'Prometheus' Credits Tag Leads to a New Viral Site & Weyland Video

June 10, 2012
Source: MovieViral

Prometheus End Credits Tag - Weyland Corp

Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Well, what do we have here. Amidst all the discussion on Prometheus, fans have seemed to miss a clue that continues the story beyond what we see in this movie. MovieViral points out of that if you stay to the very end of the credits, there is a Weyland Corp tag (not a scene, just a logo - seen above) that includes the date 10. 11. 12. prominently displayed. I'd heard mentions of this, but many played it off as the possible DVD release date of Prometheus, which would (and still does) make sense. But there's actually a viral website associated with it and that comes with a new video featuring a young Peter Weyland.

At first glance, the tag just contains some basic information - Weyland Corp, which is a nifty little bumper, plus a link to the timeline website and that date. Fans following the viral should already be familiar with the viral timeline, which has provided many clues and lots of valuable information. For example, in this case, 10-11-2012 is the date when Weyland Incorporates. It states: "Weyland Corporation is recognized as a legal entity and corporation under United States law and receives their Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House in the United Kingdom." So it's when they go from Weyland Corp to Weyland Industries, must be a major change. The new site was then discovered at with even more clues:

Prometheus New Viral Site

So what's on this new 10.11.12. website? A lot of interesting information which seems to ask even more questions rather than answer any. But there may be some big clues here. One of the key components is a new video, a short 30-second video featuring a young Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) from the TED 2023 Talk. In it, he only says one line: "I am a law only for my kind, I am no law for all." But there's also the tag on the video itself: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The title refers to the book by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. "Much of the work deals with ideas such as the 'eternal recurrence of the same', the parable on the 'death of God', and the 'prophecy' of the Übermensch," it states. Watch the video:

The website also features a 3D render of a book with the title written on it "What is Great in Man is That He is a Bridge and Not an End." It's another quote from Nietzsche's book Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which all of this must be heavily connected to, given the numerous references so far. Plus, for everyone who has now seen Prometheus, all of these connections are starting to make sense. Weyland wants to meet his maker and wants to support a voyage to meet these gods, whoever they may be, since he is in search of power as well. But what does 10.11.12 really mean? We're not entirely sure yet. The site has five "modules", currently only at "1-A1", so we may have four more of these to go through, plus four more months until October anyway.

We'll keep you updated on this viral and if anything else Prometheus related arrives on the Weyland Corp or 10.11.12 websites. Whatever is going on, it's definitely not over. Whether this is all just for the DVD release or more hype for a story beyond the events in Prometheus, I'm excited to see where Weyland takes us next.

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Is it fair to assume that the next spaceship will be called Zarathustra? And the sequel itself for that matter... Joking aside, I hope this leads to a sequel not just the DVD release date.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 10, 2012


 Pretty much gonna be the DVD releste date imo

MarlonBranDoh on Jun 10, 2012


That's too bad. 🙁

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 10, 2012


 Not sure that date would be a DVD release date.  DVD/Blu-Rays are released on Tuesdays, 10-11-12 is a Thursday.

DizoAZ on Jun 10, 2012


Once in a great while a DVD release will be on a Friday. But your right and I totally agree with you.

The Douche on Jun 10, 2012


Yes but no corporate dickhead with a degree in marketing can't resist obviously stupid "release dates". Nov 11 2011 (11-11-11), Mar 3 2003 (3-3-3), etc. Oct 11th 2012 (or Nov 10th 2012 depending on where you live) is just that. A gimmick. So why not release it (whatever it is) to the public a few days later/earlier than usual.

Akirakorn on Jun 11, 2012


Agreed, and considering the Blu-Ray was already on pre-order through Amazon and the like, putting this date as a DVD release is just wasting time. There's definitely more to this. 

Jesper_jotun on Jun 11, 2012


The sequel will apparently be called Paradise and the spaceship doesn't have a name, well not a human name anyway since it's the Engineer's ship Shaw and David fly off in at the end of Prometheus.

bfg666 on Feb 11, 2013


I want my $7 back.

Meow on Jun 10, 2012


kenobryan on Jun 10, 2012


Any idea of the code to unlock more content: (found the url in in a javascript of the site)

Cojones on Jun 10, 2012


either new ship...or maybe a new station like 'Hadley Hope' from Aliens....

Jericho on Jun 10, 2012


You did read the interviews where he stated that the sequels would go farther away from alien as opposed to connecting them right?

Marc Hughes on Aug 6, 2012


The ending was the silliest part of the movie. We all totally got it that the Engineer had been impregnated with an "alien." There was no need to see it, and, up close, it actually looked pretty silly when we did get to see it. The heaving chest would have been more than enough.

Jamie S. on May 24, 2013


10-11-12 is the first day of the New York comic-con. Maybe something will be revealed about prometheus or the possible sequel.

Fosterja on Jun 10, 2012


Oh, now just speculating here, that would be so cool if Pearce actually showed up in person as Weyland to announce whatever they're planning at a "press conference".  This does seem like something larger is brewing than the BD/DVD release...then again, we know Lindelof and his knack for building up our hopes, amirite?:P

RidgeRacer4 on Jun 11, 2012


it would be cool if he wants to be forever typecasted as peter weyland.

butch on Jun 15, 2012


Yeah, caused he isn't well known and hasn't done anything else. HA

Argo on Oct 27, 2012


Maybe it's another spinoff,a spiquel(spinoff-prequel) ,about Weyland corp and it's machinations,without all that alien stuff and more about creation of AI,androids ,corporations and stuff...

an unlikely wild guess on Jun 11, 2012


The film was terrible. Lindelhof is a hack of a writer. Ridley is getting too old.

Dan Gregore on Jun 11, 2012


Your loss. I enjoyed the movie very much, even with its flaws...

Buzzfunk on Jun 11, 2012


Ridley, did a fantastic job. It was the story and dialog that was weak.

Jeff Metzger on Jun 11, 2012


But Ridley is experienced enough to should have known about the illogical narratives. ANd out of all of the thousands of good screen writers to go to that Lost dude, is just...strange.

Buzzfunk on Jun 11, 2012


Have people not realized that "Lost" was horrible story writing (Make it up as you go). Too bad Scott used him (Damon Lindelof) to write the screenplay. So much potential.

john s on Jun 11, 2012


Great, why don't you go and do a televsion series with 6 series completely planned out, as detailed and deep as LOST was. I'll give you two months. Go.

reeft on Jun 11, 2012


That response is such a cop out.

rennmaxbeta on Jun 11, 2012


It's the truth, brother. You can't do something like that unless you have great source material like the guys on Game of Thrones. It's just not possible otherwise. Think about how many pilots are filmed and how few are turned into actual series. And then, how many of them are actually successful so that they multiple seasons? And how many of them follow a straight narrative and aren't cop or hospital shows that follow a monster-of-the-week-scheme. Really, think about it. If you really would have to plan everything out for every time you try, as a series-creator, you'd go nuts.

reeft on Jun 12, 2012


No, reeft, it's a cop out. Rennmax and john (and I) are not being paid to write screenplays. We just spend the money to watch what happens when professionals write them. But we do *watch* movies, and read books, and maybe even read essays on criticism like Aristotle's "Poetics" and Lowe's "The Well-Tempered Plot Device". So we know how to recognise good screenwriting when we see it ("Aliens", for instance). Tell you what: you go wire the three of us $100,000 each and then we'll write you a screenplay. Then you'll have bought the right to get upset when we disagree with you.

zimriel on Jun 17, 2012


Stop asserting that you know what you're talking about and just start your sentences with "I think.." or "I believe that..". Then this stupid back-and-forth crap won't happen.

Doc on Jun 17, 2012


Shawn Ryan and Vince Gilligan would like a word with you.

giphangster on Jun 21, 2012


They also just have milestones. They know where they are. They know where the seasons end. They know what happens to the characters on a very broad scale. But even Bryan Cranston said that the writing staff's approach is often to really try to write themselves into a hole and thus have to force themselves to dig out. You can really see that in season 4, I think. LOST, for example, wasn't locked down until after the third seasons which you can see by some of the horrible (thailand, nikki paolo stuff) fill-epsiodes. Once they locked the 6 seasons down, the series became much more stream-lined and was definately on route to something.

reeft on Jun 21, 2012


what the hell, I adored Lost and they destroyed the entire show with the ending. My friend said i've just started watching Lost, I told her don't bother it was ruined beyond belief by the ending. Everything that I wondered about or questioned was just turned to dust, worthless and I loved it so much, it became utter crap.

'Chez Rose on Dec 17, 2012


Disagree. That Island was a time machine causing semi-contented fringe events (including a personified black body or singularity- smoke monster) in order to "properly motivate" the characters (variable sets) to save the Island, as the Island was about facing existentialism (death), but death was a transition (ethereal plane/bridge/FS aka "Life, death, and rebirth")) between corporeal life times, as the Island was really about Life Extension on every level. "It only ends once, everything before that is just progress." = as long as there is an Island that is saved, there will never be a real end, but rather a transition. Multiple Universe with an along side ethereal plane is the answer. Lost was about saving the world (and preserving all possible futures while being spiritually progressive) with out the main characters ever knowing the whole truth..Season six made point to play to the eastern philosophy side of things.

DarthLocke4 on Dec 20, 2012


no the dog was dreaming

jason on Jul 5, 2013


What do you think The DHARMA Initiative was really trying to initiate? Figure it out, the main characters achieved it in the series finale. P.S. "Dharma" isn't in all caps simply because that's how it was in their logo. That word actually means something, and the more you know about it, the more you'll actually understand about the ending of the show.

JSimms on Jun 2, 2013


Thank you! I was just thinking of them. I do have sympathy for lost given the writers strike and that did Kill many a show. I don't have sympathy for Lindelof because he DID Have years of source material all mapped out. Prometheus felt exactly like the kind of "Lets just say whatever we want for about 3 hours and write down what we think is the coolest!" rather than a coherent story.

Bradly Martin on Jun 29, 2012


heh im just ganna trow this in here but i make short films and i film hours of footage and only keep a short part of it im sure the writers would of loved to make a 8 hour film as anyone would but u cant do it, it wouldn't make sense to keep people stuck in a movie theater or there couch for 8 hours even if the film was amazing most would just fall asleep.. so yes they did do that but why would you add all the boring and dragging moments of a film instead of the action pack intense parts? the generation here and to come get less patient about that, people want more and more action and special effects.. people want to sell there movie not just show it

j dizzle fo shizzle on May 11, 2013


I think Michael Straczynski would have a thing or two to stay about how possible it is, considering he did it for Babylon 5.

Knowles2 on Jul 11, 2012


It's not possible otherwise? Two words: Battlestar Galactica.

Dimitris K on Jul 27, 2012


Supernatural was planned out for 5 seasons when it started and they had an idea of what direction they wanted to go in for 3 more when they were renewed at the end of the 5th season.

Wolfshifter on Oct 5, 2012


haha. The first 2 seasons AT THE MOST, and even that is a stretch. It was painfully obvious that it was being made up as they went along. I guess you also believe that George Lucas really did write the first 3 episodes to Star Wars, but chose to start at IV because the special effects at the time didn't match up to what he wanted to make

John on Jun 26, 2012


Lucas never said that they were all written when he started Star Wars...He said that he had 6 movies PLANNED OUT....He had the general idea...He obviously didn't write them until he decided to make them considering he always gave UPDATES to his writing the scripts

Marc Hughes on Aug 6, 2012


yah because he stole the books

jason on Jul 5, 2013


Those who say that Lost was horrible writing typically have no idea what actually happened throughout the show. (Go further your education, then go back and read the subtext. If you know where to look, the entire series was practically revealed in the first season alone.) Additionally, though "make it up as you go" may be accurate for the show's character development, it is certainly not true for the actual story. Before anything had even been filmed, ABC picked it up. The only thing they even had at that point was an overall story outline. Also, if they had been making it up as they went along, why then would the showrunners tell ABC studios after season three that they would finish the entire series after season six? That seems like a dangerously bold move to make if they were just pulling shit randomly out of their ass, it would have forced them to come up with some assemblance of an ending long before they actually needed to.

JSimms on Jun 2, 2013


i watched it it was crap in fact it was so bad people biched about as much as thay bitched about Prometheus people dont bitch about good writing and don't ever compare game of thrones to lost lost name said it all the writers were lost

jason on Jul 5, 2013


David probably told the giant, these creations of yours, are here to take there rightful place as your leader, or something to that effect, that is why the giant killed everyone.

Peter on Jun 11, 2012


 Naah.He told him that after Alien 4 they are going to make Aliens vs Predator movies. This was  slightly amusing although very irritating to the engineer.What really pissed him off was what he told him next. The ending to Lost.

The Cat from Alien on Jun 11, 2012


 Actually he told him lindelof rewrote the script to Prometheus.

The dog from Alien 3 on Jun 11, 2012


lolollololollolollolollllllllol best one yet he sucks

jason on Jul 5, 2013


The most simple solution is David told him "Hey, we need a monster in this film. It's kind of suppose to remind people of Aline. Remember how intense the third act of that was? Anyways, could you be that monster?" The Engineer always looking to help out it's creations was happy to oblige.

Bradly Martin on Jun 29, 2012


Guys no no no all wrong, David told him exactly what Weyland told him to say that "This man is dying and is in need of more life" The engineer however feels blatantly disrespected as they gave them life to begin with and now has this selfish question for more life.

ekaj on Oct 14, 2012


Lol, I'm sure Lindelof could care less about all the hate. He took over to promote a lot of this, but only did the rewrite. I find it interesting with all the people though complaining about the dialogue and story. It just make it seems as people wanted something else. I love when people use the "make it up as they go as long" defense for not liking Lost. A story IS made up as you go a long. Some peoples expectations will just never be satisfied.

Greg on Jun 11, 2012


 He still sucks.

Guest on Jun 11, 2012


*lifts its leg and proceeds to pee on the comment*

The dog from Alien 3 on Jun 11, 2012

55 are an it? well now..good for you.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


Thats true. But I can guarantee you that if someone like Aaron Sorkin would have re-written it, lines like "I like Rocks..", would have not made it. And as an artist myself, I can tell you no matter how ignorant his twitter bs is, he does care. He may have a thicker skin but deep down hes still crying like a little girl....

Buzzfunk on Jun 11, 2012


As a successful writer with no indication of losing work because some people didn't like his script (which wasn't his to begin with), he might actually NOT care. So long as artists are proud of what they have made they don't need the vindication of having every one's approval. Besides, in the world of screenwriting (any art form, but especially something as commercial as writing for film) there is no way a person makes a career by convincing his/her self that "every one is going to love this movie". Also, it's entirely possible that the man has grown up to the point where useless, bitter criticisms which add nothing to his work don't bother him. Probably able to tune that shit out by this point - especially after the fan reactions to Lost.

JsironStories on Jul 3, 2012


Your using that "I like rocks" out of made sense in the sceneand one cannot pick at such a petty thing to begin with. I mean all in all the film has more pros than cons in my opinion.

ekaj on Oct 14, 2012


I think the only thing he is disappointed in is the Box Office return. These marketing campaigns and all the "WE SWEAR IT'S DEEP!" talk by writers casts and directors suggest a major let down in the actual turn out of the film. People are re-watching this, people aren't flooding these websites and a very cult few care/want another film.

Bradly Martin on Jun 29, 2012


"A story IS made up as you go a long." And you'd be basing that on... what? Your experience as a published writer; a screenwriter perhaps? Perhaps you write fan fiction? The only people I know who write stories and make them up as they go along are children and hacks. You're confusing Lindelof's popularity (and wage packet) with his skill. He is doing the same. Even the Greek scholars recognised that a story must have a coherent structure. Nothing that Lindelof has been involved with has demonstrated anything other than a complete disregard for coherence or structure. You think the great writers make stuff up as they go along? Writers work in many ways but the best ones know HOW a story is going to arc long before we put pen to paper. An D.O.P I was discussing this with the other day commented that my own work starts at the end and works backwards - something I'd not even been consciously aware of. If a character does something stupid in a movie its because the writer was wrong and the director didn't realise or even care. Prometheus has many, many errors which can only explained by lazy writing. There's an old saying which goes, "Hindsight is 20-20 vision" For writers, this can be a benefit and a hazard - if it's a benefit, that's not their problem. (That line paraphrased from an early Ridley film). "...Who am I in this realm? I was so terrified of screwing it up. Here I am, the guy who ruined Lost, and now I'll be the guy who ruined the Alien franchise. But those are the jobs you have to say yes to. You either ski the Black Diamond and risk being in traction for a month or you do the bunny slope." -- Damon Lindelof cautiously admitting.... what? [] The advantage for a writer (any writer) who has to follow a crap script is that potentially, they can make it so much better and that (bizarrely) can make the crap movie look a whole lot better. We have a whole number of unanswered questions that a great writer might just find answers to - in hindsight. A proper writer would have posed the questions he had answers to in the first screenplay. The guy losing out here is Jon Spaihts - we might never know how good (or bad) his script ($250M budget) was before Demon Lindelost hacked it to $130M at the studio's behest. Facebook The biggest question to me is still - why did this crap even get made?

Marc Draco on Jul 4, 2012


You have completely nailed exactly what I've been saying since I wasted an evening I can never get back on this glorified box of (beautifully-photographed) garbage. Lindelof is a HACK in capital letters. Thank you for having the courage to say what most are afraid to, in a public forum. Lost was garbage, Prometheus was a hateful deconstruction of something that never needed to be touched again. Lindelof displays an open hostility for genre fiction & film fans, and a huge swatch of those same fans continually forgive him for it. He's like some lowbrow, "hax0r generation" version of Gene Roddenberry, minus the semi-heady utopian idealism. As for "how this crap even got made," that's simple. The reboot machine is sucking up any and all preexisting franchises, and 20th Century Fox grabbed Alien with greedy claws. Ridley Scott had a privileged shot at helming whatever came of that, so he took it. Megalomania? Hardly. A once-solid filmmaker trying to reclaim his punky sci-fi roots? Much more likely. Those who fight to rationalize "Prometheus" as a great movie do so much hard work in the service of a story that simply doesn't deserve it. The film is full of wonky tropes, horrific "science," disturbingly unlikable characters, plot holes you could fly the Prometheus itself through, and only one great performance: Fassbender's. Any arguments for the veracity of the movie and Lindelof's inexplicable "career" will further buttress my point that "Prometheus" is a terrible film, and many fans are still desperately clinging to the atmosphere and mythos of the original "Alien," even at the expense of their own ability to know when a series has run its (inevitably deteriorating) course.

Matt M on Jul 13, 2012


What exactly do reboots have to do with a prequel...You know they aren't the same right?

Marc Hughes on Aug 6, 2012


Prequels can be reboots, this one is, smarthead.

Mannan on Sep 6, 2012


actually reboot means to "start over" as apposed to continue on, or expand upon. Reboot technically means "redo" as in lets make a new version of Charlies Chocolate factory, verses lets make a prequel series to this other series.

DarthLocke4 on Dec 20, 2012


no it Hollywood hires anyone with a idea even if it's bad don be leave me watch any scifi channel original movie

jason on Jul 5, 2013


In the timeline, there is an entry on 10.11.12, but it's still rather untelling:

Trudy Ferguson on Jun 11, 2012


How about the first entry in the timeline; "Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer." an Engineer? Seriously 😉 ?

T. on Jun 11, 2012


How about digging through anagrams for Peter Weyland?

T. on Jun 11, 2012


Really getting into the Weyland timeline now..... "Weyland Industries writes $5 billion check to Little Explorers -- a charity dedicated to the education of troubled middle school students interested in science and technology." Good recipe for "Hey baby" and "it's okay" - employee of the century speech...

T. on Jun 11, 2012


"Weyland Industries launches the Explorers Academy -- an alternative grad school for underprivileged college students interested in the fields of biotech, nanotech, cybernetics and terraforming. Top graduates of the program are offered positions at Weyland Industries." i rest my case...

T. on Jun 11, 2012


whatever does Weiland-Yutani mean? where's the Yutani part?

derek on Jun 15, 2012


Yutani is the real name of the Predators

Dominic A on Jul 4, 2012


saw prometheus today. loved it! here's my 2-cents, an idea i had while reading through all this and looking at the websites. Do yall think maybe they will do a reverse sequels type thing? like instead of doing a sequel to the prequel going forward in time towards "Alien"; maybe they will do multiple prequels, going back in time? it occurred to me when i watched the "younger weyland" clip. anyway just a speculating...

observiate on Jun 15, 2012


Makes sense to me with Guy Pierce in a Memento kinda way

James Ballard on Jun 24, 2012


That would be cool!

DarthLocke4 on Dec 20, 2012


What would be interesting is to see if they continue on with the "reboot" of the Alien universe, or if they follow Shaw into the void of space (tracking down the Engineers). We already know (sort of) what happens next concerning the broken ship and the subsequent results, but we do not know what the results of Ms. Shaws flight is.

Orpheus on Jun 15, 2012


The broken ship is not the same one seen in Alien, so we don't actually know what happens regarding it. Or maybe I just misunderstood you. If you mean we know that it's broken and not going any where, then yeah, we know what's up. :p I would love to see whatever they decide to do next. Scott et al have opened up more of this fictional universe, opting to not simply retread over the mythos introduced in Alien and beyond. I know a lot of fans hate that, but I love it. There isn't just one scary monster in this universe any more. The whole damn universe is now as mysterious, dangerous, and scary.

JsironStories on Jul 3, 2012


Greg is right. A story is "made up as it goes along." Yes, there were assumptions made by crew members that were not supported by things they actually found out in the film's chronology, and yes, things happened on the ship that apparently could not be picked up by basic sensors. And yes, the ending was odd. But, I still wonder if other writers really could have done better? These are big topics, big subjects, odd too, and possibly, the truth (the real life truth that is) could be even weirder. Lets see what the sequel offers.

Julia_S on Jun 17, 2012


I stayed until the end of the credits (as I always do when seeing a movie) and I saw the Weyland logo, but I thought that it was just funny, and didn't pay any attention to what it said below.

AgustinG on Jun 22, 2012


What about the Richard Strauss music from 2001 of this title? No reference?

Scott Erickson on Jun 23, 2012


I wish Ridley Scott and co. had spent a bit less time on all the viral stuff and a bit more time on making the actual film make a bit more sense. Did Alien and Bladerunner have a host of "leaked" websites and video clips to support them? No. Did it matter? No.

bobthedino2000 on Jun 24, 2012


Probably should have given Blade Runner was bashed in similar fashion as you attack Prometheus on "making sense." 30+ years later, Blade Runner is considered a classic. Oh, BTW, cretins and critics also said Kubrik's 2001 made no sense. Go figure. I find the Prometheus hate bemusing, and can't wait to see if history repeats itself.

The Vidit on Jul 9, 2012


2001 makes little sense. What sense it does make is a very simple arc in which an outside force alters human evolution twice, first to move it out of a natural environment, and then to move it out of one man created. Technically it's brilliantly made but it addresses things (the future, the unknown, the "alien") that must be left ambiguous. It's mysticism imitating science fiction (Arthur C Clarke agreed) and to call it profound is completely pretentious. Simply writing anyone who feels this way off as a "cretin" is dishonest. If you do so, you demonstrate that you do not understand why a pseudo-religious film is celebrated, and imply its importance is not one to the art of film but to science fiction, a genre that (through Blade Runner but not Prometheus) attempts to ask and answer questions about human existence in scientific and not symbolic terms. Blade Runner makes perfect sense as a movie. The ending of the theatrical cut even made sense, but it was not Scott's design to include it. There is no chance of an inferior film like Prometheus garnering its acclaim given any span of time. To even suggest otherwise is also baseless, and supposing Blade Runner should have had stronger promotion (which it did not ultimately need) even though such an effort failed to swing people a higher opinion of Prometheus, is a baffling misuse of logic.

Mote on Jul 10, 2012


"It's mysticism imitating science fiction (Arthur C Clarke agreed) and to call it profound is completely pretentious. Simply writing anyone who feels this way off as a "cretin" is dishonest." I got trapped in a loop with these two sentences. Sort of a pot-kettle loop.

write_light on Aug 1, 2012



Guest on Aug 17, 2012


you are stupid.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


you are ignorant, just like the 98.1% of humanity

Guest on Oct 29, 2012


It Makes a Lot Of Sense-Read The 4 Books 2001,2010,2067 and 3001 and Maybe Even The story The Sentinal on Which The Series is Based Dim Bulb!!!!!!!

Thomas Humphrey on Sep 30, 2012


"There is no chance of an inferior film like Prometheus garnering its acclaim given any span of time. To even suggest otherwise is also baseless" - how the hell is his claim any more baseless than yours? Both are equally impossible to prove.

ApesMa on Oct 11, 2012


That cage isn't getting any bigger ApesMa

Chuckee Knowlton on Nov 17, 2012


2001 makes PERFECT sense. However your comment that " outside force alters human evolution twice, first to move it out of a natural environment, and then to move it out of one man created..." shows that you didn't understand it - even though you say it has "...a very simple arc..." - and that is no doubt why you mistakenly believe it to be "...mysticism imitating science fiction...". Arthur C Clarke did NOT agree with that and it certainly is not a "...pseudo-religious film..." It seems to me that cretin is a good word because you don't seem to understand very much at all. Science fiction is not a genre which "... attempts to ask and answer questions about human existence in scientific and not symbolic terms...". Where on earth did you get that ridiculous idea? Science fiction - LIKE ALL GENRES - merely provides a setting in which to explore what it means to be human. The only purpose of the "science" in science fiction is to put humans into scenarios which wouldn't or couldn't otherwise arise. There is very, VERY little hard science fiction in the movies - i.e. things which may one day actually be possibly - and 2001 is no exception but it is quite unique in the fact that it goes to extraordinary lengths to portray things realistically. In fact I am not aware of another film which even comes remotely close to it in that regard. It is both a great science movie - if you remove the three alien/obelisk scenes then EVERYTHING else is PERFECTLY portrayed - and a great science fiction movie. As to whether 2001 is a great piece of film art, that is of course open to debate - like all art - but it's worth pointing out that the majority of film critics believe it to be a brilliant film and it is on most of their lists. Personally I think it is a wonderful piece of art. The entire opening sequence, The Dawn Of Man, could have been covered with a simple 20 second text introduction but instead we are treated to a magical 20 minutes in which EVERY SINGLE SCENE tells a gripping story about where our ancient forebears were in the scheme of things. It sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the film, which then follows with equal genius and aplomb throughout. The scene where Floyd talks to the Russians on the space station is one of my favourite scenes in any movie; it is sheer brilliance the way they are having two conversations at the same time, one with the words coming out of their mouths and one between the lines. I don' know of another scene like it in any other film. I could go on and on but in the end it is a personal matter and no one is obliged to enjoy any given film. Which brings us to Prometheus. You seem to be missing the point YET AGAIN. What "The Vidit" was trying to point out was that people panned Blade Runner when it was released and that people like you are doing the same thing to Prometheus now. Of course people at the time of Blade Runner said, exactly as you do, that "...There is no chance of an inferior film like [Blade Runner] garnering its acclaim given any span of time..." Do you think the people who panned Blade Runner originally claimed that it was a bad film at the time but that they would come around and say it was a masterpiece later on??? Of course not! The people who panned Blade Runner at the time simply didn't understand it; just the same way that you don't understand 2001 or Prometheus. I have heard many complaints about Prometheus - particularly about various plot points - but I am yet to hear one which isn't actually the fault of the commentator. Unfortunately we live in an age where a completely unoriginal film like The Avengers - which is a great popcorn movie, don't get me wrong - is considered a classic while Promethues, a brilliant and complex movie, gets panned. Modern audiences are so used to cliché characters who behave nothing like real people that when they are confronted with characters who really do act like human beings - i.e. they get scared, they do silly things, they behave in different ways, they have personal beliefs - they complain that they're being unrealistic. It's quite frightening! Not to mention the fact that a complex plot in which the characters have different motivations and agendas is apparently far too difficult for people to follow these days. Once upon a time things weren't spelt out five times for everyone and not all of the plot developments were resolved. That was considered good story telling! Hitchcock - arguably the greatest director of all time - LOVED the MacGuffin but now it's become a dirty word. Blah blah blah. Whatever. I agree that Prometheus will end up being considered a classic because it is a brilliant film. Well thought out, well written, beautifully acted and wonderfully realised. I certainly hope the cretins don't prevent the sequel from being made exactly the way Ridley Scott envisions it so that we can see what else he has to tell us. In the mean time people like you should stick to movies like Independence Day and leave films like 2001 and Prometheus to the grown-ups...

Phil Surtees on Oct 13, 2012


WONDERFULLY PUT!!! One of the best posts I've ever read.

Dale Fedele on Nov 30, 2012


Oh You Can Bet That it Will!!!!!

Thomas Humphrey on Sep 30, 2012


Please. Prometheus is a train wreck compared to Bladerunner. Ridley worked with Damon Lindelof to shoehorn their own misbegotten ideas into the already acceptable script by Spaight. The whole project went off the rails thanks to a director who has lost his touch.

BongBong on Nov 16, 2012


*sighs* I wish people would stop comparing Prometheus to Alien. The intention behind the story is completely different. Alien was a pure shock fest. It was designed to be instinctual and scare the crap out of you. At the time it was one of the scariest movies ever released. Prometheus is telling a multipart story. There was very little if anything that could be considered horror in that movie. Because it wasn't designed to scare the crap out of you. It was designed to make people ask questions and this is just more of that.

Kellic on Jul 11, 2012


There's a behind the scenes video of Prometheus where Ridley says, "I want to scare the shit out of you." So yes, he's trying to do what he did in Alien. Prometheus wasn't scary at all.

Dirtsandwich on Aug 3, 2012


The unknown can scare the crap out of you. Questions are only the products of the unknown.

ChBee on Aug 31, 2012


You certainly replied in a better way than I did, but I find it futile to convince people that have no common sense using common sense.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


You have no imagination...and you also are clearly a believer that nothing else exists in this Universe and clearly humans have noting to fear. What a fool.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


Saying it's the unknown isn't saying nothing else exists and we humans have nothing to fear, it's saying we're afraid of what we don't understand, an enemy known is a lot less terrifying then the unknown. The unknown could be anything.

TheRealTimewarp on Sep 8, 2012


Scott can say whatever he wants, this movie didn't have many horror scenes in it and focused way more on adventure, mystery and mythology-building. Which I liked, trying to recreate Alien would have been a terrible idea. I look very much forward to seeing the Engineer's homeworld in the sequel.

ApesMa on Oct 11, 2012


Thank you smart person.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


The web didn't really exist then so it wasn't relevant for that time. Just saying.

TT on Jul 11, 2012


Im pretty positive that the viral stuff Ridley Scott and co. are doing... in the grand scheme of things... relative to the movies budget... isn't costing but a fraction of a percent of that budget... so your argument is invalid. Stop hating on the movie... it was "filled with holes"... BUT still good, and would be amazing, given some kind of "filled with answers" sequel. He's setting up a separate story arc from Alien... and not to mention before I continue with the point I was going to make before hand... did you really suggest the argument that Alien and Bladerunner didn't have a host of leaked websites and video clips... even considering they were released LONG BEFORE the internet...?? As I said before... your argument is completely invalid.

MPugh on Jul 26, 2012


Agreed, I left feeling like I saw part of a story and am reluctant to give a review until I see the full picture. Prometheus has the potential to be an excellent movie if the story answers allot of the questions that it has asked.

sdabbs on Jul 27, 2012


Why would you not give a review to a movie that made you go "oh... well.. I want to see more!" Really? is it so hard for us Americans to just simply appreciate things nowadays?

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


It didn't have plot holes, it gave us all the answers we needed (if you pay attention and think about it) and saved some for the sequel (which was apparently ok when The Empire Strikes Back did it).

ApesMa on Oct 11, 2012


I didn't really have a hard time making sense of Prometheus and according to my husband, "if people would read the comics set in this universe it would make absolutely perfect sense."

Jessiekaye on Jan 30, 2013


No, but those films are also still being debated all over the internet today. Do we hate Alien because it doesn't explain Jockey origin, or hate Bladerunner because we 'don't know' if Deckard is a replicant. Debate is great fun and that is what makes movies stand the test of time.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


It's not going to be the DVD release date since DVD's are always released on Tuesday and October 11th is a Thursday. My money is on a Comic-Con announcement.

Chris on Jun 24, 2012


Overall, I was really disappointed by Prometheus. I don't think you should produce a movie which requires a sequel until you have a deal in place to make sure that the second film gets made. That being said - one of the plot points which appealed most to me was that human beings (via Shaw) seem to have been a genetic "bridge" between the black goo and the Xenomorph which emerges from the dead engineer at the end of the film. So - maybe that's what the book title refers to.

aerynrox on Jun 25, 2012


I really don't think that it "requires" a sequel cause most of the question that people say are unanswered are actually answered. The ones that aren't I believe are left for speculation which most great films always have endings this way and definitely sci-fi movies do. All the questions are not supposed to be answered but only some are.

ekaj on Oct 14, 2012


Is it just a coincidence that Prometheus Books published an edition of Thus Spake Zarathustra in 1993 (translated by Thomas Common) - like the one on the website?

Ewige Wiederkunft on Jun 25, 2012


Harry Knowles insisted that anyone who said there were aspects of the film which weren't explained was not paying attention. He insisted all the answers were on the screen. When challenged by someone, he barked "see the fuc#ing film, then we'll talk." People saw the film, still had questions, but Harry never came back to explain anything. Surprise surprise.

Chris Paris on Jul 4, 2012


I fail to see your point...Even Lucas eventually said..."F... you haters...go on and make a blockbuster movie yourself" (I'm exaggerating the language obviously). There will always be some stupid loser who will find something they didn't like in whatever it is someone else does. That is fine, of course, we all have our opinions. What is not that most of those people haven't done anything in their life to deserve the right to be critical of someone else's work.

Sergiy Ustynov on Sep 7, 2012


Harry sucks but he's mostly right about this; the majority of the questions DO have answers. It's in many ways a mystery film that wants us to make out the answers ourselves. A lot of people don't wants that, but I love it. A few things are intentionally left unexplained though, it's very obviously made with a sequel in mind.

ApesMa on Sep 11, 2012


A second movie is going to be released. They made two, but its a secret

willyslickness on Jul 8, 2012


deadman on Jul 12, 2012


Ehh the movie was pretty horrid from a writing perspective so this really does not interest me at all.

Cyvaris on Jul 14, 2012


Hey that's great - just more things taken and inserted, and then thought of as 'clues'. Like LV-223 being symbolic of Leviticus 2:23 or something. Here's a clue - go watch Alien Vs Predator and Proteus and tell me Prometheus isn't just the two of them attached to each other. I mean Proteus even has a young actor in old guy makeup to meet the ultimate creation AND getting a tentacle rammed down the throat!

Garrett B on Jul 15, 2012


Its not about if this movies made any sense. It is just that it was illogical and had poor story structure. The details were poorly conceived. I hope it gets a total reboot from a different director and screenwriter.

Diss a point Ted on Jul 16, 2012


ridley is not american, and so what makes you think he uses your weird date format. it could easily be 10th November. Silly people.

u fools on Jul 19, 2012


you all think the world revolves around you, no wonder america is hated in the 21st century.

u fools on Jul 19, 2012


Wow you are arrogant.

DrNope on Jul 18, 2013


A sequel. Who cares about some dumb dvd. this was meant to be a trilogy. a very disoriented start, but, there's still a chance that we are daft and all this actually makes sense. scott is a real bastard for playing with us like that.

asequel on Aug 6, 2012


It was a good movie, and the 3D was good.

nightscout13 on Aug 13, 2012


Seems more relevant that "Thus Spake Zarathustra" is the music from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, given Prometheus' obvious stylistic debt to that film

Dan Stewart on Aug 14, 2012


October eleventh is on a Thursday this year. Hm, I never could get the hang of Thursdays. ... Oh shit!!!

Thaumh on Aug 14, 2012


One of the most disappointing movies in a long time. Despite what some of the commentators are attempting to say, there is no way that this will ever be considered a "classic". It may be a great example of special effects, but those are a dime a dozen now and every year surpass the previous year's effects. Story matters and this had a poor one with many, many holes, loose ends, and internal inconsistencies.

7LeagueBoots on Aug 22, 2012


Visually I didn't see anything that hasn't already been done in an XBOX game.

DrNope on Jul 18, 2013


I'm so sick of hearing 'plot holes'. When you watched Star Wars A New Hope, did you bitch about unanswered questions, plot holes? Who is this Darth guy? What is up with the force? So many more. These were never intended to be answered in the first film, and when we now watch the trilogy, it is cohesive and makes sense. You can't give it all away in the first installment people, it's called development.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


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Paddy on Aug 25, 2012


What would the Doctor do?

Frank Markovich on Sep 11, 2012


Prometheus fans sure are a bunch of stubborn morons. Face it folks, the films wasn't ass smart or as scary as it should've been. People say that it presents a lot of philosophical ideas. Yes, yes it does. But it doesn't really do anything with them, or say something about them. The film had cowardly philosophy where just referring to philosophical ideas is considered sufficient. And "leaving it for the audience to decide" is not a valid response to this, because the ideas weren't presented in an argument/debatable format, they just loosely referred to things, and there was no conflict of ideologies regarding it. I could do the same with zero effort. Look: Does god exist? Does god like us? Do we like god? What is god? ---This means nada unless we say something about it, or the ideas are presented through storytelling. But they aren't in the film. Any idiot with access to google, can look up "philosophical questions" and pop them into a homemade-film, and be just as smart. Also, intelligence works on TWO levels. A basic, storytelling level, and a deeper thematic lever. It seemed to me that all their focus was on the deeper level (which wasn't pulled off very well anyways), whilst completely disregarding the fact that their basic storytelling was falling apart. For starters, how stupid was it that humans (who are SO obsessed with the idea, of aliens, and gods, and aliens vs religion) went to another planet to look for aliens while being so utterly underprepared. And it's not like it was a budget thing. It was supposedly a "trillion-dollar mission". I think you people would be smart enough to put 2 and 2 together with just this, and realize that there is nothing smart about this film. It's just a stupid, stupid movie. And it isn't scary either.

Jingoro on Sep 12, 2012


yes, I realize I typo'd "as" as "ass" early in the comment. But that doesn't invalidate my point. Prometheus still was a stupid, stupid movie. However, knowing how dumb Prometheus supporters are, I can tell, they will choose to ignore my very valid critique while using the typo to rationalize it to their pathetic selves.

Jingoro on Sep 12, 2012


Well for me at least, the typo doesn't matter so calm down. I do however believe that it did do a justifiable job at causing speculation. Which any good sci-fi movie should. There should be questions throughout the film because why would every question be answered for the audience when the characters are just as clueless. Why does everyone want the pieces to be linked together when in fact in their universe in the film there are no ways to do so either. Basically why does it have to make sense for the audience? Especially when throughout the whole movie they are asking questions themselves. About them going without being properly prepared, put yourself in the characters shoes and ask what do I need to be prepared? Your not gonna be able to answer the question, some are in doubt they even exist and then the ones that do believe don't think they're gonna find anything hostile. So by prepared what do you mean? Prepared for what? In all I do think the film accomplished what it wanted to accomplish. Look at the real ancient astronaut theories, not everything is able to be explained without questions still, or as you say holes. Thats also what's so good about sci-fi, you can't really say they aren't being logical because its universe is not in existence. So what they say goes, to certain extents.

ekaj on Oct 14, 2012


I seem to recall in the original trailers for Prometheus that Guy Pierce appeared as a younger Weyland. I wasn't sure when I saw the film that this was just edited out for artistic reasons. Perhaps this was a prelude to what is to come.

jakesoy on Sep 13, 2012


This is now known as The Ted Talk speech. Is Guy Pierce channeling Sam Neal as Damian Thorne?

jakesoy on Sep 13, 2012


Wasn't Weyland the last name of the charictor played by Lance Henricson who also played the android Ash in the second Alien movie? I mean there are two movie series tied to the Weyland corporation, Alien and Preditor. I have no clue as to why Prometheus was even made considering it ties nothing together from either of the two series.

Russ Davis on Sep 17, 2012


They are ignoring the Alien Vs. Predator movies completely as a large portion of the fanbase hate them, most people in the general audience haven't seen them and Ridley refuses to even watch them or acknowledge their existence. Lindelof said he tried to mention that something contradicted AVP once. Scott just gave him an angry stare and Lindelof never mentioned the subject again...

ApesMa on Jan 21, 2013


Any of the exposition that is delivered via the characters is speculative as they are just as uninformed as the audience is. Is the planet and the engineers establishment on it what Captain Janek said it was? Maybe. Were the engineers really going to Earth to destroy us? David seems to think so, but neither of these things are ever elaborated upon or proven. The exact function and nature of the black liquid was also ambiguous. You can assume it's 'evil', but no one knows for sure if it is in fact lethal - we never see what would have happened to Holloway had the transformation run its course in his body - would he have become an engineer himself? An alien? Something else altogether? The geologist Fifield became mutated, but again, we don't know if that was the final result of its effect on him or an initial stage. The liquid consumed by the engineer at the beginning isn't the same liquid as the liquid the Prometheus crew discovers on lv-223, if it were, it would have had the immediate and same effect as when the engineer drank his cocktail at the beginning. The only thing that seems certain (to me) is that the engineers (to some degree) worshiped the 'deacon' creature as it was part of a carved mural in the chamber with the giant head, it even had an altar of some kind in front of it. The fact that this is the exact creature born at the end of the movie in the final scene does provide some resolution and insight into what the engineers may have been doing - trying to re-create the creature by artificial means; to this end they developed the black liquid in the vases as a sort of genetic mutagen. if they were in fact coming to earth, as David stated, could it not then be possible that humans are merely an unfinished experiment and the black liquid is the final ingredient/stage? or perhaps we were created to be a planet full of hosts? I'm torn on a sequel - as much as I want answers to some of the questions that linger, I also like the ambiguity as it allows speculation and generates conversation 🙂 I just hope the sequel doesn't attempt to bridge the gap to ALIEN and instead continues along its own trajectory.

nutbutter on Sep 17, 2012


Watch Riddley's Directors Cut- You Youngins Might Learn Something....Duh!!!!! I Mean Dvd Special Features and Extended footage and Alternate Scenes are There for a Reason People!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Humphrey on Sep 30, 2012


I really try to avoid message boards on films simply because they are full of this one personality type that feeds on putting down the hard work of any successful film. When I read some idiot complain about holes in a story that we already know is only the first part of a bigger tale, I know I am reading from an individual who has zero to little original thought. He or she is a monkey see, monkey do kind of person. Whatever makes them think they are making their internet rep as mainstream as possible, is what they spew. Boring. There is a very good reason most people cannot create. They are envious to their core.

seksivitez on Oct 3, 2012


Stop for minute and think, the simple fact a movie is making all this fuzz and debate is amazing, an event on its own. This is cinema history happening my friends 🙂

Carlos Guimaraes on Oct 4, 2012


Exactly!! Even those who claim to hate it can't stop talking about it!! Prometheus wins either way bitches.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


Amazing that even the slightest bit of disagreement or negative and it is "Hate"

Dheep' on Oct 6, 2012


If he only spent as much time fixing the holes in his movie BEFORE he released it... Prometheus was $200 million worth of special effects and 2 cents worth of story. I think the Scary movie series had better plots/characters and dialogue.

Mitch S. Nakagawa on Oct 7, 2012


Prometheus was really unique. The potential for a sequel is enormous. Making it more of an Alien-shocker/ horror fest would be a mistake. I hope it doesn't turn in the direction of the engineers created the aliens, which got out of control on them and killed them. These are new enemies to reveal, or friends depending how they write it (not all may be hostile).

Derek on Oct 9, 2012


Web sit bull to cover Scott's ass for making a beautiful turd of a film. I'm really disappointed in you mr. Riddles. Now leave me alone so I can watch Alien in a repeating loop in the dark for the next couple of weeks. Happy Halloween.

Julliop on Oct 10, 2012


go to the time line follow it to Oct 11 2012 click the flag

Muadib on Oct 11, 2012


i know what this was made for 🙂

Matty Roberts on Oct 14, 2012


mix a giant squid with an engineer and you have an alien!?! cmon ridley you gotta do better than that.

Marc Suckerberg on Oct 19, 2012


Giant facehugger, and an awesome one at that!

ApesMa on Jan 21, 2013


Haha. I love Cuddles too!

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


there were a very specific set of TASKS to complete to make this movie the prequel it should have been....he was heading in that direction most of the movie then BLATANTLY TURNS IT AWAY right at the he said F*CK YOU ALL on purpose.... all that he had to do was have the space jockey die in the chair....and show some alien eggs somewhere on board the ship

JW on Oct 23, 2012


If you don't get why that would be a terrible, terrible idea then I'm really glad they didn't listen to people like you.

ApesMa on Jan 21, 2013


Agreed. Who wants a prequel where you can predict exactly what's gonna happen? Why have a movie that just goes through the motions??

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


Hey, Prometheus sucked. Scott had the perfect chance to tie it all together and blew it. I can't tell you how disappointed I was on leaving the theater. "Sequel, we don't need no stinking Sequels".

Oldsarge on Oct 23, 2012


10.11.12 next is 13, 2013, next movie ; end of story.

tyrael on Oct 26, 2012


Here's my take on "Is this another unrealized classic." I'll go as far as to declare that yes, Blade Runner and Alien were under-appreciated for their time. But is this another sleeper blockbuster? No, because this is decades later, and sorry but Scott's films just haven't held up well and this current one is no exception.

AtariBaby on Oct 27, 2012


You're right. It's not a sleeper. It has already exceeded 500 million, and a sequel is in the works, so to me, that spells success.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


Probably more accurate than my post. Successful, presumably. Classic, no. But these things are subjective.

AtariBaby on Sep 10, 2013


2010 2011 2012 plus 4 more 2013 2014 2015 2016 all are related to the precession of the equinox. starting in 2010.

weeeeeeeeeeeeee on Dec 6, 2012


Strange, I've been intermittantly reading that book for the last few weeks.

William Bethea on Dec 9, 2012


Who cares, the movie sucked ass and is a total embarrassment.

Thomas Coyne on Dec 20, 2012


SPOILERS ABOUND **** Some movies try to tell a story, some try to be transcendent, great movies can do both without sacrificing one or the other. This movie told a story, although there were parts of the story that seemed very boring. An old geezer with liver spots wants to meet his maker. Was it necessary to make him quite so decrepit? A very intelligent robot does some very stupid things. Why did he enjoy doing stupid things? These aren't transcendent questions that one wants to ask themselves while watching a movie, but we are forced to ask the questions because this is the story that Prometheus tells. We know the blonde chick isn't a robot though, because she was willing to sleep with the black guy to prove it. And that's important. Remember, everybody thought that Harrison Ford's character was a robot, and it took a unicorn dream sequence many years later to reveal that he was a robot (although personally I never assumed he was a robot, I thought he was a human who had fallen in love with a girl who didn't know she was a robot, which is far more compelling). Well, this time around, Ridley made damn sure there would be no mistaking that the blonde chick is not a robot. It's implied she had sex, and that settles it (or does it). The movie had some parts that were transcendent in their own way, unspoken elements mostly that are very beautiful (like the unicorn scene in Blade Runner... okay, not exactly like that, because they're much better). I don't know why the scientist dude was a dick to the robot, I wouldn't have written it that way, but I imagine its because out of that a lot of cool things happen that are very interesting to think about. The whole film is this way: a nice visual shot is accompanied by some nice dialogue which causes the character to say things or react in ways that cause the viewer to wonder things like, why is this scientist being such an obvious dick to the robot, why is the ball buster captain so bipolar , why is the decrepit dude so much like Lo-Pan (pre-transformation)? Why are so many of the character so inconsistent? Well, the reason of course is that they have to be in order to advance the plot, because the writing is lazy and tries to be transcendent, but also continue in the same vain of the alien movies, which were actually a lot like this movie, but even less transcendent, so you might watch the whole damn movie and have like one good moment that really makes you think. This one has maybe five or six such moments, which all in all is not bad. It's better than Aliens. I'd watch a sequel. Just don't ever expect any real conclusive answers. They are as rare in movies a duck's teeth.

Kyle on Jan 1, 2013


In Bladerunner, at least two of the female androids were hookers. That is, they had sex, with non-androids.

GBannis on Sep 9, 2013


This movie was bad. It shouldn't take half of the Internet digesting obscure bread crumbs to try to understand basic story points. on Jan 3, 2013


It doesn't. Just requires a little thought. Unfortunately, Hollywood has our brains conditioned to need everything spelled out for us. No one enjoys a challenge or a puzzle anymore.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


Prometheus was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life (it was even worse than The Room but only because you laugh the entire time while watching that movie). This movie was like watching a team of retarded monkeys go into space and attempt something that would require real soldiers and scientists. Prometheus was so fucking bad I almost starting yelling at the characters in the theater. They kept doing things that disney characters would do to make CHILDREN laugh, but here they were doing the same fucking things and they were completely serious about it. And this is a movie for ADULTS! I can usually accept some errors or illogical things in movies from Hollywood but this movie just had too many of them. They live in a time where they have automated machines that perform surgeries on people, but yet they are too fucking stupid to realize that they're not supposed to run away from a falling large object in the direction that it falls! And the main character does it TWICE in a row! And she's supposed to be a leading scientist in her field. What the fuck is the rest of humanity doing?! Have we become fat slugs that just sit around all day watching TV and eating McDonalds?! I am just so disappointed with this movie, its cast and the fact that they actually spent energy, time and money to create this piece of shit. I mean if you're gonna make a movie that no one will like anyway, then try to create something that does NOT have such a high budget and actually does maybe just one thing for the future of films. I sincerely hope that this movie does not get a sequel because the money that would go to creating and watching it could be put in a better place for better people.

No0bT4rD on Jan 16, 2013


So you've seen like.. 5 movies in your life? Why should anyone care what a noob like you think?

duck on Jan 28, 2013


You're a condescending prick. Not everyone has to agree with you Adolf. By the way, most critics and idiots responded like you when Blade Runner and Alien first came out. Now they are landmarks in Cinematic History. Time will tell who the real idiot is. By the way, all i do is watch movies, i have seen thousands (not that this is a prereq to liking one)- and i Love Prometheus. The problem is when stupid clowns like you don't have Morgan Freeman explain every detail, your little mind gets upset and lashes out. Didn't like it? Great. Don't watch it.

Fleshvessel on Sep 9, 2013


I love Blade Runner and Alien. And I am actually old enough to have seen both when they were released. Judging by your juvenile personal attack I'm going to say you are not. I don't mind people saying they didn't like Prometheus. If you say it's the worst movie you've ever seen you are one of two people: a liar or you've seen about five movies in your life. Either way, why should anyone care about your opinion.

DuckManson on Sep 10, 2013


So calling people dumb newbs who don't know anything and who's opinions don't matter isn't personal? Anyway, like i said, I love Prometheus. I have seen it 68 times and will continue on past 100.

Fleshvessel on Sep 10, 2013


I didn't call anyone dumb.

DuckManson on Sep 10, 2013


FLESH I am LAUGHING AT YOU if you have seen that complete POS film that many times. I was stoked to see that film. STOKED. I saw it the first weekend and I was MAD walking out of the theater. MAD!!! My brother called me and asked me if he should see it and I said NEVER EVER SEE THIS FILM. You're brain will explode from the stupidiity of the characters. Flesh why didn't Charline run 5 yards sideways to get away from the falling craft? Why did the commander leave those 2 guys out in the cave alone so he could go bang Charline. Is that not irresponsible? Why did the robot guy put the cells in that guys drink? WHY WHY WHY did so and so do this etc......Why didn't whats' her face tell anyone the computer surgeon just operated on her aborting an alien?

tjirish34 on Jan 21, 2014


FLESH Trust me. This film will never ever ever ever EVER compare to Alien or Blade Runner. OKay? In fact to mention Prometheus in the same breath of those 2 films is shameful.

tjirish34 on Jan 21, 2014


I am sorry if you didn't like the movie, but it is safe to say that a lot of people did like it. I was one of these people and to make the assumptions you did about a sequel being a waste, is foolish at best, on your part. I personally would love to see a sequel, and luckily from what I read it seems like they will be doing this after all. I am also certain that there will be many others that will have the same feelings that I have. The last thing I want to point out is that, I can't help wondering, even after all your complaining, if you wouldn't end up being curious and watching it eventually!

Ken Barrette on Feb 13, 2013


@Ken Barrette: I think your use of "many" is questionable.

GBannis on Sep 9, 2013


I am with noob. This was THE WORST FILM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly what he say's. I am sorry I actually tried to follow the plot. These are suppose to be brilliant scientists and space travelers traveling over a year on a trillion dollar craft to find the beginnings of man? Yet they act like a buncha dumbazz teenagers who were switched right before launch with the real people. Everything in it makes no sense. The guys in the cave were scared. Then they see an eel like snake and the same scared guy 1 minute ago decides he Mr adventurer.

tjirish34 on Jan 21, 2014


I have to agree with Tj on this one, Ridley Scott is my favorite director so i was Insanely excited to see this film, plus i LOVE the original Alien. But this film was A) Predictable, i guessed that it was a ship about 4 seconds into the film, everyone behind me in the theater were constantly laughing. The reason for the laughter? Because Scott's attempt to make certain scenes feel "disturbing" or "dark" as he did flawlessly in the original Alien, came off incredibly cheesy and awkward causing really awkward funny moments, stuff you'd expect out of Straight to DVD films. God it was awful. Such an amazing director and cast, so disappointing. I really hope the sequel is DRAMATICALLY better or sadly it'll be another POS.

Joe sodano on Jan 23, 2014


ohhhh my goshhhhh ..why do you NOT get it, this movie SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco Vannini on Mar 21, 2013


It came out 2 days before 10/11/12. Wonder what happened two days later.

Awesomedude31 on May 11, 2013


Got bored, and looked up the date. What popped up were some bible verses, 1 Corinthians 10:11-12. "These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!" Kinda freaky if you ask me.

Awesomedude31 on May 11, 2013


"what is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end" really annoying when they do the "mankind is awesome" wank without covering the flipside: .. and what is awful in man is that he allows himself to be led round like a sheep by any old charismatic bunch of psychopaths that happens along.

mijj on May 14, 2013


Nietzsche included though: "Man need not only seek the Greater Wisdom in his desires, but also in the Abyss - no matter the Challenges of Time and what stares back. God IS Time. Time IS God. His Right Hand may caress, but the Left Hand takes the measure.". Many have been lost in just what order these sentences are supposed to be in - but, as with all - Order changes the Meaning. "When all is said and done - stardust is reality. Ethereal, crude - unto the Boundary - Space as with Time until countless billions of moments. Unable to achieve the luminosity alluded to in Bibles, Torah, Quran, Religion or Science - It will all come together again as it dispersed from a singular jot repeating endlessly the Beginning and then, of course, the End."

ajarianne on May 18, 2013


Who the fuck writes or proofreads these articles? No one obviously, but why not?? This site could be so good, but.... 🙁

happy_noodle on May 26, 2013


Because a film should make sense based on its credits. on Jun 4, 2013


So a man devoted to meet his maker and travel across the universe hires a bunch of the dumbest bottom of the barrel "scientists" to lead the way?

Jackie Jormpjomp on Jun 12, 2013


Yes - because viewers should have to dissect the credit to understand a film. on Jun 24, 2013


Alien Versus Predator 3 to be released this year also has this Weyland Corp where the main action takes place in the trailer and you'll see...te question is what is behind this Company?

Weyland on Jul 1, 2013


Prometheus was a cluster ,It made no sense and the acting was phoned in from space.

kaosktrl on Jul 10, 2013


Well, A1A is the north south road ending at Key West. So, maybe life began there. Prometheus was an heroic effort that failed as much as it succeeded but it could be a rare case in which a sequel exceeds the first effort. The sequel can tie up a few loose ends and inconsistencies and then do something more important ... move the storyline forward and create new visions of exotic worlds and offer more clues to man's origins.

oldguyinnj on Jul 10, 2013


Except the article references 1A1 not A1A

diablo135 on Sep 8, 2013


What the hell happened to putting all the information in the movie you actually paid to watch in the first place?! Thats the problem with movies and people that defend the current film industry when they goof up doing this sheer crap. People pay to see the actual films make sense not the credits with any hidden references or links (duh), for God sakes! The title alone of this entire article defeats the purpose of any points being made in Prometheus' defense at all which it failed at completely.

superturbo on Jul 16, 2013


A good film should be able to stand on its own two feet. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how the credits and the DVD special features and a viral website and some interview with Ridley Scott "start" to shed some light on this "brilliant puzzle." This movie failed and it failed hard.

DrNope on Jul 18, 2013


Its part 1 of a trilogy so hard to say it failed when its just a piece of the puzzle. I didn't like it, either, but knowing its just a piece means I'll go back and reevaluate after I've seem the next two.

Gary Robert on Feb 15, 2014


I welcome the possibility of two more movies creating a well crafted puzzle, giving the first film merit. However, I don't get the impression that they have a finely crafted story in mind. It really seems as if they were just making it all up as they went, and we know that the original script by Jon Spaihts was quite different. Perhaps Ridley Scott has some ace up his sleeve, some grand idea that's going to make us all reconsider this movie years from now. I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.

DrNope on Feb 15, 2014


a.k.a. the only way that they can pull you into yet another movie with more questions than answers. They can't just put the answers in the first blasted movie. Kind of like this arcticle. Tease you with promise of an answer, and they leave you with more riddles - and endless links shooting all over the internet-kind of like when they say, "guess who....", and never really tell you, but put links galore all down the page.

Orpheus75 on Aug 4, 2013


Corinthians 10:11-12 11 These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. 12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!

mfthistle on Sep 9, 2013


And is, of course, irrelevant to the movie.

DesertSun59 on Nov 30, 2013


Prometheus is not worth speculating about. Nothing to see there.

GBannis on Sep 9, 2013


Prometheus was one big piece of self-important crap that would have us believe that we're here because of body builders.

oldwhiteguy on Jan 20, 2014


I wonder how many people commenting realize that this film has an excellent original script that the studio abandoned because they didn't want to push the "space jesus" theory on people too hard? The original script is online i encourage anyone & everyone to read it. There was a vision & a great film planned by Scott. However the studio executives had other ideas. Sucks for everyone but this disaster is less on Scott & more on the studio. His body of work speaks for itself. Let us hope he has full control over Exodus.

theWIZ on Feb 16, 2014


for those of us who don't have time to seach out the original script, can you at least give a short summary of the original vision? thanks.

feenix219 on Apr 25, 2014

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