to justice if it's as obivous as you believe it is?.....if you have the facts, witnesses. "whistle-blowers", articles, and video - WHY IS NOBODY BEING PUT ON TRIAL???? see, i AM living in the real world - not the fantasy-land that all of you conspiracy-theroists live in. by the way..... i'm not "running for cover" from anyone - i'm living a very successfull life and enjoying it immensely. in complete honesty - i feel bad for people like you 3 who,(i'm sure) in all sincerity, truly believe this sort of hogwash .....and what i'm saying has nothiing to do with my support or dislike for the govt. - it has to do with me being grounded in reality. for you and anyone else - this nonsense is not going to be responded to, by me, again. i've wasted enough time already.

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


How much research have you done on the subject? Or do you get all your news from tv and newspapers? I used to believe in the "official" story, but after years of research I'm 100% sure we (the people) were lied to. Facts are facts, when you learn them the "official" story doesn't hold water.

mlevine on Oct 17, 2012


dang - i wasn't going to reply any more....but you boobs make no sense - if "facts are facts".......why haven't there been convictions? hey - forget the convictions....why hasn't 1 single person been put on trial? hell, there hasn't been ANYTHING to substantiate all of these conspiracy notions.

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


who might you think was going to arrest them? Perhaps a General or 9 Who have recently been fired. Or perhaps the whole bunch of people who have been since killed for tryin to speak the truth. What a moron.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


I cannot 'prove' what happened that day. But I can prove what didn't. Two planes did not hit the towers, If they did, Provide me with a list of passengers. Those three buildings, yes 3 building fall because of two planes, "that did not exist." But let's just "suppose" they did hit the towers. And the towers caught fire and fell. in record free fall times. Tell me this mr wizard, How do you make 120 stories (two towers combined) of concrete and steel, Turn to dust before it hits the ground? Tell me who rented the floor above the one the planes hit....Public information is beautiful. One more thing...How did UK news, BBC know building 7 fell 20 minutes before it happened? I saw and have, the video of the pentagon from chopper 1. and Air force 1, Would you like to talk about the pentagon plane?. Just wondering who paid you?

Jeff Juraska on Oct 18, 2012


nobody paid me, jeff. it's just i'm NORMAL - and you probably aren't used to being around anyone who is normal. i can't respond to your post - it's so outlandish and makes no sense.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


you don't want sense... you just want to hide in your beer can or whiskey glass and drown your sorrows. A closed mind, should come with a closed mouth. If you don't want to fix the problem, you are part of it.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


here here (y)

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


thermolite or whatever it was called. Controlled demolition. Although it could have been something else. but the reports all say Thermolite. And nobody was prosecuted, because they all lied and said it was Alkeida GW even was making jokes about it within two hours. Watch his National Geographic interview. Some people will never wake up. One other question... if it was Alkeida, why is Nobama supporting them now? financially and weapons.... What do you think Syria was all about. Assad was kicking their asses, which is what we The US was supposed to be doing. now we are funding them? Straight up Treason. But no matter anyone who believes what the lamestream media ( a privately owned institution)has to say, will never think on their own.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


The buildings were evacuated two weeks before and the metal structure was all repainted. Where did all the debris go? concrete and all just poofed into dust? give me a break. How come the plane crash two weeks ago that hit a wooden barn, did not bring the barn down? Get real get up and get into the truth.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


At least, Dan and others do not need to hide who they are. Go back to sleep the news will be on soon and you don't want to miss it.

Jeff Juraska on Oct 21, 2013


To the author of this article,Ben Pearson: The difference is that Ed Asner is also one of the co-producers.I bet he would not of done this project with Julia and BJ Davis and also John Schofield unless he had a sit down meeting with them and gained their trust.Ed has a lot of compassion and professionalism into everything he does.And we all know his compassion for 9/11 truth is genuine and serious.

Marc Starcke on Oct 17, 2012


it sounds like this film is going to have a political agenda from some fringe group - much like the stuff that idiot, michael moore, makes - if so....i pass.

beevis on Oct 17, 2012


The Truth movement has nothing to do with politics. The families of the victims started this movement. Our leaders at the time didn't want an investigation. So the families kept pushing and got one 14 months after the event. The the co Chairs of the commission said it was set up to fail. Max Cleland quit the commission saying it was a scam. Another commissioner Bob Kerry said it was a 30 year conspiracy. Research 9/11 on your own. Start by watching the collapse of Building 7. Then get back to me.

Dan Bland on Oct 17, 2012


I'm no conspiracy theorist. I don't believe in illuminati, ufo's or whatever. But I do believe there's something wrong with what happened on 9/11.

slowpokee on Oct 17, 2012


I am not running around saying the theory is true, but it would not surprise me to find out there WAS truth to it. The net result of 9/11 has been a disproportionate increase in the US military-industrial business. We run around scared of shadow and feeling that more arms makes a safer country. Meanwhile our entire infrastructure is falling apart because we spend far too much on the latest and greatest armaments at the expense of roads, buildings and social welfares. We have become hero worshippers cowtowing to police, firemen and the military when all that happened was they did the job they were originally hired to do, period, no more, nor less. If it is proven that W and the boys DID rig something to happen for the promotion of militaristic results I know that there are many who would not be surprised. Look at the track record of Cheney and Rove and their involvement in covert operations.

crabbyolddad on Oct 22, 2012

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