Must Watch: First Full Trailer for 'Dredd' with Karl Urban Released

June 21, 2012
Source: Machinima

Dredd Trailer

"Judgement time!" Lionsgate has finally unveiled the first kick ass trailer for Dredd, the new 2012 take on 2000 AD comic book character Judge Dredd, played by Kiwi actor Karl Urban in this one. He takes on the hardened criminals of Mega City with guns, guns and more guns, and it looks totally badass. The cast includes Olivia Thirlby as Judge Cassandra Anderson, and Lena Headey as Madeline 'Ma-Ma' Madrigal. This is a spectacular trailer, showing us how fantastic this sci-fi actioner might be. I even just heard some outstanding buzz from an early test screening last night, and it sounds like this is as good as it looks. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for Pete Travis's Dredd, found on YouTube (watch it in HD):

Dredd takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring Dredd to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra's revered comic strip. Dredd is set for release in the US on September 21st this fall. Awesome?

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Looks awesome! Karl Urban will do great. But am i the only one getting a little 'The Raid: Redemption' vibe of this trailer?

Xander De Rycke on Jun 21, 2012


i was thinking the same thing

jasdjqs on Jun 21, 2012


yep totally agree: the idea that they must get to the top of the tower.

jp on Jun 22, 2012


The raid. Exactly

cookieMonster on Jun 24, 2012


fo sho

raymond morciglio on Jun 28, 2012


The scene in the apartment block is ripped straight from The Raid. I have low hopes for this one. First Dredd was good fun though

Steven Norris on Jun 21, 2012


The Raid was ripped from the Judge Dredd Comics. Block wars and all.

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


Dredd has been done for over a year, well before The Raid, it's just been in post-production.

floppytall on Jun 21, 2012


Yeah dude

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 22, 2012


How about this then: Nothing can touch The Raid 🙂

Steven Norris on Jun 25, 2012


Slow mo shots don't make it look any more interesting.. also, helmet looks silly rather than fitting with the film... batman voice is cheesy...this will fail.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 21, 2012


I'm in no way shape or form a Nolan fanboy.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 21, 2012


What i don't understand is how my comment has got so much negative criticism when more than half of the people on this page seem to be in agreement with me that the trailer is boring.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 21, 2012


Not all who watch write comments. Tends to be only those who have something passionate (usually negative) to say. But they can still view & vote, though the voting doesn't matter much, just ignore it.

Alex Billington on Jun 21, 2012


Could not agree more Alex!

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


Guy your treading a fine line on a topic that hollywood has not yet, and may not ever perfect. The ever ellusive perfect trailer. I think the TDKR trailers looked a little boreing myself compared to the others. But this is the issue. Everyone has a different opinion, and Hollywood tries to impress them all by showing different trailers. Teasers, Full trailers, trailer 2's and 3's and so forth and tv spots and blah blah blah. The issue is a tenuous balance of do we show toomuch, or too little. Was that enough? or too much? The fact is trailers need to start getting better. They need to stop showing so much that the lay person can piece the story together. That is also it in a nutshell. They seem to think that they need to "tell the story" in the trailer as opposed to letting the movie do it. Prometheus for me is a perfect example. Showed way to much for my liking, and when I went to see it, the ending was ruined as I knew there was x number of scenes yet to play and was able to readily piece it all together so there was no surprise. I think you have a right to your opinion. You think it looks boreing, I think it could have been 2 mins of Karl Urban Staring at the camera with him speaking "I am the law" and cutting out and I would still see it. Mearly because I am a fan. But if it looks boreing to you, then I hope it is a case where they are showing enough to wet your whistle and leaving all the meat to the movie. Either way man lets hope your wrong.

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


Yeah you're completely right. I consider myself quite an optimist, I just find in recent years the quality is slacking off on a lot of things. When I heard about this film about a year ago, I was excited, expecting something huge and different. What I have been presented with looks like it could be a TV series, and it looks cheesy and ill fitting with the modern style that we've grown comfortable with. As they say 'haters gonna hate" - My opinion is that I don't expect much in terms of originality from what I've seen. Alex, you're on the money about people usually commentig when it's something negative, I'm about 50/50, but I thought with all the dislikes, would it go towards my account or something and mark me as someone to avoid or something? I'm not sure I like this new system.. a bunch of fan boys disagree with your opinion.. assume you love Chris Nolan for no reason what so ever and all of a sudden you're flagged as a dickhead and no one listens to your opinion.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 21, 2012


Wow, this looks so bad.

Martin on Jun 21, 2012


Someone said, Haters gonna hate!

Prudhvi on Jun 21, 2012


Haters gonna hate

Ben Jaded Graham on Jun 22, 2012


Haters gonna hate sheep that sheepishly reply "haters gonna hate" hate comments.

Akirakorn on Jun 23, 2012


Phoenix be gotten up from his Ashes

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 21, 2012


ah hahaha that's gunna be so sweet EDIT: but i agree the apartment scene does seem like it is a straight rip from The Raid

DoomCanoe on Jun 21, 2012


Looks retarded imo, but so did the Stalone one.

Heci on Jun 21, 2012


I thought the Stallone film was bit disapointing. Hopefully this will be better.

Barry Rowland on Jun 21, 2012


haters gonna hate

sleepman on Jun 21, 2012



BossJones on Jun 21, 2012


This is a terrible trailer

matt on Jun 21, 2012


how do you even make an action movie trailer so damn boring?

Dan Hibiki on Jun 21, 2012


That was bad.

Neal on Jun 21, 2012


First off the bat; Judge Dredd is a BRITISH comic book character. Got that? You fucking yanks spent 70 million dollars on that shit in 1995, casting the most inept and limited actor in the title role, and had him doff his helmet less than thirty minutes into the film. You also provided a 'love ' interest, added some purile humor, and expcted it to be a box office hit. Dredd is NOT a humourous man; nor does he have a girlfriend. He is a BAD ASS. The living Lord of Law. This new version will be a gritty, hard hitting, uncompromising, nasty, REALISTIC look at the the future. Hollywood movies SUCK. Get used to it.

Mikey on Jun 21, 2012


No , Not them All If your country could , be sure their be made it dude But what wonderful comment! I didn't know that about Dredd comics! Exellent & Dreamable Character for comics.

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 21, 2012


It's cute your exited about this, but don't get your panties in a bunch. was 1995, just let it go buddy....

McWilly on Jun 21, 2012


Could not agree more Mikey!

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


So...a future where the dead are recycled, where the penalty for dropping litter is time in an iso cube, and summary justice is dipensed on the end of a gun barrel is a fun place to live right?

Mikey on Jun 22, 2012


I stand by my comments. The 1995 Judge Dredd film was CRAP compared to the comics. And it was CRAP because once again it proved that Hollywood might have the big bucks, but it is way short of ideas.

Mikey on Jun 22, 2012


Look. Before the movie is even at the cinema, there are a bunch of fuckwits lining up to slag it off. How many times has Hollywood fucked things up eh? Constantine, based on the 'Hellblazer' comics...FAIL. League of Extraordainary Gentlemen? FAIL. Hulk? FAIL. The Spirit? FAIL. Fantstic Four? FAIL. Spider-Man 3? FAIL. Can you see where I am going with this? And it's not a 'shity little vendetta' - I watch more movies in a week than the average person watches in a month. For every decent movie Hollywood makes, they also make a dozen shitty ones. the ONLY thing that the US film industry has going for it is MONEY. I just wish turds like you would simply CONTEMPLATE the idea that other countries can make fantasy films other than the USA.

Mikey on Jun 24, 2012


Fuck off.

mikey on Jun 24, 2012


Eh. Looks ok, I guess. I like Urban, but I don't think he's a good fit for this. His Batman voice is destracting, almost as much as that helmet. I'll probably netflix this at some point, but this is pretty much a waste of time.

grimjob on Jun 21, 2012


Looks more like dredd than the stupid stallone version, am looking forward to it!

tets on Jun 21, 2012


You can't have Urban replace Stallone. Just not going to work.

Jay on Jun 21, 2012


Hate to say I kinda agree. I thought Stallone was a pretty good Dredd. It's just that the movie was a let down, not him. IMO.

John Doe on Jun 21, 2012


Do they not have helicopters in the semi-dystopian future? Or…elevators? But the super-slow-mo might be pretty. Well, maybe… …it's hard to tell.

ambiguish on Jun 21, 2012


You'll have to ask Woody Harrellson the reasons why Helicopters were not deployed... but um, if the drug lord who wants to kill you is in full control of the skyscraper your raiding... I'd advise to not use an obvious death trap.

Akirakorn on Jun 23, 2012


why isn't it HD, dammit lionsgate, this is not 2002

006 on Jun 21, 2012


Updated to the HD version. It was released on TV earlier, so we wanted to post it anyway, but were waiting for the official HD version to be released online. It just came out - so now it's updated and viewable!

Alex Billington on Jun 21, 2012


Looks like a Super Crack Whore VS Dredd

The Truth on Jun 21, 2012


what a steaming pile this looks ! Its not Dredd, Its not Mega City ...... Its Korea with crappy SFX The Stallone Dredd at least looked the part... this has nothing redeeming about it... CHeck this out for how a Dredd film should look And FYI Judge Minty was one of Dredds mentors who went soft on the streets so had to be retired to the Long walk !

Fenris Wolf on Jun 21, 2012


Mr.Fenris some dudes say Dredd is better than Dark Knight! It's strange for me, You love Dredd too, Are you agree with them? If yes , for what aspects or visions? For some untold reseons I can't go in link you introduce unfortunately !

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 21, 2012


I agree about Mega City. Minty was awesome by the way. But even the Mega city in the film you posted is too clean and modern. The first movie just about hit the nail on the head. Just about. As I said before the real Mega city has aspecs of your clip, the First movie, and Blade Runner.

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


A September release makes me instantly skeptical. I think the drugs story has been a bit overdone as well. But, you never know. Might be great. I actually liked the original with Stallone for the most part. Buddy of mine said this looks like a shot for shot remake. I tried to remind him he needs to see the original to make that judgement.

Quanah on Jun 21, 2012


I dig the Stallone film too. Sure, its not the greatest film out there, but it was damn enjoyable. And Armand Assante was awesome!

grimjob on Jun 21, 2012


Awesome stuff. Definitely agreed with THE RAID vibes.

DAVIDPD on Jun 21, 2012


looks like drug war propaganda.

Jesse Bangerter on Jun 21, 2012


Looks like Raid with Judge Dredd

Skay on Jun 21, 2012


The trailer is a tad underwhelming but there is a lot of promise. Looks like a more contained action movie which could work well that something trying to be too epic. I really like the casting Karl Urban and Lena Headey. Both constantly give great, sincere performances. I'm sure there'll be a more action-packed trailer before too long so we'll be able to tell if the action sequences are cool or stock standard. My fingers are crossed.

SV7 on Jun 21, 2012


Judge Dredd. First off Karl Urban is a far better choice than Stallone. Willis would have been my favorite choice. But Urban is good. With regards to the trailer. Mega City just does not look Mega enough. It is more urban Sprawl in this one as opposed to the "no more room to exapnd so we have to go up" look of the comic Mega Cities. The first Dredd had that down. So I was wishing for more of that City look from the first one, with the Urban Chaos that was Blade Runner. That to me was Mega City. But the Lawgiver and Urban look great. The action looks great and I think they will pull this off. I am looking forward to seeing it. As far as all of you hating on the movie already give it a chance. We all know how notorious trailers are for over or under playing a movie. At but not limited to ruining a film by showing to much ..... cough...... prometheus.....cough.....clears throat.

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


One more thing to qualify the Prometheus comment...... I loved the movie, but would have enjoyed it more and not had a very anti-climactic feeling to the last half of the movie had the trailers not been so ...... so ....revealing.

Chris McDermid on Jun 21, 2012


see i adored the movie in every way...but i never saw more than the first two trailers, after i finished the movie i then saw the others and you are perfectly right.....

Jericho on Jun 21, 2012


My first thought was disappointment with the city too. It should be more... flamboyant--larger than life. I like Karl Urban though. The lawgiver and costumes do look pretty good. I just hope it captures more Judge Dredd and less generic action movie.

Thav on Jun 24, 2012


How on earth is this a Must Watch, Alex? The only trailer remotely worse than this was Twilight and Resident Evil. Slow mo is getting really old, really fast and the effects are a little 2004.

Heddwyn on Jun 21, 2012


I honestly wish I could even remotely 'like' this, but I can't.... sorry.

Agent Kid Society on Jun 21, 2012


looks like a bummer and a weak plot for a judge dredd movie.

drcherd on Jun 21, 2012


pants... isn't this just like 'the raid'...?

gray0001 on Jun 21, 2012


looks excellant,and Headey looks right for the part as well which suprised me

tir na nog on Jun 21, 2012


It's a better trailer without all the dialogue.

Reznik on Jun 21, 2012


really want to see how the 3D looks. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of over board slow-mo 3D since slow motion is a part of their story. But we'll see. Also just like everyone else, I totally get the vibe of The Raid.

DaftBot on Jun 21, 2012


I doubt the fan boys will ever be happy with any interpretation of a comic. That said, I think this looks dark and gritty enough to engage interests enough to wanna see it. Also knowing that it's successfully garnered an "R" rating scores points from me 🙂

syntaxterror on Jun 21, 2012


Looks alright I suppose. Folks said it was a bit like the Raid, but I'm sure there be a lot less kungfu.

Carpola on Jun 21, 2012


LENA. HEADEY. Lookin' like the BAMF she is! I'm sold.

Ali Miller on Jun 21, 2012


The Dredd trailer is superb in every respect and I've been a fan a long long time...BTW this was written and in production before The Raid.

Old Joe Blind on Jun 21, 2012


It's a sci-fi Raid: Redemption, or so it seems. I hope its good, I really do, but this trailer kinda bummed me out.

HealthyPoison on Jun 21, 2012


1995 trailer is way better. Stallone was better too.

Joe Blackis on Jun 21, 2012


Aww Hell yeah, I'm gonna have to watch it again tonight.

...................... on Jun 22, 2012


Actually, I dig the trailer, looking forward to it. Seems like it's gonna be far better and more in tone with the comic than the previous adaptation.

Christ on Jun 21, 2012


Looks decent, I hope it does well for Urban's sake. Such an underused actor.

Scotty97 on Jun 21, 2012


More State worship and predictive programming to get the U.S. population prepared for the future of Agenda 21.

23skidoo on Jun 21, 2012


The Judge Dredd of the 2001AD comics was hard, unrelenting and uncompromising. The 1995 Stallone Dredd lost must of it's edge due to the set design. Sure, the poorer parts of Mega City one may have been well visualized but when Versace does the costumes, and so much of the movie was set outside those areas, the grittiness was somewhat softened (and don't get me started on Stallone losing the helmet!). I think that Urban's take on Dredd will be better. The movie will be grittier and will not make the mistake on putting a face on the faceless enforcer of the law. I'm thinking Die Hard on steroids with a helmet.

cinemabandit on Jun 21, 2012


The trailer looks ok but Karl Urban stands out amongst all I think he will do the character, Dredd, justice he deserves. The helmet looks alright after seeing him move around in it and not just a still image. This will beat out Stallone's version hands down.

BinaryChaos on Jun 21, 2012


I'm down for judgement. Looks like a good popcorn muncher thrill ride, and Karl Urban is usually a safe bet in my books.

Thexn on Jun 21, 2012


the original trailer was better then this one. And Stallone was better too.

Joe Blackis on Jun 21, 2012


Okay I love Urban, Dredd and a remake idea but did anyone see that Thai movie The Raid that came out earlier this year, isn't this the same EXACT storyline as that, drug lord in a crack den, even the scene Lena Headey says "we have two cops in here kill him," wits the same exact scene. Am I going crazy here??

Wrags on Jun 21, 2012


Yeah it does but they said before they even went into production that the movie would take place in one sector of Mega City within a building.

BinaryChaos on Jun 21, 2012


Not to mention this story was already done in the comics in the 70's.

Ben Jaded Graham on Jun 22, 2012


The music is a remix of the song "In for the Kill" by the British synth pop band La Roux.

wydok on Jun 21, 2012


Knowing nothing about the comic, visually it looks really cool, but some of the lines were... kind of cheesy.

fem!anon on Jun 21, 2012


I bet right at the end dredd is going to tell Olivia Thirlby to "finish this" and she is going to shoot him as she was working for mama all along

mbombo on Jun 22, 2012


Am sorry but this looks lame...

Nader Kayyali on Jun 22, 2012


looks cool, looks like he's keepin the Stallone look which is cool too. by the way Judgement has 2 e's.

shane wayne on Jun 22, 2012


The red X is how the helmet looked int he comics. Which this is a closer adaption of.

Ben Jaded Graham on Jun 22, 2012


I am an avid Dredd fan. And i could not stop smiling all the way through this trailer. I think this is going to be the film that Dredd deserves.

Ben Jaded Graham on Jun 22, 2012


Here is hoping it does well enough for a sequel that would involve the dark judges. 😀

Ben Jaded Graham on Jun 22, 2012


It's just hard to take the premise for any Judge Dredd seriously, that said it's looks okay. Style points it's up there, but doesn't look like much to the story - even though I know this is still a first trailer.

Brian on Jun 22, 2012


I would have preferred Fred Dryer, but Karl Urban will have to do 🙂 But, is the helmet too big? 🙂

David Banner on Jun 23, 2012


Wow, never thought I'd say this, but that trailer just made Stallone's Dredd movie look good. "Eat recycled food, it's good for the environment and ok for you".

mike on Jun 25, 2012


I was saying what everyone has been saying (that this looks like THE RAID REDEMPTION) but i realized just how many people used that plot already. Plus, i think its a pretty cool way of doing a Dredd movie.

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Jun 26, 2012


Wow way to destroy a classic = /

Jay on Jul 1, 2012


this looks like its lacking a funny side kick comedic character! just kidding..I agree with a lot of the comments above, heavy "The Raid" vibe in the trailer, I kinda like the familiar design although I thought the Stallone version had great design (syd mead?) looks interesting though..

lando on Jul 4, 2012


This movie will be nothing like the last movie, I agree there were some ok aspects of the first Dredd movie but as the creator of the Dredd comics said himself (Wagner) there was alot of action and special effects but no trace of the Dredd character he created. He has given this movie his blessing after seeing it saying this movie is "all Dredd" enough said.. Watch the movie reserve your Judgment (the city is smaller in my opinion to be more realistic to bring the movie to a wider audience) that was most probley a put off by the first movie too much content so a simpler city simple story a high rise building and a huge amount of violence so be prepared for gore and more gore because thats the real Dredd. You could always say it was an early Dredd and an early Megacity much to build onto but a simple start to make up for the false start with the first movie.

Darron on Jul 22, 2012

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