No Surprise - Warner Bros Hires a Writer for 'Justice League' Script

June 5, 2012
Source: Variety

Justice League

I was wondering how long it would take until we heard this kind of news. Ever since Marvel's The Avengers shattered opening weekend records with $207 million, we completely expected Warner Bros / DC Ent. to quickly kick start development on their own Justice League team-up movie. Variety is now reporting that Warner Bros has "quietly" started development again, with the first step involving hiring writer Will Beall, a relative fresh face responsible for the Gangster Squad script as well as the Logan's Run remake and Lethal Weapon reboot, all for WB. He'll be getting first shot at a post-Avengers, brand new Justice League script.

Not many details are provided besides the basics: Warner Bros, who owns DC Entertainment, is developing their own "all-star superhero pic" following the failed Justice League: Mortals project that George Miller worked on a few years back. Will Beall is likely only the first of many screenwriters to take a shot at this, as Warner Bros will probably be pouring plenty into developing something that will stand up to Avengers, as they continue to see how much that movie earns. "Warner Bros. had no comment on the top-secret hire, which, due to its timing, was more in anticipation of -- rather than a reaction to -- the box office success of The Avengers," they say. Beall hasn't turned in his screenplay yet, but is likely working on early drafts now.

With both The Dark Knight Rises coming up this summer and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel coming next, it's really not possible for them to pull any of their existing superhero actors into a team-up universe, like Marvel's Avengers. So it would instead make sense for them to try a full team-up from scratch in one solo movie, following Superman in Man of Steel (and whatever else they've got in the works). We've been hearing rumblings and rumors about Justice League movies since before even Green Lantern came out, now it sounds like they're finally getting anxious enough to restart the process. We'll keep an eye on it. Thoughts?

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So what year will this movie come out, in 2014, 2015 or in 2016 ?

Sean on Jun 5, 2012


i knoe this sounds cliche and impossible but a Justice League film without either Bale or Cavill reprising their respective role would be awful. if you asked me one thing that makes Avengers so much great and nerdgasmic is that it puts RDJ, Chris Evans, Hemsworth, into their respective suit. (Ruffalo is an exceptional case; Avengers showed how much he's better than Norton) forgive my bad english but imagine justice league with other actors other than bale/cavill/reynolds.. that would just make no sense whatsoever

Kaoru_kaidoh102 on Jun 5, 2012


You completelty read my mind man! Amen to that brother! Green Lantern was not the best movie ever but Ryan Reynolds is a badass actor! It's not his fault the movie sucked, he did his job, and he acted good. It was not his fault that the movie had an aweful script, he went in it for the fun, any fan would've signed on, especially the haters who always want to be seen as if they can criticize the movies! Reynolds, Cavill, and Bale with an amazing script would be golden! Unfortunatly Bale has said this was his last time suiting and this man is a true professional and is always serious (unlike loser Mr. Micheal Bay). If they'd do that it would be pure awesomeness.

Faceman on Jun 5, 2012


Would prefer Reynolds died in the second movie and was replaced with John stewart just because ryan reynolds schedule alone could hold back the movie. Do not know if Christian Bale's interpretation of Batman is good for the justice league nolan more focused on his loner side. I do however want to see Cavill's Superman in Justice League. That is just my personal view that makes the most sense from their standpoint.

Steven Morgan on Jun 5, 2012


Completely agree with you.  Besides the creative marketing of "easter eggs," after credits scenes and support characters having minor roles in multiple films the Avengers is the perfect example of "the larger picture." There is a sense of continuation that resonates with the audience and they (we) showed up in full force to watch the Avengers.  I could just imagine kryptonite showing up in Gotham somehow.  Anyways, I'm right with you regarding other actors in a stand-alone Justice League.  Maybe if they stick with having younger versions of the heroes... but still the Avengers set the standard for this type of film and its overwhelming success will lead to a lot of cynicism and critics against the Justice League. 

Marc Callado on Jun 5, 2012


Totally true, every word.  Marvel took the time to see the "Big Picture", it took years of patience and carefully planning to realize "The Avengers". They laid the groundwork over the course of five solo movies, the first ones came out way back in 2008. WB would be a collection of fools to try to throw something together for a one shot movie, the fans would see right through this. The thing that was so great about "Avengers" was the feeling that we already knew and loved these characters and the people portraying them. If WB takes the time to put Bale in the suit, and Reynolds and Cavill and then completely scraps those character interpretations, then they are effectively killing the JL franchise before it even gets off the ground. The only thing Marvel regrets I bet is selling off the rights to Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, The X-Men and Punisher. Now that they have their own studio and some Mickey Mouse money behind it you know they would have loved to connect their whole universe onscreen.

Forhonoforglory on Jun 11, 2012


I only found out they sold their rights to Spiderman today with the post on how there were plans to have a Spiderman tie-in on the Avengers.   How epic 10 years or so from now when we have a Marvel filim where multiple superhero teams work together to... it would be information overload haha

Marc Callado on Jun 12, 2012


All is lost.

Nick on Jun 5, 2012


As long as they cast Idris Elba as the Martian Manhunter, I'm good.

Reagan Fabry on Jun 5, 2012


 Elba is so underrated would love to have him be Martian Manhunter, will obviously be cgi but hope it is facial capture

Steven Morgan on Jun 5, 2012


Or maybe Cyborg.

The Douche on Jun 7, 2012


Ohhhh good call.

mooreworthy on Jun 5, 2012


They wont cast him. He's Heimdall. Not to say that this has stopped them before, but I think it's a hindrance.

kmg on Jun 6, 2012


Umm....why wouldn't they? Ryan Reynolds played both Dead Pool and Green Lantern. 

A Villa88 on Jun 7, 2012


this is going to be an epic fail. not connecting the characters like marvel did and just starting up with a justice league movie is going to ruin it. a successful film takes years of planning. warner brothers is way behind to marvel now.

Logan on Jun 5, 2012


^^^^ speaking like a true Marvel.  I guess there's no need to ask what side you root for.  

Clark Kentt on Jun 5, 2012


Not necessarily. I'm a big Batman and Green Lantern fan. I just wish warner brothers would pull there heads out of their asses and deliver another great superhero movie besides Batman. Green Lantern was a big disappointment. Hope Superman doesn't disappoint.

Logan on Jun 6, 2012


They need a couple more blockbuster movies. Marvel had huge success with Ironman, Hulk, Thor, and Cap. DC has one with Batman which probably wouldn't end up being the same actor. DC needs to start from scratch and set up Justice League with some BIG Movies. Most likely with Superman(already coming), Green Lantern(Reboot), Batman(Don't know), and preferably Wonder Woman and the Flash. And find a way to incorporate a villian from one of the movies into Justice League which would most likely have to be Lex Luthor since having Joker as the main villian is now completely out of the question with the loss of Heath Ledger

Mdiddles on Jun 8, 2012


Correct, they need to cool their jets, come to grips with the fact that Marvel kicked their butts, let it go, and sit down and do it right. Solo Event movies first,  tie them together cleverly, "easter eggs" and  such, and then bring them together five or six years from now in Justice League, just as Marvel is dropping Avengers 3 into theaters. lol. Batman Reboot needs to fit together with other characters, so less reality, more fantasy, Superman is fine, Green Lantern needs to deal with earth more so it feel closer to home, less universe based. Please find a Wonder Woman on par with Linda Carter, and yes Ryan Reynolds would have made a better Wally West Flash than Hal Jordan GL, but whats done is done, find a Flash. No more Lex for Superman, take a cue from the end of Avengers, Darkseid anyone? Doomsday maybe for Supes 2?

Forhonorforglory on Jun 11, 2012


I agree. The avengers was successful for a lot of reasons and one being that they had the same actors and connected them from previous movies.

Beans on Jun 5, 2012


 Depends how you define success, plus they also hired a writer for Wonder Woman thus they would have the Batman reboot which is coming from same script writers and Nolan producing, Superman which is coming next year and will have a trailer before rises. Then after that just need to introduce flash and have a success lantern sequel and they are set. You have to realize you sound like a pure fanboy when they were originally going to do justice league it was going to be a fresh cast. These are iconic characters that people know although avengers brought them together well with that strategy it lacked in story which I hope Justice League will deliver. Different strokes for different folks but do not just be an ignorant fanboy about it and be happy we have these super hero films

Steven Morgan on Jun 5, 2012


You sound like it's all just so easy.  "Yeah all they gotta do is come out with a movie for every DC character and have them be successes, then the justice league movie be awesome!" If you haven't noticed, all but Batman has been a success.  It's difficult to say whether the DC universe can actually translate well into film.  It's not as easy as simply releasing movies.  There needs to be a chemistry behind it.  They don't have to be perfect movies, but when a franchise is a success they don't really have to all be perfect.  And let's be clear, DC characters aren't as universally known as you might think.  Batman and Superman are no brainers, but you'd be hard-pressed to find an average joe who can tell you Wonder Woman's story.  They can point her out in a lineup, but there's DEEP mythology and story in all these characters.  They shouldn't be skimmed over for the sake of cashing in on Avengers.  And that's where your post crashes.  The article clearly points to a one-shot Justice League movie with the addition of the current Superman.  As in an out-of-the-blue "here's the justice league movie!  Now line up in an orderly fashion to give us your money!".  So the build-up that you're talking about is NOT what they're considering. It's not about whether you're a DC fanboy or a Marvel fanboy, it's about how to do these characters justice and to make a SOLID franchise of films.  I don't care which side you're on, an epic team-up movie done in that fashion is going to fail. And it breaks this comic fan's heart. 

Cghata on Jun 6, 2012


The author is saying it makes sense for them to team up right away not that what is going to happen. With a batman reboot in 2014 everyone is really unsure on exactly when this is coming. I would guess they would do one clear solo movie in each universe then bring it all together. I am not saying it will be easy but start every Superhero from the league up with one movie than group them together. Justice League offers something completely different than Avengers. Alex does not have confirmed news that they are doing that strategy he states he is speculating. Flash is being written, batman reboot is being written, man of steel coming next year, green lantern 2 is being written, wonder woman being written, justice league being written. They are planning to build it up they are just not saying that, this is just a screenwriter rumor that  is likely true but they are not going to instantly do their 2008 plan in Australia again.

Steven Morgan on Jun 6, 2012


Avengers you say and all I saw on the screen was Iron Man and his friends. Iron Man was the movie that put in advance the Avenger's success. Actually, the success was the charisma of Robert Downey Jr. Remember the posters with him without the IM helmet. I thought the Captain America was the head of the team. ILM did a great work in the Avengers film, Sony Imageworks can't match, not even close, that. So, I'm afraid the JLA movie depends not only in a good script, but in a correct CGI production.

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


As long as they keep it relatively grounded, gritty and dark in tone (ie; the dark knight), I'd be very excited for this. More so than The Avengers sequel.

Guest on Jun 5, 2012


A movie with Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and probably Aquaman would never be as dark The Dark Knight

Jurassic_Max on Jun 5, 2012


 It would not be as dark as the dark knight but would be much more grounded in reality. Albeit reality with super heroes but to me Avengers was not grounded in reality which took me out of it. that was its more comic booky style. I want batman to bring his darkness, Superman to be man of steel style, wonder woman to face her challenges, flash and green lantern should be funny. If aquaman is in the movie I want a lot of good aquaman jokes

Steven Morgan on Jun 5, 2012


"... but would be much more grounded in reality." That's a bold dream you have there.  The gears started turning at WB because of Avengers.  What makes you think they won't try for the same tone?  I think EXPECTING a more grounded (whatever GROUNDED means for a frickin JLA movie) is really just wishful thinking.  They're not just after the comic fans, they're after mass market movie money! 

Cghata on Jun 6, 2012


 They originally tried to do this in 2008 before the writers strike you do know this right. I understand that they are going for more of everyone can enjoy it. But they can still have a story that follows the rules of the Justice league universe and makes sense thus pleasing both comic book fans and people who want to see a good movie.

Steven Morgan on Jun 6, 2012


It's all in the director and casting choice. If that fails, the movie fails, but at this point I can't judge this on the Avengers business model. JL is a formula all its own and may work without a huge buildup of several individual films to start.

Quanah on Jun 5, 2012



mooreworthy on Jun 5, 2012


I have no idea how they're going to make it work, but there is always a way...I'm not sure if any of the skeptics realize that writers and producers put a lot more thought into movies than the average fan or audience member (I know many won't agree with that either way).  It's just a script!!! That means they are barely thinking up how they are going to make it work, yes that means many years of planning ahead...people are acting like the film will be set by next year, sheesh...

Frido on Jun 5, 2012


Wow, a straight up JL movie with no follow up, eh? Good luck, Warner Bros!

Big Boss on Jun 5, 2012


Worked just fine with X-men first class, jackass! Assembling a team in 2+ hours isn't rocket science. Avengers had no plot! Great casting,3d and mindless fans gave its successful run.

Stonecold316 on Jun 5, 2012


Sure it did. Because 20th Century Fox cares SOO much about continuity, especially with the sequel coming up. Not to mention the X-Men franchise already went through a trilogy before 1st Class. And what's with the Avengers hate? That flick was perfection from start to finish, considering what Whedon was working with. So we'll see how DC works this out...with NO lead in. Jackass.

Big Boss on Jun 6, 2012


How did it work fine with X-men first class? They went to a prequel of sorts, using the much younger versions of the characters which is why having different people play them made sense. How exactly is WB gonna do that with Justice League? And avengers had no plot? lol you must've had your head in a popcorn bag the entire movie

2ndNature on Jun 22, 2012


so what to slow wait for JL must better the avengers now try make movie the avengers 2

Lloyd Coleman on Jun 5, 2012


I think what warner Bros. should do is make this ensemble come true, without the idea of defeating the Avengers' box office success. What they must focus on is to develop this Jl movie into something that fans would want more and more and so the sequels will progress and more fans will be drawn from it. The objective is to present JI into the big screen with a more serious and darker theme. I am hoping Zack Snyder will be onboard to direct this one and put together the same casts.

Harlan on Jun 5, 2012


anyone but goyer/nolan is a waste of time

richardtm on Jun 5, 2012


Right, because the writers of "Iron Man" failed miserably.

BeepBeepRichie on Jun 5, 2012


Yeah. Nolan's Batman wont fit. (and even if they could write it so he does, Bale would want too much money.) I think they should def build up to it like Marvel did... Then a JL movie could really be great. see this game trailer for potential:

Ian Pullens on Jun 5, 2012


Wait. I know there's bigger news here, but...a Lethal Weapon reboot? Say it ain't so, Joe

Scotty97 on Jun 5, 2012


Zatanna? Boing!

DAVIDPD on Jun 5, 2012


In the time Marvel wove their movies together with their characters, ending in a great Avengers movie, DC has pushed back Superman numerous times, had a failed Wonder Woman TV pilot, a bomb in Green Lantern (and has since turned him gay), and really has no track record of success in movies (save for Nolan's Batman) and now they're just going to throw all of these characters, who besides Super and Bats, can't stand on their own, and expect anything resembling Marvell's success?? What a disaster; Nolan's Batman doesn't fit in the Justice League universe (and I don't think Bale would ruin that legacy for a JL sideshow), ans Superman is being set up for his own franchise. I really don't think this will work...their 2 main characters are being established In their own realities.

Mscuillo on Jun 5, 2012


The Green Lantern from Earth 2 is gay. It's like saying that Spiderman is black now.

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


The mindset of the Dark Knight vs. the eternal darkness that is Darkseid. That win at any sneaky cost that is Batman's mindset; against the win at any sinister cost that caused a dark god to turn a world into an arsenal of war aimed straight at the earth, with only the Justice League to stop him. Huh, when you think about it, it sounds alot like the Avengers movie. But what other villain can bring it like Darkseid. ...Doomsday?

Geoffrey Ford on Jun 5, 2012



AJ on Jun 5, 2012


 Is this what happens when you smash your keyboard and no thought comes out

Steven Morgan on Jun 5, 2012


Impressive, keep the medication until next week and see if you can bring an argument next time.

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


Green Lantern is still fresh in our minds. Epic fail. WB will screw this up.

HalJordan on Jun 6, 2012


Green Lantern is, at date, the worst super-hero movie of all time. And wait until Sony shows the new Spiderman...

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


 I did not think green lantern was that bad, it was a rough start yes,but not Spider-Man 3 or X-Men 3 bad. Just was a cookie cutter story because it was trying to emulate marvel movies too much. Since they set up for sinestro I believe it can be fixed. I highly doubt Amazing spider-man will be one of the worst super hero movies of all time

Steven Morgan on Jun 6, 2012


Let me put it this way: that's not the Green Lantern for the JLA movie, right? I mean, that's not the fundamental stone over which the JLA movie will be build up. Nolan's Batman or Snyder's Superman would not be there. So... it will be like a reboot of everything.

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


"Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe – here in this great Hall of Justice - are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled."

Manuel on Jun 6, 2012


Justice League. Some unknown kids as Batman, Superman etc. WOW sounds great right ! people are already lining up to see this flop. 

Amper on Jun 6, 2012


I just want my Justice League movie. So much scepticism... have patience and be amazed.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 6, 2012


Too many movies to lead up to this, Too many years, It sounds alright if they do it but I feel it would kind of be a mess, myabe cause I'm a MARVEL kind of Guy or just my gut, but who knows.... If they do it like TDK and MOS this could work.... But Long Live The Avengers!!! #LiveToRise!

Fidel Reyes on Jun 6, 2012


You already have a Superman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow from the CW show. You can introduce the new Batman in it. Cause he probably is going to be killed off and Nolan's version doesn't mesh well with the others

Guest on Jun 6, 2012


Marvel Has the best Live action movies. DC has the best animated movies. Just saw Superman Vs the elite....Awesome

Andre Nieves on Jun 6, 2012


Maybe this has been said and I missed it, but just because the script of success written by Marvel was undeniable gangbusters, it certainly doesn't mean an alternate approach couldn't work. While we all know and relatively love the characters in the Avengers, but perhaps—just like the 3rd iteration and premiere of Ruffalo as Hulk—a Justice League movie with new cast members can work to connect an audience with different actors playing roles wey are already SO familiar with; thus giving DC new life in inevitable reboots and follow-ups. Give me a growl-less Batman with a costume more like the comic, a non-Reynolds Lantern, a Snyder-less Superman and someone awesome premiering as Wonder Woman and other great DC characters and I am already more in than I would be with existing DC characters on screen. NedRyersonsaysamIrightamIrightoramIrightrightright?

Voice of Reason on Jun 6, 2012


no ryan reynolds 

BBrown on Jun 6, 2012


This is the wrong way to go.  There needs to be a solid foundation.  Each character deserves their own introduction film.  I love the characters that make up the Avengers, but Marvel has always had a superhero universe that was more down to earth.  Characters had so many flaws and problems that things seemed stacked against them, even when Ultron wasn't in town.  DC characters are like gods, larger than life entities.  You can't just whip up a 5 minute satisfactory introduction of Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and have them join together with Superman and Batman and expect to be a satisfied movie-goer/comic fan. 

Cghata on Jun 6, 2012


You are definitely right they just can't whip up a quickie assembly. You never know though maybe the new Superman movie will make hints at the rise of a Justice League like Iron Man did for Avengers. It would only make sense for them to do that now for the Superman film if they are planning to do a Justice League movie.

BinaryChaos on Jun 6, 2012


If there are no Wounder Twins then I'm out :0p

DJROBL on Jun 6, 2012


I think that right after Man of steel they should make a justice league movie. Maybe around 2016 or 17. WB needs to think about man of steel 1st so it could be successful like the dark knight. I vote for after man of steel is over, get a fresh new cast, and start all over again. + I want to see a good superman trilogy or saga yo! 😛

Elvin Cito on Jun 6, 2012


I don't know why DC has waited this long to consider a Justice League movie.. Hopefully they know alot more than there letting be known, because without Bale as Batman, it's not gonna work!!!

Cjwarrior27 on Jun 6, 2012


Honestly, I think JL could be done well as a stand alone movie, rather than have a bunch of superhero movies for each character building up to it. Well told characters with great arcs make these superhero movies "above average." I'm going way off base here but I really like the 1957, 12 Angry Men. Obviously the characters weren't battling gods and wielding ultra-powered gavels, but the essence of the movie could be the same for JL. Truthfully, I never read a whole lot of comics as a kid apart from Jonny Quest, so I'm not really sure of all the JL heroes origin stories, but I bet it would be possible to somehow sneak in each one individually. Let's say an event happens that draws each hero together as the movie progresses. But like I said, I could be dead wrong.

Cory on Jun 6, 2012


Hm...I don't know about this. Making a JL movie without having movies introducing the characters previously seems a little risky to me. Yeah, sure, everybody knows Superman and Batman since they have always been the flagships, and now a broader audience has been made more familiar with Green Lantern. But, most non-comic book fans have only the most basic idea of Flash ("oh, the super fast guy, ok") and Wonder Woman ("isn't she basically Superman with boobs, lol?"), and I am not sure if any of the DC characters beyond the ones mentioned above are even a blip on the public's radar. I think the only way they could have a remotely successful JL movie would be if they gave the majority of the core JL characters their own movies while introducing others through smaller but integral roles in said movies. You know, how they did with Black Widow for instance. Now, Batman is obviously already very well established through Nolan's trilogy; Green Lantern, while being a pretty terrible movie, has covered all the bases to understand roughly what Hal Jordan and the Lantern Corp are about. With Man of Steel coming soon-ish and Wonder Woman being planned as well they seem to be on the right track. How long will it take to get all this off the ground? What are the chances that people are still interested in a movie like this in 4 or 5 years? Especially with Marvel pumping out sequels to their most successful movies and the Avengers taking off even more in the progress. Maybe by the time everything is set up people are finally tired of the superhero genre and crave something new. It's not uncommon to come across comments where people complain about theaters being oversaturated with comic book movies. If DC's plan is to capitalize on the currently still strong going hype, their best bet would most likely be to just go ahead with a JL movie right now and hope that the inevitably huge success of TDKR (and possibly MoS) carries over to their newest project. Just ignore Bale's, Cavill's and Reynold's vehicles, cast a bunch of new people for their respective roles (chances are they wouldn't come back for a JL movie anyways) and use the first JL movie solely to re-introduce all the characters "origins" style so to speak, show how they banded together to defeat some bad guy and formed the JL. It worked well enough with X-Men: First Class. That would save a lot of time, imo, and open the door for future JL movies where the heroes then could go nuts right off the bat. Whatever the plan, DC has huuuge shoes to fill if they wanna run with the Avengers. And if history serves, aside from Nolan's Batman movies most of DC's movies have been pretty bad, imo.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 6, 2012


 So - yet ANOTHER Batman?  I think I'd be about as excited as seeing that as I am for The Amazing Spiderman - yeah... not gonna see it. 

avconsumer2 on Jun 7, 2012


I'm not sure if we understand each other, or maybe it's just me misinterpreting what you're saying. What I was saying was, if they go the Avengers route they don't need a new Batman provided that Bale would reprise his role for a  JL movie, so you wouldn't have to worry there. But, if they'd go for a stand-alone JL movie they might as well stuff fresh faces into the heroes costumes and go from there. As I said, it worked well enough in the latest X-Men as well as Watchmen now that I think about it. Of course, in that case you'd have to deal with a new Batman, just not in his own movie, first.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 7, 2012


My kingdom for a Kingdom Come movie... Probably not until 2040 though.

Nuke on Jun 6, 2012


Just because they hired a writer for a JL movie doesn't necessarily mean thats exactly whats gonna happen. With all of the Avengers (that were in the movie i.e. not spider-man) being such a success and Batman being the only real success so far in the DC JL series, they have to realize that to create and compete with the Avengers, they need to create singular movies for character development of justice league characters. All they really need is to make a good Flash movie, Aquaman movie, and Wonder Woman movie, and then a JL movie would definitely be able to take place and potentially compete with the Avengers. I have a good feeling that Cavills' Superman will be the next big success for the JL series. From there they can make singular movies like The Avengers did with thor, captain america, iron man, etc. Batman has been a different character throughout the past couple decades and Mark Ruffalo did a great job as Hulk. Although the Green Lantern Movie wasn't great, Ryan Reynolds can still play a good green lantern. Get some good actors and some good character development for the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman over the next few years and a good JL movie can be made within the next 4-5 years. I've also heard rumors that letting Nolan finish this Batman series will lead him to help with potential Justice League Movies. Christian Bale doesn't need to Batman. Its all very possible. Lets just hope Superman doesn't flop, and they actually create a Flash and Wonder Woman Movie soon.

Ricky on Jun 7, 2012


 lol - a good Aquaman movie?  Yeesh.  I wish them the best of luck with that one. 

avconsumer2 on Jun 7, 2012


I hate that every superhero related film now HAS to be compared to Avengers (part of why I'm growing a small hatred for the Marvel film). I enjoyed the film - It had great acting, great special effects and had it's share of funny moments, plus the 4 or 5 previous films helped increase the anticipation - but do I think it's as amazingly incredible as everyone is making it out to be? No. While it had all those things I mentioned before, what it lacked in was a spectacular story. Let's be honest, the plot for the Avengers wasn't groundbreaking - an alien army comes and attacks Earth. Nothing I haven't seen before. I'm not hating on the film but all this rivalry between Marvel & DC fans is getting so annoying, I'd rather listen to "Call Me Maybe" 100 times in a row.  I've wanted a Justice League film since the animated series came out years ago and as much as I'd like to see one come out soon, for my sake, I hope it doesn't simply for the fact that it's going to be overly compared to The Avengers. No one is going to be happy because now there has to be an Avengers schematic - every hero has to have their own film prior with it's own "secret" ending connecting them all - and if it doesn't have it, people (like mostly everyone else's comments) will say it won't be successful and if it does have it people are probably going to say their just copying The Avengers. It's a lose/lose situation.  I think DC (as a huge fan) should just let Marvel have their run (with the new spider-man film coming out and the all-ready announced sequels for the Avenger heroes) and start really planning out not only a great Justice League film - acting, special effects, and more importantly story - but a way to connect the heroes without starting a copycat fight with Avenger fans not because I want them to do what Marvel did (the 4 or 5 films prior to the Avengers) but because as of now their heroes are a mess. They're everywhere! Apart from the success of Nolan's trilogy and hopefully the success of the new Superman reboot, the Green Lantern film needs major adjustments hopefully to be done in a well made sequel and a Wonder Woman film (just so audiences can really understand her story) is necessary. I don't think they need to do a film for every JL member but in a unique way (done through the imagination of the writers) connect them all together in anticipation for the big finale. I think DC has a lot to work on before jumping into a Justice League film but that doesn't mean it's not possible.  I mean let's not forget who were talking about here, as someone mentioned above:  "Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe - here in this great Hall of Justice - are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled!"

R Mendez 0 on Jun 7, 2012


I've already started work on the heroic anthem for the WB project. It's entitled "A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Corporate Greed Aint Got No Creative Vision)." Maybe P. Diddy can rap on it.

Steven Morrow on Jun 7, 2012


how about Sony do the the justice league movie like they did the trailer for the dc universe video game? Does anybody agree with me that the trailer for that game was freaking amazing? I don't think it has to be a live action movie just to be good, I saw someone post that dc has the best animated movies and i completely agree. 

Fresher24 on Jun 8, 2012


Think the Bros. will be quite impressed with Will, can't think of a better, original style writer to tackle this!

ShaunnyMac on Jun 9, 2012


I like kitty cats

Meow on Aug 1, 2012


John stewart first and foremost has to be in the film. Then you use a lot of Comptuer imagery, and if the setting is on the planet earth do something futuristic like connect America to England and show hotels and land built on water. do something futuristic But make dang sure there are no flaws... If it is on another planet show beings and technology more advanced than ours using computer imagery...

RJ on Sep 15, 2012

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