One Last Stunning IMAX Midnight Poster for 'Prometheus' Revealed

June 2, 2012
Source: Collider

Prometheus IMAX Poster

We Came From Them. They Will Come For Us. The epic tagline to end it all. Ridley Scott's Prometheus is already playing in the UK and most of Europe, but will finally arrive in US theaters next weekend, on June 8th. It will be playing at midnight in IMAX 3D all around the country, and to commemorate the opening, IMAX will be giving out exclusive limited edition midnight IMAX posters. Collider has debuted the actual poster artwork, which features a very unique, sleek and stunning design, a great way to end the marketing for this sci-fi spectacle. I love the Prometheus font and old school 70's grainy look to this - I want one, too!

Here is the final IMAX midnight poster seen in full. I like it better than the first teaser poster. Thoughts?

Prometheus Poster

A team of explorers find a clue to the origins of man on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe… There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Prometheus is directed by legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, also directing Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most recently. The screenplay was originally written by Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour), then updated by Damon Lindelof of "Lost" and Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek 2. Fox has Prometheus set to hit theaters in 3D starting June 8th this summer. Visit Weyland Corp.

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Excellant film,will see it again today.

tir na nog on Jun 2, 2012


your usr name brings back fond memories

inappropriate_response on Jun 2, 2012


still its better than dark knight rises and thats not saying much

jack knife on Jun 3, 2012


Poor film. High on style, low on content.

Payne by name on Jun 2, 2012



Ryderup on Jun 2, 2012


Stunning film the naysayers are just wrong they should stick to watching Battleship and such. 

macatae on Jun 2, 2012


Most people today do not understand what film is really about. Ridley's movies are for film lovers, not people with the attention span of a fly who are ready for another senseless action fest. The same nay sayers hated Blade Runner when it came out. They hated Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut as well. (Another masterpiece) I want to be able to experience the film viscerally and feel it's real, not just have crappy CGI cartoons shown to me by crappy directors who could care less about the integrity of their so-called work.

MENTD on Jun 2, 2012


"Most people today do not understand what film is really about." Just because someone doesn't like Prometheus doesn't mean they don't know what film is really about. "High on style, low on content", as Payne suggested, doesn't indicate that he/she is waiting for "another senseless action fest". In fact, saying "Awesome!" kinda suggests that maybe you were...

Bl00dwerK on Jun 2, 2012


Dude you do realize that most of the complaints about this film are that it's empty and lacking, like the films youre saying suck

HazedMind on Jun 2, 2012


 What film did I say sucks, exactly?

Bl00dwerK on Jun 2, 2012


He's talking to MENTD 🙂

Laurent V. on Jun 2, 2012


 Wow. *Note to self: Pay more attention.*

Bl00dwerK on Jun 2, 2012


Christ, I hate comments like yours. Get off your high horse. One of the theaters near me is currently doing a Kubrick retrospective, and I have just re-seen Paths of Glory, The Killing and 2001, which I all love. I saw Prometheus too on Wednesday, and guess what? I did not like it. I had high expectations, I loved the original Alien, but I felt that the plot was very lacking (there are some plot elements that are laughably bad), that the potential of some of the characters was greatly wasted, that some of the acting wasn't as good as I expected it to be (others played their parts flawlessly - Fassbender comes to mind), and overall that the potential of the movie was truly wasted. The visuals, however, were undoubtedly stunning, and some parts of the plots were still well thought-of. I love movies, I sincerely wanted to love this one, I had high expectations, and it deeply disappointed me. Why on Earth would that make me a "crappy CGI cartoon"-lover?

Laurentv on Jun 2, 2012


What about Robin Hood? Did I not understand it was a weak movie?

Max Renn on Jun 3, 2012


Long live the New Flesh

Zack Daley on Jun 4, 2012


High on style, low on content? Awesome! They said that about ALIEN. Said it's characters were cardboard. Actually, in reality, the characters were REAL. The expected phoney stupid one liner action heroes are the characters that are cardboard.  

MENTD on Jun 2, 2012


They are not REAL in prometheus. 

Ryderup on Jun 2, 2012


Obviously film is indeed a subjective art, some people will find gold in a film that may have went underrated. Yet Ridley Scotts films tend to be complex in terms of characters and theme (it took multiple viewings of Blade Runner for me to get to the bottom of it.) I have not yet seen Prometheus (general public viewer) but I am nonetheless excited for this, and expect to take multiple viewings of it. 

Dmarkrode on Jun 2, 2012


Hello all! UK Calling!!! I have been to see the film, and I am a great fan of Ridley! My all time favourite film has always been Alien! I have been looking forward to this film for years and I am even more excited about the sequel to Blade Runner! I thoroughly enjoyed the film, however it was not perfect by a long way! Please don't think me a Ridley hater but there were a LOT of questions left to answer. Some things I felt didn't need to be put in, but I won't spoil the film for anyone so no spoilers here! I shall wait for the review to come up before I state my problems with the film.  As a stand alone film, it is beautiful, but because of the 'ham fisted' links there is a tarnish. There really are a lot of unanswered questions in the film which points obviously towards a sequel and hopefully extra footage on the blu ray release. Another Directors Cut do you think? Please go and see it, especially in IMAX it is fantastic. You won't be disappointed!

Mad Phil on Jun 2, 2012


This is the Director's Cut. Maybe we'll see an extended edition one day, but a sequel would be more fitting.

David Banner on Jun 3, 2012


Beautiful poster, but what's the word on this: worth it for IMAX/3d?

ambiguish on Jun 2, 2012


 Shot in 3D, so it's worth it for that. and at 4K, so you will get your money's worth if you see it in IMAX.

geoffcbassett on Jun 2, 2012


Ah, much thanks. Of course, being in NYC I'll probably have to take out a small loan to see it in 3D/IMAX…

ambiguish on Jun 2, 2012


I collect movie posters and I couldn't have been more excited about going to the midnight showing until now. Great way to start my day.

Awtan90 on Jun 2, 2012


I am very excited for this film, can't wait for Friday! Cool Poster by the way!

Fidel Reyes on Jun 2, 2012


It's a great movie and visually stunning and the best 3D since avatar! It's no classic but had one classic scene in it and Fassbender steals the show with his performance! If you like scifi movies its the one to watch this year, simple!!!

Avi on Jun 2, 2012


I was very satisfied with Prometheus. One leaves with more questions then when one entered. Not all will be happy with that. 9/10

David Banner on Jun 3, 2012


I agree,I dont think I have seen a movie so divide people on forums.

tir na nog on Jun 3, 2012


I experienced this with friends I went with, they hated it and wanted all expalined in 1 sitting. We'll see alot of arguing the next weeks on div. forums about Prometheus being a 5/10 or s 9-10/10. It's not for all.

David Banner on Jun 3, 2012


My problem with it was that is felt like it was so sloppy written, both the dialouge and the structure of it.  "I can't create life" So bad.

Ryderup on Jun 3, 2012



Aroon on Jun 8, 2012



Jericho on Jun 3, 2012


Just came out from seeing, I'm so sad to report it is an absoulte casserole of nonsense....unimaginative, unanswered and uninspired...

Benjaminwilkes on Jun 3, 2012


It was a big-budget B-movie, indeed it was nonsense, but who cares? It had an ass-flower in it.

Crapola on Jun 3, 2012


I agree to a point as it started with great promise but certain sequences and story ideas turned it into a real mess. The head re-animation sequence was one and the whole operation scene was just laughable. And the ending was rushed and comical. I love early Ridley Scott...Alien, Legend, Blade Runner but I think he's lost the edge he had when he created these.

Olyscott8 on Jun 3, 2012


Blame it on Lindeloff, lol. I read the storyline online from wiki and it sounded a bit ridiculous but oh well I'm still going to see it I guess. Makes me wonder what kind of crazy answers will follow in the sequel.

BinaryChaos on Jun 3, 2012


Go see it dude, it looks great and everything looks familiar enough. Lindeloff is a smug little fucker, I think he kind of messed up a little with Prometheus though.

Crapola on Jun 3, 2012


I watched it in Imax 3d in Liverpool and Personally the only parts I enjoyed were the *Tie Ins* with alien. You would think someone throwing as much money at a film like this would make sure the story was not so sloppy 🙁

Stevesanchodixon on Jun 4, 2012


This is a film to avoid. Completely stupid and obnoxious. Thinks its being smart when it's actually swimming in shit. 

Hu on Jun 5, 2012

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