More Shots of Bane & Catwoman Surface from 'The Dark Knight Rises'

April 12, 2012
Source: Batman News

The Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman

Yesterday that cover from Entertainment Weekly gave us another glimpse at Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale fully suited up as Catwoman and Batman respectively in the eagerly anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan's comic book franchise with The Dark Knight Rises. We've seen some great shots in the trailer already, but some photos from inside the aforementioned issue of EW show us a couple things we've never seen before. For example, Bane invades the Wall Street sector of Gotham, and Catwoman stealing from someone's safe. Clearly the economy seems to be a big plot point for our villains. Look below!

Here are The Dark Knight Rises photos from the newest issue of EW via Batman News:

The Dark Knight Rises - Batman Investigating

The Dark Knight Rises - Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane on Wall Street

The Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises - Alfred and Bruce Wayne

The Dark Knight Rises - Joseph Gordon Levitt

Eight years after The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to the limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 this summer. The Legend Ends…

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Jackmooney9 on Apr 12, 2012



Tey on Apr 12, 2012


the bane vs bats duel is gonna be brutal. bones will be broken

Dillinger on Apr 12, 2012


Still would've prefer the cowl on Catwoman, but for the most part she looks great, IMO. A mixed between the old and new costume...

Nathan on Apr 12, 2012


that ballroom scene just makes me think of Pfeiffer. Hathaway's got a lot to live up to, and Nolan's films don't always have the strongest female characters. but it's been a fantastic 2 films so far, and i know Bale, Hardy et al will deliver, so in Nolan i still trust.

son_et_lumiere on Apr 12, 2012


 except Pfeiffer's suit was sexier

Jesse The Body Snuka on Apr 12, 2012


WHERE IS MY GODDAMN TRAILER, NOLAN! Skjahkfjhskgjskldg!!! *explodes*

SuicidalOptimist on Apr 12, 2012


have you not seen the 2 or 3 trailers that have been released months ago?

Rusty Shackelford on Apr 12, 2012


You mean the teaser and the one trailer? Yes, I have seen those. I was more talking about another new trailer seeing how we're getting closer and closer to release.

SuicidalOptimist on Apr 13, 2012


It will almost certainly be released with and attached to "The Avengers" movie. The 3rd and final trailer for TDK was released and attached to Iron Man back in May 2008, so you can expect a similar pattern when Avengers is released this coming May

Maj121685 on Apr 13, 2012


It's about time we got more pics!!! I don't really care for anymore trailers I just want more pics because the trailers seem to make the movie look more lame.

BinaryChaos on Apr 12, 2012


I'm out.  no more pics til opening day.  I dont wanna know nothin about nothin til I enjoy this mo-fo for myself!  😉

Solo_Calrissian on Apr 12, 2012


I'm betting on this being the worst incarnation of Catwoman ever. 

Astroboy3000 on Apr 12, 2012


Even worse than Halle Berry's?

Nathan on Apr 12, 2012


oh yeah...thanks for reminding me of that...i was actually not diggin' the catwoman costume at all, but you have just put tears of joy in my eyes 😀

uboat77 on Apr 12, 2012


Personally, the catwoman suit debate doesnt reach my shores. It fits in well with Nolans universe. Most of the "costumes" are practical attire fitting the character. Batmans paneled, high-tech, military mesh-and-plate look jars against my vision of Batman more than anyone else in these movies....In the end, its Nolans Batman, Im pretty sure it'll kick all sorts of ass.

Voice of Reason on Apr 12, 2012


Is Batman using an iPad?

hawk99 on Apr 12, 2012


 dammit you beat me to it lol i believe he is lol

LosZombies on Apr 12, 2012


Why does people assume it's an iPad? You realize there are other tablets on the market? It's like asking random people coming out of parking lots what colour is their Toyota Camry.

Razor on Apr 12, 2012


Because Batman wouldn't use anything except the best tablet on the market. He has a Batpod, so why wouldn't he have a Batpad?

Ethan Anderton on Apr 12, 2012


Also he's rich so he wouldn't mind buying overpriced glossy junk.

firefly72 on Apr 12, 2012


Or having his R&D guys build him something far, far better than the iPad.  Something that isn't intentionally built to be obsolete in a year or two.

JL on Apr 12, 2012


iPad is so burned

Maj121685 on Apr 13, 2012


Actually, I don't think it could be an iPad.  Cause I'm pretty sure, it wouldn't work without his fingers being exposed.  You can't wear gloves with an iPad.  Silly people...

drd7of14 on Apr 13, 2012


I can't help but think that Joseph Gordan Levitt playing some random cop is a trick to hide an important character from us.

peloquin on Apr 12, 2012


That's what I've been saying all along. That and, I was predicting Nolan would court JGL way before it was announced that he would be playing in Inception, all I could do was nod my head in affirmation to my presupposed theory. Another theory I had, was that casting JGL as a villain in G.I. Joe was a means for him to "cut his teeth" so to say in case he were to take a larger role as a villain in the future...

Alex on Apr 12, 2012


I've been totally thinking that. JGL is getting alot of attention for being an offbeat cop. He has his own action figure coming out for this movie for crying out loud. I just wonder if he's gonna turn out to be some kind of villian, or some kind of (skip past Robin) and be some kind of Nightwing character.

The Douche on Apr 12, 2012


I say Nightwing character becasue as his non nightwing self he is a normal cop. Makes sense to me, name just won't be Dick Grayson.

The Douche on Apr 12, 2012


so even batman has an ipad huh?

Bcopes11 on Apr 12, 2012


batcomputer... jeez

Nicky on Apr 12, 2012


No, that's not an ipad, it's a batpad.

Nathan on Apr 12, 2012


For chrissakes people, its called a "BatPad." Apple stole the technology from WayneTech through Lau. After his trial for being a mob Banker in Gotham, Lau went back to China and bought Foxconn to produce his Chinese company's products. By way of a rogue phone found in the lost and found at said company, Laus company found its way into WayneTechs database thereby stumbling upon the files for the BatPad. After the success of the iPhone in 2007, Steve Jobs did a walk through of Foxconn in 2009 where he met Lau who revealed to Jobs the prototype of the WayneTech BatPad...and the rest is history. DUH.

Voice of Reason on Apr 12, 2012



Sdfsad on Apr 12, 2012


Dislike catwomans outfit 🙁

csgabriel on Apr 12, 2012


[SPOILER] Bane is going to rape Bruce Wayne and give him AIDS. That is how BatMan dies in this film.

Bigred on Apr 12, 2012


Speculation: Bruce was injured at the end of Dark Knight (Fell from roof). That explains the cane. Gordon-Levitt takes on the cowl as he builds trust with Wayne. He fights Bane and is injured or killed. Gordon is hurt as well. Asks Wayne to return. Wayne goes back into training. Fights Bane while pursuing romance with Catwoman, who has discovered his identity through her burglar abilities.  Group of bromances and I sat around drinking some IPAs the other night and formulated this hypothesis. This was the best we could do drunk. I know it's way off.

Quanah on Apr 12, 2012


I like your thinking. Kind of ties into my Nightwing-esk theory.

The Douche on Apr 12, 2012


I just want to be sure I clarify: we were toasted on deliciously bitter Pliney the Elder IPA. Also, one of my friends came up with this idea that Wayne is trying to destroy Gotham and Bane is trying to stop him and Catwoman dates Levitt and Marion Cotillard is cross dressing Joker. We cut him off quick and drank the rest of the bitter golden syrup ourselves.

Quanah on Apr 12, 2012


Don't really care what you were drinking, man.

The Douche on Apr 12, 2012


Well, I'm not surprised with a name like "The Douche."

Quanah on Apr 13, 2012


No I think the reason we see bruce with a cane is because bane breaks his back. Remember that from the comics etc?

Tom101 on Apr 13, 2012


When has Nolan followed the comics explicitly? He hasn't.

Quanah on Apr 13, 2012


I really don't foresee Nolan's batman films passing the cowl to another individual. "The Legend Ends." I'd guess that Batman is either outed as Bruce Wayne in the end, or he dies and out of respect for his legacy Gotham as a whole stands up for themselves. Seems more believable as something from Nolan than someone else just taking over....

Ted_mongel on Apr 13, 2012


I really don't foresee Nolan's batman films passing the cowl to another individual. "The Legend Ends." I'd guess that Batman is either outed as Bruce Wayne in the end, or he dies and out of respect for his legacy Gotham as a whole stands up for themselves. Seems more believable as something from Nolan than someone else just taking over....

Ted_mongel on Apr 13, 2012


Still can not fap to Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Guest on Apr 12, 2012


I think I'll have to see her in motion to judge that for myself.

JL on Apr 13, 2012


i forgot all about Halle Berry. okay, 2nd worst incarnation of Catwoman ever.

Astroboy3000 on Apr 13, 2012


 At least I don't find it difficult to fap to Halle Berry.

Guest on Apr 13, 2012


Wayne manor burnt to ashes, yet Bruce is wearing his father's old robe? Huh...

Ted_mongel on Apr 13, 2012


Nolan is a great director but boy he has poor taste in terms of female casting. 

Mirster on Apr 14, 2012


YESS!!!! your sooo right... M. Gylanhall... yuck

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Apr 24, 2012


Screw you both. Fact that you can't even be bothered to take the 5 seconds to spell Maggie Gyllenhaal's name right and that you have apparently forgotten all about Carrie-Anne Moss, Hilary Swank, Rebecca Hall, Scarlet Johansson, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page in Nolan's movies shows that however you are defining "poor taste" (attractiveness or acting ability) you are wrong. Just wrong. Now go away. 

Blargh on Apr 27, 2012


 Must admit it's still weird seeing Catwoman's face so openly, how does she expect to be so stealthy, but I trust in Nolan and his vision. Can't wait until release. 🙂

atc486 on Apr 14, 2012


 a blockbuster movie worth watching

friv on Jun 1, 2012


a good movie not to miss. I love this movie

kizi4 on Jun 13, 2012


The photos on the bat always makes viewers feel good because of the actions of the bat in the film it really is wonderful

kizi4 on Jun 19, 2012


I like that thank you for sharing

kizi4 on Jun 21, 2012


After his trial for being a mob Banker in Gotham, Lau went back to China and bought Foxconn to produce his Chinese company's products

Yepi on Apr 5, 2013


I've always thought he was going to play the role of Azrael in this movie. I mean, if they play close enough to the storyline on this one - someone may need to replace Bats for a bit.

Yepi on Apr 5, 2013


Life is good busy for you and Life is fun ^^! I think so!

kizi friv on May 20, 2013



yepi on Jun 19, 2013

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