Must Watch: First Zombie-Filled 'World War Z' Trailer with Brad Pitt!

November 8, 2012
Source: Apple

World War Z Trailer

"They're coming… ready?" It's time. Paramount has unleashed the first full-length zombie-filled trailer for World War Z, the epic adaptation of the world famous zombie book by Max Brooks. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, the UN ambassador who watches as the world crumbles in the chaos known as World War Z, the war of the zombies. The supporting cast includes Mireille Enos and Matthew Fox, but we don't get to see too much of them in this. We do get to see lots of zombies and military attacks and intense action and tons more, and this does look kind of awesome, I have to say. A big, epic, zombie blockbuster - take a look below!

Watch the first official trailer for Marc Forster's World War Z movie, in high def from Apple:

A UN employee racing against time and fate travels the world trying to stop a growing zombie pandemic.

This World War Z movie is directed by German filmmaker Marc Forster, of films Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace and Machine Gun Preacher previously. The screenplay was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, State of Play), revised by Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Prometheus). It's adapted from Max Brooks' beststelling zombie book World War Z. Paramount is adapting this and preparing Marc Forster's World War Z for a release next summer, starting June 21st, 2013, after being delayed from December of this year. How great does that look?

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Looks good to me, even if it does stray from the source a bit. Still has potential.

Eric Spiegel on Nov 8, 2012


A bit?

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


more like a bastard child of the source bro.

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


this trailer has as much connection with the book World War Z as the film Battleship did with the game. the film itself may be different...

son_et_lumiere on Nov 9, 2012


Brad Pitt vs zombies?? Who wouldn't want to see this?!

Summer Gleeson on Nov 8, 2012


i'd rather see brad pitt torn apart by zombies!

beevis on Nov 8, 2012



Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


This. Looks. Terrible

Corey on Nov 8, 2012


This looks pretty sweet, but that noise that keeps happening (not sure if music or just effect) is REALLY annoying.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 8, 2012



Kubaker1 on Nov 8, 2012



germss on Nov 8, 2012


It's a zombie within a zombie doing a big zombie moan.

JL on Nov 9, 2012


I'm pumped. Coming off episode 4 of Walking Dead season 3, I....AM.....PUMPED FOR MORE ZOMBIE MADNESS!!!! Whoever thinks this looks terrible, like that dumbass douchebag Corey down there, can just go fuck a duck.

TheRagingCajun on Nov 8, 2012


seriously? this looks like it might be the worst movie ever made, and i've seen 2012 and transformers 2 (unfortunately).

Kyle Solesky on Nov 8, 2012


Walking Dead has much higher production value than anything in this trailer.

Justin Mullen on Nov 8, 2012


Been coming to this site every day for the last few years for THIS moment. And I gotta say I'm disappointed in the direction they took this film

Rich on Nov 8, 2012


Agreed... the intimacy in the book has been marred. Battle in the Bronx, North Korea, The reality show..I knew they were doing something different, but this isn't even an homage to the Max Brooks story.

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


quite. we should remember that it *is* only a trailer. but it does look disappointing. from a studio's perspective, you can appreciate why this happened. picture the scene: Executive: so what's this story about - zombies, you say? First (of many) screenwriters: well, yes, but it's a story of a global zombie pandemic told after the event in flashback from multiple viewpoints in different countries at different times of the outbreak. you see how different people all around the world reacted and how they survived, or didn't. Exec: sounds *way* too big. who's the star? Writer: well, there's a narrator, but there are multiple heroes throughout... Exec: no, no, that's too many for our target demographic. Brad's bought the rights and we need one star for this movie - Brad. and it can't be told in flashback, as everyone will know he survives. bring it back to the present and just focus on his beautiful face. Writer: but then you miss the bigger picture, the differing stories, the tension in the scenes in Japan and India, the changes in Russia, the outbreak in China… Exec: no, we can't outbreak in China, that market's too important. change that. tell me, do most of the scenes have the US military in them? Writer: well, yes, some certainly do, but in South Africa and Russia, for example, the stories have a strong strain of social commentary, and it's take on America as an isolationist country... Exec: fuck that, we need action, hordes of zombies running at full speed after Brad, our boys mowing them down from choppers, something to chew popcorn over. the cinema is no place for commentary. Writer: but that's one of the defining characteristics of the book... Exec: *was*. we're getting rid of all of that. we're making it better. thanks - we'll take it from here. and that is how we got this. sorry, Straczynski, and sorry Brooks.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 9, 2012


I find myself being very put off by the bad CGI. Which perhaps shouldn't matter that much, but it seems to be crucial to what they're trying to sell.

Snev De la Fontaine on Nov 8, 2012


sad face

joshp on Nov 8, 2012


That's an awesome trailer.

Bobo_Vision on Nov 8, 2012


What does it when people say "its too far from the source". Whats different in the books? Also, Pitt as much as I like him, shows zero emotional anything in this trailer. I dunno...

Buzzfunk on Nov 8, 2012


the book was presented as a series of interviews set about 10 years after the zombie apacalypse was over with people who had survived it. it was pretty bland and actually a little boring in parts.

Kyle Solesky on Nov 8, 2012


The book was about long-term survival and suspense. This looks like a Resident Evil movie.

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


In the book Brad's character simply conducts interviews, in the movie it seems like the whole movie revolves around him and his pretty face rather than the people he's supposed to interview, also because of the transformer music/ cgi/ Foster's recent loosing streak this looks absolutely horrible

Hazedmind on Nov 8, 2012


its like someone took the book and just shit all over it

DoomCanoe on Nov 8, 2012


then marc forster ate it and puked it out.

rock on Nov 8, 2012


Then lit it on fire and pissed on the ashes.

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


then got a straw, snorted it, and bled in anally

johnstamos on Nov 9, 2012


i'll still watch it though... but i'll hate myself while i do

El_MUERkO on Nov 9, 2012


Same here, we should be ashamed for ourselfs...

ProjectionistHP on Nov 9, 2012


My thoughts exactly. My memory is kinda foggy on the book, but I cannot place at all where in the book this movie is made from.

Doug Layne Anderson on Nov 8, 2012


It isn't anywhere. If anything this would be closest to the Battle of New York where the USA tried to make a morale boost shock and awe battle that didn't do anything, only that happened years into the war, and there were no civilians in New York at the time.

Zach Smith on Nov 14, 2012


Yep. This might as well be Transformers with zombies.

NamelessTed on Nov 9, 2012


Agreed. It comes across as just a zombie movie. The source is so good, but barely in this trailer, and from what has been reported, it's hardly in there. Now the source has been used and we're missing out on what could have been a brilliant episodic epic. Fast moving zombies are fine with me. They've worked before. But these look really cgi. The look reminded me alot of I am Legend, which was ruined by terrible, completely unnecessary cgi vampires. The scaling of the wall at the end... Look, I know zombies aren't real, but I can't buy that scene at all. It looked terrible. I'm sure I'll still see the movie, and I hope that more trailers make this look better, but as of today, I'm not nearly as excited about this film. Wah.

jordan on Nov 9, 2012


So are they just not going off anything in the book? Where did fast zombies come from? Worse than that where did bad cgi ragdoll fast zombies come from. Even a General Raj-Singh square formation ain't going to fend that off.

Nic on Nov 8, 2012


The fast zombie thing was originally a gag thrown in the classic zombie comedy "Return of the Living Dead" made by one of George Romero's associates. The problem I have with the movie is that I wanna see some blood and gore and people getting eaten but most likely the only thing we'll get to see are people getting run over by a cgi stampede of crackheads, seeing that this will be released as PG-13 family movie...utterly ruined but a lot of kids might like it.

Bub on Dec 15, 2012


Looks awesome. I'm in. on Nov 8, 2012


Trailer looks decent, but this isn't World War Z. Aside from the UN angle and the zombie outbreak, this is completely different from the book. I'm not saying it's going to be a terrible movie, but I have to question why they would do that. The easy answer is they figured this will make more $, the more complicated answer is they just didn't know how to adapt the book. I don't know which is worse.

germss on Nov 8, 2012


I am very very disappointed by the use of that much CGI on the infected. What gives?

msjupiter on Nov 8, 2012


It's hard to get hundreds of actors to pile up on top of each other without anybody getting hurt?

axalon on Nov 8, 2012


hard to get people to climb 50 foot walls and jump off of hi-rise buildings...LOL

beevis on Nov 8, 2012


I just want to see the Long Island chapter and the scene when the woman falls asleep in the tree brought to life on the big screen. If those are included then I will be very happy, but I didn't see any hints to them in the trailer. This looks like a great film IMO, but I don't see much correlation with the book yet.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 8, 2012


Imagine the possibilities of this story in the hands of Neill Blomkamp. Still giving it a shot though.

Noe on Nov 8, 2012


Did we really need another Resident Evil movie?

Jim on Nov 8, 2012


Im really excited to see how this flim, been reading about it for along time now. tho im not a fan of the fast zombies....

Liam Waite on Nov 8, 2012


Those "Zombies" don't even look like Zombies! the CGI is terrible but everything asides that is good! the epicness. Unfortunately this is a Zombie movie and the bad CGI would ruin it all ala I Am Legend!

Tey on Nov 8, 2012


I've never had any love for pathetic CGI zombies with unnatural movements (Resident Evil, I am Legend, etc.)...the real thrill comes from realistic zombification such as Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later or The Walking dead...this movie doesn't stir up much excitement for me...not yet though.

kash on Nov 8, 2012


as long as they do the faraway shots cgi and the close-ups make-up it should be cool

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


Boo. Hopefully future trailers of this movie will be better. Never did read the book, might as well.

Dan on Nov 8, 2012


It looks so bad that once released, it will be impossible to get new people to read the book. They'll laugh in your face and say, "lol you mean that crappy zombie movie with brad pitt filled with waves of poorly done CGI runners?" *sigh*

Justin Mullen on Nov 8, 2012


LotR was brilliant - and i don't know anyone (who hadn't read rings or hobbit) who read those books or even asked me to look at my copies. so, i'm not sure that'll have any bearing on new readers.....i've started reading it this morning.

beevis on Nov 8, 2012


ZOMBIFORMERS marketing ?!

ruffneck on Nov 8, 2012


Never read the book, so I don't have a point of reference besides zombies in general. That being said, looks like an entertaining summer popcorn flick.

Quanah on Nov 8, 2012


just awful

truong18 on Nov 8, 2012


The hate on this is comical...looks fantastic

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 8, 2012


You are comical. And this looks shit.

Bob on Nov 8, 2012


Agreed, i never read the book which might be a good thing but i dig how there are so many dead that they can horde and overcome in massive groups.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


Your mean "read" the book? Please read it if you haven't...this is a disgrace.

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


thx lol

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2012


If they gave this movie a different name, the comments would be less harsh.

max on Nov 8, 2012


how the hell is this a "must watch"??? they must have buttered you up real good to get you to say that

redskulllives on Nov 8, 2012



LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


i felt the same way about avengers.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Bite your tongue!

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


LOL! it was a joke - with the rabid superhero fanbase on this site, i really expected more of a backlash. avengers was ok....i wasn't wowed by it and wouldn't watch it again - but it was a fun watch.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Maybe Pitt should stick to perfume commercials

Patrick on Nov 8, 2012


unless this trailer only depicts the opening action of the movie, I don't think this will be a faithful adaptation.

djkooi on Nov 8, 2012


i'm surprised at all the hate on this - i really like this. it has the feel of a disaster movie.....except with zombies. i don't have a problem of fast zombies either. in fact, they seem to be willing to do ANYTHING to get that sweet, sweet human flesh - which makes it seem really scary to me. anyone who says they wouldn't be scared of a real-life scenario like this is lying.

beevis on Nov 8, 2012


The voice of reason sounds so nice! Totally agree.

HealthyPoison on Nov 8, 2012


Double agreed. I don't see why this is such a "terrible" trailer. If anything, it puts a new take on zombies making them incredibly fast and strong, and showing a vast multitude of them. I'm stoked to see this (and I bet half of the haters will end up seeing this in theaters anyways)

JBrotsis on Nov 8, 2012


the thing i thougt was unique for this was making the zombies very fast and cluster in the 100s (1000s?)....that scene where the huge bunch was trying to get up that wall?....pretty cool. never seen that done with zombies.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Please read the book!

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


i's ok... i don't like the episodic style, or rather, i think (so far) that brooks would have been better off to have less "episodes" and elaborate more on the ones he leaves in.......that, or have made the book 750 pages instead of the 300+ that it is.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


This is why you like a simple minded action flick. I'm fine with the movie without the title. That's all people are saying. Just imagine something you love and then what you hate suddenly bought it and used it and tore it up. Like that crush you had for 3yrs and then that jock you hate started dating her and took her virginity. Just sayin'

tra la la la la di da on Nov 9, 2012


ridiculous post - if you're suggesting that WWZ is serious reading - i'm laughing in your far, what i've read is ok - but nothing i'll ever remember. and no - if you ever read my posts on this site - i HATE simple- minded action flicks - and simple- minded yours. in the future - if you have something to say -man up and say it instead of trying to be a smart-ass.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


No one is suggesting that WWZ is serious reading, but people are suggesting that if the makers of Gone With The Wind had allowed the Confederates to save Atlanta from burning at the hands of the Union Army, loyal readers of the novel might have had some reason to be a little upset.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


that isn't a good analogy. i finished reading WWZ yesterday. it was ok.....nothing more - and i would not call a book that is around 340 pages a novel. that being said - there is no way to do a faithful recreation of the entire book - it's too episodic....i think a tv series is a much better format for brooks work.

beevis on Nov 12, 2012


You've never seen a movie do multiple points of view staggered across numerous areas, that all miraculously tie themselves together into a pretty knot at the end when you realize it was all connected? You need to go see more movies then, the fact the book is episodic has nothing to do with its ability to be made into a film. The book paints a clear picture of everything that was going on, from the spread of the disease, to the type of zombie. I think the Gone With The Wind reference was a good one. They changed the main point of the book, and just tacked on some crappy action sequences. Nobody would have a problem with this trailer if they didn't call it World War Z. It isn't even remotely related. It would be like Star Wars taking place on the Enterprise, and the captain was Tim Allen.

Zach Smith on Nov 14, 2012


please read the book!

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


Agreed man, It worked in the Dawn of the dead remake. The trailer did have my heart pounding after the cop was struck.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


wow, i forgot about that one - you're right, it DID work.....i loved that remake! early on when the group was trying to get in the mall - that zombie walking thru the parking lot stopped; looked at them....and then started sprinting at them at a very fast speed - scared the crap out of me!

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Yes, it worked fine in the DotD remake, because it was still realistically portrayed. The zombies didn't have superhuman speed, nor did they flow over each other like some undead tidal wave of CGI crap.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


Another agreed from me

Hans Kleinenberg on Nov 9, 2012


i agree and brad pitt is always awesome! great trailer!

avi on Nov 9, 2012


That's because you're stupid and unimaginative. Remember that Zombie Movie? And that other Zombie Movie? And that Other one? Boring moron.

Eric Jones on Nov 9, 2012


Almost every zombie movie has them walking slow so if we can actually recall 1 that doesn't its unimaginative and boring?---plz, whats your fav zombie flick?

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2012


what does that even mean? your comments don't offer anything. and name-calling?......are you 10 years old?

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Fast zombies are one thing, zombies that run like someone hit the FF button is ludicrous, and more to the point are not accounted for in the source material for this film.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


So all they have to do is overdub it with Yakety Sax, Benny Hill style. 🙂

Guest on Nov 26, 2012


I'm in agreement with you. I think it looks like an entertaining, high octane, fun summer movie. Pitt will add a level to it as well.

PBGray on Nov 13, 2012


thanks, man! it does look like a fun watch.

beevis on Nov 13, 2012


hey! since this seems to be a common theme on this thread - here's the question: should it be required for a movie to follow a books story verbatim? my feeling - unless it's a classic (like war and peace or LotR) i don't have a problem with a movie taking a few liberties with the story of a book. in the case of this movie, i don't see how changing the story will hurt the movie

beevis on Nov 8, 2012


No... But there is a difference to being verbatim and altering it to the point that its unrecognizable while riding the success of a beloved book. Let's say for example Lord of the Rings followed a rag tag group of little people in the distant future trying to keep a dangerous piece of corporate technology in the form of a ring out of the hands of every privatized military unit in a post modern future america... Would that bother you?

Joe on Nov 8, 2012


If they follow the book exactly wouldn't it be a little boring knowing whats gonna already happen? If its loosely based at least we have the chance to be surprised at times.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 8, 2012


But thats the point, this trailer doesnt look like its related to the book at all, the book was a series of short stories from many different view points filled with regular slow moving zombies. This is all one view point, of a character I dont really recognize, and CRAZY fast zombies. Im totally ok with this trailer, but Im NOT ok with it being called world war z.

Brian Barajs on Nov 8, 2012


i can certainly understand your disappointment in this not being similar to a book you enjoyed - but, does that mean the movie can't be good?

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


well - i'm not trying to sound elitist - because i'm not....but i did mention that movies should be close to the book IF the book is generally recognized as a "classic".....and i did mention LotR as an example. i love to read; but, in all honestly, have never even heard of WWZ and was very surprised at many of the reactions on this thread. and yes - i would be dismayed - but as i said....LotR is (among many others) is very recognizable and generally considered a classic thanks for the response! i have started reading WWZ.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Well considering how stupid you are, let us know in a few years when you finish the book.

Eric Jones on Nov 9, 2012


is that all you have to offer, asshole? and you call ME the "stupid" one.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


I tend to agree with you Beevis. Unless, like you say, we're talking something classic like Shakespeare, LOTR, or War & Peace, etc. then I have no problems with Hollywood taking a few liberties towards editing and shooting a movie in a format that better suits the cinematic medium. Hell, even Peter Jackson had to make some concessions towards what to put in and what not in the Rings movies. Sometimes it's just not feasible to film a movie by following a book verbatim. A good example was the 13th Warrior, based on The Eaters of the Dead, by Michael Crichton. And as for why they're staying with a central point of view instead of breaking it down into several smaller stories, it's quite simple. I'm sure everyone would agree that to bankroll a typical Hollywood picture geared towards a large summer opening takes money in amounts that easily enter the 100 million plus range. It's a lot easier to go out and get that money by saying that you are making a movie staring a single large named actor/actress with a bankable history then trying to get that same money for a larger group of lesser known talents who will work for the equivalent same amount. As much as people may hate it, film is a business, and the people who bankroll movies will be more likely to do so based on concepts that have worked before. Hence, a movie centered around Brad Pitt, a known name who still draws in the bucks.

Thexn on Nov 9, 2012


nice reply! hey i agree with you - and you are so right with LotR.....that's a good example. i've read those books more than once. and yes, there were things that got left out that i was disappointed in - but those were still excellent movies. as far as staying with a central role over several smaller're right again. it's a sad point as well. look at "clould atlas"'s an excellent movie but has done terrible financially. it's just easier for them to market 1 story rather than multiple shorter stories.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Verbatim is never how and adaptations go. There are always liberties taken with them, be it story wise or in relation to the characters. The thing here is that taking into account the type of book World War Z is and the very specific structure and theme that it follows I believe this adaptation (or at least the direction it's taking) is wrong. I read the book AND the script, and this even seems to be a loose adaptation of the movie script! This is IMHO done only to sell seats. I even thought that the fact Brad Pitt was so into making this movie meant he would strive to be as faithful and respectful as possible to the original material. It's a shame because I loved the book and again the way this has gone is completely COMPLETELY wrong AS AN ADAPTATION of Max Brook's book. I will see this movie of course, and I might even like it. But it shouldn't have the title it now has.

Lucas Silva on Nov 10, 2012


of course adaptations aren't made verbatim....i'm sane and understand that....but read this thread - your fellow fans of the book don't agree with this at all - which is why i used that choice of word - because that's what they want and it simply doesn't happen like that. also,why would they follow the structure of the book? cloud atlas had multiple stories which did have some connection and it failed miserably financially - and it was a very good movie. WWZ has infinitely more stories with no connection and you want a movie studio to try that again right after CA failed at a similar structure? i'm reading the book now - and in all honesty - it's ok....but nothing to get so upset over as far as how a movie reflects it. and certainly not for people to curse the way they have in this thread. your post is one of only 2 (that i've seen) that fans of the book have put on here that haven't been an attack on someone or loaded with cursing..........maybe you should contact brooks and ask him why HE allowed this to happen?

beevis on Nov 10, 2012


This isn't "a few liberties", go read the book and you might understand that.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


lol Brad Pitt, the commando breed of UN Ambassadors. OK, that's plausible.

John on Nov 8, 2012


The Trailer looks awesome, i am a huge fan of the book and I think this will be epic, i think the direction it is taking will be good, I am in!

T1103 on Nov 8, 2012



Nielsen700 on Nov 8, 2012


This only looks horrible because it looks nothing like that great great novel its based on. If they had just called battle of the living dead I would not be so heartbroken.

Joe on Nov 8, 2012


I'm not a purist who needs an adaptation to be identical to the source -- The Walking Dead would be pretty boring if it followed exactly -- but I'd at least like it to have a passing familiarity with it instead of just using the name to cash in.

Zaphod65 on Nov 8, 2012


this is just it - i (along with anyone i've asked) have never heard of this book before now.....i'm not sure WWZ is that big of a name. i am starting to read this.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


according to Wiki (yeah, i know), it's sold over 600,000 copies, which isn't bad. it is a *little* unfair to compare it to LOTR as you do above, as that's one of the most successful books ever published. personally, i'd heard a lot about WWZ from various people, which is why i sought the book out a few years ago. i'm with @Zaphod65:disqus on this one - i wouldn't want an exact replica of the book (which i think i enjoyed more than you did / are), but some semblance of it would be good. the potential for all those different stories and scenarios! this is only a trailer, but i'm not getting any of that at the moment.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 9, 2012


I agree. There needs to be something to surprise those of us who know the source material. Walking Dead is very good in this respect. It follows the source material in basic narrative and soul, but keeps us guessing who will die next. The only inkling I got of the varied stories was what appeared to be the setting in India. Perhaps the job they keep talking to him about in the trailer is to go around and document it as it is happening, which would definitely be a twist on the source material, in which the narrator did a sort of postmortem (pardon my pun), documentation via interviews with the survivors.

JL on Nov 9, 2012


I like it! Looks rather fun. I for one am okay with Fast Zombies...especially freshly turned zombies...the slow shambly ones are good as well. Besides most people are afraid of fast zombies because they know that can't out run them...I'd be screwed for sure...slow runner. Expect me to scream "Go on with out me!" sadly. 🙁 I'll see it for what it is...zombie take over...mass chaos.

Xerxexx on Nov 8, 2012


thank you......another calm head who looks at the movie for what it IS....and NOT what it isn't.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


I'm liking this... I'm not familiar with the source material - but the scope of this is very impressive. Even if this seems to take it beyond even fast zombies... They see to act with the intent of a hive mind.

HyperJ on Nov 8, 2012


I always thought as a last resort in a zombie outbreak I'd stay in my attic with a retractable ladder, I did think though that if enough of them piled up they would be able to break through. These zombies flow like water, quite scary. This was definitely better than the teaser. I haven't read the book though.

Carpola on Nov 8, 2012


You should, it was really good. As I'm sure you've already heard, this doesn't seem to follow the book though.

grimjob on Nov 8, 2012


I always imagined this movie would be Brad Pitt literally going person to person, interviewing them on their experiences, and just flashing back to the stories where the real action would be. Very documentary like. But no. Instead we get this turd.

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


how exactly would a movie do that? there are so many characters in the book? i just started reading it but have skimmed thru sections to get a feel for it. there is no way a movie could have redone the book. what do you think of a tv show based on the book? that seems to be the best way to give book fans what they want.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


I just figured they'd adapt maybe 3 stories from the book for this.

grimjob on Nov 9, 2012


that's a good idea - i doubt it'd make most of the people on this thread happy though.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Probably not, but if they actually thought about it, its really the only practical option. Plus, it would open up sequel possibilities.

grimjob on Nov 9, 2012


what about a tv series - the way the book lays out, it seems perfect for that - what do you think?

beevis on Nov 10, 2012


That'd be cool with me. But you know everyone would just bitch about it being a Walking Dead cash grab. But whatever, I'd dig it. As long as it was done as well as that.

grimjob on Nov 11, 2012


man, from what i see on here - there are a lot of people who are never happy no matter what.

beevis on Nov 11, 2012


Bro, they said the same thing when PJ said he would adapt LOTR. It CAN be done.

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


as far as LotR -no, they didn't. there was some skepticism as to his making all 3 movies at the same time - but that was it. i'm reading WWZ now....and as it's in episodic form, i think a tv show would do it much more justice. someone on here suggested that a movie could be made from the story of the book but only using some of the stories - i think that idea has possibilities.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


I thought the same thing when I first about this. I don't understand why they didn't do that, yet still decided to call it an "adaptation".

grimjob on Nov 9, 2012


These fucking things move like the Sentinals in The Matrix or somethin man..

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


Definitely, they seem to move slightly slower now after the teaser. With World War Z, I remember the fuss that people made when it was only rumoured to be made into a film, so I always kept an eye out for it. Strangely enough Hollywoodland seems to have made a an arse of it.

Carpola on Nov 9, 2012


"flow like water".....yea, that's the way to describe them......and that IS a scary thought.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


an unstoppable tide

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2012


that's good too!

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


if not the attic, then alternatively, surround your house with outward facing treadmills.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 9, 2012


Will need to try that in my zombie attack simulator!

Carpola on Nov 9, 2012


do you have the 9000 series or did you upgrade to the z12000 deluxe zomberator?

beevis on Nov 12, 2012


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA what the fuck is this garbage infested CGI bullshit???

Abel Villa on Nov 8, 2012


I am totally undecided about this. On one hand I am totally pissed that this appears to be nothing like the book, but on the other hand, If this film was called Zombie Armageddon, The dead rise, or anything else that was not "World War Z" I'd be on board. I wish it had followed the book, because I always liked it's attitude. Theres a kind of no messing about, no "i'm writing about this, but come on guys, it will never happen" feel to it. Instead it is a Straight faced account. It's kinda unique, and thats would have made the movie stand out for me. This just seems like another generic Zombie flick, which kind of misses the point. I'll never understand why holywood messes about with great material thinking they can improve it. So for me, change the name and i'll be in the cinema day one. You bring the torch, i'll bring the head cutting chainsaw!

iwelford on Nov 8, 2012


It looks good but man did they just read the book and say "Great book, lets make it into a movie but first, burn the book!" Seriously, so far from the book that it's strange they would even name it WWZ. Oh well, I'll still watch.

IamSlave on Nov 8, 2012


Why is it named World War Z if it has nothing to do with the book and what's with the horrible cgi zombies?

Mihkel on Nov 8, 2012


zbam on Nov 8, 2012


The Zombies look like something from star wars Episodes 1-3... fake as shit. Brad Pitt is basically staring at another green screen. Another fantastic book ruined by a movie.

BH on Nov 8, 2012


if a book is "fantastic".....a movie, good or bad, doesn't hurt the book - does it?

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


As an action packed apocalyptic film, I really like the look of it. However, QoS looked great in the trailers and Forster managed to screw that right up.

Payne by name on Nov 9, 2012


What a way to take a masterpiece of a novel and fucking destroy it. I understand people get amazed at the hate, but thats because for those of us who know and love the story, feel utterly offended that the people who made this would just dont fucking care. Im sure the Battle of Yonkers (best chapter) is butchered to bejeezuz and back too..

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


Dude, who knows if the Battle of Yonkers will even be in the movie. Actually, it absolutely can't be presented in the same way simply because of how the zombies are based on this trailer. That entire story line just won't be possible with the way this movie is set up. Also, totally agree, Battle of Yonkers was amazing in the book.

NamelessTed on Nov 9, 2012


brb, gonna read WWZ for the 237th time.

LosZombies on Nov 9, 2012


Yeah. This looks fucking awful. It looks like the most generic bullshit zombie film I could have ever imagined. Jesus fucking christ. Did anybody involved in making this film even read the fucking book? Because I didn't see a single thing in this entire trailer that resembles anything from the book outside of the fact that zombies happen. This is such a disappointment. I can only cross my fingers and hope that some day, maybe 10 years from now, HBO or Showtime or even Netflix will pick up World War Z and make a miniseries that is true to the novel. This movie is going to be pure fucking garbage when it releases. This trailer really just shows that this movie is going to be the same boring old hat bullshit. Even if it wasn't called "World War Z" I would be excited about this movie. The entire trailer screams "oh look, fucking zombies. the world is ending". tl;dr: This movie looks to be the absolute exact opposite of the World War Z book in pretty much every way imaginable other than that zombies exist.

NamelessTed on Nov 9, 2012


just remember guys, they have whole of next year to improve the vfx and this is just the first trailer

me on Nov 9, 2012


While I can appreciate the passion people exhibit towards creative properties that they have enjoyed, perhaps insulting and criticizing others for expressing interest in something that is completely new to them isn't the best way to make those people see the merit in your arguments against changes to the source material. If someone hasn't had the chance to read the original material yet, try explaining the reasons that you enjoyed it so much instead of simply accusing them of idiocy for daring to like what they're seeing in the trailer. Seeing the reactions of the people who have read the original book being spewed out in such vitriolic manners makes me wonder if maybe the sorts of people who enjoyed it really aren't the sort I'd like to associate my reading tastes with. For me the trailer was tense, engrossing and has caught my interest in wanting to see more. Exactly what it was created to do. I look forward to seeing further updates on this site regarding this movie.

Thexn on Nov 9, 2012


yea - i understand passion for something, but it seems the people who like the book want to curse a lot.....and that doesn't exactly make me want to trust their judgement. i have started reading the book to see what i think of it.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Ok, this obviously isn't gonna follow the book that much, though I think I recognize some places from the trailer. I'm pretty sure the wall scene at the end might be the Israeli wall? Seems like an ok zombie movie, just puzzled why they'd pick the name WWZ...

D6 on Nov 9, 2012


By the comments i presume it´s not faithfull to the book, but i didnt read it so i think this looks amazing, this trailer save my day from that shit "Warm Bodies" trailer.

D. on Nov 9, 2012


Why did brad pit steal Dales RV? How the hell is Dale gonna get back to Atlanta now. Selfish Douche!

xaudioprox on Nov 9, 2012


dales dead - he doesn't need it anymore.

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


well - i just started reading WWZ. it seems like an ok book so far (i'm just 35 pages in) but for all of you wanting a "faithful" movie version - how would it be done? this book seems very episodic and has too many characters for a movie to recreate it. it seems to me, for the faithful recreation, a tv show (like walking dead) would be a better way to give you the accurate version you want.....since WD is so popular maybe someone will take a chance on WWZ...the tv show!

beevis on Nov 9, 2012


Looks like this will take the angle of I am Legend. Very loosely based on the book. But they were both great on there own. As much as I loved the book it was obvious they were going to have to change things to make it work as a movie. Yes they may have changed a lot but that doesn't mean it can't still be epic. However this is also the reason I prefer to read a book after I have watched the movie. That way you are never let down by how the movie took liberties with this or that or what ever. And you are always more excited to read the book to fill in blanks and expand on the things you loved.

ryangonzo on Nov 9, 2012


its fucking awesome!

avi on Nov 9, 2012


There's room for another "sprinting-zombies" movie. I have read the book, and from what I can see; this is only from 1 of the stories? It's a fun read. If you can't read, the audiobook is also good.

David Banner on Nov 9, 2012


Zombie filled? There are no shots where we can tell these are zombies....

Oct8pus on Nov 9, 2012


So everyone complaining about fast moving zombies, wants them to be slow moving, and then have it like every other Zombie Movie ever made. if that weere to happen everyone would complain about it not being original. Someone creates something new and everyone craps on it, grow up, enjoy it for what it supossed to be.. Entertainment.

moviedude83 on Nov 9, 2012


This isn't even an homage to the Max Brooks

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


I will say one thing in the movies defense. I felt the same way watching this trailer as I did the first day I saw The Rise of The Planet Of The Apes trailer, but then I watched ROTPOTA and fucking loved it. I still think this trailer is shitty!

MITNG on Nov 9, 2012


Transformers 3 Trailer Music (remix) used ahahah t'suck

UnknownX on Nov 9, 2012


why the fuck would you put sprinting zombies in a movie based off a novel written by Max Brooks?!? D:

Jacob Denton on Nov 9, 2012


Looks like a great summer movie. I don't understand all the hate and I hate the view that you must read the book its based upon. I read LotR as a kid and loved the movies, though there was hate by some for leaving out Tom (whom doesn't add to the tale IMO), but there is chance I'm going to read a book and compare with a movie generally. They are different formats, simple as that. A book can go into more detail than a film, while a film needs to grab the attention of the general masses to make money. I have no problem with a film ripping the concept of a book to make a good film.

Steven on Nov 9, 2012


Zombie movie? World War Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Eric Jones on Nov 9, 2012


This may endup beeing a great zombie movie. Allthough I would have preferred the original story with slow zombies, slowly taking over the world. There were some great scenes in the book that arent just possible to create with these ''100m sprinter-zombies''. Those zombie landslides and pile on the wall still look pretty good to me.

ProjectionistHP on Nov 9, 2012


fuck brainless can go and read fucking book.

Tim on Nov 9, 2012


I think that we do have to keep in mind that books seldom translate very well into films. As with any other film based on a book there will be people who think its shit but others will find it entertaining. With that being said I've read the book but I'm still looking forward to this movie. Its all about keeping an open mind, right?

WhyNot on Nov 9, 2012


This is really disappointing. I agree that not all books transition well to movies, but this is taking all the worst qualities and compiling it into a cliche big-budget blockbuster. It's basically 2012, but instead of a natural disaster -- zombies. What a waste of Brad Pitt's talents; they were better off casting John Cusack to helm this mess. I hope there is more to this than what the trailer has displayed.

Ben on Nov 9, 2012


Its truly sad seeing fans on this site calling each other names over one's opinion, whether right or wrong, of the trailer posted on this site. Please do not turn this site into AICN.. please please please do not let that happen Having said that, clearly this movie ( based on the trailer ) has nothing to do with the excellent book. Going past that, the trailer actually looks pretty cool and tense ( as tense as cgi zombies can make someone)

Tester on Nov 9, 2012


Wow, 159 comments on this? Then I saw 50 of them where from Beevis.....

David Banner on Nov 10, 2012


at least mine were relevant and not spam like yours. by the way dave - learn how to count.

beevis on Nov 10, 2012


All is relevant in Astroturfing

David Banner on Nov 11, 2012


Looks pretty dam cool. The zombies look they run as fast as the ones from I am legend, and I thought that was a good movie.

bigsem on Nov 10, 2012


There were no zombies in I Am Legend. Try watching it again, and pay attention this time.

GamecockMac on Nov 12, 2012


Wow that trailer was good, I cant wait to see this now.

Jimmy Love on Nov 11, 2012


It looks interesting, but the "Sea of Zombies" effect is a bit... well... naff.

Maybe on Nov 11, 2012


Mel was amazing max is just sad. He should lay off the pot.

Jack bauer on Nov 24, 2012


I am looking forward to this one. Nice to see Zombies move this fast IMO.

Jeff Faehn on Jan 3, 2013

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