Norman Reedus Says a Third 'Boondock Saints' Movie is in the Works

September 14, 2012
Source: IFC

Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints is a polarizing film, to say the least. Dumped to only a handful of screens upon its initial release after the cataclysmic fall from grace of its arrogant director, Troy Duffy (seen chronicled in the documentary Overnight), the film managed to become a cult classic on home video and became a hit with the dorm room crowd on college campuses across the country. After ten years, Duffy was able to pull together financing for a sequel, and now one of the franchise's stars Norman Reedus tells IFC that yet another sequel is in development. But don't start lining up for opening night just yet. More details below.

Here's what Reedus told IFC when asked about a potential third Boondock Saints film:

I’m in L.A right now. I’m meeting with Sean [Patrick Flanery] and Troy [Duffy] tonight. I just landed a couple hours ago and tonight I’m going over to Troy’s house with Sean. It’s definitely in the works. Look for it. It’s gonna be crazy.

I'm one of the few who will still freely admit to liking the first film, despite criticisms of it being a Tarantino knock-off being totally warranted. The second film, though, was utter garbage, a cheap retreading of the first movie without any of the shock value that made the first one so popular and interesting. If Duffy and his team had ten years in between films to craft the script for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, and that was what we got, I think even hardcore fans will probably admit it's time to let this series die a quiet death.

This is all super early in the process anyway, as it sounds like these guys are just hanging out and tossing ideas back and forth without a formal script or anything yet, so the chances that we'll see this one any time soon are probably pretty small. But if they can pull together some more independent financing, perhaps we'll see the McManus Brothers on screen yet again. Want to see another Boondocks Saints sequel?

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I tried watching Boondock Saints but I didn't get very far. Wasn't for me. I liked Reedus in Red Canyon and The Conspirator. I hope his Walking Dead role keeps him busy for a while and after that he gets another good TV gig.

Jason on Sep 14, 2012


I'm so for this.

OfficialJab on Sep 14, 2012


Yikes. The first one was great, the second one was meh, I hopes for this third one, but I will not be holding my breath.

DAVIDPD on Sep 14, 2012


I almost prefer the second one over the first one. The first one took itself halfway seriously (halfway) and the second one seemed to play with the ideas much more. As a film, they're not especially good, but they're kind of my guilty pleasures. Also, "IS IT DEAD?"

Greg dinskisk on Sep 14, 2012


I liked the first one a lot. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the second one. Julie Benz's acting and accent killed it for me. I liked her on Dexter, but she was dreadful in this movie.

Craig on Sep 14, 2012


Mmm I didn't find the accent that bad, and the acting wasn't too big of an issue for me. My main issue was it was the styling. Duffy seems to trying to borrow a little TOO much from Q.T. stylistically. Still found the two enjoyable.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 14, 2012


I actually forgot about her. She was horrible!! That accent was horrendous, and her acting made it worse. And I couldn't stand her in Dexter either, all she ever did was whisper. Ohhhh so much anger coming back to me. She ruined that movie, which wasn't that good to begin with. Deep breath, enhancing my calm...

grimjob on Sep 15, 2012


I liked her in Dexter... in that bloody bathtub.

rennmaxbeta on Sep 15, 2012


She played that part well. Good call.

grimjob on Sep 16, 2012


Troy Duffy has to eat!!!

Bobo_Vision on Sep 14, 2012


I hate when movie snobs use the phrase "let the series die". Who the heck are you to decide what is good entertainment? If only 100 people like a film but it makes a profit, then it's a good bet that those 100 people will support a sequel. The worst Boondock Saints movie is still better than most of the tripe that gets branded as "good" at Sundance. Boondock Saints 2 blew Drive out of the water in ticket and DVD sales.

Jim on Sep 15, 2012


Boondock Saints 2 blew Drive out of the water in ticket and DVD sales.? Yeah but only in Byzarro world. Do some checking before posting your version of "facts"

rocky728 on Sep 15, 2012


Drive opened in 2,886 theaters and grossed $3,929 per theater on opening weekend. Boondock Saints II opened in 68 theaters and grossed $8,040 per theater on opening weekend. Drive did $8.5 million in DVD sales. Boondock Saints II did $24.2 million. BS2 cost $8 million to make, compared to Drive's $15 million. Drive's returned a 290% profit...BS2: 432%. On top of that, BS2 opened against Michael Jackson's This Is It, compared to The Lion King 3D, which was Drive's competition (and ironically, Lion King tripled Drive's in ticket sales, despite being in 500 less theaters). That's my "version of the facts". If you want to compare gross to gross, that's fine. I'd rather consider all factors - like the factor that more than 60,000 fans flocked to 68 theaters on opening weekend to see Boondock Saints II. And they'd do it again.

Jim on Sep 15, 2012


Boondock Saints 2- 34.9mil Drive - 84.7 mil BS2 return = 438.3% Drive return = 564.9% These are total grosses added up No "what ifs" or "should've, could've, would've's" NO EXCUSES Now these are facts That is all

rocky728 on Sep 15, 2012


Here's a FACT: when you take Speech and Debate class next year in 10th grade, they'll teach you how to present a compare-and-contrast argument.

Jim on Sep 16, 2012


Don't listen to him Rocky!!! In 11th grade they change EVERYTHING!

Greg dinskisk on Sep 16, 2012


I'm skipping that class since I crushed you without it And you know it's true when you have to resort to grade school level jokes. It's a sign of weakness and doubt

rocky728 on Sep 16, 2012


You went from facts to semantics without skipping a beat. No wonder you're so confused. Nice cop-out.

Jim on Sep 18, 2012


No semantics in numbers sonny. You were just proven wrong. You can't dance around that

rocky728 on Sep 18, 2012


No dancing here. You're just butthurt because Drive sucked, and the only way FilmDistrict could get the numbers up was to dump millions of dollars into distribution. Whereas BS2 thrived on reputation alone.

Jim on Sep 21, 2012


The more you talk the more juvenile you show yourself to be not to mention a huge lack of class. Now my butt hurts? that's what I expect from childish sites like aicn, I think you're in the wrong neighborhood And just to show how big an ass you just proved yourself to be I haven't even seen DRIVE. I was just pointing out the facts while you obviously are blinded by fanaticism

rocky728 on Sep 21, 2012


See that? You bounced right back from figures of speech into taking face value as it suits you. Wow, it's not like I can see straight through you, or anything.

Jim on Sep 21, 2012


Also, Drive didn't come out of Sundance, it was Cannes, I believe...

Greg dinskisk on Sep 15, 2012


I was being facetious.

Jim on Sep 16, 2012


You were good at it! (Sorry, douchey comment, but I wanted to say it.)

Greg dinskisk on Sep 16, 2012


😀 Touché

Jim on Sep 18, 2012


DVD sales I believe, but really cherry-picking with just posting the opening weekend. Both Boondock Saints were DVD powerhouses. It's the main reason #2 got made, as BS1 was a small movie that went nowhere then got a huge following on DVD.

Akirakorn on Sep 15, 2012


That's just the thing - Drive's opening weekend was the best part of its run. BS2's opening weekend was one of the weaker. If you compared each movie's BEST WEEKS, BS2 would blast Drive even more. And Drive was just a movie that I threw out there because of its critical acclaim.

Jim on Sep 16, 2012


Boondock Saints #2 was, well.... a big steaming pile of #2!!! I hope Duffy hits a wall, they destroyed the franchise with that shitty ass sequel.

TheRagingCajun on Sep 15, 2012


I saw "Overnight", and it further solidified my incessant need to STAY professional in Hollywood. Troy Duffy burned so many bridges in that doucmentary, it's not even funny. And it's a basic "what NOT to do" as a filmaker in the film industry, epecially with a lucky break Troy got in the mid-90's.

Big Boss on Sep 15, 2012


The way All Saints Day ended almost screams 'there is more to this story'. I enjoyed both films immensely. As for the whole Duffy copying from Tarantino? What director HASN'T copied another director's style at some point? I want to see what happens to the Brothers McManus considering where they are at the end, and I am sure other fans do too.

Matthew South on Sep 15, 2012


Loved the first one, but the second was disappointing. Julie Benz killed it for me. She sucks at everything she does. Every scene she was in was cringe-inducing. However, I very much enjoyed the father's back story. With the second film not living up to the first, I think a third should be made, to try and bring it back to its former glory. If that one sucks, then yes, end it. Look forward to the third!

grimjob on Sep 15, 2012


are you serious? you're one of the few? apparently you are unaware that there are plenty of people out there that would "admit" to liking the first movie. who cares if it's a "Tarantino knockoff". it's a fun movie.

Maverick Pete on Sep 15, 2012


Yeah, I didn't get that either. I don't think I've met anyone didn't love that movie. I certainly do.

grimjob on Sep 15, 2012


Both films are overrated, but I can sort of see why they have a cult following (the first one anyway).

rennmaxbeta on Sep 15, 2012


Two wasn't a huge pile of *#)#&# like you all are implying. It didn't live up to BS1, but how many "afterthought" sequels ever did live up to the original? Oh, and for the record, BS1 isn't all that anyway. IT IS A GOOD INDEPENDENT ACTION MOVIE. It's not as good as Snatch or Lock, Stock... but it's was better than most of the cheese mainstream hollywood churns out. So why don't the haters back off and let us have our fun little action trilogy, and all the fanboys calm down and stop blowing smoke up the saint's arses.

Akirakorn on Sep 15, 2012


I really dislike Troy Duffy as a person. He's a racist, homophobic pig who's two films do nothing to progress cinema even in the pulp genre they're in. I hope his career comes to a crashing halt and this movie tanks.

Kento on Sep 16, 2012


It never ceases to amaze me how many people love mediocre films and say great films are merely average or rip-offs. The Boondock Saints, whether being in the style of a Tarantino movie or not was fucking amazing! Yes, the second was a tad boring and repetitive but that doesn't stop the first from being amazing! Personally there is a single Tarantino movie I like more than Boondock Saints.

Vinny D on Sep 16, 2012


Loved Both Movies!..Hope there will be a 3rd!..<3

Bonnie Taylor Chapman on Oct 3, 2012


I like both movies, but I must admit that the second isn't as exciting and merely acts as a reminder of how good the first was. I didn't really enjoy Julie Benz's presence in the second film, and sorely missed the eccentricity of William DeFoe's character. All Saint's Day was also more packed with homophobic comments than the first movie, and they seemed less liked witticism and more like Duffy's own opinions. I have hopes for a third movie, but I'll probably enter the theater (if, in fact, a threequel in churned out) with low expectations.

Andi Wu on Nov 25, 2012


I love both Boondock Saints movies, with that being said, I would love to see a third movie. Whether the third movie is good or bad, it would be the right movie to end the story with a trilogy. I think any more than three would just be a ridiculously bad idea.

Motley Matt on Apr 22, 2013


I think both movies were very good. I got a little confused in the second one but quickly found my way through it. I'm very hopeful for a third one because this is one of my favorite movie series.

Sadie120 on Apr 23, 2013


yes!!!! Boondock Saints three please!

maddogjackfrost on Sep 24, 2013


Boondock Saints are both original and amazing movies. Everyone is influenced in there creation by others that go before. And yes 2 wasn't as good as 1 but it doesn't have to be. They will need to kill it in 3 to finish the story properly. What makes this story special is not the shoot um up action but the idea that God is using this family to bring vengeance where needed. Amen to that

PatriotFamily on Jul 15, 2014

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