Marvel Releasing 'Ant Man' Movie in 2014 Becomes More of a Reality

July 30, 2012
Source: Latino Review

Ant Man

At Comic-Con earlier this month, it was finally revealed and confirmed at the Marvel Studios presentation at Comic-Con last week that Edgar Wright will indeed be making an Ant-Man movie. Well, at least they showed us the test reel that was shot in order to gauge audience response, and it seemed like the studio was really going to move forward on the project. Since then, there's been no formal announcement of a production date or anything like that, but Latino Review, who has nailed Marvel scoops over the years (and is actually under fire for their spot on reporting) has learned that Ant Man is definitely coming. Read on!

Word on the street is that Ant Man is looking to start shooting in London right after Thor: The Dark World, which is slated to start shooting in August, wraps production. So if Ant Man starts shooting before the year is out, or more likely early 2013, a release sometime in 2014 wouldn't be out of the question. In fact, it might be the reason Marvel moved back their release of Guardians of the Galaxy (read more about those guys right here) from May to August of 2014. There's a good chance Marvel might give Ant Man a prime summer slot between the cosmic ensemble and Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is slated to arrive in April of that year as well. But the big question for me is who will play Ant Man? Could Simon Pegg pull it off, or maybe Nathan Fillion could finally get a superhero role outside of a musical? Thoughts?

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Is this movie being made on a dare?

steve on Jul 30, 2012


Nathan Fillion as Dr. Hank Pym would be awesome!!!

Chris Skalicky on Jul 30, 2012


This will be great. Cant have the Avengers without Ant Man! Hopefully they will use Pym and totally show his crazy side.

Cliffyskogs on Jul 30, 2012


I'd like to see Lee Pace as Hank Pym.

A_A on Jul 30, 2012


Alan Tudyk for the Pym

t0tallyrad on Jul 30, 2012


Benedict Cumberbatch for Ant-Man

JP on Jul 30, 2012


This is so stupid! Louis Esposito of Marvel told the audience at Comic Con that doing a Black Panther movie would be too difficult, but now they wanna do an Ant Man movie?And a movie with a talking tree and a talking racoon? gtf outta here!

jah p on Jul 30, 2012


If you don't like it then don't go see the movie (ant man or GOTG). that simple.

JBrotsis on Jul 30, 2012


If you don't like other people's comments then don't reply to them. Also it seemed like he was just sayin it'd be easier to make a Black Panther movie. Legit comment

Richie G on Jul 30, 2012


i wasn't commenting on "mooreworthy"..I was commenting on "jah p". I'd like to see a Black Panther movie.

JBrotsis on Jul 30, 2012


Id so rather see the Black Panther. Cmon Marvel give Nick Fury another brother from another mother.

mooreworthy on Jul 30, 2012


I want to see both of them. Avengers, Assemble! All of you!

Zachariah Dearing on Sep 23, 2012


These comic book movies are beginning to bug me.Get it? ANT-man,BUG me,get it?Get it?..yeah..I know..lame ... -_-

-_- on Jul 30, 2012


This movies has got me feeling antsy.

LosZombies on Jul 31, 2012


I'd love to see Nathan Fillion as a superhero...that could be a great role for him and if its successful (the movie) it could really boost his movies career (outside of all the tv shows he does). And since we're on the subject of the Avengers, I hope in the second installment they customize hawkeye's outfit to look somewhat like the comic's costume...the purple looking jumpsuit and pointed mask. But that's just me.

JBrotsis on Jul 30, 2012


I'd personally like them to reboot the crapfest that was Green Lantern and have him be either Hal Jordan or Guy Gardner (with an original backstory).

Arkham on Sep 4, 2012


i hope somebody manages to upload that mysterious test footage from Wright...the description sounds awesome. as for fillion, in a perfect parallel world, he would have been our green lantern, and reynolds would have been the flash....sigh

Jake Kash on Jul 30, 2012


Ahh...No. Neither of the 2Actors mentioned are romotely up for the part. Marvel/Disney films require availability to be in the "Collective Scheme of the MCU. Not just solo outings. That's the difference between them and the Studio contracted MARVEL film characters by other studio's...long story short too old for the future long haul. Nothing personal.

Tra8 on Jul 30, 2012


I want Nathan Fillon to be Pym! I'm so pumped, Ant-Man is my favorite Avenger and a founding member of the original team. Who plays Janet though? And I so hope he is done correctly. He is such a deep and emotional character.

TaskMaster1995 on Oct 23, 2012


I'm not mad about the guardians of the galaxy but ant-man over black panther come on son

Marvel88 on Nov 21, 2012

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