Mickey Rourke & Rosario Dawson Back in 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

April 19, 2012
Source: MTV

Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson

Fans are still abuzz with the news that the long anticipated sequel to the 2005 graphic novel adaptation Sin City is finally getting off the ground after Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller officially announced the commencement of production last week. Now the casting wheels are starting to spin, starting with the returning gang from the first star-studded film. While it has been said that most of the original cast would return for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, we haven't heard specifics. MTV recently caught up with Rodriguez who revealed that both Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson are excited about coming back.

Rodriguez told MTV in a quick interview:

"I just had lunch with Mickey [Rourke] this weekend. He's all excited to come back, but he's probably the first one. I saw Rosario [Dawson] too. I ran into her for something else, and she's pumped. They've always been excited about doing another one, so that will be fun."

As for the long rumored casting of Angelina Jolie, Rodriguez confirms that he met with the actress about the sequel way back in 2007, but clearly a lot has change since then. The director comments on her potential involvement now and the casting of other characters:

"I haven't even gotten to meet with her yet about it or discuss with Frank about who we would want to go with or talk to first. That's a fun process, but that probably won't happen in the next month. Frank and I go together to meet everybody, and I like seeing his reaction because he drew these characters so long and when they walk in the room, you see it on his face. He doesn't know who it's going to be until he sees them. Then he's like, "This is exactly like the character I created." It's pretty exciting."

So there you have it. Hopefully next month we'll start hearing about new characters amongst all the returning cast members from the 2005 film. If you want to hear a bit more about the plans for the sequel, Rodriguez dishes about the structure of the story and also getting back into the heavy green screen effects and visual style in the rest of the interview which you can check out in full at MTV. In the meantime, keep checking back with us as development and casting continues on this long awaited sequel that will hopefully deliver the goods just as well as the first one. Sound good?

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Seems like maybe it's happening. Not getting my hopes up though.

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 19, 2012


Keep Jolie away from this project.

Guesterson on Apr 19, 2012


That's weird didn't Mickey Rourke's character die in Sin City?

BinaryChaos on Apr 19, 2012


Sin City, the film, features 3 of the Sin City stories. That Yellow Bastard, The Hard Goodbye, and The Big Fat Kill. Chronologically, they take place in that order. A Dame To Kill For, the story this film will be based on, takes place after That Yellow Bastard and most before the events of The Hard Goodbye(the graphic novels have overlapping events, but I have a feeling that for the sake of the movie, A Dame To Kill For will take place entirely before The Hard Goodybe)

Chris_G on Apr 19, 2012


Yeah, I remember the order being a bit confusing, and 1 or 2 are even prequels? Anyhow, will be another fun, campy, b/w comic gem

David Banner on Apr 19, 2012


Joli looking too old

Crom on Apr 19, 2012


Jolie looks like a mutant, age has nothing to do with her plastic face.

Crapola on Apr 19, 2012


It's unfortunate, but they'll have to recast Brittany Murphy...her character is in the 'A Dame to Kill For' story. I hope they are adapting more than one story for this...I know some of the short stories, such as the 'Blue Eyes' story, takes place right around this one. There are also two short stories about the Marv character...don't see why they wouldn't consider adapting that.

Chris_G on Apr 19, 2012


Britanny Murphy... Im sad now THANKS. :/

LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


I Wana NC-17 black & white with Colorful red shining blood on screen with sexy girls like Chloe Moretz, scarlet juhanson, Keira nightly,Emma stone,mila kunis,amber heard,portman,Jesica biel,joli,Kidman,Liv tylor,winslet,emily blunt,soirse Ronan,Dakota and Elle faning,kristian Stewart,Noami watts,Marisa tomi,Elizabeth banks,Rachel mcadams,Amanda seifrid,Ana Sophia rob and Chloe Moretz (again) And lot of action in dark gloomy rainy misty fogy warehouses and streets. And I Wana 2:30 hours movie, hate the 1:30 action movies And I Wana sin city 3 and 4 be announced too I m sorry, I'm very exited

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 19, 2012


Chloe Moretz is 14, u sicko

Truong18 on Apr 19, 2012


Dude you just said you want a nc-17 movie with chloe moretz who is what 13 ? You sound like a pedophile that got too excited

Ninjapojo on Apr 19, 2012


Why does Chloe keep growing younger in these replies? She's 15.

Concertinaboy on Apr 20, 2012


Oh Ehsan Davodi, what a guy. You really do brighten up my day! Always a laugh to be had lol

David Carlin on Apr 21, 2012



LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


His rants are always amusing to read. Never makes sense.

grimjob on Apr 19, 2012



The Douche on Apr 19, 2012


when I heard they were gonna make this film 5 year ago I was excited, now Im thinking who cares!

Bazzmosis on Apr 19, 2012


I honestly dont see what the big deal is about Angelina Jolie. Over-rated to be honest... like Johnny Depp ;p

LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


I never have either. I lose interest whenever I see her name, and usually skip whatever article it is. I really hope she isn't in this.

grimjob on Apr 19, 2012


 Ya, I mean, I thought she said she was gonna retire or something. What the hells the hold up Jolie!?

LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


So they weren't exactly confirmed. Until I read contracts are signed I wouldn't falsify an article that they are in.

The Douche on Apr 19, 2012


Wasn't Johnny Depp rumoured for Sin City 2 also a few years back? I don't really care for this film. Not yet atleast,.

Ryderup on Apr 19, 2012


He was rumored for Sin City 3 as some character named Wally or somethin like that...

LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


Mickey Rourke gets to few high quality projects and thats sad love him love that he is back for this one. Now let Tony Scott get his Potsdamer Platz movie with Mickey and that motorcycle gang movie also with Mickey off the ground. Lets do it already please

Loser on Apr 19, 2012


You ideats Was Chloe moretz 10 year old in kick-ass? Answer is negative! Film was r rated sexy bloody movie! Was Chloe moretz 11 year old in let me in? Film was r rated bloody romantic fascinating vampire movie! On otherhand film release in 2014 not tommarrow! And at the end I Wana she be in that movie because of her performance not her body ideats I Wana she was in sin city 2 beside of rose mc goven, yes soooooo exiting

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 19, 2012


If you're going to insult people, at least learn how to spell. And yes, she was that young. You've never seen an R movie with people under the age of 18? You like to bitch a lot on here, how about you use the keyboard to actually get your facts straight? SHE'S A FUCKING KID YOU IDIOT!!

grimjob on Apr 19, 2012


For a not English language movie goer idiot doesn't different with ideat Pedophile is insult not idiot And mr.dear grimjob I learn insult from you And know in Sin city "alexi vega" was 11 year old you IDEAT IDIOT grimjob Loszombies i say bellow line for chloe i like she play a role to clear my error writing sentence But if you doesnt understand I m sorry for you Then please forgive my bad writing and be ashamed of pedophile insult

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 20, 2012


You're a pathetic little man. Go away.

grimjob on Apr 20, 2012


Dude, i figured it out... He's That Yellow Bastard!! :O

LosZombies on Apr 20, 2012


Hahahaha!! Fuckin' Junior.

grimjob on Apr 20, 2012


 "I Wana NC-17 black & white with Colorful red shining blood on screen with sexy girls like Chloe Moretz..." Sexy by definition=sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality And even IF the movie comes out in 2014, she'd STILL be a minor dude! The fuck outta here man! >:O

LosZombies on Apr 19, 2012


And I forgat to say mean nc-17 Kill bill had nc-17 rating in color version because of fight scenes, nc-17 is good choise for bloody action (colorized blood) not for naked scenes, film like sin city must honesty with itself if was nc-17 is very better for us as viewers! Are you disagree? I know you love that rating for such movie then nc-17 is ultimate and we want ultimate things jj but ... But for gathering more viewers in cinemas we know they will make r rated Film I mean that was wish and this was truth, don't fool yourself I love Chloe play in sin city 2 and big role in sin city 3 and I wana nc-17 black and white with colorful.......

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 20, 2012


Dude you sound like a creepy pedophile stalker with the way you go on about " sexy girl chloe " Everything you been saying sounds like a character destined for a episode of criminal minds. Um, what dakota fanning got too old for you ?

Pojo on Apr 20, 2012


If is it in your mind is it But not in my mind But I Wana every actress I wrote be in that movie

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 20, 2012


My two cents There not going to get every single actress you wrote and i doubt they'll even get one.  Kill Bill was R rated not NC-17, and that was filmed with different styles not just black and white. In fact the majority of the movie was filmed in color.Chloe Mortez is a fine young actress and i dont mean fine as in sexually attractive she's far too young unless your perverted. She won't be playing roles in Sin City 2 unless they are small roles due to the fact that she has been reported for Kick Ass 2 and has several movies in 2013 coming out including Carrie.   You are making yourself out to look like a pedophile naming people like Chloe as well as other actress' who might be 18 but are most notably known for roles they were much younger in Dakota & Ellie Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, AnnSophia Robb so if you dont like it when people criticize you then be more careful with what you post.  

carrottopsux on Apr 20, 2012


Money well spent.

grimjob on Apr 20, 2012


I found more money this time it's going to be spent on something you said that seems pointless.   "nc-17 is good choise for bloody action (colorized blood) not for naked scenes, film like sin city must honesty with itself if was nc-17 is very better for us as viewers!"  I can think of several movies that were R rated that had blood in them proving that NC17 does not need to be used for a good R rated film. Kill Bill, The Descent, The Raid: Redemption, Kick Ass, Super, Natural Born Killers, Frontiere(s). Point proven. NC17 films rarely get released nowadays, Hatchet 2 was released in theaters Unrated and quickly got pulled from theaters within 5 days, so keep dreaming about an NC17 movie being released in theaters it's not gonna happen.

carrottopsux on Apr 20, 2012


You guys are such ideats.

David Carlin on Apr 21, 2012


Before you insult people why not learn how to correctly spell the insult or else it makes you look like an idiot or should i say ideat? After all that is how you spelled it.  Why are we "ideats" because we have morales and know a thing or two about film? Great logic for a moron.

carrottopsux on Apr 21, 2012


If you had read the posts, you would have noticed that it was a throwback to how Ehsan called you all ideats, you sir, are the mororn.

David Carlin on Apr 21, 2012

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