Michael Fassbender to Star In & Develop an 'Assassin's Creed' Movie

July 9, 2012
Source: Variety

Michael Fassbender / Assassin's Creed

Oh crap, this news is going to make fanboys (and fangirls) go crazy. One of the most popular video game franchises of the last few years is Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, featuring the shady assassin characters known as Altaïr or Ezio. Guess who else loves the game and wants to take this on? Michael Fassbender. Variety is reporting that Fassbender will be co-producing an Assassin's Creed movie with his production company DMC Film. "Fassbender was our first choice" to play the lead character," and he "is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor" who'll be bringing this video game to life on the big screen.

The report states, while the Assassin's Creed games were first announced as a Hollywood project at Sony, apparently Ubisoft has backed out of that idea. Now, they "plan to stick to their initial plan and develop the film independently in order to maintain greater creative control." That means getting Fassbender one to co-produce along with his development partner Conor McCaughan (Eden Lake, Pitch Black Heist). That also means "turning to its 26 in-house game studios like Hybride Technologies, to handle visual effects work." Ubisoft recently launched a film & television division (after the failure of Prince of Persia) to keep their own projects in house and keep control on how they're developed. It sounds like this will be in very good hands.

Assassin's Creed, created by Patrice Desilets & Jade Raymond back in 2007, is an award winning historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that as of 2012 consists of five main games. The focus is on a protagonist character, an assassin, who usually wears a hooded outfit, which became the focus of their latest marketing campaign for AC: Revelations. The game somewhat of a a classic historical, religious (and slightly sci-fi) feeling, almost mixed with Indiana Jones, as the story is actually about being sent back in time to retrieve powerful historical artifacts. This could honestly turn out awesome, I just hope they find a talented director to lead this, but everything else sounds like it's on the right path. Thoughts?

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I'm cautiously optimistic about this. On one hand, I love the AC franchise and Fassbender, on the other hand, it's still a video game movie. Here's hoping for the best!

Phillip Gockel on Jul 9, 2012


ditto. Still going to expect the worst, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

avconsumer2 on Jul 9, 2012


I can't envision an AC movie. But I'm all for trying, especially with Fassbender.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 9, 2012


My thoughts as well, but I hope it turns out great 🙂

David Banner on Jul 9, 2012


Assassins Creed Embers was good so i have a little more faith in Ubisofts work with movies...

Jericho on Jul 9, 2012


Oh yeah. This is nice. I will reserve the skepticism for another time.

AIDY on Jul 9, 2012


Yes ! can wait

robdime on Jul 9, 2012


With any luck they'll skip right past the first game and adapt the second game for the movie. Altair is such a flat, lifeless character. Ezio has a rich backstory and complex emotional attitude.

Josh Rosenfield on Jul 9, 2012


I really hope Fassbender will be talking in an italian accent. The game was great just that f**cking tendency in entertainment media when a character is italian to have everybody speaking english but with an over the top italian accent was a real "treat". "It's a me.Ezzio.What's a coming and going."

it's a me, Mario on Jul 9, 2012


rofl - I totally read that in a Mario tone. (of Nintendo fame - which would be oh so wrong)

avconsumer2 on Jul 9, 2012


Who said he's playing as Ezio? I would bet he is Altair.

Dennis Olivares on Jul 9, 2012


I was commenting on idiotic stereotypes about italian characters or any other foreign characters in games and movies..or rather about a stupid tendency of making characters which are supposedly speaking in their local language sound like retarded immigrants with exotic accents..not saying that immigrants are retarded but the way media portays them...either make it in italian with subtitles or regular english without an overboard accent...nobody said Fassbender is playing as Ezio or Altair...maybe it's going to be a completely new character since there are many assassin cells working independently as I remember...but it's all just speculation at this point...end of "rant"...

it's a me,Mario on Jul 9, 2012


does fassbender look of middle eastern decent to you?? because that exactly what altair is

HG on Jul 9, 2012


What if ..just think about it...what if he's going to play a TEMPLAR!??!! o.O

onoez on Jul 9, 2012


Maybe William Johnson due to his Irish roots

jez on Jul 6, 2013


could be a great pairing for a good film. as long as they dont sway from the story...resident evil anyone?

Anthony Ceniccola on Jul 9, 2012


I think they will go this way, "the Resident Evil way", or even "The Walking Dead way": new stories in the franchise. As much as I dislike that, it is better, is it not, to get new stories?

David Banner on Jul 9, 2012


Sounds great so far, I just hope the script and director are good, too.

Elbak on Jul 9, 2012


Please Forgive Me , I exactly Know how terrible writer I am and I know some ideas of mine is shitty but can't didn't write this argument about video games , if I bother you forgive again and sadly I know no one read this : Perfect Match , YES , Fassbender is Fit. But I say ( Exceptionally Silent Hill movie ) Max Payne , Hitman , Lara Croft , Doom be were OK but be weren't in size of ownself fantastic games. Prince Of Persia & Assassin Creed were similar to eachother. I'm not fan of Mike Newell. I think POP was great film , I love it but not was in same level of video game at all (God Know How I Love See Another Worthy Movie Sequel). Game was incredible , specially first 3 episode of game was pretty outstanding & enjoyable. Why video games's cinematic adaptions usually fail? Why do MILLION people play a game like Max Payne but cinematic adaption turn to such un-popular result? Are Games too childish? Do Cast&Crew mistake? Answer is (cause of fail is) : 1- Moviemaking merely for $ / 2- Lovelessing In Directing / 3- Not Using of game makers in cinematic adaption They make this adaption(s) only for $ unfortunately , it's not bad thing but bad thing is for them truthworthy to original material is NOT ever mind. They want people be happy but don't mind deliver us anything as MASTERPIECE as game was . They dont mind for what QUALITY game had been and what impression had been on gamers. They only want know what QUANTITY game had been and how many gamers love that game! In other hand , in bad adaptions , Cast&Crew aren't gamegoer either or at least finish game for one more time. They DON'T LOVE the game and DON'T DYING for it either, they are just bunch of artists (when im talking about dying , dont mean real dying. In fact being True Fan is in my mind) More my argument is in directing and choosing director rather that the Cast , I think their director didn't had TRUE VISION to games. In fact their directors weren't IN LOVE with games. I hope this Adaption would be had TRUE director. Cast is very important but director is vital. Director must be fan of game and DEFINITELY finished one of episode of AC. Look to the great cinematic adaptions based on a video games , Christopher Gans Rock! With good cast (not extraordinary) win the show. Look to the gamers. A guy play a game and he love that playing. He Completely Drown into the game. You cant pull him out easily. He become pure child. Only & Only PURE LOVE make a game ETERNAL for a gamer. There is a lot of love that injects during the making of that game! Then when a guy decide participate at such game/movie adaption things , PURE LOVE is essential and must be seen in his cinematic work obviously. In cinematic adaptions, Games are different with Novels. Novels must be imagine but games are obviou. In fact we built world of book in our minds but game be pre-built in full details earlier and don't need too imagination. Just we must watch it and feel that we are in its universe. Then ATMOSPHERE is most part of cinematic adaption based on video games, because if wasnt same with the game ,simply we dont feel we seeing that game's cinematic adaption. Some people said : " Resident Evil franchise is selling well then company don't need deliver adaption totally based on the game! " But it is a False Implication . If film show sense and atmosphere of game , certainly was sold so much more. Proof : compare RE with Silent Hill film. Silent Hill stick to bases of game and be faithful to it (approximatly) and sell MORE. (But director leave show and Roger Avory had gotten personal problems and next sequel closed for long time unfortunately.) Moreover when movie like RE hit, sequels are inevitable , then a reboot is not possible anymore for many years! And this is bad thing. In fact " PaulW.S "(fan of other works of him) did really bad act. AT LEAST he could choose another title for his movie , like " Invincible Alice " or " Resident Evilless " or " Terminator 5: Rise of the Alice " or even " Citizen Kane 2 "! Whit title of Resident Evil hope for remaking or rebooting real adoption completely Gone! But How? How can movie makers stay faithful to the game while they work on cinematic adaption? How do they know senses of gamers , perfectly? Answer is : They must definitely invite MAKERS of GAME to cooperate with them, this is very effective way. Music of Silent Hill is not something usual that guys like James Horner or Howard Shore even can re-score it or deliver something in that level (BothHugeFan) Akira Yamaoka did UN-Repeatable work in SH(s). He is ONE. No-man can defeat him. Gans use him précisly and result was INCREDIBLE. Directors must use such guys more and more in their adaptions. Game makers are Truely Mastermind. When lovers of silent hill say Silent Hill 1,2,3,4 (specially 2) were Masterpiece , this means this games were UN-Touchable. And this is exactly TRUE either. If you don't play them , then don't judge them. Also I believe , there is NO-Body to adapt this games in whole word ( Maybe , Only Just Maybe the game makers can) Then Hey ! You Guys out there! You know I love you but here is my word : this games change world of million fans. Dont ruin game cinematic adaptions. Pay Attention to Gamers and their SENSEs. They deserve BEST. Use game makers essentially Spend enough money for special effects. Music must be same as game. Script is VITAL, so mush mind need. Work on details , don't do Perfenuctry work. Use who that LOVE & DIE for game as cast&crew and if you don't find such guy at least don't give sequels to the same guy (I am sure there is such guys) I DIE FOR SILENT HILL I DIE FOR METAL GEAR I DIE FOR RESIDENT EVIL I DIE FOR MAX PAYNE I DIE FOR : Fear Effect/Syphon Filter/Dino Crisis/Galerians/Doom/Mass Effect/Prince Of Persia/Gears of War/Bioshock/God Of War/Oblivion New games beside! (Sorry for bad writing)

Ehsan Davodi on Jul 9, 2012



me on Jul 9, 2012


Thank God ! At Least OneMan Could Read My F-ing NOVEL !

Ehsan Davodi on Jul 9, 2012


I've always figured they'd make one, Fassbender? PERFECT SELECTION! Granted personally I was working out insanely to try and do my own movie about it even if it was cheap HAHAHAHA! (one can dream right? LOL) Doesn't stop me from loving the fact they're making it. I just PRAY it won't be so messed up... example? Resident Evil from Game to Movie, no such matching ideals at all!!! It annoyed me considering THAT ALSO was my most favorite game series!!!! I wouldn't mind playing as the Assassin that dies in the beginning... assuming they actually follow the story line BWAHAHAHA!

Vlad86Dracul on Jul 9, 2012


Paul W.S. Anderson for you, he will ruin pretty much anything he touches.... Those games are also some of my favorites, I really hope they just reboot the film series and actually stick to the intensity and stories of the characters, and actually stay loyal to the game chronology, because there never was a global catastrophe in the games -_-

Fidel Reyes on Jul 9, 2012


Sounds good...

Agent13 on Jul 9, 2012


if fassbender hooks up up with jade raymond while making this movie, that guy just get rated higher in my book

me on Jul 9, 2012


It's needs a director with vision ( i like nicolas refn) and a r rating.

Avi Smulders on Jul 9, 2012


This could be pretty awesome, I guess. But, considering the very, very few good live-action video game adaptations, I am still a little concerned. For the most part I really wish Hollywood would keep its hands off of video games all together and just let the gaming companies take care of it themselves. I mean, looking at the truly fantastic trailers and cinematics, especially for Assassin's Creed, I can't see how they could possibly improve on that with a live-action movie. I'd take a 90 minute animated movie done by the creators of the game over that, anytime.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 9, 2012


One of craziest trailers that I see in the past , was trailer of game called : ONIMUSHA And yes ! AC trailer is F-ing Awesome

Ehsan Davodi on Jul 9, 2012


As long as Fassbender is in, I'm in! And as long as Paul W.S. Anderson (The anti-christ of video game films) isn't involved with this video game film I'm in as well! 😛

Fidel Reyes on Jul 9, 2012


How bout Uwe Boll?

McWetty on Jul 9, 2012


please no...

bruu on Jul 9, 2012


Oh crap I had forgotten there was someone just as bad who directs video game flicks....

Fidel Reyes on Jul 9, 2012


that's because we dare not say his name near articles like this...McWetty nearly summoned him like a movie satan...

Jericho on Jul 9, 2012


Haha good one

Fidel Reyes on Jul 10, 2012


Animated dvd, yes. AMC series, yes. Movie can't satisfy the brotherhood.

mooreworthy on Jul 9, 2012


One of my favorite actors mixed with my favorite xbox game? Give it an R-rating and I'm in heaven. Hey, I may even go to church if it's good.

McWetty on Jul 9, 2012


I am assuming he will be playing as Altair, the tough part of the film will be fitting the animus into the story I think.

Dennis Olivares on Jul 9, 2012


Someone, someday will make a great video game movie worthy of the fans. I hope this is the one. I have faith in Fassbender (sort of)!

Each on Jul 9, 2012


Nitpicking: For those who never played Assassin's Creed it's " a classic historical, religious (and slightly sci-fi) feeling, almost mixed with..." Tomb Raider. Sorry, but Indiana Jones is an emotional everyman, and the films have a fun-filled adventure feel to them. Sure it touches on dark and serious events and settings, but it always lightens it up with comedy. Tomb Raider features a larger-than-life, stoic heroine, who is nearly infallible, and shows very little emotion. The games half little to almost no comedic elements to them and makes no attempt to brighten up any storyline or appeal to family audiences.

Akirakorn on Jul 9, 2012


As a complete nerd gamer I am very nervous, at the same time Fassbender is the first(also last guess) that Id want to be involved. Great actor, but I just dont know with videogame movies anymore. My expectations are set at very low..

Cody W on Jul 9, 2012


Seriously Fassbender, stop faffing about and go get the James Bond role, we all know you want it!!!!

grayrid001 on Jul 10, 2012


Great casting, but instead of redoing the story of Altair and Ezio, I would be happier to see the story of another assassin not related to Desmond Miles. That way the original game storyline isn't nullified and both movie and game can exist in the same AC realm. I would LOVE it if Danny Wallace could return, even if for a brief cameo, as the douche-bag historian already resembles- Shaun Hastings. He was an entertaining character!

Noemi on Jul 10, 2012

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