Marvel to Let Fox Take Time on 'Daredevil' in Exchange for Galactus?

August 6, 2012
Source: Variety


What now? Well, for those who haven't been paying attention, Fox has a limited amount of time to get another Daredevil adaptation off the ground before the rights to the comic book character revert back to Marvel and end up in the hands of their own film studio. This has become more of an issue with David Slade no longer attached to direct, but Fox has their sights on The A-Team and Smokin' Aces director Joe Carnahan to do a "Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70's thriller" take on the blind comic book hero. But the problem is that they need more time to get it off the ground before the October 10th deadline rolls around.

So what's the solution? Marvel is apparently willing to give Fox more time to get Daredevil for a price. The comic book studio wants the rights to use characters from the Fantastic Four universe in their own future films. Variety doesn't say whether or not this includes the titular superhero family (especially since Fox has Josh Trank rebooting the series), but Galactus, a cosmic super villain, and the Silver Surfer (who serves as the villains herald for a short time as he destroys worlds) are definitely part of the equation should a deal be made. Word on the street is that Galactus will come into play in some future Marvel movies (not surprising considering the cosmic nature The Avengers seems to be taking, not to mention Guardians of the Galaxy), so Marvel wants him really bad.

At this point it sounds like it's up to Fox whether or not they want to make a deal with talks expecting to continue as the week goes on. Aside from the give and take of this deal, it would be nice if Marvel could strike up something with studios in order to keep this cinematic universe growing. Fox also has the rights to X-Men while Sony own Spider-Man, and those characters showing up with Marvel Studios' team of superheroes at some point would be absolutely thrilling. As for Carnahan's direction, well, if this is going to be gritty and dark, Smokin' Aces proved he has a twisted action sensibility, and if you take that and throw it back for a pulpy 70's thriller, then maybe Daredevil will get his due diligence finally. Thoughts?

Update: Following this news, Deadline's Mike Fleming has posted a new report countering some of these claims. They go on to say the Fox rumblings are that they might actually just let Daredevil drop out, or have it co-financed by Disney, instead of trading anything. He states: "The studio is very lukewarm about rebooting Daredevil… While Joe Carnahan has come to the studio with a take, it sounds like Fox is ready to let it revert to Disney-owned Marvel, unless Disney is interested in co-financing. That is what the current talks are really about, insiders said." But we'll still have to wait to see what happens either way.

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Sounds like a good deal to me. Marvel will do more with the Fantastic Four characters by integrating them into the larger universe. It would be nice to get Daredevil and Spider-Man into the same universe as well, but Sony isn't going to give Peter Parker up and Fox might be able to re-boot DD.

Christopher Goudos on Aug 6, 2012


When can Marvel get the rights to all of their characters back?...all the other studios need to let them go because all these characters need to be in the same universe together..Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Spider Man, and Galactus all play a huge role in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline that it looks like the next avengers movie will circle around with Thanos

Key on Aug 6, 2012


I know if a Fantastic Four movie isn't made by 2015 they'll have to give up the rights.

Nielsen700 on Aug 6, 2012


That's why Chronicle director Josh Trank is currently rebooting it for FOX. Hopefully it'll be more in tune with the comics and feel more like The Incredibles and less like... whatever that shit was.

Kento on Aug 6, 2012


For the way Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed, this is great news. Now Sony needs to allow them use Peter Parker/ Spider-Man for The Avengers 2. Not give up the character, but allow for him to appear in the movie. Andrew Garfield was really excited when he heard about The Avengers.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Aug 6, 2012


Galactus and Thanos together? Avengers for breakfast.

mooreworthy on Aug 6, 2012


I'm guessing we'll see Silver Surfer in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie...

Kento on Aug 6, 2012


Makes sense to have a big name in the film to draw more people.

mooreworthy on Aug 6, 2012


No way will they work together ,-)

Laurent on Aug 7, 2012


Don't really want to see that version of Daredevil. I really like how he is in the comics right now as a go-lucky super hero more akin to Spider-Man but with a smaller scope. I want that film.

Kento on Aug 6, 2012


I love the current Mark Waid run too. But as far as a DD film goes, I'd like to see a balance between that and the gravitas brought by other recent runs (Bendis & Brubaker). Focus on character. We don't need "hard-boiled Frank Miller" unless we're talking Born Again, which would make a fantastic and innovative superhero film if someone had the guts and vision to pull it off...

Ali Miller on Aug 7, 2012


DD was always " akin to Spiderman " , wisecracking , while busting heads in Hell's Kitchen . Similar origin , similar cast of characters . You might trace a harder edge to when Elektra was introduced . or the genre known as " Frank Miller issues " . ??? - Was not Affleck " happy-go-lucky" enough ? Not counting the "pull your tooth out " scene ; Electra death-Bullseye fight ; and most of Kingpin fight , of course .

Dominic A on Aug 7, 2012


Doing a good adaptation of Planet Hulk is coming closer to reality... now The Hulk and The SIlver Surfer can battle it out Gladiator style for a bunch of pink aliens. SWEEEEET.

Kento on Aug 6, 2012


Damn that was a beatdown he laid on him in the arena. Loved how the audience went from fanatics to horrified.

mooreworthy on Aug 6, 2012


Theres an animated adaptation of that comic (no silver surfer though). I wouldn't say you'll see another adaptation any time soon

Richie G on Aug 7, 2012


Wondering where the rights to the Skrull are currently.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 6, 2012


Galactus would be nice, but I really want Doctor Doom to make an appearance

Tyrell Antonio on Aug 6, 2012


Why can't the studios just collaborate with each other. Isn't making money a good thing? If they won't give up the characters. Why not just 'loan' them out for a fee. Just as long as the character isn't the main character. I don't see a problem.

csgabriel on Aug 6, 2012


Cause seriously, We all wanna see Mr. Garfield in The Avengers.

csgabriel on Aug 6, 2012


Did anyone like The Amazing Spiderman more than The Dark Knight Rises?

csgabriel on Aug 6, 2012


here we go again..TDKR vs Everyone..and i love TDKR and the others though..

quest on Aug 7, 2012


Love em both but wanted to see if anyone out there like Spiderman more than TDKR. The entire middle of that movie is boring as hell. TDKR that is.

csgabriel on Aug 7, 2012


Pretty obvious answer to that ...

Dominic A on Aug 7, 2012


A proper use of Galactus and the SS... Please make it happen 😀

Laurent on Aug 7, 2012


Non-Marvel Studio Big-Whigs: "What? Give up the rights of this character to the company of which he originated? Yeah right. Huh? Stick to the source material? PLEEEEEEASE, that'll never make any money. What's that you say? The fans? Screw the fans! Now leave me alone so I can count my money." These people must be eliminated. P.S. Go to Youtube. Watch "Collegehumor Gritty Superhero Reboot" if you haven't already. Your Welcome.

Lamar on Aug 7, 2012


well if they do make a remake of Dare Devil they need to cast Jason Staham as Dare Devil he is perfect for that part dirty and badass instead of the lame Dare Devil that we got on the first movie

big daddy J on Aug 7, 2012


Staham's too typecast as a violent action film neo-hero ; he can't pull off the sympathetic blind man only feared for his legalese . Maybe if Ali from above gets the " Born Again " issues as the movie script . And at least Affleck is actually a Daredevil fan , thus more able to nail the ethos of the character . I'm no fan of his ( so I don't care if you hate HIM ) , but give him his due for knowing how to play the character .

Dominic A on Aug 8, 2012


i dont hate Ben at all. I just thought his performance was that great. I think he is a better director. I just feel that yes you are right that Jason might not be able to play the softer side but then again who knows maybe he could. I just think that he is perfect for the part not for his acting chops but his technique as far as been an action or persay martial arts skills that he does in the movies. I would just like to see a darker DareDevil which i know people would say that there is too much of that being copied from TDK. So if not him who do you think would be perfect for that role Domonic?

Big Daddy J on Aug 8, 2012

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