A New Poster for Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' Has Dwarves Aplenty

September 27, 2012
Source: Facebook

The Hobbit

The most recent trailer for The Hobbit was nothing short of breathtaking, and a new poster showed up shortly thereafter with Martin Freeman in an image that calls back to the original posters for Lord of the Rings with Elijah Wood in the spotlight. Now it's the dwarves turn to get the spotlight in a new poster. There's Nori (Jed Brown), Ori (Adam Brown), Dori (Mark Hadlow), Fili (Dean O'Gorman), Kili (Aidan Turner), Oin (John Callen), Gloin (Peter Hambleton), Bombur (Stephen Hunter), Bofur (James Nesbitt), Bifur (William Kircher, Balin (Ken Scott), Dwalin (Graham McTavish) and Thorin (Richard Armitage).

Here's the new poster for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit from Facebook:

The Hobbit - Dwarves Poster

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit… J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, being directed by Peter Jackson as three separate movies, is set in Middle-Earth 60 years before Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in a trilogy ten years ago. The films, with screenplays by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, were shot consecutively in digital 3D using the latest cameras. The Hobbit follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in theaters in 3D & 48FPS on December 14th.

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i liked the one with the beard.

truong18 on Sep 27, 2012


so true!

beevis on Sep 27, 2012


I'm sorry, but as someone who actually enjoyed the LOTR trilogy, The Hobbit has done nothing to boost my interest. The poster, like the trailers, is problematic to me because it gives the film a kind of slapstick feel. Hopefully the first reviews will turn things around, but as of now, I would say the interest level is pretty much nonexistent.

mandawg on Sep 27, 2012


oh - so you're the one who ACTUALLY enjoyed the LotR trilogy - and as a result - decides just how much interest exists in the "hobbit" films.......i wondered who that person was...... S

beevis on Sep 27, 2012


I'm obviously speaking for myself. "Boost my interest" would seem to indicate who I'm talking about. But nice attempt at trying to be clever.

Guest on Sep 27, 2012


we heard u the first time.

truong18 on Sep 27, 2012


I was obviously talking about myself (". . ..The Hobbit has done nothing to boost MY interest"), but nice attempt at trying to be clever.

Guest on Sep 27, 2012


where can i get this? it's awesome!

beevis on Sep 27, 2012


Dude whats up with Ori's eyes?...

LosZombies on Sep 27, 2012


this looks similar to that toy story 3 poster, you know the one im talking abt

Nadir Ahmed on Sep 27, 2012


I loved the LOTR trilogy but... something here is wrong to me... i feel no interest for these films... i didnt read the LOTR books or these ones but it looks like some pixar movie or an animated movie... very plastic... too many characters... i cant feel anything here.. i really like peter jackson so im worried for him... (sorry for my english!)

Nicolas Dalli Bortolot on Sep 27, 2012


I don't care anything about it, either. I liked the trilogy well enough but I don't fall into the fan catagory.

BloodwerK on Sep 27, 2012


I wish they had hoods, or the helmets like Gimli did. Make them see a bit darker and more serious. They feel much too cartoony... I understand it is at a lighter time in Middle Earth but that doesn't mean they have to be such characters. Think of all of them with hoods and cloaks...

Guy on Sep 27, 2012


Well looks like this movie is geared towards kids too. Something kind of like Harry Potter. You can see it in the trailers as well. Most of the marketing hasn't been too dramatic, its been very fun and bubbly. Im guessing cause its a big franchise now, and because of how cute the dwarves are supposed to be, its trying to gear in the little ones as well. If this isn't rated at least PG-13 then you can tell its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ my two cents on why The Hobbit doesn't look appealing as The LOTRs Trilogy in terms of marketing.

Vladomer on Sep 27, 2012


I think it makes sense that the first film will be more "fun and bubbly" The last of the third will probably be on par with the fellowship drama wise or maybe even more to make the transition to LOTR.

christox on Sep 27, 2012


In some place between those dwarfs there's a cat hidden (or a bearded Waldo)

TOONFED on Sep 27, 2012


Nice poster for "The Muppets" ,I mean "The Hobbit"! 😛

Fidel Reyes on Sep 27, 2012


"It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights...."

rennmaxbeta on Sep 28, 2012


At first glance I thought that was the snow white and 7 dwarves poster. With that said I'm not crazy for the poster it seems too goofy for a serious and epic franchise I want to see Bilbo standing high in the mountains with a raised sword at hand. It may sound typical but I favor that then this thing. I'm sure others enjoy the poster but that was just my opinion I'm still hopeful it'll be a great film.

BinaryChaos on Sep 27, 2012



Davide Coppola on Sep 27, 2012


lol the more "normal" looking guy, kinda seems out of place 😀

Davide Coppola on Sep 28, 2012


The last trailer and this poster have actually done a good job reminding me that "The Hobbit" is waaaay more lighthearted and silly than LotR ever was. I remember Jackson talking about how different the tone would be way back when Del Toro was in line to direct. I'm sure all the material they've pulled from the mythology will be in line with LotR "epic"ness, but I like that they're embracing the levity of The Hobbit book, and not going full-on gloom-and-doom.

eliology on Sep 28, 2012

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