New Photo from 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Reveals the Villain's Identity

December 10, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness

Ever since Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, rumors have been swirling as to what villain he might be playing? Could it be Khan again, or could it be another canon character from the past like Gary Mitchell? There's tons of theories supporting and debunking those predictions, especially after seeing Cumberbatch in action in the announcement teaser for the full trailer coming on December 17th, but today a new photo finally revealed his identity. A photo featuring Captain Kirk and Spock looking at Cumberbatch in a holding cell lists his character as "John Harrison." Um, who?

Here is Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness from Paramount:

Star Trek Into Darkness - John Harrison

There is no canon character with the name of John Harrison who has been a villain before or encountered the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, so many Trek experts and fans think this is simply a red herring. Of course, an official photo like this wouldn't tell a blatant lie, but in this photo, the crew likely thinks this guy is someone named John Harrison, but he probably has some sort of secret identity. Maybe it's that kid that Kirk taunted, "Hey Johnny," as he stole his step-dad's car for a joyride in the first Star Trek. We already know the prologue playing in front of The Hobbit doesn't give away any extra clues (though it does use an orchestral cue from Wrath of Khan apparently), so we'll see what happens as the film's release inches closer.

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Could be a place holder for the character's actual name while waiting for the 'big reveal' when the movie airs.

Karen Brown on Dec 10, 2012


My sister have a nice pair of boots like Kirk's

TOONFED on Dec 10, 2012


it would be a good alias, John Harrison was the man who discovered how to use latitude for sea fairing ships, and anyone who watched Lost knows JJ Abrams has a thing for historically based aliases.

Henry Knecht on Dec 10, 2012


Aha, nice spot 🙂

David Banner on Dec 13, 2012


CUmberbatch looks like he's packed on some weight!

DAVIDPD on Dec 10, 2012


George Lennon.

jedcoe on Dec 10, 2012


Haa Ringo Mccartney

Nvrsleep on Dec 10, 2012


He did put on muscle for the role, this is what he said in an interview about it: ' I've gone up two suit sizes. The character I'm playing, he's strong, I can say that much. I've changed my physique a bit, so that requires eating like a foie gras goose, well beyond your appetite, And, providing I don't feel too ill, I then work out two hours a day with a phenomenal trainer. It's the L.A. way. '

Sil on Dec 10, 2012


I'd put money on the villain being Sybok, all the clues point to it

Joe on Dec 10, 2012


Yeh, I doubt they would cook up some new villain. I vote red herring. Fan service is required to keep the base fans happy. I know Nero was new but they needed that to split the time line from the Prime universe and give birth to the "JJverse".

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2012


I'm almost 100% sure it's Khan. Khan was a genetically engineered human and if you look closely into the trailer, you can see just how strong Khan is.

Black Dynamite on Dec 10, 2012


Considering Alice Eve is rumored to be playing Carol Marcus, the scientist who invented the Genesis device, and that John Harrison was a technician first-class working on the bridge when Khan shut off the air and attempted to suffocate the crew on the original series, (he was mentioned in Kirk's log as being put in for a commendation), more and more things are popping up Khan related. Since Harrison is a character who had existed in the OS at the time of Khan's return, maybe he was eliminated and Khan assumed his identity? Perhaps because of the altered timeline another ship made contact with the Botany Bay, and Harrison was a member of that crew? Anything's possible!

Thexn on Dec 10, 2012


are you sure it's Benedict Cumberbatch on this pic ?

emy on Dec 10, 2012


Hey, Johnny!" Johnny? In the first "JJ" ST that was being yelled at Kirk's older brother, who was running away from home. (scenes cut) Jim Kirk's older brother's actual name was 'George Samuel' (or "Sam.") If the timeline split only when James Kirk was born, it should have still been 'Sam,' since that was the older brother. While I liked the first JJ movie, (and will see this one,) the writers (self-described fans) didn't bother doing much any kind of research (on the show's canon or, eh, science,) when writing that movie, and I doubt this one will be any better in that regard. For that, and the fact that I really don't want a British Khan (maybe a Javier Bardem could pull off something close to Montalban's performance,) I *Really really* hope it's not Khan.

Mote_ on Dec 10, 2012


i don't think anyone could touch montalbans khan.....he was just too good. - they need to leave that character alone.

beevis on Dec 11, 2012


Another version of Khan is OK.

David Banner on Dec 13, 2012


"Johnny" in ST'09 was Kirk's older 'Step' Brother. Step brother "Johnny" back for vengeance? Kirk's older 'Blood' brother George lives in this alternate timeline. In the 'Prime' timeline Kirk finds George dead after an incident on a planet in one of the original episodes. In the new canon 'Ongoing' Star Trek comic series the episode was retold but this time George lives.

@Dave01 on Dec 11, 2012


Actually, originally he was going to say George, but when they cut the scenes with Kirk's brother, they changed it to Johnny. I don't really think that kid is going to turn out to be the villain. It was mostly in jest.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 11, 2012


Lmao...this guy looks like he weighs a buck fifty. Not scary at all.

Baron Cole on Dec 11, 2012


Look at the outfit the villain is wearing in the trailer. Pay close attention to when it does a close-up of his chest and head. Take note of the ribbed pattern of the large collar on his outfit. Now go find pictures of Khan in the 2nd Star Trek movie. Notice the collar on his outfit. My guess: the villain is Khan.

Trev on Dec 11, 2012


They look like they're wearing jeans and long sleeve t-shirts. Whatever happened to Starfleet uniforms with the black pants?

finn on Dec 11, 2012


Skinny jeans at that.

castingcouch on Dec 12, 2012


There's too much movie and characters in that image and not enough lens flare for a JJ flick.

castingcouch on Dec 12, 2012


The real villain is "JJ Abrams". He doesn't know the series (probably hasn't watched the show). He killed of the entire Romulan and Vulcan races. His view of the future is "dark". Rodenberry would not be happy! At this point, who cares if Spock dies ... again? Been there, done that.

Richard Vasquez on Dec 12, 2012

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