Awesome Second Trailer for Marc Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

February 7, 2012
Source: YouTube

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

"If you want the truth Peter, come and get it!" It's a big day for Spidey today, as Sony has also unveiled the second official trailer via YouTube for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, and it's much more exciting, epic and totally awesome than even I was expecting (I watched it earlier today in 3D). Do not miss this! Andrew Garfield stars as Peter Parker, along with Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans as the villain The Lizard, who we finally get a good glimpse of in this trailer. This is starting to look better and better the more we see, I'm very excited for what Webb has made, it looks, frankly, amazing.

Watch the second official trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, in HD via YouTube:

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Connors, his father's former partner.

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man features Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is at the helm of this Spider-Man reboot, from a screenplay written by Alvin Sargent (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 & 3), Steve Kloves (Harry Potter movies) and James Vanderbilt (The Rundown, Zodiac, The Losers). Sony/Columbia is bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters in 3D on July 3rd this summer.

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YEAH! Awesome trailer! I saw you there, Alex, I waved but you had no idea who i was! Oh well...

Unati on Feb 7, 2012



Jason McGuire on Feb 7, 2012


frankly i think it looks terrible compared to the Raimi's Spiderman. CGi looks unrealistic and the suit looks dumb.

Richard Canlas on Feb 7, 2012


I think the suit, suits this Peter Parker...I mean in Raimi's it was too perfect for a poor high school/college to create.

Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2012


 Really don't see how a poor college kid could make the current suit either seeing as how its not just a costume, its scifi tech which allows him to stick to walls. Plus now they have him making web shooters. I know its more faithful to the comics, but doesn't it just feel like a step backwards from how it was done in Rami's?

Richie G on Feb 7, 2012


Actually, judging from the teaser poster above, they don't have Spider-man sticking to walls because of the pattern on his suit, but still... home made web shooters

Richie G on Feb 7, 2012


IMO Raimi's Spidey was filled with Cheese...this one looks rather gritty.

Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2012


The sticking to walls was part of the spider bite not the costume. Plus, I might be wrong, it looks like part of the web shooters Peter found in his Dad's old briefcase.

Jasonmd2020 on Feb 7, 2012


 if you can suspend your reality for the comics I don't see why you would question it in a film.  A kid get bits by a spider and gains extraordinary powers yet his ability to make web shooters is what is blowing your mind as improbable.  It is all improbable and ridiculous but that is part of why it is amazing!  GO SPIDEY GO!

GG on Mar 23, 2012


You need to see it in HD, I think it looks that way on YouTube, but it looks great in HD and 3D, even all the CG.

Alex Billington on Feb 7, 2012


CGI looks unrealistic?  In comparison to Raimi's Spider-Man?  Maybe you should go back and check those movies out. 

Chazzy on Feb 7, 2012


Ya the CGI helicopters at the end of Spider Man 2 are one of the worst travesties to CGI in history.

Kaim on Feb 7, 2012


 The only CGI part that looked bad to me was when the Lizard's hand is reaching toward the screen.

Craig on Feb 7, 2012


 I couldn't agree with you more.

Sempai on Feb 7, 2012


eh... I'm still not sure about Andrew...

Diana Yeme on Feb 7, 2012


Like it.

Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2012


Same here....but I'm still a bit cautious. 

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012



Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2012


Everything looked great up until the collapsing building, which looks like it needs to be polished a bit more. Other than that minor gripe, I cannot wait for this movie, it looks absolutely amazing. 

Michael Lee on Feb 7, 2012


Anything is better than Spider Man 3 and quite frankly anything with Denis Leary is great.

Boby_wan on Feb 7, 2012


Looks weak.

Jezebel on Feb 7, 2012


It looks very weak, imo. I didn't enjoy the other Spider-Man movies too much, though.. maybe it's a dif target group...

Heci on Feb 7, 2012


Anyone notice how "The Lizard" doesn't look like a lizard?

M.K. Nielsen on Feb 7, 2012


Anyone notice how "Spiderman" doesn't look like a spider?

Hans on Feb 7, 2012


Anyone notice that "The Lizard" is actually supposed to look like a lizard and "Spiderman" is not supposed to look like a spider

Mdiddles on Feb 7, 2012


Remove that ugly costume and this looked great! I'm converted

Ryderup on Feb 7, 2012


OMG YOU GUYS! You do understand that they have FOUR MORE MONTHS to polish CGI right? If you think this is what the final product is going to be like.... well... go DIAF.

Jp on Feb 7, 2012


Studios know by now that fans cut and analyze each inch of the trailers, they should have learned from the Green Lantern case.  

Tomyse on Feb 7, 2012


"You do understand that they have FOUR MORE MONTHS to polish CGI right?" Well, they SHOULD know...but heck, how many of 'em really know anything about CGI or have even picked up an issue of CINEFEX magazine?

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


I still have my doubts. did you watch the movie or the trailer in 3d? but I trust your judgement, Alex.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


I want to like this, but I don't. I'm sure it will be better than Rami's last abortion, but that's not setting the bar high

Richie G on Feb 7, 2012


it says in the trailer "the untold story"...  muha.... ha....  ha 

Saenker on Feb 7, 2012


lizards still looks funny, but i'm excited regardless

Armeetapus16 on Feb 7, 2012


saw this in the morning damn looks good 

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


saw this in the morning damn looks good 

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


For all the complaints about The Lizard for all we know that could just be the first stage of his transformation.

TheLaughingMan on Feb 7, 2012


Like the tone of "arrest the illegal masked viligante known as..." (Batman?) Great trailer by the way.

Manuel on Feb 7, 2012


My only complaint with this is that there seemed to be a lot of spider-man running around in the middle of the street without his mask.  Other than that minor gripe, I think this looks fantastic.  Can't wait!

BobDeathKlown on Feb 7, 2012


I saw this film 5 years ago. 

Me on Feb 7, 2012


This trailer definitely looks better than the teaser, but I DO notice the studio's big push on the "untold story" motif. Can't help but think that even THEY know this film has to surpass Raimi's vision and the public's current skepticism. I guess we'll all see..

Big Boss on Feb 7, 2012


nearly every movie villian looks to take down nyc, the hero and his lass involved- whose dads a cop. why is this an untold story? 

truedat on Feb 7, 2012


Who cares about Andrew? Emma Stone in 3d. I'm in on all fours!

CookieMonster on Feb 7, 2012


EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD LOOKIN!!!!!

GABO2D2 on Feb 7, 2012


BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Hell, I agree with you completely.  Funny thing is, Emma Stone could've played either MJ or Gwen...but hell, she works for me.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


not dark enough, still looks cheesy

Imdavek on Feb 7, 2012


Why didn't this show during the Super Bowl? Can't wait for this!

Rorypowellgowner on Feb 7, 2012


yes because smidey is know for being dark

Brandon V. Fletcher on Feb 7, 2012


I'm in! 

Bltzie on Feb 7, 2012


Cant wait,Denis Leary is a good call.

tir na nog on Feb 7, 2012


Nice! I love the trailer, like the suit better, too.  

Vijay Anand on Feb 7, 2012


It looks awesome. My one complaint is how they're constantly flinging stuff at the camera just because, 3D OMG! 

Craig on Feb 7, 2012


Everyone is giving this movie such a hard time!! This actually looks like a decent movie! I'd prolly much rather have the darker side with Web than Raimi's personally. Raimi's version just got too be way too cheesy after a while with kirsten dunst. I'm personly love that they re-made this movie, and are holding it true to the comics. The web shooters are what he had in the comics! Although his suit is different, and got the suit perfect in Raimi's version of Spiderman, I really think i'll prefer this over Raimi's. I'm excited!!! Bring it on!! 

chris j on Feb 7, 2012


Looks better and better. I wanted to hate on it in the beginning, but the feel in me is looking forward to it.

ur_babys_daddy on Feb 7, 2012


this is a way better trailer.  looks great!

David Parfitt on Feb 7, 2012


It'd be great if Sony just sold the right to Marvel and this Spiderman join Avengers. But then again I'm just dreaming.

TTumMM on Feb 7, 2012



crazyalcayne on Feb 7, 2012


Yeah...would be cool.  Would be VERY cool.  But...well, it's out of our hands.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Looks cool! Kinda reminds me of the first Ninja Turtles movie.

todd flanders on Feb 7, 2012


I'm so pumped for this. 

Danimal on Feb 7, 2012


I was skeptical before, F that, I'm freakin' sold. Bring on Spidy

The Douche on Feb 7, 2012


Finally the spider-man we deserve!!! I'm there dude!!

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Move over Tobey Maquire!!!

movieguru on Feb 7, 2012


It's official! I originally did not like the suit, I felt it ruined the character, then I saw the actual Promo images of the suit and I began to warm up to it. Now I've seen the trailer I love the suit! Love the quirkiness that Spider-Man has in this trailer. Love that he looks like he is using vibrations of a web in the trailer to track someone (lizard) in the sewers.  I'm officially now reserving all judgements for future movies until I see the trailer at least, more likely the final production from now on.

Luke Banham on Feb 7, 2012


At least Mr. Parker has a hot girlfriend this time around, a blond emma stone puts kirsten dunst under the table for sure

Anyman on Feb 7, 2012


I agree with you 1000%

crazyalcayne on Feb 7, 2012


I really want to like this movie but so far it's just not doing it for me. Maby I'll be pleasantly surprised in the theater, we'll see. For me Tobey Maguire IS Peter Parker and how could I enjoy a spiderman movie without J.K. Simmons?

Richie Blitz on Feb 7, 2012


I think Garfield will be fine for Parker, but J.K. Simmons, yeah, his presence will be sorely missed.

JL on Feb 7, 2012


Cgi is lame, score is awful, fight scenes are nice.  Cant wait for TDK to come out

Tomyse on Feb 7, 2012


I am totally in.... but the lizard`s face ... dunno .. i hope this will change more  in the film .-..

Sakyo on Feb 7, 2012


This looks EXACTLY the same as the corny Raimi Spidermans!  Dont know why everyone is acting so pumped like its some restart or darker take like Batman Begins or something.   Go watch the trailers for Spiderman 2 and might see something familiar Its so frustrating that a remake to this franchise came out just like the others!!

KobyBryant on Feb 7, 2012


I think it looks good, but if your going to have the lizard in a spider man movie... why rob him of his gator snout... I miss classic lizard.  

Jnickbuentello on Feb 7, 2012


CLASSIC lizard doesn't have a snout...

guest on Feb 17, 2012


I don't care about the whole argument of whether it's a reboot, remake, etc etc... It's all the same. It's a remake. And no, it does us no good to get all upset about it since it's being made whether you want it or not.  That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of Raimi's films, so I couldn't care either way. I think his films were a bit campy, albeit entertaining (I'm talking about the first 2) and the 3rd must have left such a sour taste in the studio's mouth that they decided they needed to save the franchise by bringing something fresh to the table. So at the very least I was hoping that the new "Amazing" Spiderman would feel markedly different from the previous iterations, alla Batman Begins vs Tim Burton (and more importantly Joel Poomaucker). Based on the trailer, I don't really see a vision that is all that different. Same overall premise (which isn't the director's fault by any means), souped up CG, and a different villain. Although it does seem like the director is far more deft at working with dramatically driven character performances, which to me is half the battle. I was admittedly expecting something that felt a bit darker tonally however. As for the actual footage, one thing really pleased me overall. Peter Parker flying through the air felt much more tactile than in Raimi's films. Spiderman often looks like he's trying to maintain balance/control in the air, especially when he uses his shooters, which brings something much more palpable and real to the experience. For this alone, I'm excited because it make him seem less "superhero" and more human. Sure he scales buildings and dive-bombs between them, but that's a given and frankly exciting element that, no matter how many remakes later, would be there and look similar. I'm glad they didn't feature the 1st person footage at least in this new trailer. The director wants to bring his audience more into the experience, more into Spiderman's shoes and that's cool... but the CG just isn't there. I think we're at this interesting point in CG film history where it's possible to create convincing CG when it's imbedded amongst existing, real-life environments, but when a scene is 100% comprised of visual effects material, as realistic as it may look, humans are simply capable of seeing when something is ever so slightly off.  I watched the first trailer a number of times, and as detailed as everything in that last 1st person CG sequence was, there was still a sheen, still something too "clean" that was hard to pinpoint. Even Avatar looks dated now, and if you don't believe it just try watching it in 2D. My 5yr old daughter when watching the Spiderman teaser even said "That looks cool. But why does it look like a video game? I thought this was a movie." Now, I should say that she is around this kind of material all of the time because it's what I do for a living, but still... a 5yr old could see it? Garfield is a weird pick to me, but I think I can warm up to him. Leary is friggin' awesome, and I can imagine him bringing a grounded sense of gravity and realism to this whole CG affair. My biggest concern is Rhys Ifans who seems to be yet another great actor cast in a part that might as well be entirely CG or just a cardboard cutout for that matter. He's a fantastic actor, but from what I can tell, this is just another villain. Except this time, GASP!, it's Peter Parker's fault, bestowing a great sense of responsibility upon his shoulder's the right what went horribly wrong.  A little note to Marc Webb, the producers, editors, etc... "Thanks for giving away the whole effing story in this trailer!" When will they stop doing that with blockbuster trailers? Tease us, show us enough to give us the sense that we know a lot, then blow us away in theaters by revealing an entirely different side to the story that we didn't see coming. Sure, this could still be the case, but it isn't. I'm a director and I've cut my fair share of trailers before as well, and this trailer makes it painfully obvious that even though 98% of the film is missing, they revealed at least 60% of the key components that break down the overall story structure. But I digress... This could be a great film, and I hope it will be. There's no reason any of us should ban it for not being Raimi's vision, or hope it fails for the same reason. And that brings me to my last point: The team behind this film has been trying from day 1 to curb the notion that this is a reboot, remake, rebuild, renovation, re, re, re... It's more damage than good. Look at all the damage control they've had to do, that Marc Webb has had to deal with because they are denying something that is so obvious. I think they would have given a much more positive perception of "The Amazing Spiderman" if they had blatantly said from the beginning that this is a re-imagining. Why the fear of saying this? Say it and get it over with. Done. Damn I thought I was going to write a paragraph.

Marty - on Feb 7, 2012


Dude, the trailer killed me! That's immediately what I thought before I even formulated an opinion about the actual footage.  Could easily stopped at the 1:0 mark and I would have had enough to get what I needed out of it.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Get. A. Life.

movieguru on Feb 7, 2012


This film is starting to shape up. The fighting scenes look great. More brutal than what we saw in Raimi's version. 

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


looks kinda cool , i woulda liked to see Venom and not wait another 3 movies but what can u do.

Horseflesh on Feb 7, 2012


That was a good trailer. It was. But I still believe this was needless. With the trailer, I believe this will be a good movie. I think that everyone will do a great job. But we STILL DON'T NEED THIS. It just frustrates me that Webb and Co. will make MILLIONS off of a story, a superhero, shit-- a FILM that came out 5 years ago that did the job of introducing/presenting Spidey. This is so much worse than a premature reboot or an I-can-do-better film, simply because I truly believe what they're implying is that this is something we haven't seen before. But I get a sneaking suspicion that we have. So fuck you for thinking that Raimi didn't give his complete creative capacity to his first two films or that they didn't convey what you think is a "true" Spidey story. And fuck you for thinking I need another god damn Spiderman film because you thought you could make an edgier, slightly darker and brooding one that might make you an honorary Nolan.

Cracky on Feb 7, 2012


"But we STILL DON'T NEED THIS." Hey, as a certain US President said, I feel your pain.'s not, and was never, our call to make.  It was the studio's call.  It sounds rather cold and blunt, and maybe it is, but that decision was never in our hands. "It just frustrates me that Webb and Co. will make MILLIONS off of a story, a superhero, shit-- a FILM that came out 5 years ago that did the job of introducing/presenting Spidey." But why is this Webb's fault?  The blame should be placed on the studio.  And not to sound like a class A-1 asswipe (well....I'll probably sound like one anyway....), but since the Raimi films there have been at least two animated shows that have re-introduced Spidey.  Sure, they aren't movies, but still... You're upset at this, and I understand that, but let's face it--it was out of our hands.  Even if we felt this re-boot was unnecessary, we're not the ones in the driver's seat. Just sayin'.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


i am sold, i was not until I saw this trailer, but this has moved up to my top must see movies of the year  The Hobbit DKR Avengers HUnger Games Spider-man

Markj on Feb 7, 2012


Looks ok. Nothing great. Nothing MUST WATCH. about it. It will probably be better then the awful part 3 and the mediocore part 2.  But looks to be the same average attempt that the original was. And am I the only one tired of the origin part of comic book movies? Especially a very quick reboot of spiderman telling the origin again.. uhggg.  Be dark, and take yourself seriously. Is all I want in my comic movies.

Filmfan3784643 on Feb 7, 2012


I feel you on the origins.  It in no way has to be 'the watchmen' for us to enjoy it. 

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Looks like it'll be a good summer movie.  Hopefully it can stand on its own and not draw too many direct comparisons to Sp 1 & 2 (2 being arguably one of the most critically acclaimed Superhero movies before TDK).    Jury's out till I see it but at first glance, I like the reflect-ie eyes on this suit but color-wise the blues & reds are a little too vibrant for my taste.  I realize I'm splitting hairs though.  My only real concern at this point is that the trailer showed too much of the film.    

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Good points.  I have a minor gripe or two with the suit, but hell, it works for me overall (must be because I have a horrible taste in clothes, perhaps?).  Garfield seems to be hitting the right notes as Peter, Emma Stone looks great as Gwen, and hopefully, the film will, as you said, be able to stand on it's own.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


I'm still not sold, and the CG looks cheap. Maybe I still have Sam Raimi's first two Spider-Man movies still etched in my mind. Edit: And what's with Spidey's eyes?!

Mithun Divakaran on Feb 7, 2012


Hmm....well, the film's opening in a few months, so they've got time to improve the CG.  I wouldn't worry about it too much. Me--I like what I see so far, but I'll wait for the final film before passing judgement on it.  I loved the first two Raimi films, thought the third was okay--never could get the bilious crap that was thrown on it (well, some of the gripes I could understand, but the rest....sheesh). Come July 3rd, we'll know whether this film will work or not.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Did all these haters forget about Raimi's emo spidey? Garfield is perfect and this franchise is definitely headed in the rite direction

K1ng on Feb 7, 2012


Agreed,  emo spidey was bad.  But. the movie has 1 big issue, it tries to hard not being Raimi.  Whether if its the story, the suit, the villain  or the sling shoot, regardless if it is interesting or not, is in. The theme of the movie is lets not be what Raimi did, and that is a dangerous path. 

Tomyse on Feb 7, 2012


You had me on the floor with the emo spidey!  I completely forgot about his little jazzy point and wink. (HA!!)

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


Death to superheroes.

Crapola on Feb 7, 2012


I love the this trailer, its a bit darker then the first spidey.  The costume looks a bit like spidey 2099 but Im excited.  It better be good.

Blkstar325 on Feb 7, 2012


"Maybe because I know in my heart that nobody will be able to fill the shoes of JK Simmons as JJ Jameson." JK KILLED as JJJ--I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when he appeared in the first film, and he just nailed it.  Come to think of it--is JJJ even in this film?

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


As much as I hope this flick can stand on its own, I wouldnt be mad if simmons was cast...  😉   (tongue in cheek)

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


This loks amazing

Michael Baldwin on Feb 7, 2012


that was an AMAZING trailer!!!

Davidbryan949 on Feb 7, 2012


Impressive. Unique from Raimi's version. I likey. 

Quanah on Feb 7, 2012


if i may be so bold. Raimi's Spider Man is like Burtons Batman. This version of Spider Man fells more at home in the tone of Nolan's Batman. That's how I see it. I'm not saying it's better than Nolan's Batman or visa-versa. You gotta keep up with the rat race so to speak.

Phantomrockcity on Feb 7, 2012


skinny spiderman! andrew doesnt look like peter at all. but overall the trailer is promising.

Nsypiecco on Feb 7, 2012


I've read many Spidey comics. Depending on which "version" you read, there are a few incarnations of a very skinny Spiderman/Peter Parker.

Quanah on Feb 7, 2012


It looks good. But hopefully the story and script is strong and the budget wasn't just blown on the 3D visual effects. Yeah, after McFarlane finished his run on Marvel, I remember Erik Larsen's art featuring a skinny Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield is good casting (didn't like Tobey at all, sorry).

Max Renn on Feb 8, 2012


Emma Stone (Blonde) is the hottest love interest out of all the comic book movies so far: Iron Man :             Gwyneth Paltrow (not so hot) Thor:                    Natalie Portman (not so hot) Hulk:                     Liv Tyler (not so hot, but debatable) Batman:                Katie Holmes, Maggie Glylenhal (Hell No!) Raimi's Spiderman:   Kirsten Durnst (Yuck!) CORECTION: SUPER YUCK! Capt America:        Hailey Atwell (Ok, but nothing special) Bottom Line: I just hope Mr. Parker gets his spidey freak on with that chick, lol

Anyman on Feb 7, 2012


I figured out what I don't like about this trailer. It looks like Spider-Man and the words sound like words Spider-Man would say but it isn't executed well. I've been defending Gafield and Webb from the start but this didn't live up to my expectations. I still think Garfield is going to be awesome and a superstar still.

Anonymous on Feb 8, 2012


Didn't like the trailer. Seemed like it was more of a tv show feel on a closed set. And the lizard looked like a b-movie cgi. At least I won't be let down when it's mediocre. Still don't understand why people want a reboot of spiderman already? Does anyone have an original idea? Stan lee your killing you legacy!

Crawfordjk2000 on Feb 9, 2012


Not sold, there were a few things I noticed that would already kind of urk me about the movie.  First Peter Parkers look, he looks like he is one of the vampires right out of twilight with his skinny face and puffed up hair.  The look to me comes off as a trendy kid.  Second it seemed like he was exposed in a lot of sequences in the movie, I really dislike that seeing as his identity is his survival.  Third almost seems like he is fight the cops as much as the bad guys never really liked that in movies in general make the bad guys the bad guys don't add more battles the hero needs to fight with the supposedly good guys.

Flyingreddragon on Feb 9, 2012


The movie looks great. Though I thought The Lizard could have looked better.

Last Son on Feb 11, 2012


Spidey was always meant to be skinny...... the point is he has enhanced super-strength, NOT caused by working out in a Gym. Spiders themselves have very skinny legs but can lift reltively huge weights. Also regarding web spinners...Genius student Peter Parker created them in the was Raimi who introduced the idea of the "organic" web spinners..... I can only thank God that he didnt put them in the correct "organic" place on Spideys body!

FOOM on Feb 16, 2012


will his mask be off most of the time like the last time....cause that sucked....

Stan Morrow on Feb 16, 2012


A must see movie for me since I like comic books.

Ointia on Feb 18, 2012


Usually i read all the statements in thier entirty before posting but in this case DFC. This is going to be by far more stellar, hopefully darker and more brutal than Raimi's ... GOD PLEASE LET THE SOUNDTRACK BE BEAST MODE THIS TIME!!!!!!

Matthew Beaver on Mar 8, 2012


spider-man was skinny at high school. Thanks Raimi now the whole world thinks that spider-man is a fatty/dumb teenager-like middle-aged man

Rick Lima on Mar 15, 2012


I'm still be leery of this new Spider-Man but, I'll give it a chance.

Leo_darkheart03 on Apr 9, 2012


I don't like the cgi but the storyline is okay. That means The Dark Knight Rises looks a lot better.

Jackmooney9 on Apr 15, 2012


Liking the look of this film compared to the last 3 Spidey films.  I for one, was not bothered by Raimi's Spider-Man films, although this looks better.  Webb has tried to put across a darker more grittier version of Spider-Man in the same vein that Nolan has done with Batman, and in all honesty it is much better this way

Valeyard12.5 on Apr 26, 2012

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