Must Watch: Everyone in Jimmy Kimmel's 'Movie: The Movie' Trailer

February 27, 2012
Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Movie: The Movie

Last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards were quite the star-studded event with a who's who of Hollywood's finest talent in attendance. However, following the show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" had plenty of names who weren't even at the Oscar ceremony last night. That's because four months ago, host Jimmy Kimmel set out to make one of the biggest movies, with one of the biggest casts and a combination of every genre. The result is Movie: The Movie, and now we have a trailer with the likes of Tom Hanks, Kate Beckinsale, George Clooney, Jason Bateman, Martin Scorsese, and many more! Watch it below!

Here's the full-length trailer for Movie: The Movie from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Honestly, it doesn't get much better than Tom Hanks as Robo-Lawyer, but it's just awesome that Kimmel got so many stars into this video: Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Jeff Goldblum, Kate Beckinsale, Edward Norton, Don Cheadle, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Samuel L. Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Tyler Perry, Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, J.J. Abrams, Gary Oldman, Josh Brolin, Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman, John Goodman and so many more all make this one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Kimmel's 9-minute trailer was funnier than the entire Academy Awards.

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That was dumb.

Nick on Feb 27, 2012


not really.

Ivxero on Feb 27, 2012


Hahahaha Matt Damon = Priceless

RidgeRacer4 on Feb 27, 2012


I loved Matt Damon's part, the Kimmel-Damon feud is awesome. Loved Oldman's and Clooney's parts as well but the Damon parts were awesome. "Fucking Kimmel!"  

Xerxexx on Feb 27, 2012


I thought it was cool that the Wookie finally got some decent action.

Sharkman on Feb 27, 2012


"I'm back - and I'm black! HAHAHAHA!"

Pringles on Feb 27, 2012


love it!

Nataliedoll on Feb 27, 2012


I didn't find it particularly funny, with the exception of the traditional Kimmel-Damon feud.

Patrick on Feb 27, 2012


Boy, was that childishly dumb. It just seems such a credibility lower for all seen.

Robert L. Tuva on Feb 27, 2012


I think/hope I speak for everyone when I say: Huh?

Groov on Feb 27, 2012


You mean shame on them for having fun?

Lauren Intong on Feb 27, 2012


Actually, for me for those involved, their stock has gone up. That they can laugh at their business and themselves, while undoubted having fun is a good thing. By participating it's also implied that they understand that being silly and absurd has its value, also a good thing. 

Ivxero on Feb 27, 2012


the cast was impressive, but the funniest part to me was the Dog parts. 

Solo_Calrissian on Feb 27, 2012


Chewie just became even more awesome.

Jurnee on Feb 27, 2012


No that was pretty stupid. The Matt Damon bit was a bit funny, but that was about it. It's only "cool" because all these celebrities are in it. And you must have the lowest bar for laughter if you find this to be "the funniest thing" you've seen in a long time (that, or everything else you've seen recently is utter garbage).

Sepand on Feb 27, 2012


Absurd, very much so. Does not equal bad. Some of us don't get out much.  

Ivxero on Feb 27, 2012


When will idiots on the internet learn that humor is about the most subjective thing on the planet (second maybe to music). Putting down someone because they found something funny is about the most asinine thing you can do. If you don't like it, move on. Absolutely no one finds you even a little bit cooler because of your dislike of this.

Groov on Feb 27, 2012


Here, here. 

Ivxero on Feb 27, 2012


 Never. Absolutely never.

Xerxexx on Feb 27, 2012


I guess similar can be said for your reply. Jokes are plain lame. Nothing subjective about that.

Robert L. Tuva on Feb 27, 2012


Well let me clarify that. It's very objective. The comedy in particular and the body of culture in general is setting the mark. And this falls to the lame side of specter.

Robert L. Tuva on Feb 27, 2012


Tell it!

The Douche on Feb 28, 2012


Pretty damn funny. I think it needed some Kevin Bacon though.

grimjob on Feb 27, 2012


Welcome to the internet. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Groov on Feb 27, 2012


I guess I'm not the only one who thought that was fucking retarded.

Jezebel on Feb 27, 2012


 you are so cool because you cursed

Stenson on Feb 28, 2012


I though it was great. Good not taking yourself too seriously humor. 

Thebrandroid on Feb 27, 2012


Needs more Will Ferrell.

Blurb on Feb 27, 2012


I thought it was a bit long.

Crapola on Feb 27, 2012


I think that was the best part.  It just kept going.  It was so ridiculously stupid but they kept with it and kept adding more and more crap and yeah, I really really like it.

Eric on Feb 28, 2012



Crapola on Feb 29, 2012


That was great!  So funny.  Unfortunately, Precious ruins everything for me.  I can't even look at her. 

Brian Ricci on Feb 28, 2012



Quanah on Feb 28, 2012


A winner!!!

Miguel Tovar on Feb 28, 2012


Somebody actually found this funny? Power to them!

vasras on Mar 4, 2012

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