'Get the Gringo' Trailer with Mel Gibson, Formerly 'Summer Vacation'

January 31, 2012
Source: Deadline

Get the Gringo Trailer

"Trouble in paradise." The first official trailer for a movie now titled Get the Gringo, originally known as How I Spent My Summer Vacation (see the teaser poster), starring Mel Gibson has just debuted on Deadline, where they announce it'll be straight-to-VOD through an exclusive one-month deal with DirecTV (which I don't have). AICN also mentions they're kicking off a 10-city screening event from Austin, for those who are really into this. The trailer kind of feels like a mix between Snatch and, well, Gibson wreaking havoc in Mexico, and it looks a lot more comically entertaining than it does action-packed. Give this a shot below!

Watch the first official trailer Adrian Grunberg's Get the Gringo, embedded from The Film Stage:

Here's the synopsis on IMDb: A career criminal (Gibson) nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a 9-year-old boy. Get the Gringo, originally How I Spent My Summer Vacation, was produced by Gibson's Icon Productions and filmed in Mexico way back in 2009. It was directed by Adrian Grunberg, a first assistant director (Jarhead, Apocalypto) making his feature debut. The screenplay was written by Grunberg, Mel Gibson & Stacy Perskie. Deadline just announced that Get The Gringo will hit VOD formats through DirecTV (for a month only) starting on May 1st this summer.

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I cant believe he's still making movies... 

The Russian on Jan 31, 2012


what are you talking about russian?....he's a good actor.  i'm glad he's making movies.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


It isn't a "10 day tour". Re-read the post.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


Ah you're right, sorry for the confusion, AICN's posts are never, ever clear. It's one event being broadcast to 10 other cities the same night. Is this an NCM event?

Alex Billington on Jan 31, 2012


He's a bit old for this isn't he. But it looks gritty and like it could be much fun.

Robert L. Tuva on Jan 31, 2012


how is he too old for this?

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


I'm in. Mel is the man.

Trip on Jan 31, 2012


Mel Gibson is the man!

Avi Arad on Jan 31, 2012


Looks fun.

M.K. Nielsen on Jan 31, 2012


He's doing it rather well too.

Mazen K. on Jan 31, 2012


I'm interested! 🙂

Mithun Divakaran on Jan 31, 2012


Hope he gets his Viking movie up an running soon can`t wait for that and this looks cool 

Loser on Jan 31, 2012


If it's darkly comedic then it might be worth a look. I love movies in the vein of Payback, Snatch, Layer Cake, Pulp Fiction, etc. 

Dangerous Don Danger on Jan 31, 2012


They made an excellent name change. And this looks like a lot of fun. A good Ritchie-esque feeling to it. I'm so glad he's making movies again. I don't give a damn about his personal life. He may be an asshole, but he's great onscreen.

grimjob on Jan 31, 2012


I love you, Mel. I always have.

Cracky on Jan 31, 2012


Story looks cool, the trailer is actually pretty well made. Lets see if mel can live up to it.

Ricardo J C Marques on Jan 31, 2012


I'm going to watch this again in 3 hours after 2 glasses of my real German Hefeweizen. I'm sure I'll think it's awesome then. 

Quanah on Jan 31, 2012


i'm really stoked for looks like a fun watch - will see it as soon as possible.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


Straight to VOD? Hahaha, that's what you get for being a wife beating, anti-semitic no talent drunk.  

Lebowski on Jan 31, 2012


The Blu-Ray will sell like hotcakes.

Derp on Jan 31, 2012


The blu-ray will sell about as well as The Beaver did. So not at all. 

Lebowski on Jan 31, 2012


Someone have issues? What does his personal life have to do with his acting ability? This looks great and I can't wait.

C. Dawson on Jan 31, 2012


Don't forget Oscar Winner Asshole....

The Kurgen on Feb 2, 2012


Am I smelling a sleeper cult hit?

Johnny Neat on Feb 1, 2012


I'm so glad to see him back.  He looks like himself again.  I'd even love to watch him in a final Mad Max where's he's this old drifter that helps a town making a mutiny against a "new police patrol."  You'd have to do it that way, at least I would to change it up.  The others were all about fighting chaos, so the last one could be about fighting a idea taken too far.  You'd have to stick with grit, not c.g.i. and go with that landscape feel.  It's ok Max is twenty years older, because after years of peace he'd come back like Clint Eastwood in un-forgiven.  You'd just have to change up the wardrobe a little, so it wasn't humorous, but aside from that, it COULD be done well and be fun.   Just a idea.

Jdellis24 on Feb 19, 2012


Wait, why isn't it going to be in theaters?  I'm confused....

Jdellis24 on Feb 19, 2012


How is it Roman Polansky, the child sodomizing rapist, gets away with rape and then wins an Oscar but Mel Gibson is the biggest POS around?  Doesn't make sense. He's a good guy in my book.

jhickey4 on Apr 11, 2012


I dont care about an actors political views.  Mel is a moron, but damn it if I dont like watching him in movies.  R Kelly is a pedophile but damn it if I dont like his music...Kanye West seems to be a spoiled kid but damn it if he isnt a musical genius....these people are good at what the do.  Let them have that...Its your choice to support him or not.  Me, I think the movie looks fun and Im going to see it.  If I want political commentary, I will watch the news....

Crossfire757 on Apr 13, 2012


This is Mel.

Osman Delic on May 21, 2012

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