Marvel/Disney's 'The Avengers' Hits $200 Million Opening Weekend

May 7, 2012

The Avengers - $200 Million!

"Puny God." Hulk smashes the box office. And it didn't take long. The Walt Disney Studios announced with a press release on Sunday morning, before the weekend was even finished, that Marvel's The Avengers is estimated to earn a total $207.4 million in its opening weekend run here in the US. If that estimate is true (officially confirmed $207M this morning) it has just set a new box office record for opening weekend, easily passing $169 million set by Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 last year. This is a huge opening, but well worth it for a movie that does deliver after a five-film, four-year crossover lead up. Bravo, Marvel.

In just three days, Marvel's The Avengers is now the fastest movie to reach $200 million domestically. The domestic debut kicked off on Friday, May 4th which marks the second highest single day take of all time at $80.5 million. Saturday's box office gross of $69.7 million is the highest Saturday take of all time. Avengers also opened internationally earlier, starting on April 25th, and crossed the $600 million mark globally on May 6th after just 12 days in release. Dang. Marvel Studios has finally made history, and if these numbers hold true, it means many good things for superheroes to come. Not only with Marvel and their films, but we know Warner Bros is now antsy about getting a Justice League movie back into development. Won't that be the day. Then again, we thought we'd never actually see The Avengers team up movie, yet here we are.

The Avengers, with its global box office and now massive domestic opening, is setting quite a few records. Deadline recaps a fun facts & figures article, with details like: fastest film to reach $200M (in 3 days); 8th biggest midnight opening; biggest superhero midnight debut; highest grossing opening weekend in IMAX's history; crossed the $600M global box office threshold today after just 12 days of release. Disney is proud of this and they damn well should be, as it's going to go far earning more from moviegoers as they return to re-experience Joss Whedon's ensemble extravaganza. For those curious, Deadline also outlines details on how Paramount is earning money off of this from their deal, even though this was a full Walt Disney release.

There's no denying that Hollywood will definitely feel the impact of this. It's proof that a team-up crossover movie can work, and work wonders, too. Honestly, looking back, Marvel Studios has had a bit of trouble opening to record breaking numbers over the years, but this is unquestionably their record-setting weekend and they deserve it - Avengers is a huge hit and a damn good movie, too. We expect it to continue earning strong during the summer and breaking more records, we'll keep an eye on it. Happy with this success?

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I feel bad for: Emily Blunt, Edward Norton, and Universal Pictures.

Daniel J on May 7, 2012


Yeah... poor millionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations,  when will they ever catch a break.

Rhythm Master on May 7, 2012


Well deserved.  Bravo  Disney/Marvel.  First movie I've seen twice @ the theater in a long time.  Looking forward to the next one. 

avconsumer2 on May 7, 2012


So wait, does this mean The Avengers beat the box office records of Avatar and Titanic?

JBrotsis on May 8, 2012


SPOILER ALERT: Some douche bag WILL leave a comment below saying something akin to "meh" or "it was average".  On a side note, we all knew this film was gonna break records, bring on the next one!

Rhythm Master on May 7, 2012


Everyone doesn't have to love it you know...

Ryderup on May 7, 2012


you don't say?

Rhythm Master on May 7, 2012


Ha thank god someone said this.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 7, 2012


ok here we go with the troll police again. this movie was in fact for the most part a money making exercise. loud action filled fantasy and millions loved it. it just ended abruptly by iron man saving planet earth, by pointing a nuke at the aliens ship. seen that before-will smith did it too. are we to believe that thanos wont get the same treatment?? wakey wakey

bassmonsta on May 8, 2012


Wouldn't really work as they did that in the comic to no effect so no I don't think that they will do that. And comics are power fantasies so it was nice to see a movie that embraced that instead of.trying to make it an emotional bit of cinema.

Deadpool-003 on May 8, 2012


You said pretty much what I was thinking, but couldn't be bothered to type because I'm sick of arguing about this film with these negative folk!

Rhythm Master on May 8, 2012


You know what this means? Yep, Justice League is next.

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 7, 2012


They would have to reboot Batman and Green Lantern in order for that to not happening for another 10 years I bet.

BinaryChaos on May 7, 2012


They could do it sooner without reboots, just different actors, if they really want to. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big lead up to JL, but yes, that makes more sense: more money, better story arc, etc.  If anything, this box office success guarantees us, in a way, a Justice League movie we all want to see - sooner or later...

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 7, 2012


They are scrambling at DC right now. As soon as Man of Steel comes out, they'll tell us to forget everything, so they can reboot Batman, GL, and Superman.

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


They better just recast ryan renolds as wally west. Actually if anything they will probably do a batman and superman crossover movie to keep interest before they put out movies for GL flash wonder woman and martian manhunter.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 7, 2012


I was thinking crossover as well. Remember I Am Legend with the superman/batman logo? Already had a origins, so why not?

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


They dont have to reboot Batman, but def. GL...  holy shit did that suck donkey balls!  I said it all along... DO NOT cast Ryan Reynolds as GL!!  Bring on JL vs the LOD!!!  But no wonder twins!  One last thing... wouldnt it be tits if as a surprise for the next Avengers movie they throw in Spidey and Wolverine?!?!  HOLY FCKING SHT BATMAN!!

Dick Sinister on May 7, 2012


Marvel/Disney don't own movie rights to Spider-Man and X-Men...

Razor on May 8, 2012


Buzzkill dude

Patrick 4.0 on May 9, 2012


i thought the same thing instantly upon hearing the box office news, 🙂

Big MIke G 23 on May 7, 2012


It would be tremendous to have something official in the next few days. Until then I'll keep on dreaming...

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 7, 2012


Meh, it was average..

Davide Coppola on May 7, 2012



Dick Sinister on May 7, 2012


Stan Lee concurs!

Nathan on May 7, 2012


I loved it, and the audience I saw it with spent a lot of time cheering so I think it's safe to say that most people who saw it liked it.

Riona Lynn on May 7, 2012


Avengers rocked that movie was awesome everyone in the theater saturday was cheering and laughing great job marvel my son was so excited when hulk saved iron man from falling lol you think justice league will do as well as avengers

stacy Arriaza on May 7, 2012


 i do hope they will make JL though,,i like them,especially the relationship between Superman and Batman...however it's going to be difficult job for DC..

Adman Mustafid on May 8, 2012


Just think what Dark Knight Rises will make. 

Bruce Wayne on May 7, 2012


Avengers was more a family movie. More kids, more money. Dark Knight is for a different audience. It will do extremely well, but I see more repeat viewings at the theater for Avengers and Spider-man than Dark Knight.

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


It will be a bad movie is what im guessing. My thoughts were the first movie was a major "meh" and the dark knight was great I dont think this one will be anywhere near as good as the last one. I mean they BARELY changed the title lol

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 7, 2012


A hero is only as good as its villian. Bane can't touch the Joker's legacy. Im sure it will go out with a bang, but fans expectations will be too high.

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


Exactly my thought pattern. Im going to go into the theater with reasonable expectations but I still think ill be disappointed. But the latest trailer looks pretty good

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 7, 2012


The Dark Knight made $160,000,000 opening weekend, and that was before the series had a huge following. After the Dark Knight had been out for a little while the fan base grew. So I expect a lot more people seeing The Dark Knight Rises opening weekend, definitely more than enough to make up the $40,000,000 difference.  Plus kids don't care about what audience the movie is directed at, they'll see it regardless because it has a comic hero in it. If anything more kids will see it opening weekend because more adults are inclined to watch this instead of the Avengers so they wont make their kids wait until a later date because they're just as excited to see it. 

Bruce Wayne on May 7, 2012


I agree with what you are saying about kids watching anything. Its just no one knew whats to expect with Avengers and it surprised everyone. I think mom and dads will leave the small ones behind and the teens will go by themselves. Avengers had the 7-11 year olds that made some chump change. I for one love the comic based movies. So much stories to new told.

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


i doubt TDKR will make more than this in its first weekend. The one of the main reason so many people went to see The Dark Knight was because of Ledger dying in the preceding months.

happy camper on May 7, 2012


True. It was about Ledger and her surely did not disappoint. Hardy is exceptional, but still alive.

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


No, they went to see TDK because it has the most popular comic book villain. Also he and the main character are two pop culture icons. Did a load of people went to see Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

Razor on May 8, 2012


What are ya babbling about? Don't humiliate a good franchise as the Dark Knight. Everybody knows that's a different genre lol!

Black Widow on May 8, 2012


Wondering where the final domestic gross will end up...600-800 million, maybe more...Avatar may have seen the last days at number 1 all-time...

Thanos on May 7, 2012


Make that 207.4 million weekend haul!!!!

Thanos on May 7, 2012


Do not make a sequel. 

ccoltmanm on May 7, 2012


MOTHER OF ALL HOLLYWOOD MOVIES! 'NUFF SAID! Other negative reviews are just from folks who watched on a pirated copy of the Avenger! Next time go see it in the cinema better on IMAX or 3D!

Captain America on May 8, 2012


I don't think Batman: The Dark Knight Rises gonna be huge as The Avengers as we've already know who Catwoman is.. it's Selena Kyle (Batman Returns) and Bane from Batman Forever! Hish! I know C. Nolan is trying very hard to bring the story from the pages of Frank Miller's Batman story to the screen, well then, go buy the comic books to know the story! But the Avengers is something else, dude! I'm eagerly waiting for it to past US$400million in the US! Make it happen! Why? So I could get the chance to see the Avengers Returns! Make Mine Marvel!

Mr. Freeze & Penguin on May 8, 2012


Not sure if stupid or just trolling...

Razor on May 8, 2012


Wow!  How will this affect summer 2012 box office?  

Marc Callado on May 8, 2012


I do expect DC to move immediately on a Justice League movie..I don't think they'll wait to do single character movies, I think at the end of Man of Steel, they'll be some setup for a JLA movie. Besides, they can do just like THe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did, just introduce the characters during the movie, then have spinoffs if it's successful(and we all know it will be).

jah p on May 8, 2012


While I think you're probably right skipping the 'origin' style movies would be a huge mistake. The Avengers has basically had the longest coolest trailers ever. I think a JLA movie might struggle. It's a completely different style to Marvel's new family of hero movies. It's a lot less fun. 

Blargh on May 10, 2012


The man of steel credits is where the Justice League movie build up begins!

RossAdams on May 10, 2012

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