Now Paramount Pictures is Delaying 'Ninja Turtles' to Cut the Budget

June 15, 2012
Source: Deadline

Ninja Turtles

It's just not a good year for Paramount Pictures. First the studio pushed back this summer's release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation all the way to March 2013 for a 3D conversion (though apparently it's also to shoot new scenes to keep Channing Tatum alive), and their adaptation of World War Z just scheduled seven weeks of reshoots along with rewrites from Prometheus scribe Damon Lindelof. Now the studio is delaying another tentpole as Deadline reports Ninja Turtles (remember they're not exactly mutants anymore) will have its start date pushed back 10 weeks to cut the budget by $10 to $20 million. But there's even more bad news.

Because of the 10 week delay, the release date has now been shifted from Christmas 2013 to May 16th, 2014. While the film might do better during the summer anyway, the fact that the budget needs to be cut isn't a good sign. That means either the studio doesn't have faith for the film to make that much money back, or perhaps these other problems on the G.I. Joe sequel and World War Z are forcing the studio to cut corners in other places. I guess it's good that Marvel switched over to Disney so we don't see Iron Man using old Ford parts to build his new suit or anything like that. Needless to say, Paramount needs help.

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Badass Digest was reporting that the film was shelved entirely, that they weren't even going to shoot it anymore. I trust Deadline over them, but still weird to see different reports coming out. Kind of glad that it's not actually getting canned. I'm interested to see what Bay does with it. Can't be any worse than that Next Mutation show.

Jay Runham on Jun 15, 2012


I just read by way of that the project has now been fully cancelled.

Pringles on Jun 15, 2012


No, that's not true. Production has been "indefinitely" halted, but all the sources state that it could be "a 10-week delay". It's only a matter of if they can work out the budget and get it to a more satisfying level. "Now Paramount tells me it’s pushed again to May 16th, 2014 — presuming that the studio’s cost target is achieved."

Alex Billington on Jun 15, 2012


I'd rather the project be cancelled than butchered to hell and back by that bastard Michael Bay to be honest... Aliens...REALLY!? >.<

LosZombies on Jun 16, 2012



Eric on Jun 16, 2012


Thank god, if they can't do it right don't do it at all

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jun 16, 2012


Looks like a bad 100th anniversary to me...

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 15, 2012


Why do I feel like there should be some sort of clever, "CSI-type-punchline-while-slowly-putting-on-a-pair-of-shades" joke around here somewhere?... :l

LosZombies on Jun 16, 2012


When you put it that way, I'm so embarrassed. Well you know what they say Frank, speed kills! So an accident is not an accident at all... YEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! Google magic right there.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 16, 2012


"Sir, a man runs over a woman with his car, whos fault is it?" "Why was The man driving in the kitchen?" YYEAAAAAHHHHH!

LosZombies on Jun 16, 2012


( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

cornbreadthief on Dec 19, 2012


Failing studios should give control of prioritizing movies to the fans. We should be able to democratically choose TMNT (I will not accept Ninja Turtles) over GI Joe.

Totylertarian on Jun 15, 2012


Who cares? This is a bastardization of the franchise I grew up on. Aliens or some such BS??? REALLY??? GTFO

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2012


Considering Transformers and G.I. JOE this was inevitable. I weep for the day M.A.S.K. comes out.

Akirakorn on Jun 16, 2012



DoomCanoe on Jun 15, 2012


You'd think mbay would love keeping the mutant theme, He is after all a mutant himself and he just loves mutating good things into pop culture trash. But this is great news.

Jimmy Love on Jun 16, 2012


What kind of monkeys do they have running that studio these days?

rennmaxbeta on Jun 16, 2012


Isnt TMNT owned by WB? They bought New Line and the movie was originally was made by them.

Carlos on Jun 16, 2012


thank f#ck for that Michael Bay is an horrendous director. Ninja Turtles is going to suck hard.

Mike Snugglebum Barrett on Jun 19, 2012


I swear that this has something to do with Bay vs Whedon, Transformers/avengers. I cant prove it but the amount of money Avengers pulled in was 'dick shrinkingly' massive and Im sure it made Bay look like a completely joke to his benefactors

Chris on Jul 9, 2012


who cares the movie wasn't going to be good anyways they changed everything about it.

Josh Welch on Oct 18, 2012


Fuck that twit Michael Bay, it's like he decided to wage a one man war on my childhood. The 2007 turtles film was so good, why would you not just do a sequel to that? It even ended by hinting that the Shredder was returning (which got turtle fans everywhere psyched). But no, now we have to put up with some crap about turtle-like aliens fighting the American military (headed by a Colonel Schraeder), and April O'Neil and Casey Jones are a teenage couple. Fucking gaaaarrrrr!

Matt on Oct 27, 2012


No one thought that 2007 crap was good. You have to be kidding me.

Dashel Jupiter on Dec 2, 2012


or just cancel the movies im pretty sure all of them are going to be bad.

me on Nov 30, 2012


I have no sympathy for Paramount at all. They wouldn't need any help if they would actually try to put out good movies. i'm sorry but they know that the fans of TMNT, do NOT want them seen as aliens. if you want to throw in the alien stuff then fine... make the mutation canister be from space... as in Dimension X and bring Krang out as well. be a good way to throw in the origin in the mix. But no! Paramount wants to do it their way and would rather go bankrupt, than listen to the fans.

Michael Brown on Dec 3, 2012


They shouldn't have any faith in it. They should trash it, Flog and fire Micheal Bay for destroying the franchise then another studio should get it, hire Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon together to make what would most likely be the most badass "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie ever. NO ONE SHOULD GO SEE HIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!

JohnnyD on Dec 11, 2012

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