'Neighborhood Watch' Gets a New Title + Hilarious Red Band Trailer

May 4, 2012
Source: IGN

The Watch

In case you hadn't heard, early advertising for the comedy Neighborhood Watch was pulled from theaters due to the publicity surrounding the headline making case in Florida regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Now in order to separate itself from the neighborhood watch shooting case, the film is simply going by The Watch. Though the title doesn't really matter, because the movie starring Ben Stiller just looks absolutely hilarious after watching this brand new red band trailer that just showed up. Finally, the alien invasion part of the plot is introduced right off the bat. This looks pretty damn funny. Watch it!

Here's the new red band trailer for Akiva Schaffer's The Watch, originally in HD via IGN:

The Watch (formerly Neighborhood Watch) is directed by SNL's Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod), is about a group of suburban dads who form a neighborhood watch group as a way to get out of their day-to-day family routines find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion. The film stars Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Richard Ayoade and more with a screenplay from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, The Green Hornet) and 20th Century Fox is releasing The Watch in theaters on July 27th this summer.

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Actually looks funny. 

Stan on May 4, 2012


" Let's put Dubstep in the trailer it's so in right now!" - Screw you Hollywood, give Ayoade some lines!

Rhythm Master on May 4, 2012


Looks hilarious! 'The Watch' seems like a much cleaner fit, in my opinion...

Agent Kid Society on May 4, 2012


Gotta support Ayoade.

Dan Hibiki on May 4, 2012


I seriously had no idea it was about aliens. Makes me not want to watch as much. But I do like Richard Ayoade. It's nice to see him in Amurrica.

fem!anon on May 4, 2012


Yeeha! I can't wait.

DAVIDPD on May 4, 2012


It seems like all the actors have similar comedic timing and delivery which makes the jokes seem dry and predictable.  Also, it appears like improv was used a lot which tells me the story is going to suffer.  I sense a film similar to Grown Ups or Couples Retreat where there's a lot of funny actors involved, but they all cancel each other out.

peloquin on May 4, 2012


Maybe with Couples Retreat, but Grown Ups was just not funny in any way. Sorry to those involved but it's true.

Akirakorn on May 7, 2012


Why is hollywood making alien invasion movies these days, its like putting a seed in our brains for believing there really could be one! You never know they probably would plan a real life staged invasion soon. Keep your heads high..!!

ALIENS ARE COMIN...! on May 4, 2012


Shut up

Jonathan Eyeless on May 6, 2012


 Well I see you are an Eyeless kid. Good Luck while you last ;p

ALIENS ARE COMIN...! on May 8, 2012


Wonder why they changed it...wonder if it has anything to do with a particular story out there. Looks good, loved the barn explosion.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2012


Ugh, another trailer with dubstep! Hollywood made a subgenre of music that was already bad into mainstream bad. 

Mithun Divakaran on May 4, 2012


I once described Dubstep as a combination of having aids and cancer at the same time, it's probably worse actually. It does make for some really funny viewing in clubs though when folk try and dance to it. It's ketamine music, that kindo says it all.

Crapola on May 4, 2012


Dubstep is the sound of douchebag.

norm on May 4, 2012


you play music that is popular with the general crowd to attract the general audience...not a dumb as you think.....

Jericho on May 7, 2012


Problems with the neighborhood? Have they tried turning it off and on again? Like others, Im all sorts of psyched about Ayoade but wonder if he can redeem the rest of his gradually uninteresting and otherwise faded comedian co-stars.

Voice of Reason on May 4, 2012


 I think Stiller still has it, Tropic Thunder was pretty good.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2012


Tropic Thunder was good, and the awesome supporting cast only it stands now—in my opinion—for Stiller, and especially Vaughn, the crap far outweighs the good.

Voice of Reason on May 4, 2012



Xerxexx on May 4, 2012


i thought it looked pretty funny - and cool to see r. lee ermey as a neighbor.

beevis on May 4, 2012


 One of the best parts.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2012


yup - made me pull "full metal jacket" out and watch it this evening!

beevis on May 4, 2012


That is always a good watch. Love the Sniper/Joker scene.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


yea- that movie is loaded with great scenes. how about when cowboy introduces joker to animal mother. - or jokers conversations with his press commander who sends him into combat.......great stuff.

beevis on May 5, 2012


  any scene with with animal mother was awesome but tense...Adam Baldwin was great.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


wonder why they chose to use dubstep.. lol..... fcuking gross..

Daniel Vu Tran on May 4, 2012


you use music that is popular with the general audience...

Jericho on May 7, 2012


"Either way we're going to get involved in this guy's life." Ha. Funny. I met R. Lee Ermey a few weeks ago at a Cabelas grand opening in Washington State. He smiled. I thought I was dead.

Quanah on May 4, 2012


*Pulls chair up, eyes wide* Do tell.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


He looks a lot older in person, but his eyes pierce right through you. Interesting guy for the 45 seconds I saw him. He really knows how to charm the women as well. 

Quanah on May 5, 2012



Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


R. Lee Ermey makes everything better.

grimjob on May 5, 2012


 Looks great!

Zeus on May 4, 2012


For f$ck sake, can someone write a comedy with actual wit and funny jokes in it rather than over relying on crassness and swearing? 21 Jump Street was the same. This is the easiest type of low brow humor. This isn't good comedy writing. Where is the next The Other Guys? That was actually a well written comedy and it was hilarious. I have nothing against swearing, I loved Mac Gruber which is criminally under-rated. But it used swearing in the jokes. After a pretty good opening 10 minutes, 21 Jump Street looked like it was ab-libbed for the next 90 minutes... I really think Jonah Hill is lowering the bar for comedy. Sorry, that's Academy award nominated Jonah hill.

SV7 on May 4, 2012


ohh right he was nominated for his 10 minute role in moneyball.... lol. Now THAT is hilarious.

Moneyballs on May 5, 2012


More than 10 minutes...

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


Intelligent comedy, right, right! I agree: "Pardon me Reginald! I do believe thoust corn on cob has precariously left thy hand and has arrived in most uncouth fashion on thine ground" "Fear not good sir as this ground is 'cob'ble stone, Mwuhuhuhuhuh" Something more like that right? That's what you're into?

lewinston on May 6, 2012


I agree.  It' looked ok but seriously Jonah Hill drives me nuts.  I can't stand the dude.

frank on May 7, 2012


Not the first time somebody got nominated for an extended cameo... pretty sure one or two even won. Pretty sure if a camera operator used his hoagie to balance a steady shot it would get nominated for a supporting roll...

Akirakorn on May 7, 2012


Most of your guys definition of "hilarious" seems a bit off. This looks "ok" and I will go see it for Vince Vaughn. But that trailer doesn't look "hilarious" at all.

SwingersAndMade on May 5, 2012


 Humor is're opinion isn't the only opinion out there, neither is mine.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


And the subject of his opinion is humor. Which is redundant. Just like mine.

Akirakorn on May 7, 2012


am grinning from ear to ear

Madmax on May 5, 2012


I found this fucking hilarious   

korbindallis on May 7, 2012


...and now hilarious is covered in green cum.

Akirakorn on May 7, 2012



korbindallis on May 9, 2012


Does anyone know what the dubstep song in the trailer??

AskingAlexx2013 on Jul 3, 2012

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