Matt Damon Says 'Bourne Legacy' Makes It Hard for Him to Return

December 4, 2012
Source: The Playlist

Matt Damon

Back this summer, before The Bourne Legacy even hit theaters, producer Frank Marshall talked about the possibility of Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner teaming up for the sequel. The producer said, "You see there are several different programmes in the movie with different skill sets. All possibilities are open. My dream is that in the next one we see Matt and Jeremy team up.” However, The Playlist recently interviewed Damon as he does the rounds for Promised Land, and the actor doesn't seem too keen on returning to the franchise. More specifically, he thinks The Bourne Legacy makes it harder for his return.

Damon has watched The Bourne Legacy, and this is what he said about how it effects his return:

"I think it's going to make it harder for us to make another one. I'm just trying to figure out like… Because they used our characters, anything that happens in that world, that's the 'Bourne' world now. So the pill popping and all that stuff happens. I don't know what that story would be. I love Jeremy and I'm a huge fan of him and I know him personally and love him outside of work, too. But I just don't know what that story would be. I could never see Bourne teaming up with anyone. And all he said was – he wanted out, he wanted out, he wanted out. So how do you get that character going again?"

Surely a good writer could figure something out, but I like that Damon is so dedicated to the story that he doesn't just want to team-up with Renner for the box office or because it sounds fun. The way he talks, it doesn't sound like he's that big of a fan The Bourne Legacy, even if he's friends with Renner. Damon even recalls that they had issues getting a Bourne sequel that he would have done with Paul Greengrass off the ground, mainly because they didn't think they had a good enough idea. But Universal wanted their cash cow to remain alive, and The Bourne Legacy was made for better or worse. There's probably another Bourne movie on the way at some point. Do you still want Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner to team up?

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I thought the first Bourne film and the last one were the best in the series. I know I'm in the minority there, but I liked how they treated Jason Bourne as a beta model and the new program had been refined more since him to allow for more control over the agents.

Matt Peloquin on Dec 4, 2012


Identity and Ultimatum are my top 2, with Supremacy and Legacy at 3 and 4. Legacy was good for about the first 45 minutes, then it wasn't so interesting, but that's just me.

Reznik on Dec 4, 2012


I guess he has a point, but I really want to see him return to the franchise again.

Nielsen700 on Dec 4, 2012


I'll be perfectly content to watch a sequel with or without Damon. I love the original trilogy, but if his heart isn't in it, it would probably only hurt any further sequels. Also I think Renner is perfectly capable of carrying on the series in his stead as he proved a capable lead.

Phillip Gockel on Dec 4, 2012


in the books he also wanted out and managed to get pulled back in way into his 60s... they'll find a way if they really want to (and are willing to dish out the $$$)

juepucta on Dec 4, 2012


Yes, he thought he was out, he had retired, changed his identity, he could grow old with his family in peace....but they pulled him back in, threatened his family...and then, BAM!! enter Liam Neeson, its TAKEN!

kash on Dec 5, 2012


They SHOULD have atleast got Renner and Damon make eye contact from a distance, heck maybe bump into each other. Two men on a mission. that way it'll narrow itself down. Renner would then try to figure out what's really going on. He was curious for the slightest. He accepted what he did and that they wanted to kill him, but like "WHY?" never popped into his head. I'm a fan of the Bourne franchise. Damon should come back. as for him screening in his 60's that should wait. In Legacy he's been going around handling stuff. we need know from a 3rd person point of view on what's been going on. now is the time for Bourne to get some in-sight on what been going on since he went rouge.

Bwakabwakabwaka on Dec 10, 2012


Cross understood what was going on quite well. Did you see how his ears pirked up when he saw Jason Bourne on tv? He remembered the name carved into the wood in the cabin at the lake. But he doesn't strike me as the stupidly curious type. He knew that somehow the program was trouble for the CIA and it was being scrubbed. What else did he need to know?

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


Sounds like he's saying if there's a decent enough idea he'd do it...

BloodwerK on Dec 4, 2012


I haven't read the books, but who's to say a new Bourne movie doesn't pit them against each other? That might be interesting.. 🙂

Kevin Costain on Dec 4, 2012


Damon Trumps Renner. All day every day. They can continue the bourne Franchise, but if it doesn't have Damon, then I'm not gonna bother.

Rain Spider on Dec 4, 2012


Legacy was absolute shite. The characters were shallow, the "I want my drug" storyline preposterous, the ending nonexistant. Plus it ruined the ending of Ultimatum, which was PERFECT.

med Dee on Dec 4, 2012


Completely agree. You said it all!

Morgan on Jan 6, 2013


Its not a"I want my drug" storyline. Its "I want to live independently, and can not do so if my IQ drops to twelve points bellow average". I think Cross had a far better reason to fight for his mental stability then Jason Bourne's idiotic quest to find himself. Anyone with even a teeny bit of sense would have realized that Bourne's past was to be run away from not towards pretty quickly. I suggest you read "Flowers for Algernon". Then you might think what wouldn't YOU do to keep your IQ from going to the point where you had to live in a group home? And how did it ruin anything about Bourne? It just showed what consequences to other people Bourne incurred.

Martine on Feb 12, 2013


I hate to say it because I love Damon, but it sounds a lot like he doesn't want to "share" a movie. I can think of a dozen ways this could work in the first 30 seconds I'm considering it, so clearly, it's not that hard to come up with an scenario.

Dave Melges on Dec 4, 2012


O its very easy to come up with a scenario, but not one that isnt totally cliche and will ruin the integrity of the trilogy. I just imagine it:Bourne finds a new love, love gets killed, Bourne wants revenge etc......its over.

Cody W on Dec 4, 2012


lol, I think when I say it's not hard to come up with a scenario, "good scenario" is implied. What they need to do is leave women out of it....if the series has a flaw it's that it tries to WEDGE a woman in. It's pandering to an extra fanbase. The best idea, literally, is to make the operatives USEFUL. Quit treating the government as always being BAD. Have some kind of dangerous opposition to world peace that they NEED to bring these guys together to thwart....let them succeed in act TWO, then spend act THREE trying to extract themselves from the system because ONE corrupt federal employee see's the potential of re-igniting the program. Act one: Recruit three very different former members of variations of the program. Damon and Renner discuss the dangers of allowing themselves to be entangled in the new agency. Act two: Unite them to fight a common threat, they succeed but one of them dies. Act three: Damon and Renner have to work together to free themselves of the system they knew they'd be stuck in if they agreed to help. Because it's Hollywood they'll feel obligated to make the third operative a woman, and probably a minority. Wasn't hard at all.

Dave Melges on Dec 5, 2012


I like it.

koolnightes on Dec 5, 2012


Bu...but your implying hollywood has this much common Otherwise I like it, but I dont think anything like this will ever happen.

Cody W on Dec 5, 2012


Hollywood has plenty of creativity. People like to moan, but the truth is even bad Hollywood films often compare well to the best art house films.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


Ok, so then you have something similar to "Burn Notice"!

Jblev334 on May 6, 2013


Te Bourne films may have been good, but they were also cliche. A guy with amnesia finds out he is a bad ass spy killer is cliche. Cliche doesn't mean it can't be done well. Matt is just jealous I think.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


Kind of agree with you. I didn't even need 30 seconds for it. The Bourne Legacy was about Aaron Cross and Marta Shearing running for their lives. The Sequel could be something like : Aaron wants to understand what happened, why they want him dead. So he goes find the only person who could answer his questions, aka Jason Bourne.

Davis on Jan 6, 2013


Its just not the same without him

jantje on Dec 4, 2012


I really enjoyed the Bourne Legacy and I thought their handling of the tie-in to the main franchise was well handled. The inclusion of the idea that there were more than one program which the government was developing fit, and allowed for a reasonable explanation for Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross. While I would love to see Damon take up the role again in a sequel, I have to agree with Phillip Gockel's opening post that states if his heart isn't into making another Bourne movie then it's best if he doesn't. Let's let Renner run with this franchise ball for a bit and see how that goes.

Thexn on Dec 4, 2012


I think Renner did a better job so if Matt is in or out doesn't really matter to me. Renner just seems more natural in this type of role and has a believable skill level of fighting, guns and just about everything else. Matt just comes off as good, not great and something learned as opposed to Renner's naturalness of these unique "spy skills"

Patty Dang on Dec 4, 2012


Sounds like an excuse. In the books, Bourne is always pulled back in by some emergency, and he often works with others. However, the Legacy movie had nothing in common with the book, so maybe they're only using story lines from the ones penned by Ludlum. The fact remains, though, that a story could easily be written to bring him in if they wanted that. But I don't really care if he comes back. I thought Legacy was the best in the series since Identity, anyway.

Elbak on Dec 4, 2012


Hire Ben Affleck as the director, Damon would definitely do it

AS on Dec 4, 2012


Matt and Jeremy both had help... both times it was from a woman...they could bump into one another and could actually help each other... love to see them both in it. As for the pill popping... Jeremy got cured right? Come on Matt, Jeremy... let's get it done....see you in the theaters.. By the way... Jeremy was good and I would watch him in another "Bourne" movie.... BUT, Matt will always be Jason Bourne.. he was great...

koolnightes on Dec 5, 2012


more whining coming from same person who whined about the new Bond replicating Bourne.............If I had not heard him with my own ears I would never have believed it..........also comparing Damon with Renner is like comparing apples and oranges.

Rosalee Adams on Dec 5, 2012


You're right, cannot compare the two. Bourne is like underground lvl 10 and Renner is like a daywalker lvl 5, unbeknownst to his surrounding or plot

bwakabwakabwaka on Dec 10, 2012


I am really glad I don't know what that means.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


Matt is making the right choice IMO. The first trilogy was superb and work he can be proud of. Why try to add to something already awesome?

Mark Dark on Dec 5, 2012


Legacy?? Too soon to decide that. Now what? they live happily ever after and like the previous movie plot. she dies? or plot twist; he dies, then what? her personality doesn't seem like the type who would want to take revenge or find out what's really going on. Bourne fans want moreeeeeee i'm much much sure of that. I wasn't satisfied, but Renner was good. Instead of legacy, should've been like Bourne: The Insight on a 2nd Cousin. i'd like to get back to the original story. atleast let's get Jason's perspective on the whole blue-green drug. He'll know he's not the only one. if bourne really is trying to take down Treadstone, won't he then realize that there's a bigger challenge? that he's only taking down one branch. If by legacy they meant what they made in terms of a better weapon. what the stem left behind, which was nothing. They should have made the movie where Renner tries to kill Bourne and while bourne finds out about the whole operation, gives renner a headsup saves his life, heck maybe they knew each other.

bwakabwakabwaka on Dec 10, 2012


Why does he need to take down the programs at all? These are volunteers, all military, not kidnapped preschoolers they are modifying. the CIA does need to use assassins. The war on terror is not the cold war, and there are no rules on the other side, so the CIA has a nearly impossible job to do to keep the country safe. If they want to modify assassins or create people with eight legs to stop things like 9/11 most people would say do it.

Martine on Jul 25, 2013


I didn't care much for Legacy. Unless Damon makes a follow up, I doubt I will watch it.

Javert on Dec 28, 2012


if they wanted to bring matt damon back in how about coming to the rescue of pamela landy as the y are trying to bury her in bourne legacy, this could then lead to the latest issue LARX to be sent after bourne and then aaron could come to assist bourne or something along these lines and then maybe do further spin offs alternating the usage of bourne and aaron

nigel stoles on Dec 30, 2012


I personally feel like Renner was more believable, but they're each too powerful an actor to be in one movie. But honestly, I'd like them to pull from Ludlum's "Materese Cirlce". Even MOAR epic 😀 (I'd like to see these Bourne-esque agents turn into the American James Bond 😀 )

MCM on Dec 31, 2012


I would be glad to see a sequel, or more appropriately another episode, starring Matt and Jeremy. Bourne has teamed up before and as the Legacy cover says "there was never just one". My ONLY beef with the movie adaptations is killing Marie in Supremacy. And mental and physical conditioning and adaptation has always been in the series. It's just that the pill popping is a little easier to "swallow" for most people than brainwashing

Mark on Jan 3, 2013


Damon needs to come back!!! He was awesome as Jason Bourne. Ultimatum and Legacy both set up a return movie for Damon. Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne can team up in the fifth or sixth movie.

Matthew on Jan 6, 2013


I loved the Bourne Series. But the Bourne Legacy is definitely my favorite. Jeremy Renner was amazing in it. At first, I had my doubts, because how could they make another movie without Matt Damon? But I loved the way they made the movie happened during the "Bourne Ultimatum". In fact, I loved every single thing about this movie. Jeremy and Rachel were great. So yeah, I wouldn't mind another movie with them.

Davis on Jan 6, 2013


But the ending was too abrupt.

Net Guy on Feb 19, 2013


I had no trouble at all with the ending!!!! WHY? They lost the tail and now are free to do whatever they want as long as they don't return to the USA? What did you want the film to do? Follow them til they were old? Didn't you hear Eric Beyer? He said "The cops lost the trial." Then the LARX guy they can no longer find them. The film ends with them no longer being chased and getting to know one another. Are people too slow to get that?

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


It would be cool if they picked up the Eric Lustbader novels from Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renners character tagging along.

John Smith on Jan 7, 2013


Matt Damon is the man!!! I hope he returns for the sequal. Damon, personally was born into that Bourne legacy. Millions of fans will agree, bring back Damon!

Pukapants on Jan 26, 2013


The two of them teaming up? What happened to "we work alone, we always work alone"? I think they're both great, but very different. IMO, Jason Bourne was always fantastic because he was always so unassuming, unpretentious and laid back, whereas, Jeremy Renner is so cocky and full of himself, like so may of his other roles, but he does it very well. If my Bourne trilogy, or Hurt Locker were on VHS, they'd be worn out by now. Put either one of them in an action movie and you can bet I'll watch it, put them together, not so sure.

BourneJunkie on Jan 26, 2013


When did Cross ever say 'I work alone"? He was thrilled to find someone else in the program. He obviously doesn't like to work alone, as he very easily teamed up with Marta. And I don't remember Bourne ever saying he liked to work alone either.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


There skill sets together would be devastating to the private government sectors. The should wait to join Renner and Damon together until the last movie of the whole series so they can take down the people who did this to them and so they can clear their names and live happily.

UncleTed on Feb 2, 2013


Well, Bourne really is a traitor. I mean sure I understand him not wanting to kill an evil dictator so that his evil kids wouldn't get upset, but he was given an assignment, he accepted it, and then he didn't complete it on purpose. So his name can't be cleared. He did it to himself.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


After the brainwashing, he still retained a smidgen of humanity and decency, and that is the crux of the movies. Sorry, but if you missed that, then you misunderstood the writer's underlying theme.

Michael Redbourn on Nov 18, 2013


One senerio would be have both cornered in same area.both need to cooperate to stay alive

Francis Short Jr on Feb 12, 2013


I think its time to go in a different direction with Jeremy Renner, and leave Matt in the past. The original movies are very good, but there really is no reason to go backwards. Especially if Damon isn't into it. I actually liked the last movioe better then the others upon re watch.

Martine on Feb 12, 2013


I think renner should come to Damon for advice in the movie, and by coming to him, inadvertently drags Damon back into the fight.

nick meyer on Feb 14, 2013


It does not make it a great movie because u like damon or Renner. the only thing that matter is who plays good portraying the role. I think matt damon nailed it portraying jason bourne. let's not forget it is a BOURNE movie and how many trained agent are going to want out or tried to be assassinated by the same agency that trained them. its like once out of the shit story. the writer put the main character in a shit that he can not get out of and he can't get him out so he writes the sequel saying once out of the shit. The Bourne legacy is a shit movie

brn on Feb 14, 2013


I have no idea what you are trying to say. is English your first language?

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


are you French?

Michael Redbourn on Nov 18, 2013


Heck yeah! Bourne Legacy wasn't near as good as the first three and if he and Damon team up together in one sequal, now that's a movie I would DEFINATELY see.

Mike on Feb 14, 2013


Before finding out that Matt and Jeremy could possibly be in the 5th Bourne together, hopefully if there is a 5th, I was actually thinking of how awesome that would be. Even if they don't team up, I and many other huge fans of Matt Damon and The Bourne Movies would surely love to see him in the sequel. I love Matt and in my opinion, he's my favorite actor. No matter what though, I will still never stop loving the movies and Matt. Please make a Bourne 5! (:

Ciara on Feb 24, 2013


yes bourne wanted out but like he could still be getting chased and bump into cross even just come back 4 one film then if you dont want to do more get killed off it in the legacy2

adam murphy on Mar 1, 2013


Can someone explain why people didn't like the ending? They made it very clear that they were no longer being chased, so they can now take time and get to know one another. They are safe from Eric Beyer. As long as they don't go back to the USA they can do what they like. What more did people want?

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


Ok...In all of the original Bourne movies there were the very flimsiest of reasons for Bourne to be involved at all. That never bothered Matt before.

Maria Shavzin on Mar 9, 2013


I enjoyed Legacy but not as much as the trilogy with Matt Damon. Nearing watching the end of Legacy I was thinking wouldn't it be great if they did a sequel to Legacy with Matt Damon & Renner teaming up in the aid of helping out Joan Allen.

Selena Williams on Mar 10, 2013


The problem with any great trilogy is that one more guy thinks he can make an even better 4th movie, as is always the case, it's always a huge letdown. Damon made the Bourne series into what it is and he will have dedicated followers, Renner did what he had to and therefore he'll have his crowd. Legacy was a major letdown and clearly ends with the intention of a sequal. Damon will commit Bourne suicide if he jumps on the set with Renner. Personally I feel that this movie could have been called something completely different and could have been a franchise on it's own. I don't think Renner is great, he does not feel the character and is just another fast paced action man. Damon had depth and character, you could see his internal turmoil while doing what he was trained for. I will not sit through anothe Bourne film if it is not with Jason Bourne.

Bored legacy on Mar 21, 2013


We know Matt wont do another unless the story is worthy of being made. I like the fact that Matt wont jump into another Bourne because it's a cash cow. I like someone who has self respect and can say NO if the story isn't on par with the previous movies. Those who say Renner was better in this type of role, shake your heads until whatever it is that's in there that shouldn't be falls out. Legacy was a huge disappointment it was like Die Hard 5 (CRAP) If there is a Bourne 5 then i hope it's for the story and I hope it has Matt involved. Matt Damon = Jason Bourne. It's just that simple. Keep your spin offs and either make Bourne with Bourne, or leave it be.

Keith on Apr 17, 2013


Yes i want matt damon to come back to the borne movies he is a very awesome actor and his movies rock

llana kelley on Jul 1, 2013


And he makes them good to llana

llana kelley on Jul 1, 2013


What are you people, 6 yr olds? Didn't you learn how to share. Jason Borne was one kind of operative and Aaron Cross another, the new and improve model. There should be a sequel with the 2 of them because both have gone rogue. It would take both to bring down the powers that be. Did anyone follow the story line in the Legacy. I learned more about what was really going on in Legacy then in all 3 Borne. If you thought Legacy was a bad movie then you really are a 6 yr old who can only concentrate only one thing at a time. Can there not be 2 o3 o4 great sequels and still be great in a different way. Broaden your minds little ones.

Carol Miller on Aug 8, 2013


Dude... You're the 6 year old...Bourne legacy made no sense at all with the storyline of the other three... Identity starts with treadstone as the CIA black ops program and it evolves into blackbriar throughout the other two movies... They make it clear in all the movies that those are the only programs dedicated to do the dirty work to avoid all the legislation and paperwork... Now in legacy they come up with operation Outcome, another black ops program that is running along blackbriar, at the same time... To make it worse these are not special agents with amazing sets of skills but regular guys taking an enhancing drug to make them stronger and smarter... First three movies were, aside the science fiction, realistic; legacy seems like a story taking out of the x- men or any other marvel comic... Legacy was what it was, a way to cash in on the Bourne success adding a member of the avengers to bring more people in... But it failed... So next time learn some more about the plot and please learn how to write too, it's kind of hard to understand what you're saying

JR.Bourne on May 12, 2014


I have yet to do much research but in Bourne identity, the professor asks if he remembers the pills. I wonder what pills treadstone would give their assassins. I guess pills are a big part in the books. Cool website I found on this shiz is right here I looked around and it made more sence watching the movies again.

Nelson Rosario on Sep 3, 2014


I want Matt Damon back PERIOD. Jeremy Renner is ok, but he is NOT Jason Bourne. These agents work alone, pr your own movie lines. "We always work alone". Any way for me, no Matt Damon, no movie ticket for anything Bourne out of my money. For as I am concerned the Bourne franchise no longer exists.

Jackie on Aug 9, 2013


They've already messed up Bourne, it should have turned into a James Bond type thing with Damon making 3 or 4 more, then changing actors. I guess they could still do it - hope so, there's not much out there worth watching.

brahms on Nov 17, 2013


Simple fact: You don't make a Jason Bourne film without Matt Damon, and you don't call it a Bourne film without him. Now they can't even do a movie based off the book which they stole the name from, "The Bourne Legacy". It's a shame they wanted to cash in on the franchise just because Matt wasn't ready to do another film :(. *Megs*

Megan Woodard on Sep 10, 2014

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