Must Watch: Pixar's 'Partysaurus Rex' Full Animated 'Toy Story' Short

October 10, 2012
Source: Disney

Partysaurus Rex

Following in the footsteps of Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry, Disney and Pixar showcased their short film Partysaurus Rex in front of Finding Nemo in 3D, continuing the exploits of Andy's toys from Toy Story, who are now living with the adorable Bonnie. Now the full short is online for your viewing pleasure. It's bathtub playtime an Rex gets a chance to shed his party-pooper past when he meets up with the rest of Bonnie's bathtime toys. As expected, it's a cute, funny little short film, and there's a great Godzilla scream from Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn of The Princess Bride), but it ends a little abruptly. Watch it below!

Here's Disney and Pixar's new animated short Partysaurus Rex from Disney (via SlashFilm):

Partysaurus Rex is directed by Mark A. Walsh, a Pixar animator on films like The Incredibles, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. When Rex (Wallace Shawn) finds himself left behind in the bathroom, he puts his limbs to use by getting a bath going for a bunch of new toy friends. The short premiered in front of Finding Nemo in 3D in September and will likely appear on the film's Blu-Ray release on December 4th.

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so good haha

Danimal on Oct 10, 2012


We're sorry, this video cannot be viewed outside the United States.

Nielsen700 on Oct 10, 2012


I keep getting this image

Carpola on Oct 10, 2012


"What's up, fishes?!" lol

Big Boss on Oct 10, 2012


I'm from south africa and i'm not allowed to watch this video. and your fucking nation wonders why piracy is king everywhere else. show the damn video to everyone or stick it and lose fans and then get new pirate fans. its not just about this fucking video, its in all the movies and shit being released by limitations. The almighty avengers movie was released in Japan all most 5 months after its release in the US. By the fucking time it got there it was available to everyone for free over the internet and then you want to slam piracy. people are strange because they want to be in with the times and be able to chat with every one about "hey did you watch that new movie last night". not wait another fucking few months when the dust has settled and its old news. even here we have to wait moons to pass before we get some of the good stuff. well that's why there's internet and piracy reigns supreme. before this night is over i will have this stupid little toy story movie (that is US exclusive) to prove my point. so share the fucking stuff or loose to piracy

Shade on Oct 10, 2012


That's bureacracy for you. It's not just the United States though. We're obviously a great offender, but this stems from the fact that other nation's laws are also different when it comes to the internet and accessing certain materials. The video will likely make its way to YouTube, and if we ever post a video that can't be viewed outside of our country, it's because that's what's available at that point. But we always update when a high quality YouTube version becomes available. As for release dates, you can blame international distributors and other nations for that.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 10, 2012


Um... That's a lot of hostility for some online video. I agree, it sucks you cant watch it outside America. Maybe South Africa should start its own fucking Pixar.

McWetty on Oct 10, 2012


McWetty. U don't even know where South Africa is located even if you had a map in front of you. Just maybe your thinking its close to Russia even if though it says Africa at the end. I love America, I really do, but one thing that I've picked up is that you are a very ignorant country that sees and knows no one else but themselves. One day after the screening of District 9 one of you Americans commented on the poor rural Nigerian country in District 9? What the fuck was she watching. She thought Johannesburg was the capital of Nigeria. Its a pitty that she still thinks so! You say that we should start our own Pixar! What you don't seem to think of is the fact that your fucking movie industry would never ever survive without the money it makes globally, and that is South Africa included. Do you think your big blockbuster releases would earn them the billion dollars milestone just in your own country. No! It needs every bit of money from every little country around the world including my South Africa. Some of your movies hardly break even and that's with our help. Back to the basic point. It is not just about this stupid little video. You guys even do it with movie trailers. Why??? Are you so exclusive that your thinking you are the only ones in the world that's going to enjoy it.

Shade on Oct 10, 2012


What are you going on about? Maybe I need to use the word "fuck" more to understand. I know where South Africa is; I watched the entire World Cup, jackass. America isn't comprised entirely of ignorant rednecks any more than South Africa is composed of poor blacks. At the very least, I hope there are more intelligent people there than you. My comment still stands... what's stopping you from being a producer instead of a consumer? If you don't like the game, change the rules. You have an overgeneralization issue compounded by the anonymity of the internet and bolstered by the same narrow view of the world that you blame America for having. All over some movie trailers... Pirate away, I don't care. I can't believe I've wasted this much of my time on you. It won't happen again.

McWetty on Oct 11, 2012


Still wonder to this day why people from the United States are considered American. Technically the whole continent is America making Canadians and Mexicans both Americans.Just another example i suppose of how ignorant people from the States are.

Mdiddy on Oct 14, 2012


I never intended to make an enemy. but I gave you something to think about, otherwise you would not have "wasted your time" coming back for a third round. Well this round I'm not fighting. I'm sorry, Did not mean any harm to you. I'd love to keep in communication with you. I would also like to inform you more of our politics that spans much more than just poor blacks. You should see the Shit these guys do to Poor white people. Who executes 2 year old babies execution style from behind just cause they're scared of being identified or drowns a 10 something year old boy in boiling water (for being white). This is our country and that is a reality. We have the most ruthless people in this world. Farm murders by the hundreds are fashion and the white people are still according to them the worlds worst racists (racism just swop around from what you guys think you know). McWetty. I would swop my country for yours in an instant to keep my children safe and give them a future. Okay back to the point. Sorry for being an ass towards you. One thing though, our country is growing technologically by the day (past all the horrors and hatred) and we've produced some amazing talent the last few years.Charlize Theron, Neil Blomkamp (director District 9) and Gavin Hood (director Wolverine) to name just a few. So we will get there one day to build our own Pixar. We made an animated Jock of the Bushveld last year, but it was still a bit shitty, but give time, they'll get there. let know if you would want to communicate. I'm not a bad person. I was just a little upset that I could not watch that stupid little video. they actually opened it up just a short while after I threw my little tantrum. Sincere apologies! Shade

Shade on Oct 17, 2012


What's up Fishes!?! hahaha lmao

Nick Sears on Oct 10, 2012


love it!

Zeus on Oct 10, 2012


This is great! Where can I get BT's score to this? Would you know Ethan?

Chris Amaya on Oct 10, 2012

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