Must Watch: First Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'

June 6, 2012
Source: Fandango

Django Unchained First Trailer

"I like the way you die, boy." The Weinstein Company has officially unveiled the first badass official trailer on Fandango (found via Playlist) for Quentin Tarantino's spaghetti western Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx as the freed slave Django who teams up with a bounty hunter, played by Christoph Waltz, to take on an entire plantation and rescue his wife, played by Kerry Washington. It's actually a full-length trailer, with plenty of fantastic, funky footage to get you riled up for this wild new Tarantino flick. Waltz looks crazy, as always. This is the stuff you've been waiting for! Life, liberty and the pursuit of vengeance!

Watch the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, found on Fandango via Playlist:

Django Unchained is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, who last brought us Inglourious Basterds. In the film, the Django (Jamie Foxx) is a freed slave, who under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) becomes a bounty hunter himself, and together they track down his slave wife (Kerry Washington) and liberate her from the evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). The cast includes Samuel Jackson, Dennis Christopher, Walton Goggins, M.C. Gainey, Don Johnson, Anthony LaPaglia, RZA, James Russo, James Remar, Todd Allen and Franco Nero. Shooting is just wrapping and The Weinstein Company currently has the film scheduled for release starting December 25th, Christmas Day, the end of this year.

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Cue the Weinstein whip crack!

Nick Sears on Jun 6, 2012


Ugh!!! Harvey, why don't you set your face on fire so I can stomp on it, you dick! *flips table* EDIT: Yay, thanks for the re-embed, Alex. This looks so awesome, and man...DiCaprio sure enjoys being an ass for once. He's gonna chew up every scene he gets, I love it! I really dig the overstylized, clean style and the almost Baz Luhrman-esque costumes. It's different for a western, but awesome!

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 6, 2012


Now, imagine how I handle real problems. ūüėČ

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 6, 2012


Then I pity you.

... on Jun 6, 2012



Nielsen700 on Jun 6, 2012


I was able to watch it. Looks fantastic, love the look and feel of it. I'm down.

Xerxexx on Jun 6, 2012


its also sort of a Pulp Fiction feel to it.....

Jericho on Jun 7, 2012



Xerxexx on Jun 9, 2012


It just played for me fine. ?  Looks great, I love the introduction to Waltz's character in the woods, lol. "Well, fine then..."

Scotty97 on Jun 6, 2012


I am not going to watch this trailer. I watched all trailers for Inglourious Basterds and my expectations were incredibly high, I thought it will be one of my all-time faves - instead it ended with a 9 out of 10, just a point but I really was dying for this film; still need to re-watch it though. So no more trailers for me, especially for Django Unchained.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 6, 2012


Hahahaha. I liked this comment. "My expectations were incredibly high..... instead a 9 out of 10"

Doyle on Jun 6, 2012


As I said, I was expecting IB to be one of my all time favorites. So there is a big difference (at least for me) between a 9 and that. 

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 7, 2012



ColtNoir on Jun 7, 2012


That looks really good will wait to see the trailer again before prometheus

Steven Morgan on Jun 6, 2012


They must have put up a new link because I was able to watch it just fine ūüôā I'm excited!

Chris Amaya on Jun 6, 2012


About what I would expect from QT

Kamish on Jun 6, 2012


The photos had me worried but this looks really fun.

Moon on Jun 6, 2012


This looks awesome, but I expected more.

Nielsen700 on Jun 6, 2012


Check our webpage Cinescondite, you will find it in HD quality and with spanish subtitles. At least is something until they release the official version.

Cinescondite on Jun 6, 2012


For fuck sakes, delete this, wait till after 7:30pm, and lets try this again lol smh

Mmmmmmmmmmmm on Jun 6, 2012


Watched it on Cinescondite.  Good stuff, but I wasn't overly impressed.  I'm sure it'll be great, but I'm still scorned by the casting of Jamie Foxx.  I am not a fan.  Would've liked to see Idris.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jun 6, 2012


 Idris would have been some inspired casting.

Xerxexx on Jun 6, 2012


Actually inspired casting, would be Jamie Foxx instead of Idris Elba who is suggested by everyone, so in my opinion this is more interesting casting.

Manuel Alejandro Vargas Perez on Jun 7, 2012


...Foxx is sorta capalble, he was great in Colletral...but the guy isn't that great. Sure Elba is the go to black actor these days. I for one would have loved to see Derek Luke or Anthony Mackie. I'm sure Foxx will do good here, he seems to be enjoying the role.

Xerxexx on Jun 7, 2012


 I disagree. Jamie is a MUCH bigger and more PROVEN actor than Idris whatever his name is. But to tell you the truth I would have much rather seen Will Smith star than EITHER of them.

John on Jun 7, 2012


Idris Elba  most famous for "The Wire "  Will Smith makes the character too comic . better to get someone more known for his dramatic roles ; then the comedy is ironic . Maybe Idris is TOO serious  ...

Dominic A on Jun 7, 2012


Its true that Will Smith is more known for comedic roles, but when he does dramatic he's really damn good. Watch Seven Pounds, its a heavy film but he's fantastic.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2012


This movie looks EPIC! Cannot wait for this movie, officially my most anticipated of 2012.

kinks! on Jun 6, 2012


OK. Now it's back. It looks like a solid Tarantino effort. That's no surprise really. The thing is... I'm definitely going to see this sooner or later; but this trailer didn't fire me up all that much. It's not the first time QT has anachronistically used 70's music in a period piece; but this time it really took me out of the proceedings. It's only the first trailer so I'm not too concerned. DiCaprio looked to be enjoying his villain role and Christoph Waltz is fun to watch; but I hope that Jamie Foxx has a better showing than the quick hits from this trailer indicate. Overall, I'm not worried but I'm, also, not chomping at the bit for it to come out. 

DaveLister_JMC on Jun 6, 2012


I love the look of this. Christoph Waltz looks excellent again, I am pretty sure everything he does is gold. 

Sabrina Smith on Jun 6, 2012


you'd be surprised. "Water for Elephants"? bah!

Conrad Williams on Jun 6, 2012


Agreed. He was a bit off in Water for Elephants. Very disappointed. He just has that accent and a unique smile. 

ccoltmanm on Jun 6, 2012


Sweet. Looks like it'll be a damn good time, so excited!! Excellent use of James Brown! "Get ready you mutha', for the big Payback!"

grimjob on Jun 6, 2012


Absolutely! And Guy Ritchie's use of him in Lock, Stock,... was fucking PERFECT!

grimjob on Jun 6, 2012


100 bucks says the guy wont give Django his freedom. And this starts the second half of the movie.

Daniel 'Ranger Danger' Felts on Jun 6, 2012


Now I can't wait for the Red Band trailer.  

Danielwoods on Jun 6, 2012


Simply Outstanding. 

DAVIDPD on Jun 6, 2012


Being honest, I wasn't that excited for this movie before, and this trailer didn't do much to help. Overall I haven't been a huge fan of Tarantino's stuff since Pulp Fiction. I'm waiting for him to mature as a filmmaker, but each time we still get the purposeful cheese, campy homage style movies. I'll end up enjoying this on some level, but there are other films I'm more excited for. 

germss on Jun 6, 2012


But if he "matured" he wouldn't be Tarantino. So he doesn't have meaning and purpose into his films. They still have great characters, great dialog, beautiful staging, all the while he doesn't just blend genres, but also moods. He really gets that a film can have humor, action, suspense, and romance all at the same time. I'd say this is a mature filmmaker.  But of course, the way he approaches subjects is different. I get that. But there are other people to look to if you want a film to say something. Long live QT. 

Al on Jun 7, 2012


 So agree with you here! Tarantino's movies are fun flicks! If you don't enjoy that kind of movies, there are other filmmakers who make serious engaged profound pompous complex dramas.

Moutchy on Jun 7, 2012


He made a mature film already. It was called Jackie Brown. No one liked it because everyone is stupid. It's his best film. The fact that people can't see that is sad. Which isn't to say his other movies are crap or anything. I like everything he's done. Even Death Proof. Guy knows how to write effective tension and interesting characters. The stories themselves almost don't even matter. More about the characters and how they bang against each other.

Squiggly_P on Jun 8, 2012


so sweet

DoomCanoe on Jun 6, 2012


'I like the way you die boy.'

Crapola on Jun 6, 2012


Oh man, can't wait

Marc Callado on Jun 6, 2012


haha, I love it...the orig. Django at the Bar (Franco Nero)

Ic3 on Jun 6, 2012


"What's your name?" "Django...the....(?)" Django the what? I can't make it out? "Deal..."-something??

David Banner on Jun 7, 2012


"the D is silent"

Jackjaggoferson on Jun 7, 2012


"the D is silent"

Al on Jun 7, 2012


You can never silence the "D" Cmon Rage Cage!

Jimmy Love on Jun 7, 2012


Im really excited to see DiCaprio in this! He's gonna be so badass! XD

LosZombies on Jun 7, 2012


Hell yes! But damn I wish Russell would've stayed. I'd love to see those two play off each other as villains.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2012


Russell's loss man... Russell's loss. :/

LosZombies on Jun 11, 2012


Very true. He needed this, I believe. But his loss is our loss as well.

grimjob on Jun 11, 2012


Looks interesting i must say. But imagine the hero saying "Kill black folks and they pay you for it. Whats not to like about it" instead of "white". The film wouldn't even have had made it to the theatre.

badarinteminabarnisyra on Jun 7, 2012


 Kill black people and they pay you for it is called the Police.. bdump dump. But seriously slavery is a topic that has not been handled or conveyed that well in the theater so this should be interesting

Steven Morgan on Jun 7, 2012


Maybe if we lived in an alternate world where the Europeans were trading slaves with Africa in the 18th century?

Angela on Jun 15, 2012


uhhh this looks lame as hell. PASS.

FilmBuff322 on Jun 7, 2012


Would have to seriously disagree my friend...

Guest on Jun 7, 2012


Since this is Tarantino, the trailer must have shown every action scene (all 2 1/2 minutes worth).  The rest will be a few guys sitting around in a saloon discussing the pros and cons of cow dung as a fertilizer for an hour and a half (or some other irrelevant topic) with some mood music playing in the background.  

racquetman on Jun 7, 2012


remove all teh action and yiu just descibed a kevin smith film!

Ryderup on Jun 7, 2012


Looks so so...Tarantino has not made a good film since Jackie Brown.

Bazzmosis on Jun 7, 2012


Yeah that looks pretty good. I'm gonna have to check this out now.

Jimmy Love on Jun 7, 2012


Well i was a little worried, but this looks super campy and i can dig that. I love QT, but i was hoping for a little more of a gritty drama than action/dark comedy. But no doubt im going to the theater for this.

happy camper on Jun 7, 2012


his films always end up a little more serious and dark than the trailers make them out to be. inglourious basterds seemed like it was going to be a lighthearted movie mainly just about brad pitt but it turned out to be a lot more complex, so i see the same thing coming from this film

jungle jim on Jun 7, 2012


Pure awesomeness. Pure entertainment this film will be. Leo's accent reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones in JFK.

Phantomrockcity on Jun 7, 2012



Quanah on Jun 7, 2012


Looks great, can't wait to check this one out.

JohnMcBoss on Jun 8, 2012


So is Waltz Tarantino's new go to guy?  If so... I need to see him and Samuel L. do a QT flick and destroy the screen... a la Jules and Vincent.

Duane on Jun 8, 2012


read the script, gave me the chills seeing the actors say some of those lines. and you have never, ever seen a film like this.  slave-era south has never been portrayed like this on film, ever.  african-americans are treated as sub-humans down to the most gruesome detail; Leo must have 200+ n-words in his lines, and they all end with a hard "-er."  the slaves are treated like horses.  the attractive female slaves are even called 'ponies.'

QTFAN on Jun 8, 2012


Have you seen "Mandingo" or "Goodbye Uncle Tom"?

Angela on Jun 15, 2012


I for one am very glad that Will Smith wasn't able to participate. Just from the trailer alone people would have flashbacks of God-awful "Wild Wild West" so Jamie will do this justice just as long as QT doesn't make him say the "n-word" a record number of times.

.................... on Jun 10, 2012

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