Movie Phone Police Aims to Stop Movie Theater Cell Phone Users

March 19, 2012

Orange Phone Guards

From shootings to public service announcements using real angry voicemails to get the point across, plenty of movie goers don't like cell phone users in the middle of their theatrical experience. However, aside from the controversial proposal of cell phone jamming, not much can be done to stop obnoxious people from getting out their phones in the theater. Well, Orange mobile phone and internet service from across the pond seem to have the right idea in these times of heightened security, as they introduce the Orange Phone Guards. Taking some cues from the TSA, they're really trying to stop annoying cell phone users.

Here's the amusing Orange Phone Guards spot that a reader sent our way:

Honestly, as over-the-top as this seems, there's a great feeling that some of us writers get when an advance screening requires our cell phone to be checked in for the duration of the film. It's always disappointing to see that even our own colleagues can't avoid using cell phones during a film, let alone everyday people at movie theaters across the country. Obviously the security measures illustrated above are a bit ridiculous, but perhaps something more needs to be done in order to keep the theater going experience from being tainted by a bright cell phone light, awful ring tones and inconsiderate people. Either way, this is pretty funny right?

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Haha...that was great.  I actually got into a debate with someone on this site recently who cited The Alamo Drafthouse's cell phone policy for the reason that they won't go there anymore.   So I guess ostracism is a great way to keep people like this out of our theaters. When someone in my theater is talking on their phone or texting I will ask them nicely to stop and if they refuse then I will get up and stand in front of them until they change their seats or leave.  Ok, I only did this once and it almost got me stabbed, but I felt like a hero.

peloquin on Mar 19, 2012


You ARE a hero. *standing ovation* 

Isildur_of_Numenor on Mar 19, 2012


Man, checking my phone at screenings scares the hell out of me, not to mention the mob scene at the end where 2 guys give back 200 phones....yeeeesh. I dont know what the middle ground is but I encourage everyone to stand up for a silent theater.

Voice of Reason on Mar 19, 2012


Do people check their phone in? That's crazy. The shitty cinema I usually go to mostly only ever has one or two people in per showing so I never get bothered by that. Kids being silly is usually a lot worse, one of my friends had a group of teenagers throwing popcorn at him and his girlffriend and after a while he stood up after building up a lot of flem and without saying a word spat in one of the kids faces so violently that they all got up and left. I find it weird folk can't switch off anymore, always texting, always checking Facebook, most of it's nonsense, infact all of it's nonsense, what's the difference if you don't get the news for half an hour? At gigs is just as bad, I remember seeing Marlena Shaw a few years ago, something that doesn't happen that often round my way, unlucky for me the two guys in font of me were journalists, blabbering mouth poops to each other all the way through the gig, both in on a free ticket and at many points on their phones. What's the point?

Crapola on Mar 19, 2012


my cell rang at minute 0.51

Tester on Mar 19, 2012



Xerxexx on Mar 19, 2012


When I saw the Dark Knight, this grown ass man in front of me was playing paper mario on a fucking ds during the opening credits. Why do people even see movies?  But this is easy - either line the theatres with lead, or start installing cell jammers. Both are good, but the lead strikes me as the more elegant solution. 

Lebowski on Mar 19, 2012


"Ma'am  I will pat you down! I will pat you down to China Town!" lmao

LosZombies on Mar 20, 2012


Idiots who can't keep their hands off their phones during a movie are of the main reasons I no longer go to the theater. The experience sucks for the bucks.

Max Renn on Mar 20, 2012


when I do spend my hard earned $$$ to go to a movie I will not tolerate some asshat playing with a cell phone... I TELL them one time o put it away...failure to comply is followed by a very brisk bitch slap to the back of the head...works every time...;)

Skridlowe on Mar 22, 2012


If you are ever asked to check your phone at a cinema, it has nothing to do with manners.  The studio is trying to prevent illegal recording of a new film.  Movie theater management generally doesn't care if phone users are ruining the screening.  They've already got your money. 

Jjjjj on Mar 27, 2012


Usually at advance screenings the reason they take the phones is so that you can't film the film and pirate it, just FYI.

Giamilton on Jun 7, 2012

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